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  1. Well, I thought Ireland was divided and at war. Have I been misled?
  2. Is any part of Ireland off limits? Does running you ragged qualify for being more active?
  3. jmcbn, you are most welcome to have whatever it is that I don't or won't eat. And now, I have a partner in crime, besides my sweet husband. You can show us around Ireland, eh? It would be nice to have a resident tour guide that we can pay with the food we'd rather not partake. That means, of course, you'll get a double portion. You good with that?
  4. Since I don't eat pork or organ meat, that means I wouldn't partake in offal, haggis, tripe or items cooked in blood and other such 'delicacies'. By me not eating it, there's more for everyone else!
  5. My dream vacation would contain the following: Travel to the Antarctic and stand on an ice floe. I'd hire a private jet to get us to a vessel to take us further in to where Shackleton and his men were held captive for, I think it was 2 years. I would have specially made meals while in flight and I would have a personal chef make compliant meals while we made our way to the Antarctic. While there, I'd want to drive those huskies across the frozen tundra (remember the York Peppermint Patty commercial)? One of the towns I grew up near had dog sledding days every winter. It was a