Does anybody have or have had any bad experience with Natural calm?


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I am on my day 8th of the whole30, on the day 6 I started taking the magnesium natural calm but I had a bad experience. I started feeling different reactions like panic attack, hearth beating etc... I was awake the whole night, it suppouse to help me to relax but it didn't.

Today I am on my day 8 and I was going to give up because I started feeling very weak, cramps, bad mood etc... I think am eating right...3 times per day, meat, veggies and fruits...any help?


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My experiences with Natural Calm have been all good. I've never heard of magnesium making anyone anxious, but if you think it is the source of your problems, stop taking it. You can always try it again later.

I wonder if you are eating enough. Many people eat 3 meals of the right foods, but don't eat enough to satisfy their bodies. Are you generously matching the guidelines of the meal template?

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