Reaction or guilt?


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I completed my whole 30 on Monday. Had coffee with a little milk on Tuesday, didn't really care for it. Thursday I popped the the last little slice of cheddar cheese (not even an ounce) I was shredding for my kids cheese crisp.. my hands started itching and figured alrighty, no dairy. I haven't intro'd anything else thus far.

I have tossed around the idea of staying on the plan, but with my Grandfather leaving in 2 weeks I want to enjoy some of his favorite dishes as he is elderly and a snowbird - so I'm not sure if he will be coming back to Az in the fall.

Today I picked up his beloved potato bread and I bought some compliant liversausage from Sprouts. One of his favorite sandwiches, bread, liversausage and white onion. I was starving by the time we got back to his place and I broke down and had half a sandwich. (not really poor planning - errands took longer than expected and wasn't hungry when we were running around.)

With in minutes of eating, my neck/itchy is burning, palms are hot and red, stomach is making odd noises and my ears and throat are itchy.

So, now I am wondering if it is guilt or a reaction? Or both?

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Things calmed down after an hour or so.The back of my neck is still burning. And now all I want is chocolate. I woke the dragon... with a piece of bread. Ahhhhhh.

Guess I have both guilt and a reaction to items intro'd. I am weirded out that the things I used to have even on a random basis before Whole 30 are giving me grief. How bad was my body before?

I was not a huge sandwich person, though i adored the bread basket at Olive Garden. I was not a huge cheese eater unless it was blue cheese on a burger or a cheese crisp. I had milk and sugar in my coffee. Having ice cream is a rarity. but when I want rocky road.. give me some. Now.

I am/was a binge sugar/carb eater. Let have 3 Jack in the Box tacos, some cheese sticks and a Dr. Pepper.. my pain/stress is gone until the food coma wears off. I suppose I am having some revelations about my relationship with food that have always been in the back ground, but now are in the forefront.

Thanks for listening.

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This is the W30 in a nutshell- it's what they mean when they say "it will change your life". No diet has ever worked that only serves to tell people exactly what when and how much food to eat. W30 rules because it allows people to have revelations about how food affects them so they are now armed with a powerful tool to make decisions with FOREVER. It's fascinating. Thanks for sharing your experience as well!

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My mild reactions also calm down after an hour or so, but they've definitely snowballed over the years. At New Year's, someone who'd had a piece of pecan pie three hours earlier kissed me on the lips, and I had a mild reaction.

Allergies are not to be played with. Go get tested.

Sorry about your guilt. Maybe it's not so much guilt as literally gut intuition? You gut telling you flat out that it recognizes that these foods will make you sick, but you see it as 'punishment' because your food relationships aren't quite healed?

Or maybe I'm reading too far into it. Anyway, I hope you feel better, and that you don't have reactions again. I under stand how scary it can be.

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Faymo, thanks for your insight. I know my food relationships aren't healed, it's going to take a lot longer than 30 days. I wonder if they ever truly are? Thanks to everyone who has responded as well!

I have to ask myself what I really want to accomplish. I really enjoy the control I have over EVERYTHING on the the plan. BUT, I WANT to be able to enjoy a simple (comforting) snack, meal, margarita w/ the man that is pratically like my father. My health (for the short term - while he's here) or making a memory with him before he leaves and possibly not come back.

Went for Chinese food for Easter.I intro'd crab puffs.. I had a grilled steak, onions, mushrooms and broccolli. Some cold cooked shrimp and a few other things. I felt full. Then tired, then really impatient with myself. Do I feel this way because I overate? Or because I intro'd something new or because it's the last time we will go out for dinner. It's all so confusing.

Bread, I will not be having anymore that is clear to me. Some dairy possibly. I haven't had any sugar, I am scared if I intro sugar, I will just spiral.

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