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Anyone from Toronto???


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I live in Toronto and have been scouring the city looking for good spots to get certain things. I have been able to find most things I need from either the basic grocery stores, the Whole Foods in Yorkville, or some health shops in Bloor West.....but i CANNOT find coconut aminos anywhere!!!

if anyone else lives in this city, id love to hear where you have found are good spots for stuff, coconut aminos or otherwise.


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I was able to find absolutely everything in Toronto.

I am copying post I've made in thread Oh, Canada.

Bacon - Healthy butcher,

Deli meat - Loblaws has meat from Beretta Farms, one of the organic farms brings their produce to the farmer's market at Dufferin Grove.

Chorizo - St. Lawrence market.

Prosciutto - Metro.

Ghee (if you are lazy to make your own) - Vital Planet on Front Street (near St. Lawrence) + Organic Shop in Baldwin Village

Coconut aminos - Organic Shop in Baldwin Village (lowest price so far at 9CAD), Vital Planet, both Organic Stores in Cabaggetown.

Coconut Milk/Cream - I buy Aroy-D as I find other brands rather nasty tasting. Any supermarket carry them, but if you are looking for cartons - Lucky Moose (right past AGO) is your go-to spot.

Pure coconut wraps - Big Carrot (Danforth)

Fish sauce - China town, but very careful with labels.

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