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  1. So, new year mean's it's a good time to have a new focus on the various factors that make up the "Whole 9". Here's what the bosses have to say: We've done it a couple years now so let's keep it going! 2015 thread: 2016 thread:
  2. Heheh do it!! Have him hold out his hand and then you load it up with eggs, stacking them, etc., like when you hold our your arms for someone to stack firewood on to carry --- another person can load you up with more than you could yourself.
  3. Yep, stick blender is the secret, and stick blender + mason jar is the super duper secret!
  4. I started to get performance anxiety when I read this! But I double-checked my pic from a couple years ago and was relieved that I had at least fit 10 on there. I do have short fingers though but I supposed I could stack more to make up for it.
  5. Salt + more salt, and also potassium & magnesium. Whether one is low carb/keto or just consuming less processed carbs in general as is the case with most Whole30ers, more electrolytes are needed to keep everything humming along.
  6. @MeadowLily that cautionary info on chewing/spitting is kind of a red herring, because that's not what chefs do or what people are suggesting OP do. We're talking bites of food so that she can know how to speak to guests about the menu items, and a disordered eating pattern. She'll still be eating normally outside of the work tasting. And after the Whole30+reintro, she can decide if she wants to knowingly swallow soy, gluten, etc.
  7. I don't know if I could make it a full 30 days, but it would be fun for maybe a week to actually try to include the whole list with every meal, since the questions does come up so often
  8. Time to hit the weights! But ya, kudos for giving this a good run. And I'm jelly of your InstaPot ... this will be me when my crock pot finally breaks:
  9. No, it's a sweetener
  10. You are so used to looking for sneaky sugars that you missed the granddaddy!
  11. Did you keep that schedule during your first 30 days? No need to change if you're feeling good. At the gym are you doing 3 days on, 1 day off?
  12. Given the choice, post-WO is more important than pre-, and even then it's more beneficial to weight-lifting than cardio. Keep an eye on your overall energy, mood, and performance, and adjust your food accordingly.
  13. Yep! I was pleased when I learned that earlier this year; it's neat to be alive to watch something actually becoming an "old wives' tale"
  14. @juliekb and @Bethmj good job on making that hard decision! A lot of people "don't get" why we're such hard-asses about staying fully compliant. But the difference between 99% and 100% is a lot more than 1% eh?
  15. If the ingredients are 100% lamb then yes you're good-to-go!
  16. It sounds you're on the right track in terms of continuing to tweak (i.e. reducing chronic cardio, upping food based on workouts, etc.) ... I am a fellow low-carb person when I'm not full-blown keto so your food looks decent to me. Are your veggies measurements based on raw or cooked volume? Your comments about eating 'til full and the domino effect are part of why I'm a fan of intermittent fasting. I'm definitely one of those people who feel like I've flipped a switch once I start eating ... nomnomnom. 16:8 style IF has been a good fit, but I think with your schedule if you just add some pre-WO food it should result in an improvement.
  17. Ya, that's fine, but better to think of it as a mini-meal rather than a snack i.e. incorporate protein + fat instead of something snacky like nuts + fruit.
  18. That's the premise of the movie That Sugar Film -- -- he makes a point to eat stuff that is promoted as healthy like yogurt, smoothies, etc.
  19. Eh, if my house wasn't like 80 degrees that night I probably wouldn't sweat it. Mayo is like 95% oil anyway and only a bit of egg, so there's not a whole lot riding on refrigeration. I mean, ya, bacteria breeding ground etc etc but I tend to play pretty loose with stuff like that ... I figure it just strengthens my gut microbiome
  20. It's only ok to use clarified butter or ghee, not standard butter. And that's because the milk proteins and sugars have been filtered out and these are what are most potentially problematic for people
  21. make some art for my thread!
  22. This weekend I got back (my 2nd) home in San Diego, where I'll be 'til the end of June, so that right there is pretty much a perfect prescription for a stress-free month! I'll have to try some meditation by the beach!
  23. Well dang, we all just became such good experts at sleep last month that we slept right through the start of April! But this month we've got an important factor to focus on: stress. (I was tempted to use capital letters and explanation points, but I didn't, because, you know, I didn't want to stress anyone out ) Stress management might even be the most important skill we can develop, because it affects every other area of our life. When we don't manage stress properly, our nutrition efforts can fall flat, our sleep is compromised, relationships suffer, and life just isn't as much fun. Great article here: To reduce the impact of stress, we can address both the amount of stress we're exposed to, and the way we deal with unavoidable stress. Avoiding unnecessary stress means learning to say no, limiting arguing, turning off the news, etc. Dealing with unavoidable stress can occur through reframing, time management, and cultivating acceptance and gratitude. (this is just a snippet from the article, so read the whole thing, and also we'll look at all these different strategies throughout this month. And here is why our focus on stress management fits well side-by-side with our focus on sleep: