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  1. So, new year mean's it's a good time to have a new focus on the various factors that make up the "Whole 9". Here's what the bosses have to say: We've done it a couple years now so let's keep it going! 2015 thread: 2016 thread:
  2. Just got in from a 60 minute jog with the ol' Polar chest strap --- kept my heartrate at 135-140 bpm. This kind of cardio is good for increasing stroke volume without thickening the heart muscle itself.
  3. Just eat eggs & cauliflower
  4. Cool! Nice to see more compliant sausage that's not chicken.
  5. Are you doing a full reintro schedule? I wonder if with your stomach issues you'd benefit from one of the other protocols like AIP, low FODMAPs, or eliminating nightshades?
  6. Sulfites make these a no go:
  7. Something to consider: "Carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages induces ghrelin release and increased food consumption in male rats: Implications on the onset of obesity."
  8. Passed on the bench -- it was too small; as in, my head hung off the back! And I'm not tall, so this was just like a little baby bench. re: floor press & ROM, ya, the ROM is less, but how much less kinda depends on each person's physiology in terms of where their elbows hit the floor relative to the angle of their shoulders. Also, even with a shorter ROM you're still starting from below the normal "sticking point" of a flat bench press and then getting to go to full lockout. That, combined with the fact that there's no potential for bouncing off one's chest, or ability to use leg drive to assist, means there's less tradeoff for strength than it might first seem. Embarrassed how? I suppose it would depend on what your reasons were for doing one. I can imagine what you mean in certain contexts -- like, someone could say, c'mon, you need a program from the internet to tell you not to eat a chocolate bar??
  9. @ladyshanny ya, could be the saliclyates
  10. Looking at a weight bench from Craigslist today! I have a rack but have just been benching from the floor like this: It's ok but it will be nice to have a real bench.
  11. Fantastic! The "why" is the most important part regarding ANY goal!
  13. Some threads you may find helpful:
  14. lol I didn't even have to open the thread to know my answer was going to be "yes"
  15. Our focus for May is "Training and Healthy Movement" Training could be full-on exercise like weight training (good list here: and elliptical machines. Could be training for a race. Could be sport-specific stuff like rock climbing or jiu jitsu. Healthy movement could be yoga, tai chi, or stretching. Could be hiking or walking along the beach. Could also be taking the stairs instead of the escalator, or parking further away in a parking lot on purpose. Anybody use a Fitbit to monitor daily steps or other metrics? I've started running stairs again, and lifting weights as well. Been since October when I had the car wreck, and it's crazy how capacity diminishes if you don't maintain it.
  16. Juice in general is not recommended as a standalone beverage. What are the ingredients of this particular juice?
  17. This isn't an official site, but I found it with Google and maybe it is helpful?
  18. Yellow mustard is typically fine, but there are some versions of dijon mustard out there that have white wine.
  19. Just shy of an hour ... documentary about the ramifications of sugar in our diets. Has an Irish focus, but obviously there's a message here for all of us. @jmcbn have you had to deal with this "sugar culture" they mention?
  20. Ya, it sounds like you have some work to do beyond the food you're putting on your plate. You've gotten that part dialed in, which can be the hard part for most people, so give yourself kudos. Now it's time for the inner stuff.
  21. I pretty much always brown my meat before putting it in the crock pot: just sear it in oil and skip the flour dredge, obvs.
  22. Honestly, it sounds like you're all set. I ate zucchini as my only vegetable during a Whole30 and it was a-ok. Broccoli is one of my faves too so I could definitely eat that every day.
  23. Crock pot is my best friend --- get to come home to a hot meal with lots of potential for leftovers.