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Romano Beans


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My local producer has Romano Beans right now and I'm wondering if they're compliant? They're about 6-8" long and I believe they are a member of the Green Bean family. My intention is to eat the entire vegetable, not take the beans out of the casing so that would make it like snap peas or green beans...yes?

I love that they're local and obviously in season as they just appeared at the market. I watched a lady buy out all that was in stock last weekend at the farmer's market but was unsure if I could have them.





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Romano beans are delicious -- to me, they're even tastier than regular fresh green beans. I saute them in coconut oil over high heat for a few minutes until they turn bright green (and some of them have a few seared spots), then turn the heat to medium and add a bit of garlic and some chicken broth. then I sprinkle with a bit of salt, cover for 4-5 minutes, and they're one of the best green veggies ever. enjoy them!

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