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  1. This is a beautiful thread.
  2. I use less expensive oil -- Bertoli or Filipo Berio light tasting olive oil mostly, sometimes cut with some avocado oil if I have it on hand, all cost between $8-$16 per quart depending on sales, which fits solidly into my budget-- none are nearly as expensive as your sunflower or MCT oils. But despite the lower cost, I still balked the first time my mayo failed. I use my immersion blender which had worked as my trusty little mayomachine churning (immersing?) out batch after batch perfectly for six months before I failed a mayo. When the first batch (a double as I usually make) failed I wondered what I had forgotten or done wrong... but saved the liquid in the fridge for cooking with, cleaned off the blender, mentally reviewed the proscess and prepared to have another go at it. Which also failed. All two cups of it... GAH! So I stashed that batch in the fridge to use later on as well. After four cups of ruined mayo I decided not to make any more attempts until I'd used up the four cups of liquid in the fridge (they make a lovely marinade for poultry and fish and cooking fat for everything I cooked as it turns out) and thought to myself that it must have been the barometric pressure that ruined my mayo, it had been quite cold and dry after all. And then, after three very sad mayoless weeks when I finally had the courage to try my hand at mayomaking again (only one cup this time!), it came out perfectly. And just like that I was back in business. Same package of eggs (I buy them 7-dozen at a time), same containers of oil, same bag of lemons, more trepidation for sure. I'm just glad it worked.
  3. Such a good thread.
  4. I just bought this - ingredients list only liquid smoke, making it Whole 30 compliant (please advise if I'm wrong, moderators!)... I can't wait to try this recipe!
  5. I've had quite a few off-the-rails weeks (months?) but have continued to enjoy cooking Whole 30 foods and starting each day as if it's going to be another w30 day, regardless of whether or not it ends that way. Here's what I ate for breakfast today: Two little hamburgers, one fried egg (I broke the yolk-- the horror!), a pile of sautéed broccoli and asparagus, and one and a half crash potatoes, all topped with some mayo. IMG_5106[1] by NoMore CrunchyCravings, on Flickr
  6. Good on ya for making these realizations! I like to have a few meal parts stashed away in the freezer that I keep for a rainy day (or sick day) when I haven't had a chance to cook and am baffled by what to eat. I always have cans or jars of olives on hand, sometimes have avocado, and often have mayo, so the fats are always easy. Then I'll usually make some turkey burgers or hamburgers and freeze them individually, and keep at least three around in the freezer in ziptop baggies. I also roast or bake potatoes, steam carrots, sauté asparagus and Brussels sprouts, and keep them frozen in baggies as well. I'll eat and replenish them for fresh ones every couple months or so to prevent waste and freezer burn, but having those things on hand has always gone a long way at helping me stay on target.
  7. What about rosemary roasted potatoes, roast whole chicken, steamed asparagus, sautéed Brussels sprouts, grilled onions. My normal foods all seem like they might be good for a family meal, holiday or not.
  8. Olive oil always does it for me. Lots and lots of olive oil. Cauliflower and carrots roasted in lots of it (I mean poured onto the pan quite freely, not measured by the tablespoonful) and eaten generously, potatoes sautéed in it and eaten liberally, salads drizzled in it and eaten gluttonously. Oils help things slide right on through the system. Good luck!
  9. Probably due to the high levels of beta carotene you're consuming, but I'd be sure to check with the pediatrician sooner than later. You don't want it to be jaundice or something else, and have missed it thinking it might just be from your veggie intake.
  10. Start doing what-- Googling your questions or eating eggs for every meal of every day?! Just kidding (sort of)... I couldn't resist!
  11. This meal looks delicious!!!
  12. Last night I had salad - filled a mixing bowl it was so huge! Spring mix, romaine hearts, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, red onion slices, Kalamata olives, carrots, chunks of pulled pork, drizzled with olive oil. Mmmmmm!
  13. Just read the ingredients before using if you're still on the w30. The ones I've seen in the past (Idahoan brand, I think) all contain a ton of stuff not compliant on the Whole 30, particularly soy, milk and wheat.
  14. What happened with your timer - over cooked dinner? I had forgotten that I'd put my roast on high for six hours two weeks ago... I'd meant to start it on high for two hours and low for four, but I fell asleep on the couch and never switched over to the lower temp! It actually ended up being ok, though I had to cook it for four extra hours and turn it into stew as the meat wasn't submerged for the cooking, which was what I'd meant to do (mix veg, submerge meat) at the two hour mark. In the end it was fine, but I could imagine being really upset if it hadn't worked out!
  15. Sauteed spinach and onions, fried eggs, olive oil mashed potato.