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Help! Paleo/W30-friendly doctor/dietician?

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Hi, I have an issue that I hope someone has a potential solution for? I'm in my first year of college, and started a Paleo/W30 way of life part way through. So far I am on my 2nd W30 and have noticed HUGE improvements in my quality of life. Seriously life changing. While the school food tastes okay and is sourced well (meat is organic/possibly grass-fed, a lot of veggies are local), a very large portion of it contains something that I have eliminated from my diet and noticed positive effects from doing so. It is technically possible for me to eat as I need to on their plan, but it would get boring fast and not be sustainable. And I also love cooking, but the cost of cooking Paleo/W30 foods is getting to be too much.

I inquired about utilizing the money that is going to waste on my meal plan for groceries, and was told that for it to even be considered I would need a letter from my doctor/dietician/nutritionist saying what I cannot eat and why. I don't currently even have a doctor, so I'd need to find someone anyway - but I have a feeling that "eat low-fat and hearty whole-grains" is what I'm going to find at a lot of places.

Does anyone know how to find a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist that does believe in the general Paleo style?


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