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Thing T. Thing

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dear whole30- family!

i´m currently on day 4 of my very first round of whole30. i´m from europe, austria to be precise, and my goals are of getting healthier, fitter and happier !!

phew, i don´t know where to start :lol: my journey so far was a bit of a struggle, about a year and a half ago i felt that something about my body was changing. and not for good. i felt tired, sometimes aggressive-sometimes endlessly sad, i had no power, i forgot how to laugh (and i usually have been a very happy and life-loving person). and i gained weight rapidly. at first i thought it was my own fault, that i simply had to eat less and do more sports. well, the result was a grumpier, even more tired and depressive me. my body was at its limits. then i went to a doctor and i was diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction - but on a very, very early stadium ...at first i was relieved because i thought this was the answer and that taking some thyroid-hormones will make everything better. ummm, no. it didn´t. at this point i was at my highest weigt - 61 kg - without having changed anything in my life: i haven´t eaten more than usual i wasn´t on medication ... nothing. my usual weight was at 55 kg for years, so you can imagine how confusing and frustrating this was to me. i simply didn´t know why the hell this was happening to me. after two months taking my thyroid hormones NOTHING had changed. i was desperate, telling my doc that i had a feeling that there was something wrong. he told me that i was hysteric and that i had a plain simple depression. :o that was like a punch in the face - i KNEW that i didn´t obsessed over this. my job requires to be in the public eye and this massive weight gain, the low energy level and everything else was slowly starting to influence my work. it was hell! so i went to another med and he literally safed my life. he found out that my hormonal status was completely out of balance due to the completely wrong contraceptive pill plus extra hormones for the thyroid and so on and so on. diagnosis: my body was entirely out of (hormonal) balance and out of control.

i immediately switched medication and after about 1.5 months my weight was back to 56 kg (water retention!!) and now over a year after i certainly still felt better but not optimal. my boyfriend and me got engaged a few weeks ago while we were on holidays and the fact that i´m going to tie the knot with the man of my life, the fact that i´m going to wear a nice wedding dress and that i´m obviously entering a new phase of my life led me to a very strong revival of my wish to become the very best, healthiest, happiest version of myself :wub:

so i started to do researches about nutrition, dietary-changes and so on. i wasn´t searching for a fad diet because i take no stock in those things. i was looking for something that really makes sense for me, that carries convction to me, my intellect as well as my understanding of how the human body works. and after weeks of reserach,nights in front of the internet, reading books and amassing information i stumbled over PALEO and WHOLE30. and there it was - my answer!

i immediatly bought ISWF and some books about paleo (in english and german) and three days later i turned my eating-habits to paleo. i ate paleo for 10 days and felt soooooo much better :o i couldn´t believe how much lighter, less bloated and energised i felt. and i realised that food isn´t the enemy. that was probably the biggest relief. honestly, i couldn´t believe that i´ve wasted years over years ( i´m talking about my twenties where i lived just to avoid foods and was dieting all the time just to stay super-slim, stupid kid!) :unsure:

well, to make a long story short: i´m on my 4th day of whole30 and i´m happy that i changed my life, well i´m just at the beginning of my journey but it feels so right! after just 2 weeks of changing my eating-habits i´m not just -2cm off my waist and hips, not only dropped 2kg of weight (though i don´t care of what the scale says!!) but am much happier.

i´m starting to feel comfortable in my body again and this is such a beautiful feeling that i could cry instantly :)

i haven´t ever been really overweight or chubby but the keyword for me is: SPORTS. :wacko:

i´m not the sporty kind of person .. i know it´s my big challenge to start working out. and i´m bound and determined to do so!! :ph34r:

ok, so much for my introduction. i´m going to keep you up to date regarding my meals, workouts and also off-topic thingies from time to time :lol:

i´m looking forward to get to know you, dear whole30-family! feel free to drop me a note!!

and also i would love to know if there are more brides-to-be here in this forum!! if yes, tell me, i´d love to know more about your stories!

have a wonderful day!

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hi guys!

did anyone of you heard about this new film, called "HUNGRY FOR CHANGE" ?

i hit their homepage and it says:

From the creators of the groundbreaking documentary FOOD MATTERS comes another hard-hitting film certain to rock your world. HUNGRY FOR CHANGE exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don't want you to know about...

just in case you are interested in it- here´s the link to their page:


greetings, thingy :)

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Hey Thing- congratulations on finding what you were looking for- it's a huge relief isn't it? I identify with much of what you wrote and know you will be pleased with your new lifestyle. I'm wondering if because of your thyroid issue if you are doing the regular w30 or the autoimmune

protocol? I wish I could remember where I read that it was suggested but I can't and I could be totally wrong. I'm only mentioning it in case you hit a plateau on the w30 that there are adjustments you can make to fine tune.

Your English is fantastic and the few grammatical errors only serve to make it that much more charming.

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hey, moluv!

awww, thank you for your answer and the charming-one :rolleyes: please feel free to correct my grammatical errors!

i´m doing the regular whole30 as i´m fine with it so far ... and because my doc told me, that there is a small chance, that my thyroid just went mad because of the whole hormonal-rollercoaster ... but i will def check out the AI-w30-protocol too, thank you for the hint!!

and hell yes - it´s such a relief :)

are u having troubles with yout thyroid too?

have a sunny day!!

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not my thyroid- just my brain. A year ago I was diagnosed and put on ADHD medication, but I immediately sought out to change my diet- I knew they had to be related. I went off the meds when I went off gluten and a few months later found the w30. I feel better every day. So much of my life hijacked by ignorance of diet- I always thought I was eating healthy but I was so wrong.

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wow ... it´s so sad that even the medical industry including many doctors as well as the society with its brainwashed sense of diets considered as good can damage a human beings well being ... good for us that we made a u-turn, huh?! ;)

i hope that you continue to feel better every day !!

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ok, so i´m gonna try to foodwise sum up the first few days of my whole30 :P


brekkie - 4 egg muffins with pieces of turkey ham in it, 1/2 green bell pepper

lunch - 400g ground chicken, broccoli, 1/2 avocado (yes, i ate it ALL :lol: )

dinner - 5 leftover egg muffins, 1 apple, 1 banana


brekkie - 3 eggs sautéed with 5 white mushrooms, 1/2 avocado and 1/2 green bell pepper -> ate just 1 of them eggs

lunch - leftover eggs

dinner - 150g turkey ham (u know, the slices) made up as salad-rolls *yumyum*, organic mustard, 1/2 avocado, 1 carrot, 8 black olives


brekkie - skipped (yeeees, i know, but i had a brunch-date at 11:00 am and got up at 10:00, so i decided to skip it)

lunch - grilled salmon with picco de gallo

dinner - 3 eggs sunny side up with 1/2 zucchini and 5 white mushrooms , 1 apple dipped in almond mousse, 3 carrots

day4 (today!):

brekkie - 2 eggs plus 2 egg whites scramled with cinnamon

lunch - 1 piece of steamed salmon with steamed 1/2 zucchini and a few white mushrooms

1 apple dipped in the amazing almond paste/mousse (i don´t know the exact term in english)

dinner - t.b.a. ;)

checked my measurements this morning (always doing that on tuesday)

waist - 2cm

hip -2cm

weight: 54 kg

yep, small progress ^_^

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