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  1. Start Date: December 1st

    That's funny--to sleep I have to have it pitch dark. My husband says it's too dark to sleep, which, if I live to be 100 years old, I don't think I'll ever understand. So, sometimes he sleeps in his office/guest bedroom, sometimes I wear my luxurious bear blinds (You have those too, yes?) That fever is concerning, yes! Is it going down since your past post, I hope? Yes, it seems to do W30 on top of challenges makes it extra self-regard-boosting, absolutely! Yes, I'm pretty close to where I want to be - my size 10 pants are all fitting better and better, and i have this idea that if I can get in a size 8 (I know this is sacrilegious talk!) and in the 143-ish zone (compared to the current 162) I will have arrived... Meanwhile I keep getting glimmerings that come and go, of just loving and accepting myself as I am....the best version of myself, and all of that. My best inner wisdom knows better than keep numbersy goals whether it's the scale or pants size, and on the other hand, because I am permissive/indulgent by nature, it's good for me to be really honest with myself about being the best/most challenged I can be. Hey! We're fine tuning our plans for the "big" August hike. When it's finalized I'll send you a link to the details. "That" is the kind of being honest with myself/challenged I should focus on, and the rest will fall into place, I just *know* it! Yesterday I was in a good place - I got a good hike in - taking it a little easy b/c it'd been a while, and then I did my floor work, with some additions, intending to challenge myself, and be a little sore the next day, but not too sore, and get a good night of sleep, and I did accomplish that, plus it was a good, productive day after the work out, but not crazy busy so I could enjoy myself and be present...some neighbors came over for dinner with a bottle of red, and I enjoyed that so much. Aah, a good day. Hey, that attachment to cheese was a big deal! Your notable decrease of interest in cheese seems also to be a big deal! That's a big change! We share a love of pistachios, for sure. I have to be careful there, too. Sounds like you made nuts off-limits, with a great deal of self knowledge, very self-respecting. I could stand to put a similar limit on myself. My regular "treat" is snacking in the car once a week on the way home from the grocery store with what I think is a very modest little bag of bulk trail mix (with little chocolate whatevers) ...pre-W30 that used to be bulk candy. As I write this, maybe I could make that monthly instead of's helpful to sound off here about this kind of thing. It truly is getting easier! Homemade gummies, ooh yum! I printed out the recipe for the stir fry sauce, and can't wait to make it probably this weekend. Today I made curried chicken salad, with all dark meat, it's not bad. Next up: using pork tenderloins. And wonton meatballs with the stir fry sauce! In other food news, this week I've been enjoying tomato soup with Mel J's Italian meatballs (bison) and leftover roast cauli/yams, all in the soup. Really filling. Are the roads passable yet?
  2. Start Date: December 1st

    Yay for getting through your surgery and feeling great, AND not needing antibiotics! Ooh, the conscious sedation, yes, way to go! I think that's what I had for my colonoscopy last month - what a trip that was. "Better living with chemistry" as the button reads! I can just imagine how smooth that chili came out after such a slow cooking! Frozen roads sound terrifying - so glad you're just staying home safe and sound! Oh, ok, I obviously hadn't looked at that recipe very carefully - OJ, I get it LOL...your husband is so wise, I'm thinking about how ubiquitous OJ is as a drink of choice and how so many of us grow up guzzling the stuff - eeghads so much sugar! Your question about how my W60 went raised some questions in my mind, and I referred to my food journal from that time. I had actually forgotten that I had to start over after the vitamin discovery. It was right after the "start over" that I got the tick bite, and that ordeal really dominated the experience. I felt proud of myself looking at how careful my log was. You know what else I discovered? Since I started that W60 on Feb. 1 last year I have lost 16 lbs. I think I only lost 4 or 5 during the 60 days, so my pace is slow, but steady. As pleased as I am with any weight loss, this loss brings me back to where I was when I was at my recent best in 2011 after completing a half marathon (I can't do that anymore!), and I have a ways to go. But I'm in my process, and feeling in control and hopeful for the future! Yesterday I did some work onsite where there are always cookies and sweets, and for the second time in 15 days I let myself have one small one, and felt very in control, and satisfied from just one. This is a new life skill since starting W30 that I want to always have. Thank you for mentioning the carb curve, I went to my copy of FFF and realize I am due to read more and learn more, and tweak my plate...I could probably cut way back on starch! I'd probably slim down faster...must take a look at that and be honest with myself! Somewhere I had it in my mind that we/I should eat a fist size of starchy veg daily (I've been doing that, even when not very active), but now I don't know exactly where I got that information (it's probably the sugar dragon whispering in my ear), and so I will re-examine = ) I'm grateful for all that I am learning from you Miss Holly, and from this program in general. Your mom is so sweet sending you lemons! I love love love lemons. My husband calls me Lemonhead. Looking at all the romaine hearts I have on hand, I'm now thinking curried chicken salad, too! You're on the home stretch now! Are you thinking about your re-intros? sweet day and safe roadways!
  3. Start Date: December 1st

    BTW parsnaffles are just as awesome as they sound - under chili, yum.
  4. Start Date: December 1st

    Woo-hoo day 40!!! I'm with you about flavor, absolutely. Speaking of that, and thinking of flavor going with texture, I think it's time to take a break from ground meat recipes. Needing some new textures. I used to be pretty fearless about antibiotics, and took them if I needed them, as you understood from my rosacea story. And since you asked about myW60, I'll tell you, a weird thing happened, and I am now going to avoid antibiotics like the plague for all the reasons you stated! 15 days into my W60 we went for an awesome hike. When I came out of the shower afterwards I had a tic dug in to my throat just above the clavicle. Eew! Just like a vampire. I think it must have fallen out of my clothes or hair because it wasn't latched in until I got in the shower. We got a clean removal and cleaned it up good, but by morning it was a swollen bullseye and was tender, and the tenderness moving in the direction of my ear. Terrified of lyme disease I consented to a broad spectrum antibiotic, and foolishly didn't even think about probiotics until ten days later when I got desperately sick, running to the bathroom several times per day. Because I had just started W30 ways, I wasn't sure, nor was the moderator who was helping me, if it was from the antibiotic or a FODMAP intolerance, as I mentioned. I was thinking about going for 90 days when I started, but it became exhausting and demoralizing to do W30, be sick, and adding low FODMAP foods, constantly obsessing and i gave myself credit for the 60 days, did my FODMAP re-intros, and really, even after all of that, I was sick for another 3 months or so. In the final analysis I am sure it was the antibiotics! I can eat anything on the FODMAP list and I am fine, now that my gut is healed. I have been re-visiting my food journal and what an ordeal it all was. Having said all that, it was still a good experience. I guess I don't always do things half-assed, either = ) Right before the tic incident I tried stopping my allergy medicine cold turkey and I was fine forevermore, knock on wood!! That was proof to me that I was healing my gut notwithstanding the antibiotics. This time around, I'm so, so happy not to be so obsessive, and not to be sick to my stomach. By coincidence, on day 1 last month, I had to run to the bathroom, and I worried, oh no, not this again! But any super mild PTSD is long gone! You are so wise to be reading your vitamin labels! Good point, there! 2 weeks in to my W60 I discovered that my vitamins weren't compliant, so I started over. SO essentially I did 75 days...but who's counting? That's right, you use Mg to sleep, eh? Interesting about the change for you in the second half. You mentioned you were eating starchy veg every other day, something like that? May I ask, is there a reason why you're going with less than what is on the meal template? In my last two weeks of the W60 I tried eliminating starch and soon got in trouble with a coated tongue, and swollen, burning lips, apparently candida die-off. It went away when I re-introduced potatoes. It sounds like you've found a ratio that works for you! I'm still tweaking how much fat and starch to eat...tempted to step on the scale, but I'll wait til the end of the month. This week I ate less starchy veg and way more raw veg, and next week I will have to dial that back around a little to slightly less raw food/salads...tonight I will plot out tomorrow's shopping and cooking strategy...for sure will make some more steaks for having on hand and putting on salad...also, some chicken and bok choy stir fry...I have chicken thighs in the freezer, maybe a piccata. Still dreaming...will HAVE to get or make that stir fry seasoning! What's that? I don't think you mean orange juice... Tonight I ate 4-cheese semolina toasted (two pieces) with my chili for dinner. I steamed piles of broccoli because I am so craving cooked veg right now - it was really good. It sparks up some craving - wanting more. I was a big girl and controlled myself, just observing. Stay warm, and enjoy your toasty kitchen!
  5. Start Date: December 1st

    Hey there! It sure sounds like you are doing everything in your power to support the healing of your body. Do you take vitamins? It sounds like the tingling - is it just in your fingers? - is a direct result of nerve damage, is that right? I can't help but remember that tingling can also be from a B12 deficiency, have you had labs done since the injury? I sympathize with you. I've taken vitamins on and off...I used to figure if I ate well and lots of produce I shouldn't need stupid vitamins. But I started taking them again (multi, B complex, fish oil, probiotics) about a year ago, (and now calcium, too hello menopause) and I see an improvement in my hair - increase of baby hairs around my face, and my hairdresser sees lots of baby hairs all over my head. Must be good for my organ function, too! Comparing notes on brassica (thanks for the clarification!) calls to mind romanesco. Another favorite (fractals!!!) which regrettably I haven't been able to find in the new homestead area. I like your approach to creamy dressings, I'm definitely going to play around with that. Don't think I've had rutabaga either...but your turnip soup sounds delicious! I ate a lot of turnips on my W60 last spring when I got sick and thought I might have FODMAP sensitivity, so I started eating turnips and parsnips. I learned that I like them both a lot. Good job coping with the news about your wisdom tooth, avoiding the temptation to comfort with food! I call that a ninja move. What else will be on the soft food menu? That weather sounds frightful, but your kitchen will be toasty warm! Do you like chili? I made a batch of bison chili yesterday with yams and it came out so smooth. Such a comfort food for me. I actually added black beans, too, just to I suspected, no problem there. Thank you for articulating my best spidey sense about going slow with re-intros! Yes, exactly. So as I said, beans seem okay but the next step will be eating more at a time, and maybe making hummus. Last night I tried rice again with the restaurant albondigas...but when I got home I was still so hungry - not enough veggies! My tummy is a little off, and I realized that this week was a huge change, first by eating salad every day for lunch (yes, so awesome to have it all waiting!!!), and not eating as many steamed vegetables...I think it's a wee bit too much raw food for me. And no yams all week, just spaghetti squash for carbs. The thought of hummus makes me already crave bread with that. I think I'll re-intro bread on its own, then hummus without bread, then the two together. I suspect I'll get a reaction, and will save it for special occasions. Tonight I made a double batch (chicken and bison) of Asian taco bowls from IHeartUmami, do you know her? It was pretty darned good, lots of ginger, and I went easy on the chili flakes. I served it on spaghetti squash, and added sauteéd zuccini and portabella. My husband liked it "ok" and when prompted said that yes, he would rather eat the orange chicken from the freezer! I wasn't offended, and would actually rather make that for him and save the good W30 food for myself!!! LOL!!!
  6. Start Date: December 1st

    Thanks for the tip, SugarCube, good point you've got there. Okay, let's do as you suggested, and move the thread case any of our comrades try to find this, you said the link is the same, so that sounds good! Thanks!
  7. Start Date: December 1st

    Ooh, I've never tried kohlrabi, or brassica, but if they're cruciferous I want to try them! Yes, I used Mel's ranch recipe, and I wish I had used the sunflower seed oil instead of the avocado oil I had on hand - it turned out with that too-strong flavor, and was also too thick, so I watered it down, and honestly, it wasn't bad enough to throw away, but it's not my favorite dressing. I think a better oil will make a difference, so I'll try her recipe again, and then play around with variations in the future, because I have the spirit of it now. I was conservative with the hot sauce in the meat, and next time I will amp that up, too. I've never done a huge batch of meat/salad for the whole week, and even though the dressing is not great, I'm liking having 5 lunches ready to go, a LOT. Will do that again for sure. I've had days like your day at Walmart! Glad your shoulder is better, that's awesome. Is the inflammation in your hand going down at all yet? I didn't realize the damage was in your hand, too. Is there numbness? The big reduction of blood glucose has to be helping, right? I understand that nerve cells are on the slow end of the spectrum in their rate of regeneration and healing, so it must be demanding patience, eh? The W30 process demands patience, too, it seems. I am so grateful for this program because it gives me a way to sustain what I know I need to do for the long-run regarding inflammation, do you feel that way, too? I know this is the way to go. My introduction to anti-inflammatory ways of eating came 20 years ago when I suddenly had a very bad case of rosacea. I looked wind burned, and sometimes pustules, too, really alarming. I took antibiotics (for anti-inflammatory properties), ignoring prompts in the dermatology literature to make lifestyle changes. I can't believe I did that for 5-6 years! Then I went on a retreat where coffee was not served, and at the end of 5 days when I looked in the mirror for the first time since arrival, my rosacea was gone baby gone. That is the reason I gave up coffee, and it taught me how powerful the diet/dietary elimination could be. Now I can drink it occasionally, and the rocacea only flares up if there are multiple triggers such as emotional upset, alcohol, lack of sleep, super spicy foods... but it will upset my tummy if I drink too much. It's my ally in that way now. It gave me a story, looking at eating spicy food and drinking wine, staying up too late, enter any random emotional upset (hello dating life), drinking coffee in the morning to rally, and whamo, a perfect recipe for rosacea, and what else was that inflammation doing in my body? So last night I shared the real fried rice with my husband, and it was delicious...I did get hot flashes in the night, and while not terrible, it disrupted my sleep. So today I'm skipping the things I think trigger hot flashes: coffee, spicy stuff, grains. Will be strict W30 today, and play the rest of the week by ear. We only drink alcohol on Saturday night but I will probably skip that indefinitely and keep my bed time consistent as that is one of my rules for myself right now and drinking usually keeps me up late in a spirit of indulgence....I always want to stay up later with my husband, but I do better when I get up early, and he gets up as late as possible. I do love my to exercise now!
  8. Start Date: December 1st

    Thanks for the recipe, I can't wait to try it! I spent the entire day cooking yesterday, and it was so much fun! I struggled a little bit trimming the fat off the pork shoulder for the char siu. My first time with that cut of meat. Granted, my knives are all due for a sharpening, but as I got it where I wanted it, I ended up with pork tenderloin-shaped pieces, which would certainly not have to be trimmed. Maybe that would be better!!! This morning I read Michelle Tam's piece on char siu and she suggested not trimming the fat off the shoulder at all! Oh! So I don't know which cut of meat I'll go with next time, shoulder or tenderloin, but I'm definitely making it again! It's delicious! I also made "Buffalo Salad", Mel J.'s spin on spicy buffalo wings, so I made ranch dressing, I used ground chicken for the spicy meat mix, and a huge chopped salad that inspired me to get out my mandolin. I boxed up five salads with that recipe and still had enough for my own lunch as I cooked. Then I tried to spiralize parsnips which was a bust - too difficult with the hand held gadget, so I did what I could, shredded the rest, and plan to try out parsnaffles with my waffle iron The really exciting thing though was that I re-organized and transferred my spices to a different and better cupboard, and cleaned out my pantry. Ah, that's better! At 9:00 pm I looked up and said, "oh, this is Tiger Blood!" LOL And she makes cheese, too!! Wow. Have you ever made yogurt? I'll bet you have. Ooh, I like beets, too, have you ever tried them in balsamic, the smallest bit of oo and s/p? That's my favorite way. Thanks for asking about the knees...they are better, I must say! I'm trying to get more squatting down to the floor when I'm at work, and home, and it is feeling a little better! Like you, I'm hoping to get a handle on imflammation. I stopped the behaviors that were aggravating my knee, and that feels right, but I hope to be ready for hiking season, and have the interim to research some good trekking poles to preserve my knees! I'll get the kind I can strap into my backpack, might auger for a trip to REI!!!! = ) You said the jury is out, does that mean the shoulder is status quo right now? At least it's not getting worse, right? If it's not getting worse, I'm sure it's healing! What tripped you up about eating (not eating enough) after the rowing session? Were you out of your routine? Every day can't be perfect. Isn't that an awful feeling though - did you recover well from it with energy? I keep reading about the Nom Nom stir fry sauce, that looks amazing! This morning I wanted to make a smoky peach dressing to go with the char siu and zoodles. I thought that would be clever since I used peaches instead of applesauce for the marinade and glaze...but I didn't have time, so I stirred some muscat champagne vinegar into some homemade mayo, and that was quite tasty! Tonight I'll make fried rice to go with the char siu. I'll make actual rice for my husband, and a big batch of cauli rice for me for two separate batches of fried rice. It would not be a bad opportunity to re-intro rice if it is otherwise compliant...I'll think it over! Meanwhile, yesterday, I did have a piece of three cheese artisanal bread toasted, and it was absolutely delicious. I had a GI reaction, but that could be because I *also* had two cups of coffee, both with coconut milk, so that was not very scientific. So far, so good with the hot flashes, they continue to be rare, and I think I can connect them to coffee, so that is giving me some feeling of control and empowerment.... On Saturday I had corn tortillas with my Mexican grilled meats lunch, a little rice in the albondigas for the started, and ate a little of the rice on the side of the entree. I had no reaction at all. I very much suspect that the reactions will/would come with combinations. For sure if I ate the seafood enchilada it would be a disaster. When I cleaned out my pantry I set aside a bunch of give away things for my friends/others went to the trash that included some very suspiciously "odd ingredients" like oatmeal (!) and thought of your husband. Back when I was cooking a lot of out of Moosewood Vegetarian Low Fat (ages ago!!!) I was using weird things like wheat gluten, and oat bran, powdered milk, and I don't know what else! Ha Ha! How far we've come. My trash was very heavy when I took it out afterwards, but it really feels good to get that pantry where I want it. And there's space in there now! was such a mess that I had duplicates of things because I couldn't find anything (spices, too!
  9. Start Date: December 1st

    Hey RunGirl, congrats on your strong finish and awesome NSVs! Woo Hoo! I love what you wrote about the way you feel, and yes, I feel a sense of promise of the new year's possibilities already because for the first time in my life I came through December not just unscathed, but ahead of the game. Even including the transgression towards the end, that was *nothing*!!! compared to every other December of my entire life. This is an amazing feeling! Like you said Holly, it doesn't need to go on the list because it's already in progress! = ) As for re-intros, I'm what I think Melissa calls slow-rolling...I'm no longer W30-ing, but I'm just not feeling the need to systematically re-intro like the first I've been eating added sugar like store bought chutney, honey or maple syrup in salad dressing, and taking note of the dragon -- so far so good! Yesterday I ate pretzels with my picadillo-ish egg salad (delish!) and I was a bit windy for the rest of the evening. I know (I think!) beans will be ok but I haven't gone there yet. Oh! Today I had 1/2 1/2 in my coffee and there were no ill effects. One day soon I'll try doing a more substantial dairy in two daily meals and take notes, so that's a plan....I also had a madeline and gatorade today, which was tempting the dragon, and still, I was ok, and no GI distress. I think part of my hesitation is that I'm still mulling over my takeaway...wondering how I might tweak my plate each day to maximize weight loss but stay sated. Or spin it around, to stay sated and maximize weight loss since I only lost about 4 pounds. When I held back on fat I wasn't sated for more than 3 hours...On the other hand, at this rate, even with added sugars and off-roading here and there, if I keep it up, I'll be in a really good place before long, right? Today two people told me I look slimmer! Yay! I think I could focus on how much is a fist-size of starchy vegetable. Maybe I was overdoing it there.... Holly, I'm the same way, not really having big reactions to food other than weight gain....But once I cut out all the usual cuprits I enjoy a near total absence of GI distress of any kind. Isn't that amazing? So, certainly things were upsetting my gut. You guys, too? As for dairy, I used to eat yogurt regularly, sometimes cheese, and occasionally will bring home whole milk for a recipe, and use it in my coffee...otherwise, I'm not really missing it, or cheese, though once in a while I really love a cheese plate with fruit and wine and nuts...a Persian poem on my palate. Aaahhhh. You guys mentioned corn - I do love corn - oh, and I did eat tortilla chips a couple of times and I was able to refrain from my usual gluttony and noticed I didn't like them as much as I used to, so I will try to avoid. A friend of mine is moving and wants to give me her propane grill! I've never had my own, and I'm excited about this! Tonight I made pork medallions with cauli puree, and Me'ls caramel applesauce -GASP!!! Tomorrow after work my grocery shopping will be to prepare for Char Sui, pork and bok choy stir fry, and a bison salad. All three are Mel's recipes. I finally did write her that love letter I've been talking about - and she even wrote back!!! = ) I've been so enjoying her new cookbook that I haven't eaten that harvest hash in, wow, 2 weeks! LOL. I have one lonely jalapeno left from last week so I'll have to think of something to do with that - maybe another batch of tropical tacos for Sunday morning. Hubbie liked that. I got three morning work outs in this week! Faux-lafel recipe, yes please! That sounds good... Here's to our freedom in 2018!!!
  10. Start Date: December 1st

    Congrats on the scale victory! That's almost 4 lbs per week - very impressive. I came upon an awesome post last night, and it seems relevant to this conversation, and so wise, I'm really taking this to heart right now, and thought you would like it, too, if you haven't already read it... I picked up a salad spinner recently after reading 2 great tips in WFWeeknights (or one of the WF books, I've been re-visiting the others) about 1) crisping up even pre-washed greens, and 2) boxing up a salad with the dressing on the bottom, meat and vegetables on top of that, and greens on the very top, in order to just shake it up and chow down. That lit up my brain and I had amazing salads all week at work, with those two dressings I mentioned. Last night when I served the pork tenderloin (LOL about our serendipitous meal plans!) I brought both dressings to the table in case the hubbie wanted to use one as a sauce, even though I didn't think they really needed it (I used mayo which he avoids like the plague, being afraid of fat as he is...) and he slathered the meat with the sesame ginger dressing. I kept mum about the fat equivalency, just happy to see him enjoying my witchery. So that got me thinking about your point about sauces, maybe looking at salad dressings as starting points? I'll let you know if I make any discoveries! It would be awesome to have sauces to go with the picadillo meat balls (coconut/tomato, maybe), and others! Traditionally I love tzatziki, but somehow I find adding lemon to the mayo makes it too sour, especially with something like the Greek balls which are already a tad sour with lemon. Once I watered the mayo and added z'atar and dried mint a la Mel J...that was good...please share anything you come up with! Fascinating about the charcutapalooza! My starting point for any charcuterie was learning to add cream of tartar and baking soda to the meat, a la WF2! You made me laugh out loud re the grandkids and the pig head in the freezer. I love your adventurous spirit and fearlessness. As for pigs, after trying lots of different pork roasts, I've decided that there's really nothing that compares to port tenderloin. I am planning, however, to get a 4 lb. pork shoulder soon and try my hand at Char Siu out of WFWeeknights...I can't find the recipe online, but it sure looks delicious and promising. I'm not a huge fun of slow cooking/pulled meat type texture for some reason, but prefer a steaky type thing. Getting back to indoor home exercise this week - I overdid it at the beginning of Dec. and spent the rest of the W30 not exercising, just focused on food - it was too cold to get my usual hiking/meditation in, and neglected to do even a modest home yoga practice that I am darned capable of and practiced in. Why do I think I can't sit still and meditate if I don't hike first? That's my favorite routine. Not to beat myself up, but in the back of my mind I knew I could go back to that at-home, on the floor, calisthenics thing I had taken on, and take it a little easy at first, followed by yoga and sitting. So that's what I did for the last 2 days, whew! This is important for me also, because traditionally I get lost in the summer when it's too hot to hike, and I need a back-up plan. The gym is out of the question, too far away to sustainably drive from home. So, this feels like a good start. I'll spend January keeping-on-keeping-on with W30 habits, going off road here and there, expanding the commitment to include (indoor and outdoor) movement and meditation. This feels right and good. Working on consistency with early to bed, early to rise. Turnips are on my shopping list, so I'll try spiralizing them! Also, want to put some yams through there and make oven fries!
  11. Start Date: December 1st

    You made your own pork rinds, WOW. You are an all around wiz, and I am totally impressed!! I read through the harissa recipe more carefully and all the toasted ingredients make my mouth water. I can't wait to try it. I'm feeling like my hot flashes are under control enough that it will be safe to try it, and come what may, it will be worth it. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!! Congrats on your anniversary, and it sounds like a divine night! I don't know a lot of blue grass or country, but I have heard of Ricky Skaggs. I love the mandolin. I had a clobbering day at work today. I just pulled a couple of pork tenderloins out of the oven for the next few days, and will go and kick my feet up for a while before bed. Aahh. I took a boxed salad to work filled with colorful greens/radicchio, red cabbage, cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, and leftover Moroccan steak (Well Fed), and a tahini garlic dressing, and it was delicious. I have another one lined up for tomorrow... Oh, I got up extra early to work out and do some yoga/meditation, and plan to do that every day, or most every day, working up to a greater intensity...that was a small triumph. Hope you're feeling better!
  12. Start Date: December 1st

    Congrats, Holly! Woo Hoo! You did it! OMG your dinner adventure with Ricky Skaggs and family sounds absolutely charmed! What a lovely occasion. I'll write more later when I have time, but I wanted to congratulate you xo, and thank you for the recipe. And hope your sinus infection clears up soon!
  13. Start Date: December 1st

    Happy New Year, comrades! For New Year's Eve, at dinner last night we shared a bottle of wine, a gorgeous Well Fed meal and then some bubbly. I remained otherwise compliant. Today I was compliant also, but do have added sugar on the menu this week with some salad dressings (Well Fed Weeknights' Tahini-Garlic, and Sesame-Ginger, just delicious!), one that has honey, and another one that has maple syrup. Otherwise, I have no calculated plans for my re-intro. I have a feeling that beans are okay for me, so I'll try that, and if it goes well as I think it will I'l try doing one or two meat-free days per week and see how that feels. All 3 meals might be too much, I'll start with one or two bean based meals in a day. I know that bread/pasta/rice makes me feel puffy, and I don't crave them, so I will avoid those things until I come upon something that seems worth it. Like toast points and brie at my favorite bistro, which brings me to cheese...I don't crave that either, much, but I know I will want some here and there. Really it's bread and cheese together that will tempt me occasionally. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, meanwhile, I'm just so happy and grateful for how I feel right now. My belly feels a little flatter, my immune system was bolstered and when I did catch a throat bug, I recovered more quickly, I know it. I have almost no hot flashes anymore, just rarely. I lost a few pounds. I know that it's coming off slowly, and that's awesome. Because mentally I'm in a place where I am confident in what I'm doing, and know that I can continue and trust myself to keep learning new amazing, delicious recipes, get quicker with the recipes I do know, and make good decisions. This was my 2nd W30, and I'm appropriately no longer obsessing, but feeling more confident. It's like I've learned how to drive - I know how it works, and I can get myself around nicely. Holly, how are you doing? Greetings all comrades who might be reading - EWilbur? RunGirl?
  14. Start Date: December 1st

    Yay for your new Vivibarefoot boots!!! Good for you! I have realized lately that I'm kind of in a rut...and that it's deffffinitely time to learn some new tricks. So reading through Well Fed Weeknights helped me there, and also, I had a little stuck spot about the spiralizer. I bought mine two months ago from a friend's kid's school fundraiser catalog thingy, and I expected it to be a bust. Really, I can't believe how quickly I have already polished off the first batch- less than 24 hours. I admire you for taking another "stab" at the whole spiralizing thing, and can't wait to hear how it goes = ) Speaking of getting me inspired out of my rut, you have really given me SO many ideas. For some reason, even after 33 years in California I've never learned about different chilis, but just in the last year I've been learning a little. The chilis you mentioned I have never heard of, but I am determined. I read that some harissas use ancho chilis, which is what we called dried poblanos? Does that sound right? Do you have those in TN? That's as far as I've gotten, but I might just cruise through the best asian/mexican market in my area, and take my chances with a couple kinds that are already dried and see what happens. Maybe roasting my own is the way to go, that can't be too hard. I've oven-roasted all kinds of things, why not chilis? Yes, a recipe would be grand, and any tips you have for a beginner. Thanks! I love turnips. I forgot to buy some today - I thought it would be fun to spiralize those, too. I do feel better - thank you! Ha ha, I work in a drug store, so like you, I'm absolutely surrounded by sick people all. day. long. I giggled thinking of you eyeballing said villainous hand rails and door knobs. Nothing escapes your discerning germ radar! At this point, I'm very sure that it wasn't allergies. Again, I'm so grateful that I have some new empowerment with boosting the immune system. As for cravings, I think I've come a long way. I did a ton of errands today, and I was a little tempted, but it was just a mental thing, an idea, like the ghost of an old habit, and not a real craving. It made me almost giddy to buy a bag of pork rinds which seems like such a piggy junk food...but as you may know, Mel of Well Fed stardom uses them in place of bread crumbs. Have you ever used them that way? I'm a pork rind virgin. When I got home I was hungry, and my moment of living dangerously was opening the bag to taste one, knowing it might provoke a snack attack. I prevailed, and toiled away unpacking my groceries, then whipped up the remaining zoodles with leftover pork roast and a few bites of yams. If I'm honest, I could eat less yams...I'll dial that down in the new year while riding my own bike...and I'm thinking I might let myself step on the scale once a month just fun exactly, I don't know, curiosity. I think I feel slimmer than the scale will tell me, but we'll see. Happy weekend Holly and other comrades if you're there!
  15. Start Date: December 1st

    Okay, so I just got around to spiralizing zucchini for the first time. I prepped three big fat zucchinis this morning and stuck them in the fridge. I came home hungry, and heated some up in a pan with s/p, onion powder, cumin, and cinnamon, and used it as a bed beneath a sauteéd fish, and it was heavenly! Gasp! How wonderful!