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Pdeck's 2nd-ish Whole30 Log


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I started my first Whole30 on Feb 8, but there were a few bumps along the way as I learned (a) what my "foods without brakes" were (I'm talking to you, nuts and homemade mayo [ew]) and ( B) what foods didn't agree with me. If only eggs didn't make me feel so tired and overtax my gallbladder; coconut manna and cream will also be out this time around.

Hours after concluding my first W30 last night, we were at a dinner party. I mostly stayed on track until I decided to have a bit of tequila+lemon juice. Then my lack of inhibitions suggested some of the gluten-free chocolate mousse cake and the totally glutenfied caramel brownies would be much happier in my stomach than on the serving trays. One altercation between our greyhound and our friends' indoor cat -- the cat had been locked up and was let out by one of the children by accident -- and one trip to the emergency vet at 11p.m. later, and I turned to peanut butter (I had sworn it off and generally avoid it because it dries out my skin/gives me eczema. I keep it around for giving our greyhounds meds, and I ate it when I couldn't fall asleep because of a snoring DH, who had had his hand bitten by both the cat and dog, so I wasn't about to fuss about snoring).

As for how I'm feeling post-sugar binge, I've got a serious case of cottonmouth from the extreme quantity of sugar consumed in those 2 slices of that cake/pie and 2 brownies. It was not worth it. I feel the hangover. But this is something I've told myself before, so what's different? I have made progress in staving off my sugar dragon. It will take much more time than 30 days to slay it. I also have more confidence that I CAN do this because I did survive a month without chocolate, even if I thought I might explode at my boss during PMS last week.

I stepped on the scale this morning. The number (141.6lb) confirmed that, yes, I gained at least 3 pounds on my first W30. I probably gained all of it in the past week, as I tried to cope with PMS with some SWYPO pineapple+coconut cream (whipped into an ice-cream-like substance in my food processor). I am not saddened by the number, which is huge progress for me. I celebrate all the other measures of health that improved during my first W30. At this point, I am more concerned with how my clothes fit. The answer is "not well." I was down to 131.6lb right before Thanksgiving and gained at least 5lb back in January due to work stress and sleep deprivation. It's hard for me to fit in time for strength training because I already have to wake up at 5:15 a.m. to have time to walk/feed our greyhounds before getting ready for work. Getting up at 4:15 a.m. or getting an hour more sleep is an easy decision. But I did pick up a "new" Jillian Michaels' DVD, and I find her very motivating. I already had 30-day shred, and now I have the more recent "Shreded in 30 Days". I also like the sculpting workouts in my Brazil Butt Lift dvds.

On to the log.

Meal 1:

Rogan Josh (defrosted from last week, before I realized coconut cream might be causing me discomfort) with olive-oil dressed cucumber/fennel/parsley/mint/olive salad (1c.) and microwaved frozen green beans (3/4c.).

Off to Trader Joe's and the butcher to pick up what I need to make this week's roundup: mostly pork meatballs with zucchini noodles, chicken cacciatore with spicy cauliflower, citrus carnitas with guacamole + cucumber chips.


Meal 2:

Meat + Spinach muffins (3?), taste of rogan josh

Meal 3:

Butternut squash, citrus carnitas, and eggplant strata

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Day 2: Feeling much better than yesterday, albeit a bit tired with the time change because I got a bit less than 7hr sleep.

Meal 1 (645a): cucumber/fennel/parsley/mint/olive salad; eggplant strata and 1 meat+spinach muffin

... 1014a ... feeling hungry! going to wait until 1115a to eat lunch. i had to accept the fact that i need to eat lunch before 1 p.m. (heck, even before noon!) because I wake up between 4:30 and 5 am most days and get to bed by 9:30.

Meal 2 (1145a): cumin carrots, microwaved broccoli, and citrus carnitas

... 2p ... can't tell if i am feeling hunger or what. i'm quite stressed and anxious today.

Meal 3 (6p): butternut squash and eggplant strata

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Day 3: even less sleep today (got up at 4:20a). were i not feeling very stressed by personal matters, i would probably still feel energized. my GI tract was busy this a.m.; skin is looking fairly clear, except for one pre-pimple threatening to emergy in between my eyebrows.

Meal 1 (545a): Eggplant strata, 1 meat+spinach muffin, butternut squash. 1/2 avocado

morning: gingerade kombucha (16oz)

Meal 2 (1100a): Eggplant strata, broccoli, butternut squash, 1/2 avocado

afternoon: macadamia nuts (2oz?)

Meal 3 (6p): There was no birthday dinner, because the BF was feeling ill. So, surprise surprise, more eggplant strata, with asparagus and cumin carrots. Also had a bit more than a taste of chicken cacciatore as I was cooking.

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Day 4: Getting up today was rough. I was not happy about the darkness, so I took things slowly this morning. Caught the bus to work because I spent too much time relaxing this morning instead of getting ready. How does it still take me 20 minutes to make breakfast/pack lunch when all of my food is prepared?

meal 1 (630a): chicken cacciatore with asparagus and last of cucumber salad and 1/2 avocado

morning: multi-green kombucha

meal 2 (1145-1205): eggplant strata, broccolo and cumin carrots, 1/2 avocado

afternoon: i thought i would want a snack along with my afternoon leg stretch. i walked through the underground shops to an area a few blocks away (smart move, seattle planners!). i was surprised to learn that ready a gossip magazine quelled my snack dragon! [probably because i was readying about how kim kardashian has gained 82lb during her pregnancy so far (4mo to go) ... oh, schaudenfraude].

dinner: (6pish): 1 meat+spinach muffin (before dog walk), citrus carnitas and cocoa roasted cauliflower

belated birthday surprise: milk chocolates from Texas, sent by my (future?) mother in law. she so sweetly sent me a wonderful birthday package full of practical gifts that i love, and i just couldn't resist the chocolates after having a stressful day at work. i had 7/12 of the chocolates, and enjoyed them all. guess i'll be starting over on friday, cause as soon as i ate the chocolates i got my period. coincidence? i think not, hahah.

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Day -1: Time to regroup after my chocolate indulgence. I am proud that I made it 33 days without chocolate -- discounting the bits of chocolate candy that were on a piece of cake I had on Saturday. My most difficult time of the month is during PMS, when I want to destroy all things and am brought to tears by even the most innocent joke or small amount of work-related stress. It feels like I have a real NEED for the compounds in chocolate ... but I'll have to try again. Overall, my PMS symptoms were probably improved by the prior 30ish days of my first Whole30. I'm not ready to restart today. I already ate 2 two-serving Seattle Chocolates chocolate bars, in addition to the remaining 5 milk chocolates as part of my birthday gift. And that's OK. I am OK with that. I am willing to practice accepting myself, even the part of myself that "fails" every now and then. I have still made progress, so I am armed with more information and confidence to go even further on the Whole30 when I am ready to restart. Tomorrow is the day, unless my lady problems are worse. In which case, I'll be kind to myself without worrying about restrictions. It's not about what I can't have, but nourishing myself with all the wonderful whole foods that I have already been eating these past 5 weeks.

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I'm looking suspiciously toward the broccoli and citrus as opening the chocolate floodgates. Not that there is any shame in drowning out a period with chocolate (or any other comfort, for that matter)- it just seems like a pattern. Potentially gut irritating "healthy" foods, followed by stress and anxiety, followed by the period followed by face first in self-medication of choice. Oh Biology, you terrible and wonderful mystery!

My strategy pre-period next month is a week of eating only my known "safe foods"- the few things I NEVER react to (beef, salmon, root veggies). I am so curious about this. I truly have become a science experiment of one.

Best wishes pdecks!!

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Thanks, Moluv, for the theory that some of my "healthy" foods may be adding fuel to the fire. Oh, you tricky foods. I'm looking forward to getting through my leftovers and updating my list of "safe" foods for my next grocery trip! I still have three heads of unprepared cauliflower in the fridge, but I guess I'll make it into something the boyfriend will enjoy :) I've been able to handle cooked cauliflower and broccoli much better than I had in the past, but it is probably time for a reevaulation of whether or not they are a food that makes me feel better or worse.

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I read something about only eating the florets- not any of the stalks and that is maybe not aggravating. I know it's frustrating. When I try to avoid things on the ibs protocol + FODMAPS + insoluble fiber I wonder if there is anything left besides sweet potatoes.

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OK. I'm getting this train back on the rails. Life has been a bit crazy lately on an emotional level with my realization that I suffer from misophonia. Wearing my custom-mold earplugs was supposed to help, but I ended up irritating my TMJ and landing in a world of hurt, one where I could barely move my mouth or neck. I self-medicated with lots of chocolate and felt disgusting. I felt like I didn't want to eat anything today, much less leftover corned beef and cabbage. I wanted to fast, but I knew that I had to get my hormones back in balance and that eating regularly spaced, balanced meals would help me get there. I have a 90-min massage this afternoon that I hope will help released some of the balled up pain that I've been carrying around for months.

Meal 1 (7a/8a): Corned beef and cabbage. Microwaved sweet potato.

Meal 2 (noon-ish): Corned beed, cabbage and butternut squash. 1/2 serving pork meatballs. 1/2 avocado.

Afternoon: kombucha

Snack (after long walk): Arugula + parsley + cucumber with 1/2 avocado and handful blackberries

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