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Off and On Whole30

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Hello all! I have a ridiculous summer coming up. It looks a little something like this:

June: 10 Vancouver business trip

July: 12 day business trip to Germany

July: My own wedding

July: Honeymoon to the maritimes

In the past I have completed one full Whole30 and one almost Whole30 where in the last few days I got a horrible flu that just whipped the rug out from under me.

Currently, I am trying an experiment where I Whole30 as much as possible in all the days leading up to all of this. Eating Whole30 keeps my stress levels down, I feel better, sleep better, work out better, and I am not worried that my waist will fit into a wedding dress in three months.

However, I have found because I travel for work so much, that the thought of being 100% compliant during business trips actually adds to my stress levels significantly, which is not good for anyone. So right now I am planning a Whole19, and then a do-the-best I can business trip, a Whole30, and then another business trip, etc.

I am just hoping that I don't use my business trips as "excuses" to drink or eat any random gluten free cupcake that crosses in front of me. I have fallen into those bad habits before. Because Vancouver is so gf/vegan friendly it just seems to justify treats in my head, especially if things are stressful.

Love to hear thoughts and advice from others who travel/are getting married, etc!

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I just returned from a business trip to Boston, and it was the first time since starting eating Whole30-style three weeks ago that I wasn't easily preparing foods in my own kitchen. I was surprised at how challenging it was to find truly Whole30 approved foods. I ended up stocking up on sugar snap peas, smoked salmon, chicken breast and avocado at Trader Joe's for in my hotel room. Then when I stayed with friends and didn't want to be an a$$hole guest, I just ate what they ate while staying as close to Whole30 as I could. I did end up eating some white potato and some brown rice, but other than that I stayed with the program. Amazing how few veggies other people eat! Anyway, I didn't have ill effects, and I think that's because I did the best I could and remained sugar and gluten free, the two biggest sugar dragon feeders and general culprits for me. (BTW I am officially starting my first Whole30 today after a period of experimentation.)

So, I guess I would urge you to expect that you'll loosen the reins but keep some parameters in place for yourself. Good luck!

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I'm in the same position - at least with work trips, I am still in control of what I order at restaurants, etc. However, after my trip to Vancouver I'm buzzing down to Seattle to visit a friend for the weekend. Obviously this weekend is more about spending time with a dear friend that I only get to see every few years than it is obsessing about what goes into my mouth - seeing a forest for the trees and all that.

I agree though, that staying gluten and sugar free is a priority. I want to come back and jump right back in!

Good luck with your first Whole30! From the sound of it, you're going to own it. :)

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It sounds to me like you're on the right track in looking ahead to what could be your excuses and barriers, making a realistic plan, and also reaching out for support. I wonder if there's a way to get support while you're there? If you're staying in a hotel with a gym, can you spend some time in there and maybe meet a travel friend who is also health conscious? What about telling yourself that you are allowed to have one dessert per day (and only if it's AH-MAZING and something you can't get in your hometown). If it's a dessert you could order at your local Applebee's where's the fun? But if it's an ethnic or city special, then endulge and truly enjoy it without regret.

I'm getting married in TWO WEEKS! I had my Hen Party this last Saturday and I was 100% compliant on my Whole 30 up until that evening. I drank way too much (those ladies kept buying me drinks, and I didn't want to say no, they were delish!). If it was some other friend's Hen party I would have abstained, but I was the guest of honor (it was my Day 28). I did well all day, I have done well every day since then, and while I think the hangover lasted literally 3 days (maybe days 2 & 3 were detoxing like in days 2 & 3 of the Whole 30 Timeline) I stayed on Whole 30 and vowed that I would keep that experience in my tool belt for future.

Maybe, you can use this time to do the experimentations of the reintroduction period! Allow yourself to add in sugar for one trip, then allow yourself to add in dairy for the other trip. One less restriction and you can see how your body handles the new food since you were perfectly Whole 30 in between. :)

Good luck, and congratulations on your wedding!!! :)

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