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  1. Robertaworley

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When eating clean is more important than losing weight and losing weight is still the end result. When black coffee is your dessert. When herbal tea or homemade ketchup tastes naturally sweet and no sweetener was added.
  2. Robertaworley

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Well, I thought Ireland was divided and at war. Have I been misled?
  3. Robertaworley

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Is any part of Ireland off limits? Does running you ragged qualify for being more active?
  4. Robertaworley

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    jmcbn, you are most welcome to have whatever it is that I don't or won't eat. And now, I have a partner in crime, besides my sweet husband. You can show us around Ireland, eh? It would be nice to have a resident tour guide that we can pay with the food we'd rather not partake. That means, of course, you'll get a double portion. You good with that?
  5. Robertaworley

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Since I don't eat pork or organ meat, that means I wouldn't partake in offal, haggis, tripe or items cooked in blood and other such 'delicacies'. By me not eating it, there's more for everyone else!
  6. Robertaworley

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    My dream vacation would contain the following: Travel to the Antarctic and stand on an ice floe. I'd hire a private jet to get us to a vessel to take us further in to where Shackleton and his men were held captive for, I think it was 2 years. I would have specially made meals while in flight and I would have a personal chef make compliant meals while we made our way to the Antarctic. While there, I'd want to drive those huskies across the frozen tundra (remember the York Peppermint Patty commercial)? One of the towns I grew up near had dog sledding days every winter. It was always exciting to see those dogs chomping at the bit and upon coming back from their run with their tongues hanging out and a look of satisfaction on each of their faces. After that, I'd want to visit South Georgia Island via the same vessel. Once that was completed I'd want to go to Australia and go on walk about. For an evening, take in a show at the Sydney Opera House. Then, it's off to the Cook Islands via a private jet with enough time to get recertified in scuba to we could see some of the local underwater sites. We'd have a personal chef to make meals that are somewhat regional but to our specs. Afterward, it's off to Ireland. I'd want to see the Blarney Rock, have an Irish scone and a cuppa tea and visit Kerrygold farms. In addition, I'd like to see if I can find any of my mom's distant relatives. And, of course, a couple nights stay in a B&B where they would serve us up Americanized Irish meals. There's just some things I can't fathom eating. England is next on the list, but just for a couple of days. I'd visit the Queen's palace to see her royal guards. High tea is next. And I'd want to see where Scotland Yard is. Dubai is last on the list. I've a friend who is a flight attendant and she always stays in her hotel room. I'd love to take in the indoor theme park that they have and to visit the sand world they've made in their bay. Having a personal chef would be paramount as I'm not sure what the people in Dubai eat or if I'd be able to dine on what they do. Last, but not least, is Ontario, Canada. "See Ontario...Only in Ontario" was the commercial that I used to hear during the time we lived in Minnesota. I was always captivated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and would love to see them perform in person. Oops, almost forgot the Blue Ridge Mountains. "My Side of the Mountain" always intrigued me. Although acorn pancakes aren't compliant, I'd probably have to have one just to say I tried it. That' would conclude my dream 'journey'. Yeah, I'm a bit of a dicatomy but then that's me.
  7. Robertaworley

    Official start after my test drive

    Made it through Day 5 of round 2 and DING! I have to restart. Oh, RASPBERRY PARFAIT! Was doing good until I had homemade iced tea this morning, Day 6. Have to remember to read the label first when I'm uncertain. As my dear mom used to say, if at first you don't succeed: try, try again. And wave bye bye to the tea with artificial flavoring! It is OUTA HERE!!!!
  8. In your opinion, Tom, is there anything that can be made with beef gelatin that wouldn't be considered a treat? I've never used such a thing before but was reading just today about peptides. I really don't know what the difference is between peptides, beef gelatin and there was one other thing that Vital Proteins makes that I cannot remember. Thanks for you help!
  9. Robertaworley

    Best Unsweetened Shreddd Organic Coconut

    How long does the coconut need to soak for? And in what temperature of water?
  10. Vital Protein makes a product called Vital Proteins Collagen Protein, Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed, Non-GMO, Beef Gelatin. From my research, this can be used for soups and such but also for making an equivalent of JellO. On another post, I read something that made making gummies Whole30 compliant. I've already fallen off the Whole30 wagon once and have no intentions of doing that again. Will someone please relieve my confusion? Is beef gelatin compliant? are gummies made with beef gelatin also compliant? Thank you.
  11. Does anyone, other than myself, own a Vitamix? Have you made your own soup, coconut milk, almond milk or anything else Whole30 compliant with it? I've had mine for about five years, but I never used it (sad to say) for other than making smoothies, which of course, are not compliant. Suggestions are welcome.
  12. Robertaworley

    Best Unsweetened Shreddd Organic Coconut

    Although Trader Joe's is hit and miss, I do love their unsweetened organic coconut. Btw, how are you going to make your coconut milk? I really need to make my Vitamix pay for itself. I've had it for about five years now, but really haven't used it to its full potential. Appreciate suggestions...
  13. Robertaworley

    Where to buy curry paste/powder?

    Have you looked in the bulk food section of one of your local grocery stores? I've found curry powder at Fred Meyer. Any grocery that sells spices should have jars of curry powder. You might have to ask a store associate for assistance. It can be a rather daunting chore when I've looked so hard for something and then the store associate finds it in the twinkle of an eye. Pshaw.
  14. Robertaworley

    Sausage and Bacon

    Making your own breakfast sausage is pretty easy and simple. I've used ground round and I've also used my Cuisinart with a recipe for sausage from the booklet that came with it. Let me know if you'd like the recipe.
  15. Robertaworley


    After doing some research on ghee and having made my own, I'd rather make my own. It's just easier to know that the ingredients are controlled by me and not someone else. I used this recipe because I wanted full color photos of what I was doing. I just made a batch last night. It's quite invigorating and self-gratifying in that the taste, color and how I choose to jar it are just so delish and radiate a certain beauty. Here's the recipe I chose to use. Note: when I cleaned out all my non Whole30 food stuffs, I had quite a bit of salted Kerrygold left. So, I bought some blocks of unsalted and mixed it one to one. It didn't taste overly salty to me. I've still a number of blocks of salted Kerrygold and I may just try a batch of purely unsalted just for a taste comparison. But right now, I'm happy that I make cows happy. LOL Making Ghee