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Kids attempting to explain food choices :)


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My brother's family was visiting yesterday. They have very different food standards than I do. My 5yo nephew was upset we had water with supper, and continued to ask for juice, in complete disbelief that we didn't have any. Finally my 7yo attempted to reason with him. I'll paraphrase the best I can.

"We don't buy juice"

"Why not?" Asked my 8yo niece.

"Do you realize how much concentrated sugar is in juice?" My 7yo responded.

"Yeah it's sweet and yummy!" 8yo niece

"I want juice" 5yo nephew inserted

"You have to squeeze so many oranges to get one glass of orange juice. It's so much sugar!" My 7yo began.

"But it's ok cause they don't add extra sugar" my neice rationalized.

My daughter started to give up. "It's so much sugar and it's not good for us. My mom never buys juice."

It was so neat to eavesdrop on this convo at the kids table. My girls might miss some of the "normal" foods at times but at least they are developing an understanding of why we avoid certain foods.

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