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  1. This has been a theme all day...waiting until we aren't mad to make our point. My neighbors are talking about this, too, in the context of family meetings. It makes all kind of sense. I have said, at work and at home, at various times, in the moment that the interruption occurs, "I can give you my undivided attention when _____" but then it's more likely that there is a little heat of intensity in the communication - which also might be okay or even perfect! I think we just do the best we husband has also lost track of things I've asked him to do or not to do and then shampoo rinse friend uses the expression the dance of marriage. You sound to me like a very reasonable, loving, and generous partner. I'm here to cheer you on to get what you need!! I forwarded to your IG account a posting from (paying more attention to her punctuation and spelling) the.holistic.psychologist to make it easier. I checked out the accounts you mentioned, and I tell you, that Lisa B. is hard to turn away from. That smile! That Bad Ass example - I love it! Well, glad you're feeling better today and have social time on the near horizon. That is so important. Sounds fun! I've never BBQ'd in the freezing cold - impressive! Your improvised sautee sounds yummy! I'm feeling pretty good lately, myself, and eating well. Yesterday I got up at 6 to make Mel J's Italian Vegetable Soup for the first time, and loved it. I followed the recipe to a TEE and then added some deboned chicken, which fell apart so nicely as the soup simmered down. We both really love it, and next time and SOON I'll make a bigger batch. Next up is the Tuscan Chicken and I'll use organic drum sticks that I found at Costco. I picked up some grapes to make more of the turkey Waldorf, and soon I'll also make Michelle Tam's Lemongrass Chicken. Meanwhile, I have a couple bags of slaw mix, which I am loving with compliant sausage for a quick breakfast. I am taking organic whole milk in my coffee, and occasionally adding Greek yogurt to dressings, but otherwise, pretty darned compliant, and it feels good. My sleep is better, too. As you said, a definite NSV to jump right back in. The best news is that I'll have plenty of time to cook and rest this weekend as we have both Sat and Sun OFF. Hubs was off today too making it a 3-day staycation for him, but I went in to support our crew for a hectic day. But I'm super excited to have some time off - what a relief. I recall reading a rule of communication about showing up - nothing happens until we show up. Thanks for putting that back in to a personal context. Here's to showing up for ourselves!
  2. Well, I showed up for myself today. I spent about a half hour or so doing the gentle yoga series that I used to share with others, and slipped right back into being my own teacher. It was also a chance to study what I CAN do with my knee/s and explore, and it was a feeling of caution but also celebration and return. I think I broke the dark spell of inertia, and a wave of grateful tears came in meditation. Then over breakfast I listened to more of the MU interview, and this has neon light around it for me (not verbatim but I'm sure you remember it): "sometimes I tell people they should not do another W30, and I ask them if they are in therapy." Hello. That is me. I know I could benefit from therapy. I've made lots of progress, but there is more. My lady is far away, and I would like to find someone closer. So far to no avail, but the search needs to continue. I have been following (sorry if I'm repeating myself) The Wholistic Psychologist on IG, and so are my brother and sister-in-law, who are both neck deep in the deep work of re-parenting themselves. Melissa mentioned that phrase, too, and it is really speaking to me, the idea of keeping promises I make to myself. The tension between rights and responsibilities to self. Letting go of old hurts and betrayals, and being my own parent and fierce best friend. I'm feeling your jubilation at returning to your morning practice! Showing up for yourself is certainly an act of self love. And it sets a great example to me. You are getting up extra early in the morning, even when you don't sleep well in order to take care of yourself. And you need to not be interrupted. Both are admirable and reasonable. Have you been crystal clear with him about what you need? I have struggled with this kind of thing ALL of my life, and it is getting better as I get older. You too? Big shopping day now...happy hump-day, and happy sore muscles that sing a life-filled tune to you!
  3. Good sleep - oh yeah! I'm happy for you, and wonder to what extent is the mobility/stretching groove that you are in right now impacting the good sleep, even when you are up a little later than you are used to? It bodes well, doesn't it? Woo hoo! I think I "misspoke" a little - I actually did use a 3 lb pkg of chicken thighs for that mushroom dish, not a whole chicken, as it sounded like! And you know me, I am all for making a batch of something just for "oneself" and I don't think that's selfish. Maybe that kind of thing is actually essential, in the right proportion and timing! So, go for it! The recipe reminded me e Paleo Running Mama's Creamy Tuscan Chicken, have you ever made this? I've also printed out MJ's Italian Vegetable Soup, Michelle Tam's Lemongrass Chicken and The Defined Dish version of W30 Salmon Croquettes. The turkey waldorf salad is making for easy meals with chopped romaine, and I am looking forward to tweaking the dressing. I'll shop tomorrow and am ready to get everything I need for a seriously devoted and compliant few weeks to get myself back on track. I realize that even when I'm more or less on program, I wing it too much, and I deserve to give myself more time and thought. So I'm looking at the importance of keeping my own promises to myself, and this is a big one. It's perfect that you linked the above interview in a giganto way because let me tell you, I have been in some serious straits over here, and making a Herculean effort to pull myself together. I'm not overeating or going off the rails, but have been feeling depressed about being in a rut, and then the knee thing. Argh. I came home early from work yesterday to get R.I.C.E. onboard, and that helped a lot. I'm wearing a brace and it feels better that way. I had a walking date with a friend for tomorrow, and I had been a tad disappointed because she wanted to avoid my steep hills in favor of a gentle stroll. But now I'm not wanting to even do a gentle stroll as I monitor and rest my knee. The "emergency" feeling, though relatively benign compared to what it could be, is motivating me to keep the eating very much on program. I think movement will help it, but I'm still getting the information, and listening to all the snap crackle pops it's making, and observing how serious it is before I decide if I need to pursue orthopedic pathways. I sympathize with you about the elbow...what happens with the elbow when you are on your hanging bar, is that part of the routine of late? Anything different that is challenging the joint? Not sure exactly what excited me knee...but it is definitely serving as "impeccable ally". The main takeaway is that I need to drop pounds, and love myself by increasing my strength and in general getting back in touch with my the interview you posted is right on. I watched the first 5 minutes and will continue later...I was really honest about all of it with my husband, and he said that since we moved, he too has been in a rut. He is only on the bike once a week, and feels himself putting on a little weight, which I only see because he points it out. His issue is exhaustion. Mine is not that so much as struggling to find routine. Feels like an extra set back right now, but I am looking for it to be a helper....
  4. I was keeping my eye on the weather this weekend, and hoped you were faring well! "Have a ball" sounds like heaps of fun. I've been saving new (to me) meatball recipes on IG and find that I'm such a creature of habit, with so many good ones already in my folder that are tried and true, but I'm thinking I'll try out some new ones soon. Your weekend sounds really fun and also so productive - what a great feeling. And lots of food to eat! Thanks for the mantra etc - I will work with that. "I am the person who showed up!" - love it! I got the house cleaning done in two parts, on Thursday, and again before work on Friday, which was its own kind of workout, moving fast on deadline. I don't like to be in a hurry, but I think there is a lot of value in cleaning the house when I have a definite time limit. Then I had a baby shower to attend on Saturday, so I had someone cover for me at work, and I made it my errand day, too. So it felt busy and harried...Yesterday was a store-cleaning day, but i got up early and did some chores and also made Michelle Tam's Sheet Pan Chicken and Mushrooms which I had had my eye on for a while, and it was really good. We ate some for dinner last night and there are leftovers because I used that 3-lb organic chicken from Costco finally. This morning while my laundry is going I'll make a waldorf salad, and later today will finish up the last of the soup. Looking at more soup recipes because I've carved out some time on Wednesday. Both Michelle and MJ have recently posted some tempting looking soups. The off-roading has been minimal, and I want to say to no ill effect...but truthfully something is going on with my left knee, and it reminds me of the strain after our 6-day hike a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Still procrastinating hiking. I'll work with your words of wisdom.
  5. You had some big weather this weekend? Hope all is well.
  6. So that soup worked out well, that's great! Tell more about blistering the vegetables, I might like to try that out. You got a great deal on that grassfed meat, and isn't it strange that their smaller size makes them less appealing to some? Sounds good to me. Yum. Oh, we have an organic grower here who don't have a brick and mortar presence locally because they take their goods to market in Los Angeles, 5 hours away. I'm acquainted with the farmer-owners, and I understand their farmstand is back! Their location is not on my usual route, but I know their hours and will go's an un-manned honor system, and she is especially excited about their, I'll report back when I have been there, but this may be really dreamy. Yay for feeling slimmer, getting your mobility and stretching today, and for the mindfulness habits, woo hoo! Those sparkling drinks are truly artisanal creations made with love, there can't be anything wrong with that, it seems to me. I slept pretty well last night too, and the kitties started pouncing on me around dawn, so I indulged it, figuring it was time for me to get up anyway. But it wasn't dawn, that was moonlight I saw outside at 4 am, so I tossed them out. Sorry, kitties. I hope to teach them that if they want to share the bed they have to have good manners. Recently one of them licked my chin, and then just below my collar bone, and it actually hurt. I think my skin is getting thin, it must be an age thing. Though my lima bean soup is not as delicious as I wanted it doesn't suck, and I notice I feel really good for hours after I eat it, and the side of browned sausage that I eat with it. I bought a big three pack of organic chicken thighs as Costco recently, so I think I'll roast them with mushrooms on a sheet pan. The lemongrass chicken was pretty good, though I just had a bite and let Hubs eat all of it. Glad my local Costco is getting with the program. I have lots of good food in the freezer and pantry, I just have to decide what to make. Time seems in short supply. I have to learn to manage my time better. I was going to take today off to clean the house and do laundry, but there's a big tee shirt sale today only so I'll go in to organize a big order, then come home...that is the plan....once I go in, it's hard to leave. Happy weekend, and enjoy concert, and the VIP view!
  7. I carefully read your thoughts and self analysis re the sparkling water, and FWIW you seem very safe to me! Unless it becomes a gateway thing for your palate, and you can catch that if it happens. If it's a substitute for wine, that seems not just ok, but great. Don't we pace our own since I was sick I enjoyed a big jar of ginger tea with honey in it. And now I'm on to something else. I would encourage you to relax from self-judgment, trust yourself, and love yourself xxoo And yes, I know that is an ongoing process, too, there's an understatement. Ah yes, Tales from Earthsea. Like you, I tried to read it on the heels of completing the 4 book, and I needed some time for the stories to settle. I think I gave it a couple of months, then I really enjoyed it. Peace and quiet helps, too, right? I've been picking up her books here and there, and I have read a couple of books from the Hainish cycle. Usually I try to read in sequence, but I started with the 4th book, The Left Hand of Darkness, then went back to the first book, The Dispossessed, both of them earning U. such high accolades. The latter challenged me to stick with it, but I'm glad I did. If I could do it all over again, I would start from the beginning, and plan to read them in sequence without too much time in between to make a deep acquaintance with and study what she was up to. I appreciate her revolutionary spirit and presentations of otherness. She's so imaginative! Apart from the Hainish cycle, I have also read The Lathe of Heaven, and have passed it to friends. I think it would do me good to lose myself in fiction (pleasure, please) as I've been reading a lot of nonfiction for the last few months. And since the kittens came I haven't been reading much at all, but I know things will settle down eventually. Oh, and a coming of age story called Very Far Away from Anywhere Else. I have collected many more titles that I haven't ready yet, but that's the beauty of a library, right? Turns out that our 150-gallon propane tank may have been appropriate in 1957 when the house was just a small cabin, but now it's way too small to accommodate our 3-story house. We wonder what the previous owner/builder did...I seem to recall that many of the heat vents were closed when we moved in, and I suppose that is how he managed to get away with such a small tank. We're going to use up the fuel, then upgrade to a 250 gallon tank. The learning curve continues. I'm so glad you are liking your new glasses! That is the only thing that counts. Probably people are being self absorbed and not paying attention - I know that sounds cynical, but there, I said it....maybe it was your conversation, but I got to missing my old frames and have been dropping in different places looking at frames, and am sad that the ones I had before I will probably not ever find again. I'm due for an eye exam soon and we'll see if I need a new Rx. The soup is just ok....I need to get something tastier going on soon. Back to the races now...
  8. Did you enjoy the Earthsea series? I just finished a series of 4 books for young readers by Le Guin called Catwings, before mailing them off to my 5 year-old nephew who has a special way with cats. Do you know that series? Ursula, a great cat lover, said she found herself sketching cats with wings on her grocery list, and took it from there. What a woman. Very charming! Purrrr. I think I will spend much of the rest of my life with her books. So much material. It's long days this week, and still no conscious movement. The nature of my days at work is completely on my feet and moving around the whole time. I realize that does NOT count as exercise, but I am grateful not to have to do my work at a desk...although I long to spend more time at my home desk. Anyway, the activity, plus eating well really accounts for how well I'm feeling. Not quite Tigerblood, but I have plenty of energy all day, and looking over my shoulder at the way I'm eating since a few transgressions over the holidays, I think I'm riding my bike pretty well. I'm getting added sugar, and I do like my Arnold Palmers, but that's about it. The albondigas at the Mexican restaurant we frequent is my new meal of choice, and there is rice in the meatballs, and I think she uses chicken bouillon but it doesn't seem to give me a reaction. I'm eating chips, but just a few. So there is a lot of room for improvement but I feel pretty much in control. Do you love your pressure cooker? I've never used one. My parents used to use one to cook chickens for their dogs, and it stunk up the whole house. I've had enough food on hand that I haven't eaten any of the soup yet, so I'll probably freeze most of it so it doesn't go to waste. My excellent news of yesterday...digging through the bags in the hatch of my car, I pulled out the small Xmas gift bags I was saving for a good friend and her daughter to discover my journal. Ha! So I haven't lost my mind, or my secrets. I hugged my friend and told he she was my lucky charm! I'm very cranky with our propane company because they neglected to come out and top us off (that is our arrangement of trust...and we don't monitor it as we probably should) and we had no heat last night. It was close to freezing last night, but we had space heaters upstairs in our room, and kept the cats locked in with us. We stayed comfy, and the cats were good companions, good girls!!...but the load tripped the circuit breakers for the upstairs giving me, the early-riser, a scare...I thought we had lost power! Anyway, enough excitement for the day...hopefully it stays that way, notwithstanding the tense world events. Stay safe and peaceful! XO
  9. That is so well said! My Sunday felt that way, too, and I really needed it after a super-cranky Saturday! When I woke up on Saturday the cold had dropped down into my chest, and that pissed me off, and that I had to go to work, that pissed me off again, and then I came in to discover that I had slept through end of month procedures (what was I thinking?) and because it was the turn of a new year, too, well, I had a bunch of headaches. It took me a few hours to adjust my attitude AND give the OTC cold medicines time to kick in before I felt like a human being. The moral of the story was for me to realize that I have very few bad days...and I did my work, albeit a longer day than I had wanted while sick, and Sunday was a total purr fest, the big hug you mentioned. Yay! Today I am up early for a long day at work covering for an OOT staffer, and I do not need any cold medicine, I guess I kicked it. Yay again! Your question about the kale fiasco tickled my funny bone - thanks for early Monday giggles! Some time back I was on a bean soup kick and trying to reduce my meat consumption and I used kale instead of the more reasonable baby spinach in the bean soup, which took it down a few notches of "palatability" if that is a word. Ooh, I love lima beans, too, and I thank my dear grandmother Dorothy for that. Limas and shrimp, I will tuck that away! As for the Rio Zape, how cool that you came upon them, and I like the way it sounds to say it. That's a big batch of chili you've got there, do you use a big slow cooker or a stove top pot? I will look into XO MU, this is the first I've head of it, thank you. I really like the point you really rings true for me. I've been marveling at how well I'm feeling considering that I am not even stretching, though this is not something to get excited about...I know I could thrive, and need that domino effect. Thanks for being a good influence on me. Good job persuading your husband to upgrade!! What you need and how you feel counts. Good to pipe up about things! Also, good job moderating your off-roading! For me, roasting those pork loins last week was a great way to start the new year - I'm almost done with them, and finished the roast veg, so now I'll be eating my lima bean soup, which turned out more like a stew because the limas took SO long to cook, I think they were on (slow cooker) high for 8 hours, and still crunchy after soaking for 2 days! So I set it to low overnight, and finally they were tender, and's not a pretty soup/stew, but very tasty. I used loads of minced garlic, mixed Italian dry herbs, a whole onion, 3/4 lb each of carrots and celery, and included the celery greens, a 28 oz can of crushed organic tomatoes, and chicken stock. Next up, a waldorf salad made of turkey breast, and pretty soon bison chili. I am really jonesing for some journal writing. I keep thinking of all the stuff I learned in 2019 and feel like noting it...moving forward, doing stuff with it. Have a good week!
  10. Thanks for the good wishes, and for making me smile and giggle at the thought of, and permission to get on the sofa with the kitties! I knew I was taking today off no matter what, but I am glad it's not worse today...just the same, and lots of kleenex and tea are in order. After Hubs left the house I got up to take my time and I've been puttering around making soup, and desk time: half of it surfing for fun, half of it obligatory emails. So now it's time to get to the sofa with me tea, kleenex and kittens! Hooray for shiny, clean stovetop! That's a great thing, and I get it that it is practical and also symbolic somehow, giving you a feeling of satisfaction. I wonder if, when your new self-care habits are no longer "new routine" that you might get the same feeling of satisfaction? I know that it's easy for me to say, and adding things that are time consuming to an already busy schedule is a P.I.A....oh, and that's me with the hiking, for sure. Once I get in routine again, I know it will be all kinds of rewarding with a domino effect of health improvements. That's what this is all about, right? I wonder how long before those new habits feel like "old hat"? I never thought of pre-making a bunch of BLT wraps for future meals, too...I should do that! ....I mean, I always make a double or triple batch of something I like, knowing that it's just as easy to make a giant batch as a single...but I never applied that to my lunches. I'll work on that!! That is what meal prep means, I I'm a planner, but not necessarily a whole-week prepper! We haven't gotten to the lemongrass chicken yet after all, but yes, it was in the refrigerated section. It won't expire for another week (I should re-examine what's in it, but it says Paleo!) so will report on it soon! I have chili in our future, too, as soon as the bean soup is gone that is now in the slow cooker. I know my husband doesn't like lima beans, so I'm being a little naughty making lima bean soup...I got baby spinach to stir into it when it's done after the kale fiasco last time. Did your husband like the idea of upgrading Hulu so you can host these events instead of going out? Sounds like a great many football fans would descend on your house? I encourage you to keep you limits, for sure. I like the old Kahlil Gibran words on marriage, being like two columns that support the temple. We don't have to do everything together, right? It sounds like you are a very good sport, and he is lucky that you are! I'm here to say, do it your way. I have to return phone call, then to the sofa!!!
  11. Your NY/Anniv evening sounds heavenly. There's no place like home, is there? I like the quotation on motivation -- that rings true to me, and my life experience has shown that to be on the mark. We know it is implying that action leads to motivation and more action! I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat, and I knew it was more than my allergies because I was also yucky and snotty, so i did not hike. Oh, that's why I've been sneezing for a couple of days. I was cranky about it, and then the little terrors chased each other around and across the bed, including running right over my face, jumbling my reading glasses. I know I keep saying they are at an all time high speed and agility, and I guess that is the nature of growing beings. Fast and furious. I had the mammo today and 7 stops afterwards, so I pushed through it under the weather. Hope to make fast work of this thing because it will be a busy one at work next week. The good news is that yesterday's cook went well and I have lots of delicious food to eat, and soup fixings that I might put in the crock pot before turning in tonight. How did your allergy appt go today?
  12. Happy New Year! And Happy 20th Anniversary to you and your husband! Did you go to your favorite restaurant? Was dinner delicious? It looks like I will be starting a new journal with the new year because - gasp - I seem to have lost mine. I have never lost a journal before, and it is a strange feeling. It may turn up, but I am not counting on it. One thing leading to another...I had adopted an apparently bad habit of carrying my credit card in my hip pocket on shopping days so I could be free of a purse, and as a result misplaced a card and had to go through the whole burden of cancelling it and getting a new one. Naturally the card turned up on the closet floor after we received the new ones. Meanwhile I had sworn off the hip-pocket habit, and started carrying my favorite but small purse so that I could have my wallet easily accessible. That has been three weeks. But my journal doesn't fit in it so I occasionally just carry it in my arms like a school-girl with books....and I think that's how I lost it - being out of routine. I think last week when I carried it into a lunch place to write a bit...but they don't have it...Waah. Hubs was very present in my state of alarm a few hours ago and we talked through all the places it might be etc....with a heavy heart I am letting it go. And in the mash up of setting my intention for the new year, mulling over new habits with my writing etc... Peppermint is toxic to cats! - eek, thank you for mentioning that. I've been studying up on all of the other EOs that are toxic for them, and here is a link I found that may be of interest ... I had so much leftover foot balm with peppermint and tea tree that I had been using it on my hands, too. No wonder they turned away from me - they don't like it for such a good reason! Also in cat news, we are looking at cat trees. Hazel the hunter has been climbing the narrow trim of the French doors that look out on birds and trees, which is pretty impressive to see! We're not making any decisions as we don't know how large or petite they might be when they are grown. Do you have any recommendations? Last night we were up way past their (and our) bed-time and it was amusing to have them so tired out on our laps in the hour or so after midnight. I will spend the rest of the afternoon cooking and writing - tomorrow is my re-scheduled mammogram and my friend's chemo and errands...I think I'll dust off an old purse in the back of my closet that will fit the new journal. I think I want to just always carry it in my purse with everything else, something not too big or heavy! Are you getting used to/enjoying the new frames?
  13. A lovely post from your Saturday morning peaceful home-time! New year, new glasses! Are you getting used to them since your post? What sort of blue are they? I'll bet they're pretty! Where did you get them, did you have a chance to try them on first? I am only on my second-ever pair of glasses, but I don't like my frames, I mean, they'll do - I don't hate them, but they're not what I want so I'm getting new ones...a friend recommended ... It seems reasonable to give it some time...and equally reasonable after a certain period of time to try another frame that you can like or even LOVE when you look in the mirror! I'm hearing my mother's voice, "do you love it?" Copying the link to you is also the first time I've even looked at it, so I should take my advice and browse...maybe on NY Day. I like the tradition of the black-eyed peas and cabbage for luck and money! Bring it on, right? Do you feel lucky? I'm not sure I believe in luck, but I sure do seem to have a charmed life, and maybe that is another word for luck. And for sure, a one pot dish (ish) sounds good in order to relax and enjoy the day. We had that kind of Sunday yesterday. So restful, so enjoyable. The little squeakers are passing into a new phase. One could call them thunder paws. They are bigger, faster, jumping higher, playing longer, and more entertaining than ever if that is possible. Yet when we lounged yesterday, they lounged with us. Did I mention they don't like the smell of my lady-lotions? It's become a joke in our house, "your hands stink" LOL. I need to get some unscented stuff - which is hard to wrap my brain around but there it is. I know your husband is sensitive to some of your EOs, what about Squeaky? Your rural area sounds a lot like ours. Including the arms. We have a b.b. gun, and we talked about getting it out if we ever saw another drone, but hopefully it will never come to that. If I'm wrong I will find out if my husband is a good shot or not! We got it to harass the woodpeckers who were predating hummingbirds at our old house. I used to have 6 feeders that were abundant with shiny hummers, and in the spring the woodpeckers become carnivorous for their nestlings. Drove us crazy watching that violence. I LOVE it that you bought a home with extra bedrooms for your family if they needed it in hurricane evacuation, that is awesome! Even if they don't use it for that, it reminds me of the loving tradition of setting an extra place at the table for a lost one. It is an invitation. When I Zillow homes for possible retirement re-location I think about getting extra bedroom/s for visiting family. Esp. my bro and his kids. Having a larger-than-needed place was very much on-topic the day of your post when a customer, who recently learned where we live, somewhat impolitely said, "you have a big operation up there, what you need such a big place for?" I had to process this and let it go as just an abrasive, not thoughtful thing to say, but it triggered me because I worry that we might be perceived as wealthy b/c we are merchants and potentially robbable by robber-types in our community. So I don't like the idea of where we live being a conversation topic by those whose business it is not. I replied that it's not as big as it seems from the road because it looms large over the hillside, or something to that effect. Argh. Do you think an alarm company sticker on the window would give a ne'er do well some pause? We have an alarm on the store, and I can get a sticker - I think it couldn't hurt. Though in recovery from drugs and a bit abrasive for sure, she is not a threat, but the person who pointed out where we live I do not like - a handyman for our neighbor. Deep breath, must let it go again!!! It all happens when I am feeling in love with house and home, and much to be protective of. Back to the knowing that I live a charmed life... What did you cook? I think we'll have the lemongrass chicken tonight, and then on Tuesday I'll take off a little time to vacuum and roast those pork tenderloins.
  14. Hiya @hollysmokes! Oh, your morning routine sounds like exactly what I could do at my place sans the hanging bar. Good work, and so good to hear about your progress, sense of renewal, increased strength, self regard, and enthusiasm! Woo hoo! Today I did manage to get up at 6, but I have not been outside. Drat! Need to get the habit on. I read in my new chair (hubs is a bit bewildered by my choice, did I mention it's orange, but I LOVE. It.), then played with the cats and did nesting type chores until hubs got up (I love my house right now in such a new way), and now (or, next) I'm in get ready for work mode. Argh. Just need a little momentum. Maybe I'll make a date with a friend to get me out there the first time. That worked before the holidays and for a few weeks I kept my date to myself to get hiking by 7 or 715...after just one date with a friend. Trying not to be excessively hard on myself. Thanks for keeping me accountable. Like you, more rain is coming...and it's cold, which was part of my inner-whining and (foolish) justifying, but once I get the momentum I don't mind because I know I'll warm up once I'm moving... So great that you're both enjoying the jazz doc! So much rich history and good storytelling. Very exciting! I'm not familiar with the country music series, but will look for that! So funny you mentioned Saturday Night at the Movies. YES! Love it. In fact, the aging in place initiative I helped get started in our little town, agreed with me that we needed a movie program for seniors. Since there is no senior center, per se, we put on our own, hosted by the local retreat that I sometimes mention (my home away from home) and I named it Afternoon at the Movies. In April it will be 5 years of this monthly program. (big smile! so much fun for me and my main collaborator, and around 20 movie-goers each month) The Retreat built a $5 lunch around it, then with a grant, now offers a senior lunch every Monday, not just movie in effect we are building our own unique-to-our-town senior center, with activities that are springing up around those Monday lunches. Aren't you glad you asked? LOL. The cats are playing in the cat cave, and hanging out there a little bit, but I don't think they're sleeping in it. Hubs tossed them out of our room at some point last night so we're back to Sq. 1. No news on their test results, which is probably good news! The vet said they would only call if there was bad news. Hm. Oh, Maybelle's voice! I sometimes think I can hear my mother's voice saying my name as if (she used to IRL) calling to me from across a distance (!) which gives me a host of mixed feelings and wonder if that's the right word. Weird creepy thing happened last night, as we sat at dinner, I was facing the window that looks on our driveway and Spooky's grave, and in the dark, a bright red and green light appeared, like a person on a hula hoop or a drone. Guess which one it was. Yeah, we became very alarmed and went outside to shake our fist, and it flew away. I'm very angry about it and the invasion of privacy etc etc angry etc.. I texted our neighbor friends a warning, and we meanwhile suspect it's the guests in the next door vacation rental playing with a new (red and green) Christmas toy. Just when I was pretty relaxed about the reasonableness of not having curtains in our little corner of mountain forest. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Oh poop I'd better get going. I will stretch a little before I leave, but definitely need to get over this block.
  15. Hi @Jim4884, wishing you the best in 2020, as well. It's good to get pretty much on the other side of the holiday temptations, isn't it? It sounds like you are plenty skilled and experienced with W30 ways to get right back on the bike! It seems there is no going back. A good thing! Hope your ailments clear up as quickly as they appeared.