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  1. So sweet that your little girl slept curled up with you, that is the best. She must be very comforted by you. Kitty love! By now has the cortisone had any effect, tilting the differential diagnosis one way or the other? Oh dear Holly. By now, has the katt moment/day passed? I hope so! It's funny (but oh, not funny at all) that I had a *really* bad day yesterday, too, in the late afternoon. Was there something in the stars? There was a misunderstanding. Like an emotional car crash. I got my feelings hurt. It put me through my paces. I made it through a long night, and got up really early this morning and took action. Self care type action. And let the peace, insights and focus come to me, as does happen when I take care of myself, screw-my-head-back-on style. So, I renewed myself. Sigh. At one point it occured to me that there were gs cookies in the freezer at work, but I did NOT go there. I don't do that anymore. = ) That chipotle sweet potato salad is a-may-zing. I let it cool down a bit before I stirred the chipotle lime mayo into it, because I wanted it to be a little creamy, not melted. We both loved it and I will make it again. The chicken was good, too, and next time I will thicken the sauce with some arrowroot. Your fishcakes inspired me to make shrimp patties again and more chili lime mayo. Yum. Feeling bad that he hurt my feelings yesterday, Hubs bought me the Pyramid Composter (we had decided to wait a couple of bill cycles first). Do you use the critter screen and/or the aerator, or other accessories with yours?
  2. It's a big day, the vet coming out to see your kitty...sending good wishes and calm vibes for you all! It's great that you gave yourself permission to make the call. Maybe whatever the worst fears are, are just that, and this process could uncover that -- I hope so! Denial is a safe refuge...until it's not, right? Sweet kitty! Thanks loads for both of those links. The vertigo is either getting better, or I'm getting used to it. It's a fascinating process, that head tilting therapy...I wonder what can be done to urge the membrane to grow back that seems to keep the crystals in place. Oh! And the Pyramid Composter looks awesome! I have been concerned about animals, even though there's no meat/oil/bones, etc...and just looking at this, and watching the video gives me some peace of mind. I'm going to consult with my spouse, and sleep on it, but I really want to get one. That's amazing how you have adapted to not having garbage pick up. We're adapting in our own way, too, though it is not as extreme where we live. It's unincorporated, but the county does provide trash, recycle and yard waste pick up. At the new place, the cans live at the bottom of the driveway, so instead of carting them back and forth, all the neighbors (5 homes) who live up here, carry their output in vehicles. I don't mind so far, and it's nice not to have to worry about bears playing football with the garbage can -- we used to keep the trash can in the carport with a 4 inch ratchet strap tightly secured. Once I had a nightmare of a mama bear and cubs, and woke up in the middle of the night, heart pounding, to the sound of a bear pushing the heavy can (2-3 weeks worth of trash) across heavy gauge gravel, making a terrible racket and vibration that I must've heard in my sleep. Well, no more of that...fortunately the bears' sense of smell is so powerful that they know not to bother the recycle bin, even if there's empty cat food cans in there (one of us rinses them, the other one doesn't, can you guess?). To my nose, the fractionated coconut oil does not have a smell. It's a little spendy, but probably less than or same as the jojoba oil. My husband is a super-lather face washer, and doesn't rinse it off enough, in my opinion, though I've never said anything. I really suspect this is the cause of "oily" skin...I mean, if soap dries it out, the skin produces oil, right? I learned that as a teen, using clay face masks. Oil city! I suppose if it were causing my dear one break-outs, I would offer counsel, too. I suppose it's asking too much of either of them to treat one half of the face in the familiar way, and the other half in a new way, and see what happens, or just cold turkey try something new. Glad you're getting moved in and problems solved with the new computer! I still haven't made the chipotle yet...but I have chicken thighs thawing, and I hope after work I have the energy to make the chicken, and the potatoes......I'm planning to use this kind of seasoning on the chicken, sans the instant Pot At this point it's feeling very homey, the way I want it...I have to patiently wait for the two chrome shelving units I special ordered from Lowe's - one for a big closet off the dining room, one for the pantry -- before I can finish things up. But we can relax and enjoy now! What a crazy 10 weeks! I'll be thinking of your kitty - xo
  3. Oh, the unwanted education that we get with these computer upgrades. I laughed (affectionately) to read about the dynamic with your husband. I can relate! Leave me alone. Help, please. Okay now leave me alone. I have to think it through for myself. That sounds like marriage as I know it! I'm also relating to taking respite from the madness by cooking up in the kitchen. A time to restore sanity, and nourish! A new computer is a virtual/mental form of moving residence, uprooting, very stressful. Deep sigh! I wonder, is there a new version of the recipe software that can read your files? We are creatures of habit aren't we? Recipes are as precious as family photos in a way, not to be lost! Are you finding out how flexible and adaptable you are? Is movement helping with your coping and mood? Speaking of that, I woke up this morning with my 4-5 morning of movement vow. Just as I said I would, I got out on our steep hill. When I got to the top, I looked at my neighbor's no trespassing sign, and adjacent from there is an old car, and a somewhat inviting open space that looked like it would lead somewhere, but in the opposite direction of her property. Nothing like exploring a new trail! It seems to be an old road that has been overgrown from lack of use. No boot or animal tracks, either, from what I could see. I went up, up, up. Nice views up there, huge trees, and even some huge nests, probably ravens. Do you have ravens in your area? I noticed what appeared to be predator scat, probably mountain lion, so i didn't go very far, probably .2 mile or so before turning back. I'll go back with my trekking poles, for safety, but also for my knees on the way down. I'll also ask another (more friendly) neighbor whose property it is and get more information. But, it was FUN. When I came home I enjoyed my first proper yoga session since we moved, since last night we finally unpacked the last of the boxes that were making an island in the living room. We arranged the furniture, and I have a yoga space! Heaven. I needed that. I did get a whopping dizzy/spinning spell. Did I mention that during the move I began experiencing vertigo? If I look up. If I turn over too fast in bed. Getting up and down off the floor. I'm monitororing it...but it's going on 2-3 weeks now so I'm thinking about seeing a doctor. Any insight? I'm with you on farm raised fish! Argh! Back in 2003 I had a big hives break-out after eating salmon tacos at a favorite joint, and determined that the salmon was farmed. It took me three years before I was willing to challenge it with any seafood. But it was a forever-end to farm-raised fish. It's totally inhumane and unreasonable for everything you said. Just, no. Insert emoji with a tear in her eye. That's cool about the jojoba oil being so close to the sebum of the skin. You'll have to let me know how it compares after you try other carriers. Using lotion to wash my face was a revelation several years ago. I tried it when I noticed that the expensive face wash for sensitive skin felt just like my body lotion. Makes sense not to use anything that makes a lather on your face. I hope your husband will try it. Now I use fractionated coconut oil with EOs - currently the same combo to match my face cream. Using the washcloth (with the residual EOs and oil) over my eyes is also extending the anti-microbial benefits to the base of my lashes - cleaner, less sandy/inflamed, a big plus. I love it that it's cheaper, just a few simple ingredients, and that I can make it myself. Win! Is your husband scientifically inclined? It could be an experiment. I know a lot of people find it counter intuitive to put anything with oil or pure oil on their face, especially depending on what the skin problem is. It seems we have to find our own way to these things, and own them. Is there a way to let it be his idea? That is always the best. Oh, I know, hoarding the good food....I should be happy he likes the W30 food, and I just seems to never end, the kitchen time. I can't wrap my head around two people polishing off two lbs of meat in two sittings (I finished them at breakfast today...goodbye dear sweet cakes). And that was the last of the ground chicken until I can get back to town. Next up...probably chicken thighs to go with the chipotle lime sweet potatoes. Oh, I'm inspired by your fish cakes and the mayo you seasoned....I need to make some of that garlic lime manna, myself! Seedlings! Oh yes, don't miss the bus this year, I want to know all about it! I have a greenhouse as I think I mentioned, but I'm inclined to iat, and dream of next year, and meanwhile, just watch what I already have here as it blooms. I'll keep you posted! There is a terraced garden down the slope towards the main road - the driveway we share with 4 neighbors winds around this terraced area and the greenhouse. For sure there are grapevines, and what look like live Christmas trees that he planted. There's lots of lavender. Also pyracantha, which I'm not sure how I feel about. Afew daffodils just came up, and I'm watching some kind of lily, that I think might be cala lilies, though they took another freeze last night. Closer to the house there is a crepe myrtle, and in the back three fruit trees that I'm watching with great curiosity - no idea what they are. The seller was not friendly...we never met him, but hear he was unhappy and unapproachable, so I feel shy to ask any questions, and don't mind the suspense. But next year I think I will make plans for that greenhouse, and by then I will be a more adept composter. Do you compost? I'll bet you do!! First-timer here, I have a bed of leaves and other brown matter out back, and am collecting my first bucket of produce/kitchen scraps. If you have any favorite websites or insight on composting I'm all ears. I'm just using a pile, and am about to buy a pitchfork. It gives me butterflies in my stomach, and that's not vertigo, LOL. I've LONG wanted to compost and reduce the garbage output, reduce our carbon footprint, slow climate change, even just a little, and of course feed the worms and other smaller creatures. Since it's winter I'll have to cover it with a tarp...I just know you have a lot on this!
  4. Hope you're having some fun with the new computer! I've never used jojoba oil before, but I think it's not supposed to have a smell. I wonder if it's gone rancid? If so, buttery is preferable to some other rancid oil smells I've encountered. Overall do you like the lotion? Do you like it enough to make it again? I had a breakthrough last week with my two-ingredient face cream. Instead of putting the shea butter on the double boiler and letting it slowly melt down to liquid, I nuked it for 10 second intervals just until it was soft enough to mixthe base oil and eo's with a spoon. It's got the best texture yet. Super creamy. I used sandalwood and ylang ylang. My hands are very beat up from the move etc, so I'm using it on my hands a lot too, and being good about wearing dishwashing gloves. I finally got a nice walk in the new neighborhood. There's a little-used, very private trail that begins on a neighbor's property, but she's not very amenable to people using it. She wants a phone call first but never gets up before 10 and there are dogs. Might not be worth the bother! However, even if I hoof it up and down the road from bottom to top a few times, that's a good time right there...not the same as a trail hike as I will encounter cars occasionally, but I will keep exploring. If I'm willing to get in my car and drive 10 minutes I can hike in the National Park....but I just don't want to drive! To walk is perilous....but I'll figure it out in the coming weeks and months. Weeding and gardening will keep me busy pretty soon here, as everything is coming up now. Are your flowers still on their early route to blooming? This morning I made a big double batch of chicken apple sausage patties, and also asparagus/olive scrambled eggs. I need to hide away W30 food I don't want to share b/c the patties are close to decimated! = ( Rain or no rain, I want to get out 4-5 mornings this week. Oh, and the girl scouts came to visit on Friday. I bought several boxes to share and stuck all but one package in the freezer at work. I ate a bag of gluten free cookies all by myself. 4 oz. Eek! Not sure it was worth it, but I'm back on program. Later I'll make warm chipotle lime sweet potato salad from the Real Food Dieticians that I've had my eye on for a while. Have a good week!
  5. Me, too. I've been really looking at my habits in the last couple of days. I have been compliant, but in some less than great habits of skipping meals (there's the real problem), and eating too fast when I do eat. The other day I stopped myself several times from going astray. So starting today, I'm eating slowly, not multi-tasking, and vowing not to skip meals. I know that when I get the morning routine of conscious movement back onboard that helps things fall into place in a big way. It's just been too cold to get outside, but there's no reason I can't get my game on indoors, so, tomorrow it is. An earlier alarm! Yes, we survived our cold - like you, we had always been at sea level, and even though I had all the outdoor pipes wrapped up tight, Hubs felt more comfortable keeping the downstairs taps on, too! I think it's fun to know what the elevation is! Do you know what the elevation gain is from the bottom of your road to the top? Are you still taking walks with your rock pal (is that what it's called?) Let me know if you come to any conclusions about your sugar cravings...are you eating enough? Emotional trigger? Besides skipping meals, I can be triggered by panic, fear, worry, etc...and sometimes the opposite, a really good mood comes, and I want a treat. But I was so unbridled in the past, just about anything could trigger me.
  6. O.M.G. What a scene! Hilarious. I approve of your berry habit. I'm trying to remember to put berries on my salad. For not-work meals, it takes a little extra planning/fussing since they're coming out of the freezer. One of the only things I miss about my old community was easy access to fresh, organic berries at TJ's. I ate a lot of berries in those days. As for the meatloaf, my mom was from the mid-south and her meatloaf had something tomato-y on it, too. I like that part! Thanks for the guidelines, I will try it out! I made the super-green sliders yesterday. I hadn't noticed that the grass fed beef I bought was really lean, and it felt like bison in my hands. I baked them in the oven, and they are pretty tasty, but they do really scream spinach. The texture is vaguely reminiscent of bread (hello coconut flour) which is kind of odd, but not unpleasant. My husband liked them, and made a Popeye joke. No ketchup, even, he just ate them cold out of the fridge, so they have passed the test. As you pointed out, they were a lot of work, but I kind of liked it. A double recipe made a LOT of food, which is awesome. I'm thinking about adding more produce to my beloved chicken apple recipe so will let that idea percolate. I swear, we do live in a parallel space, even the steep driveway! We have two serious hairpin turns, and a third to get into our actual immediate driveway. The 15 foot U-Haul made it, barely! Our UPS guy is as sweet as pie, but a total bad ass on the steep roads, which I admire. I can really see the advantage to having a pick-up truck. Alas, if the time comes for a new car, I have my heart set on an electric, maybe a Fiat, with a charging station near or in the garage. Oh, computer woes! As you know, I whole-heartedly sympathize! Those villains and their built in obsolescence! You are so wise to heed the experience of your brother-in-law and make everything as secure as can be. Also, so good to make the switch before you'd be in danger of losing any data. Are you using an external hard drive to transfer all your files? Good things do cost money, I'm glad you're not fretting too much about it. You're worth it = ) I hope it's lightning speed and gives you that shiny new feeling at command central! I never did get to the curtains, but together Hubs and I unpacked lots and lots of boxes. As soon as the rain subsides (could be days!) I'll transfer storage into the big plastic tubs I bought and get things out to the garage. Today I have to re-do all the exterior pipe insulation, especially at the well head because it's all falling apart and it will get into the 20s tonight and tomorrow. We will likely see our once-or-twice-annual snowfall at this elevation (we're at about 1,300'), and tons of snow at the higher elevations. It's magical, and definite cause for celebration for so many reasons, but makes me a little nervous...I'll try to enjoy it once all the pipes are safe! Did I mention I've got a convection oven here? Do you have experience with those? So far I like it a lot. It's faster, as well as the induction stove top -super fast. The oven is small, proportional to the kitchen in largest roasting sheet barely fits in there!
  7. Yes, the joy of rural life! Your tales of furry friends are very entertaining, right out of a children's picture book! No, I did not know that chipmunks would come in, that flying squirrels liked hot tubs, or that they shrieked. I might shriek too if a giant walked in on me when I was trying to take a nap/or a soak in an empty tub! I'm very interested in how that all went for you (and the big boy with the long tail) as this is all so out of my comfort zone. I've used a live trap once, and when I released the little mouse, it had pissed itself all the way to the release location. That's a lot of stress! Maybe I walked too far away, I remember just going and going. Poor guy! I read somewhere that most critters don't survive relocation. Whose research is that, and how do they know? Not sure...We lean in the direction of our PETA safe trap, but after a lot of reading, thought it might be more humane to get a clean, fast kill. I'm thinking that Kitty will spend the night in the mud room with her box and food and bed on the big night. Yes, we are still putting it's not a huge invasion, just a little scat here and there, and the cat sniffing around like a hunter. Today's mission is that Nom Nom recipe, but I'll make sliders instead of loaves (my husband may or may not turn his nose up at all that spinach, too, or, gasp, drown it in ketchup!), and then hand sewing curtains for three small windows in the bathroom. If I can get that done, I'm good. Every day we have to tell ourselves to stop and rest, and go to bed. It will all get done eventually... It's been raining cats and dogs...and there's a little water coming in around the fireplace -- eek! It could be worse, it could be...flooding? Your pizza not being swoon-worthy makes me think of how the palate changes...and MH's discussion about the super-normally sweet/salty/fatty qualities of non-compliant foods....could it be that our brains are remembering not just the flavor of old favorites, but the reward center explosion we experienced in earlier days? The jones as it got satisfied? Great that you didn't have any aftershocks from it! I hope your family woes are resolved now. If it should turn out that you do have a sulfite sensitivity, will that be a huge bummer, or, hard to avoid certain foods? It sounds like you know how to get sulfite free wine, and are avoiding dried fruits anyway (me too!). Amazing what we discover when we are willing to go to the trouble of these eliminations. Self knowledge! Freedom! There's no turning back, is there? I'd love to know your version of a not-gussied up meat loaf...the loaf pans made the cut when I was packing, so I'm thinking as long as I kept them I should use them more often. I used to enjoy making lentil loaf, so when I'm a little more settled and ready to do some conscious re-intros that may be in the future, too. The meatloaf calls to mind my college years...Mom was not a cook, but meatloaf was in her repertoire. My stepdad was the cook, and an excellent one! I wowed my college roommate with tales of his amazing cooking, and brought her home with me one time. Mom greeted us at the door with a happy announcement that she had made her meatloaf. When she saw she was out of bread crumbs, she used falafel mix, and it was pretty awful. LOL I'm not sure what I'll do yet with the counter onions, probably enjoy them as a side along with olives, and who knows, maybe they will be good on other savory things! As I get older I like onions more and more, so I'm exploring, as I hear they "cook" in the marinade. I do love the sweetness of caramelized onions, so we'll see how these taste! Your house with two kitchens and a mother-in-law sounds like it has a lot of character! Ours has character, too, lots of it. We told our agent we didn't want a cookie cutter house, and so here we are. I'm reaching for as much zen mindset capacity as I have in me, living with all the boxes and disorder. One step at a time. The good news is that the bed arrived on Friday, (Friday was cuhrayzee) and it is paradise comfortable. I love it. The delivery truck wouldn't fit up our steep, narrow, curvy driveway, though, so the dudes had to carry everything up. I helped as much as I could, huffing and puffing along the way with them, carrying the smaller parts. It all brought out my inner Jewish mother, and while they were setting up I made them sandwiches. I'm such a dork, I know. I'm back to 5 minutes of morning survival yoga. If the rain subsides a little, I want to make this my week to get back to early morning hikes/walks, and stretching. So carving out a space to sit on the floor will have to go into the fold of today's chores = )
  8. Hi there! Whew, long absence here! How is your lotion lab coming along? That's a huge bummer about the sausage, and proportionally great lesson/reminder about labels that I will take to heart. I see the weather is seriously cold back east, hope you and all your household companions are safe and warm!! It's been quite an odyssey...we only had it rain on us once last week while unloading the truck, but no big deal...since it's a local move, just 6 minutes to drive, we rented a truck and instead of packing it to the rafters, efficiently, the way you have to do when you can't go back and forth, we did small one layer loads. It was doable for the two of us, but in hindsight, duh, efficiency and helping hands make everything faster and easier. The upshot on a positive note, is that it was bonding for us in a partnership way. And I am very grateful for that. We did call in some muscle one day for just three pieces that we couldn't handle ourselves. So we had the truck from Sat-Thursday and now I'm doing the last carloads, and the cleaning. I wished I had used the self clean on the oven a long time ago. I remembered that in a previous place it was super, super stinky, but it wasn't so bad after all. Yep, it really needed it!! It's pretty chaotic because we have a couple of must-do-first things before we can finish unpacking, so we are surrounded by boxes, but step by step it should continue to progress in coming weeks. We're really worn out, but happy and sleeping well. Kitty did GREAT! She came out, curious and exploring right away. Unfortunately she took a tumble down the steep stairs to the "basement" guest room/office, scaring us to death. It's not really a basement, but it feels that way because it's kind of dark [will be very cool in summer] and we are sleeping there because our new bed is late arriving. She seemed shocked and sore, but not limping, just moving as if in general pain, probably bruised and strained. She made an amazing recovery and was soon, the next day, jumping to heights as she hasn't done in years. And soon she proved to herself and to us that she CAN get down those steep stairs, thank you verrry much. LOL We'll have to get mouse traps set up very soon, and she is already sniffing about and on high alert like a mouser....we wonder if she may surprise us. I'm worried she might get in trouble with the traps, which is part of my procrastination. We'll be using peanut butter, which is not a category or temptation for her so far.... On the last day with the truck, when there was to be no more cooking or eating at the old place, to the best of my planning, there was nothing to eat, so I re-ntro'd bread at lunch and dinner, to no ill effect. Then I explored my food freedom in a crazy situation. WIth the worst possible timing, my car battery started threatening to die, so I had to drive to town and handle that as a drop in. I was promised it would take at last two hours, and that they were open until 8pm. So I looked around and spontaneously decided to walk a block and catch a movie. Yippee, a chance to relax and take in some mindless entertainment. I had movie popcorn and junior mints. I know, danger...but the stressful part of the move was over, now it was just aggravation, so I could get back on plan like we've been planning!! When I came out of the movie it was 6pm and I had two voice mails warning me that my car was ready and they close at 6 (Sunday hours, an easy mistake, but how costly for me!). I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, hoping someone would be there to unlock and take my payment and give me my car. Nope. One $47 Lyft ride later, and a 5am alarm in the morning to catch a ride to town with a friend, they ended up discounting my bill 20% to make up for it. That was two nights ago, and I've been on-game, totally compliant since. So, so far, that splurge was totally worth it., delicious, and didn't cause harm, or derail me. But I won't make a habit of it! I've been eating a lot of big-ass-salads with tons of veggies, and loving it. On the stove now I have bone broth simmering, and a pot of beef stew that I improvised. Oh! I have a bed of leaves out back, and am saving my first tub full of produce trimmings for compost! Tomorrow I'll make a double batch of this, using beef and chicken I have a feeling this will be delicious. Have you ever made it or something similar? I'm getting used to the small kitchen. That annex/mudroom/pantry/laundry room in the back is filled with boxes to be stored, and collapsed boxes we are saving for a friend, but I did manage to kind of get the spices organized today. Maybe I don't have to build or buy anything, we'll see. Yes, please send me that recipe! Have you ever made counter onions in marinade? I"m thinking of trying that, too. Cheers to you!
  9. Postcard and first missive from the new house, with new, faster internet, yay!! I'm sorry your husband's team lost (I don't know who's been in the playoffs [is that what they are], and I don't know who the teams are), but you can still make compliant party food if you want to! I've been meaning to tell you that pancetta wrapped asparagus, pan fried on the stove top was delicious. I made a dressing to go with it of oj and zest, champagne vinegar, EVOO and a little mustard, and then used the dressing again on salmon. The leftover salmon went in scrambled eggs this morning and is how we powered through today's lifting, in the rain. There are a few heavy lifting things left to curse at before it's over...but at last, we have more belongings in the NEW place than old. Hubs is in the other room yelping at how fast the internet is. Yay! For dinner tonight leftover chicken sausage patties and tamales for him. Tomorrow I have no idea. Lotion news?
  10. I never understood mini-blinds...never liked them in any setting, especially if the views are beautiful! I understand privacy, but, but, but... We're still not sleeping in the new place, but I can't wait to discover the night sounds, and the river. We are close enough to hear the river, but high enough to be out of flood zone. I'll write more later, but I wanted to report in that W30 ways are buoying and sustaining me! Last night when we finished the heaviest lifting, I intended, jubilantly, to enjoy a gingersnap cocktail. But the kombucha I had with dinner (turkey wrapped cucumber spears and olives) satisfied the urge.Hubs forewent the Saturday evening cocktail, too, and instead we went to bed early, all tired out. I'm down to the last of my shea butter face cream, so i'll be eager to unpack all that gear and make up some more post haste. Keep me posted on your lotion making! On one side of the new house there is a little wood burning stove where the previous owner also had a modest barbeque set up - a small weber type thing with a little wooden shelter over it, and a metal plate on top (he took all with him except for the cozy little wood burning stove which I guess kept him warm while he was outside doing his thing)...I'm not ready yet, but as a first timer, I'll be investigating something similarly small and modest for "cooking for two". Charcoal or gas, that will be the question. Any input you have here is welcome = ) Congrats on completing a big project - hope you are enjoying a cozy winter Sunday at home!
  11. @hollysmokes thanks for the tip on the collagen being on sale at WF, what else did you stock up on while you were there? Hi @Elizabeth33 thanks for checking in, and for the kind are you doing? We're entering into the most chaotic phase right now. I have ground chicken thawing for sausage patties, and there are fresh veggies (!) waiting to be roasted. I'm recognizing the danger sign of not wanting to deal with it, on account of the mountain of work at hand, and that super powerful nesting instinct, so I'll have to MAKE myself get cooking tonight so I don't get derailed. I can do this! I'm sleeping well on half doses of sleep aid, and being okay with that just for now until I get settled. I've already taken down the bedroom curtains for laundering and storing, and so waking up to stars, clouds and sky colors has been kind of dreamy. @hollysmokes I love it that you have tree views out every window. Like you, we will be very minimal with curtains overall to take in the trees and birds...also, it will be fun to observe the light changing with different seasons, and I can always opt to take down the stairway stained glass during those between-seasons when we want the windows open for delicious fresh air, or for the light, depending. As you said, I am getting a lot of movement, and feeling a little muscle sore, a good thing! Drive safely on those icy roads!
  12. I say, book collecting is not hoarding! Somewhere in here is a poem and illustration by Shel Silverstein of a girl with miles and miles of shelves of favorite books, taking up all the room in the house at the expense of practical things. Can you see it? LOL. Like your Dickens, I have a shelf full of Edna St. Vincent Millay, including some volumes that belonged to my mother's mother. Cannot part with things like this! Oh Holly, I traveled many, many miles yesterday in a big hunting/gathering adventure. I made ten stops, and I pulled the trigger on a bed and a mattress, and a few other things we needed, half of which I was able to either get used at a cool antique store or new, on sale (January is sweet that way). The stained glass IS going to fit, AND it was still there, so yayyyyy yayyyyy yayyyyI I was also proud of myself for negotiating with the owner since I bought three pieces, and I saved almost $100. Yeah. It seems I'm a regular now at Black Bear Diner (do you have those?) where the waitress knew my order. Two poached eggs medium over half an order of hash browns with chicken apple sausage, not toast, and steamed veggies (ha ha veggies). D'oh! I thought I was slipping in so anonymously....being a chain, it is consistent every time, the only thing I order there. I applaud you for getting through that specialty store with the local chocolates, hungry, and emerging a champion! What flavor/s Rx bar do you like? Oh, I read your post before going back to the store today. I DO like prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and in fact you inspired me, so I picked up some asparagus, then went over to pick out the prosciutto, and they are OUT! LOL, parallel we go again. So I got some pancetta, and I'll see how that works. Salty ham, what could go wrong? Hubs really loves him some asparagus. Occasionally it makes me break out in hives, so I only have a couple of bites, slightly (lower case of course) ptsd. We took today and tomorrow off to pack and start moving boxes, so I got a couple of rotisserie chickens to get us through the weekend. I'll finish off the date chicken thing - mustard sounds good - will try that next time! I think next up with be salmon filets and then more chicken apple sausage patties b/c I can make a double batch and put them in the freezer at the new place. Things are getting exciting over there. We'll be off from this Saturday through next Friday, and will spend the first night on Friday when the bed is delivered. Revelation: I'm now thinking of my kitchen equipment as regular/weekly use, and occasional use. I packed my kitchen 10 days ago, leaving only things I use weekly....with the exception of the mini cuisinart, I haven't missed anything. This is important for when I set up my new kitchen as I may have mentioned it's small, so I'll have to store all the occasional stuff in the annex behind the kitchen. There is built in shelving there, and I will wait and see if I need to add, I am rising to the challenge of the requirement that I simplify and organize to a new level. As for sorting out giveaway stuff from the kitchen, I decided to keep my loaf pans and muffin tins, but I gave away the spring form pan, bundt pan, and the flour sifter. I figure I have not business baking cakes, and even for other people, I don't want to feed them sugar! As I type, it is raining and windy, and we're on a big advisory re flash flooding (3-4 inches overnight) and possible power outages. Please not that again! If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because the power is out. Mweah. Ooh, I love corn popped in ghee, that is yummy! We sometimes like it sweet...a babysitter when I was a kid taught me to make honey caramel in the pot afterwards. I use ghee and honey until it's starting to thicken, then drizzle it over the popcorn with salt. That's a nice treat at our house once in a while on Saturday night with a DVD.
  13. Your first time out with the new sous vide sounds really amazing! It will take no time at all for it to pay for itself, it sounds like, plus the joy and convenience factor. What a clever cat. If you have any trouble finding the Earthsea titles you are looking for, please let me know - I always pick up extra copies when I see them, and I can mail whatever you need! I'm not a hoarder, it just sounds that way. Actually, I lost sleep last night, after having done all of the measurements in the new house, wondering if I have room for the extra two or three bookcases I'm about to buy to make up for the built-ins we are losing, plus room to grow into! (Solid wood, 7 foot bargains at the antique store - huge thumbs up) I figure if I don't have wall space I can put one in the garage for extra storage if I am a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination, it might be books. This is the first time Hubs and I are moving out of a shared place and into another, and so I am learning that he is not inclined to let things go, and he is encouraging me not to, as well, "because, you never know"...which sparks up my inner devil's advocate, making it easier for me to let things go in some cases. Ha. I appreciate your insight about platforms with storage and the cleaning underneath factor - that is something I hadn't even thought of yet. I do need storage, and I am dreadful about vacuuming under even a full size or queen bed, so, yes...good point! Thanks! i hope to find what I need today and have it delivered, we'll see. I haven't even started looking for mattresses yet, so more will be revealed there. It is better when it's not even tempting, for sure. As long as I'm not caught hungry, I seem to be okay. Saving the wine for the possible-Superbowl party sounds like a great idea. Compliant party snacks are sounding really good to me right now! When and if the time comes let me know what you'll be making. I could live off of cold plates. I enjoyed your football rant - and nod my head at the way your brain works here. A couple of weeks ago we were lunching out, and there was a football game on. We were appalled at the screen split into 4 parts (or more? I tried not to watch!), I mean, how many angles do you need on the coach pacing? It went on and on for the hour plus that we sat there! Nothing surprises me in the way of A.D.D. cultivation these days, so I quickly let it go, but Hubs was in a rant state, and how, for a good while. Hopefully this is not a trend, but I'll bet it sticks. The notion of absurdity called it to mind. I've never deliberately watched televised sports, but Hubs remembers when instant replay was a new thing, and the commentators had to repeatedly, carefully explain what it was so that viewers were not confused. Sigh. I didn't realize I had already packed my little cuisinart and so have to postpone the Moroccan chicken. Instead I baked the thighs with EVOO, champagne vinegar, sliced shallots, minced rosemary, and chopped dates. It is pretty good, but next time I will pan sautee the shallots first. I also reduced the juices and added a touch of arrow root for a gravy. It was fast and easy, and the dates didn't cause any disasters, so that was good. To town now with a very long to-do list! I'm still nervous and not sleeping well (pft, not at all) but it is starting to become fun and creative, and I think that will increase with the coming days and weeks, for sure. I have butterflies in my stomach like a teenager before a very first date.
  14. We closed. It's ours. We have keys. We ate dinner there tonight, and are plotting our move schedule. Yay!
  15. Cork is another thing I may try...I like the ease and frugality, and also the texture of cork. And the absence of adhesive. I used to have a roll, and now I regret that I gave it away! Oh well. I know I keep saying we're almost there, but today we signed all the papers, and formal closing should be Monday, and then hopefully the keys get turned over on Tuesday. I found a stunning piece of stained glass, but I didn't buy it because I'm not sure it will fit in the new on my first visit with the keys I have a long list of things to measure, and I'm going to measure the windows; if I have a good fit for the stained glass, and it's still at the antique store, it's mine! I'll also be measuring the pantry/laundry room area behind the small kitchen, and probably buy some more shelving. The small kitchen will take some getting used to, but I know I'm adaptable! Woo hoo! As for the stained glass, I won't describe it because if it works, once it's hung in the window I'll take a picture and post it here! The evening ritual with the broth and the cat is charming as can be. I may have mentioned that this cat is anti social, but she purrs and asks for attention when she's hungry. She's not a lap cat but sometimes she will sit next to me for a few minutes, and that is her lap equivalency. But if I have a mug of broth in my hand, she is all over me. I savor it, and she savors the anticipation. I know it's questionable to feed her this way....but she is 20, what the heck. I looked up window shelves for cats. OMG!! Once we get settled I will probably get something like this so she can see the world of wildness. Your cat is bad, and also a high tech bad-a&% genius. I had to look it up - the future is here! Wow, that is impressive! Let me know how you like it. It reminds me of Captain John Luc Picard, "computer, make me a beef bourguignon." It looks like an investment of time now, learning how to use it will save you lots of time in the future. Win! I should marinate the chicken tonight for Moroccan chicken tomorrow...I have tiger blood today, with an extra boost from iced tea at lunch. Today I caught myself. I enjoyed a decaf with creamy nutpods in the mid morning at work. As the day went on, I felt harassed and cranky, and I felt just a little hungry an hour or so before lunch. So I started plotting a second cup and an Rx bar to go with it. You see, that would have been the old candy bar moment: unconscious, emotional eating. So I searched myself for hunger, and realized I just needed to drink a pint or more of water. New habit. After work, I had to make my rounds hanging posters for an event. I went to the local retreat center that hosts the event, and saw that they were set up for a wedding. Now in the old way of things, I used to almost always help myself to a cookie in the dining room when I'm there 3x/month. I don't do that anymore, even when a wedding party is not standing in my way! But as I walked through the lobby I saw mountains of beautifully catered pastries and treats. It smelled like a bakery in there! I felt like Wonder Woman with golden cuffs, fending off the villainous temptation. Ha ha! Do you get a proud feeling sometimes, too, in a situation like that, or in a grocery store where you might have made different decisions? I know just what you mean about information overload with the lotions...I feel that way from researching platform beds! I can't look at it anymore. Until next week when I have to make some decisions. I feel very sure that sulfite-added wine makes me gives me nasal congestion. Once we're settled I want to buy some of that Frey wine, and then I will know for sure. The closer we get the less anxiety I'm having about the transition. Having you here helps me so much! Thank you!