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  1. Yes! Well, I just emailed you, and then saw this post...thanks for the news! Awesome about washing your hair, getting back to work, organzing the shed with yourcarpenter, and tending to the freezers, etc... Oh my gosh, Holly, you survived this thing, and will march on with the rest of the living through this strange period of history. Bravo! Bravo! If you read my email you know I'm high on wine, and so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. Onward all of us! Sweet dreams!
  2. My friend sent this to me, and I find her voice to be so comforting. I wondered if it might be of comfort right now. I am not sure how I feel about her bestselling book, so I almost didn't listen, but it's very wise, and very, very loving. I'm too busy to journal these days, but I have rolled her ideas in to my self talk, instead, and that is something.
  3. Hi Holly! I'm so sorry for the delay, and I thank you for your updates. I am holding a prayer of love and gratitude for your absence of respiratory symptoms, and call on the highest orders of love and light to keep it so. It must test your patience, feeling so crummy. Tommy Petty sings it to us, that waiting is the hardest part...I am so grateful that your W30 ways keep your immune system strong. Bird song is the best, isn't it? That, and the cat's trill. And purrs. And cat's snoring, too. That's so cool that you caught a whiff of the eucalyptus! Have you tried again? What other small self care gives any comfort? Whenever I am sick, I am amazed at how comforting a warm wash cloth can be. And smoothing out the bed and covers. Are you able to keep hydrated? Any change since your last post? It got up to 77 degrees in recent days, and when that happens at this time of year, I always set my expectations so as to avoid disappointment, so that means I expect it to just get hotter and hotter until it's the heat of summer, and that it's the end of rain, and plan to put my boots and warm things away. As it happens the rain came back today and it should be rainy and cool all week. So after breakfast this morning we opened up the screened in porch, and we can hear the birds...and I took one of the cat trees out there so the girls are exploring all the smells and bird song, too. It's so life affirming! I'm glad that you can sip on those elements of birds, and maybe some fresh air through opened windows? I'm with you in spirit, and imagine a virtual cup of tea and gentle back rub! On Friday afternoon I was able to make a reservation for two tri-tip dinners as take-out from the place I mentioned, after all, so with that, I also bought us a bottle of red zinfandel (we drank the two bottles of wine that we had on hand last week in anomaly for us!), and a decadent dessert. Spring cake, something like that...a giant slice of layered white cake with layers of raspberry puree and buttercream frosting. Our local grocer who is European and has a baking background has recently added an awesome bakery - it's like a little French patisserie right here in our little town, white bakery boxes and all. I wouldn't tell hubs what I had in mind (right before we close shop he is always asking me what's for dinner), and got a 15 minute head start on him, so that was fun...candlelight and all. The tri-tip came with baked potato, and the abundant steamed broccolini and carrots made up for the awful salad. I was sure to tip well to take care of our weary friends there! Then yesterday, Saturday, I worked late, and when I got home we were both completely zonked. All we could do was zone out on tv so we watched the first 3 episodes of Tiger King on Netflix, which is the craziest thing I have ever seen, and it's hard for my brain to believe it's real and not stupid reality tv. Have you seen any of it? I can't say I recommend it, yet once we started I wanted to watch more. Of course that is what happens with junk food,'s not exactly enriching material but good mindless entertainment. Hubs asked for popcorn, so that was a treat. My energy was pretty good this morning, so I did some cooking...mainly just a batch of ranch for a fresh batch of coleslaw, and more cucumber/onion salad (if I had tomatoes and maybe some feta it would really like to be a Greek salad...maybe next week). DId I mention that was my happy accident of last week? All I had was coleslaw, some cucumbers, and some compliant sliced turkey lunch meat, so I put the salads together and chopped up some turkey, threw in some chopped walnuts, and then dressed it at work with EVOO and balsamic, and presto, a very easy, delicious ad-libbed lunch. I liked it so much I actually meal-prepped that same thing for my lunches for Mon and Tues. These small things feel like giant wins. You mentioned that you thought our anniversary was the 4th, and that is funny because originally we were going to be married on the 4th. There was a full lunar eclipse, and we decided to marry on the 3rd so we could stay up all night and watch it on our wedding night instead of (original plan) getting up early on the wedding day to watch it...of course, we ended up not watching it at all. Hubs is missing his telescope, and we are both wondering if the park will be open for our planned June hike. I'm guessing it won't be, but we will see. Everything is so uncertain, and I guess it's a good life skill to find some equanimity with that. Peace, cool, and calm as you come through to the other side of this...xxoo
  4. Do you do one braid or two? I think braids are so pretty. Mostly I wear them when I hike, but am about to do some experimenting. Do you wear / have you ever worn French braids? I'd like to learn that soon so I can show my stripes in different ways to help get me through the awkward 2 years of gray grow-out I am looking at. It's interesting to me about your inclination towards looking in the mirror with expectation of seeing change. That feels really understandable to me, though I can't find words or rationale for it. I think it might be a deeply intuitive thing, and though I can't relate precisely to your current challenge, something in me says, "yes, that makes sense." Transformation has to be happening, and you are feeling it, so sensitively. The curiosity of it is a sign of Heart chi, and that encourages me with a measure of joy! Did you have your bath? How did it feel? How is your fever and cough today? How is your hubby? Yesterday I forgot my phone at home, but today I will bring it, and look forward to your news. My new epsom salt bath gel is eucalyptus/spearmint, on second look. I took my bath last night but was too distracted and mentally hectic to really relax and follow my breath, although I did feel more relaxed afterwards, so that is something, and I'll take it, gladly. Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I'm not sure if we will celebrate tonight or tomorrow when we have more time, and our 1.5 day of weekend...I made lemon garlic chicken last night that can be re-heated tonight, or we might treat ourselves to take out from the steak house in town that is offering specials for take out. It's been controversial up there because they advertised on FB and people came from up to an hour away, and only 20% of them tipped, causing a lot of hurt and FB drama. Playing it by ear like everything else these days. Love and hugs to you!
  5. Thank you for the kindness about the ax murderers and the counterfeit bill. You are the only one to exonerate me - I saw my husband frustrated/cranky (he is prone to hissy fits, which looks funny in writing but is not funny in the moment), and I felt ashamed in front of my staff = ( so I needed that, thank you. I will let it go. A mistake is a mistake, but we aren't to make the second mistake of not learning from it, and I am psyching myself to be firm in the future, and not ignore my instinct, if it ever happens again. Whew. Thank you for your many kindnesses and friendship. (insert hug) I love it that your husband cooked for you! Good man! It must be very weird to not have your sense of smell, and disturbing on a deep level. An interesting question you posed: FWIW: Not wasted. I sat with this idea when I first read your post a couple hours ago. I imagined you settling into the tub, eyes mostly closed, following the breath. Because the breath is different than normal because of the virus, just observing the breath as it is. Aware of the outbreath to its conclusion. Aware of the inbreath to its conclusion. That holy place where they meet. Following the rhythm of beginning, middle and end of each out, each in. Then adding body scanning for any point of tension, breathing softness into it. To feel yourself, invite yourself to relax...and then to follow your breath to your heartbeat, to the animation of blood-flow and to what magic the salts and oils are doing/being as they absorb into the glittering mystery of your body and system. You are a universe of wonder, and the soak is not wasted, but worthy, divinely worthy. You are divinely worthy. I wonder what you might sense or experience when your sense of smell is on pause. I read your post in the dawn light, from my wingback chair by the tub, with kitties on my lap, and I looked up at my new supply of peppermint/eucalyptus bath gel, and made a date with my tub for tonight. I will do the same thing, maybe we can compare notes! As for my day off...maybe not exactly. Hubbie forgot to tell me that he scheduled technicians to switch over our internet and phone system today. I won't be able to concentrate if I am not there to support the girls during the mayhem. The technician/s are due at 12, so if they are on time, and it doesn't take too long, I will go home early and get some chicken thighs marinading in lemongrass goodness. We got up early to change the well filter because it gets gunked up soon when we are using the sprinklers, and that is the thing that is keeping me up at night. Keep me posted when you can - wishing you rest, sleep, healing. Sending love from afar!
  6. Here's to one step forward! I loved Star Trek Next Generation, I tried to watch it every week, and one year for Christmas Mom gave all of us kids Star Trek pins like the officers wore, their - what do you call them? - pins, those magical badges with the boomerang shape. Do those have a name?...sorry, my brain is so tired! Anyway, I'm glad to know you are a Trekkie Did you try the epsom salt bath? How did that go? How was your day? Did you like the teriyaki after all? I tried a Primal Palate mayo once - I think it was a specialty flavor, but I hated it, too, and had to dump it. That has got to be bad. Homemade all the way. My local health food store (in town) carries a bunch of PP products, but I after the mayo I never tried again. I loved reading about Squeaky comforting you, or at least doing his darndest. Good boy! Purrrr Purrrrrr. I took some cute if not slightly blurry photos of the girls this morning as I was leaving for work that I will email you later because I don't know how to attach them here...and it also shows that stained glass I love so much. After I snapped the photos I dashed outside and heard wild turkeys in the driveway so I took some photos of them too. They seem to be taking over our town lately - they turn up ev-ery-where. I've got to tell you, yesterday was one insane roller coaster day of stress and upset. Two things happened. A customer who has been staying home with a fever and a cough, who has had home deliveries made by me as recently as last Thursday, waltzed into the store yesterday wearing a mask, and coughing into her elbow. It's a long story, but her doctor told her she has textbook symptoms and to stay home, and he flipped out when he heard she had come in the store. Yes, that's how small a town this is. Anyway, in addition to putting lines on the floor marking 6 feet, now I have a policy that no one can come in the store if they have a fever and/or a cough, even if it's an allergy, or a cold. We will take care of our customers, but they have to call us from the parking lot and we will give them curbside service. We have been doing this for over a week, but now I am asking people to leave if I hear them cough. THEN the bank called and we had a counterfeit $100 bill in our deposit, and it was my fault. We have a really good light box counterfeit detector, and use it for every large bill. This gangster looking couple passed it to me, and I knew it looked weird. It had a watermark, but was exaggerated. It had the pink stripe it should have had but it was too bright. Other things about it looked okay. I checked my prejudice. When we're not sure, we ask my husband to look at the bill, but he was at the post office, and I was scared because this couple looked like killers. So I checked it twice, and took it like the coward I am. I had to make a little inservice out of it to my staff, which was humbling but the right thing to do, and then got a summary from the bank, and even though there have been 3 counterfeits every week in our town for several weeks running, so I'm not the only dummy out there, it was horrible. I was so flustered that I made a mistake when I ran the monthly statements for customer accounts, and had to come in early this morning to correct it. Just a shitty day. I'm not used to working 9 hour days for weeks on end and it is taking a toll on me, so I am taking tomorrow off. The new technician is up to speed, and we love her. She is from Louisiana!!!! I told her about you. It's slow enough, that I think it will be ok if I'm not there, and I need a mental health day. I will cook and clean and tend to the sprinklers! What's the news? Hugs!
  7. I'm so glad to read your news -- It sounds like you are crushing it, and I'm so proud of you. Also, wishing I could mail you some produce - I guess that's a bad idea. Can you have someone deliver some to your doorstep? I've been doing that with drug store things for customers and friends who are vulnerable and can't go out. Is it all so surreal? That is how it feels from here, to know you are home sick. When this is all over, bragging rights forever. Any chest tightness? What is your energy level like? So many questions, I know, but I wonder what simple deliciousness you or your husband might rustle up for you for comfort and nutrition? Oh dear lady, I am with you in spirit. The rest of what I want to post here on a normal day seems so silly and insignificant because it's not a normal day, and you are home living with this horrible virus. I still can't believe it. Maybe just a little normalcy for my next paragraph before dashing out the door. Yesterday I decided to get another cauli crust pizza from next door, and feeling clever about ways to make it more flavorful, I ordered chicken and Canadian bacon, and every green thing they had on the menu except for jalapeno. I mentioned it was a small pizza? With a medium unsweetened iced tea, and after my 20% local discount, it was $31.99. Yep, that much. I almost choked. If they weren't my neighbor in the shopping center I would have just walked away. Instead I went back to get more cash, and paid that ridiculous sum. It was good. I ate half of it and had the other half for dinner with a little of the pasta I made for hubs. Today's lunch, salmon and cucumber salad. Goodbye to March. Foolishness for tomorrow. Take care Holly, keep the news coming when you can. xxxooo
  8. Sorry, we had some wine with dinner over puttanesca to celebrate our first day with the new technician - they did an almost record number of Rx's without hassle or drama -- and I fat-fingered my post - sorry, I was going to say may it STAY THAT WAY! ...your case, being mild, tame it, tame it, tame it with your HollySmokes ways....and I will do my part from afar. My husband said that when you've recovered you can touch your face again without worry. Please write to me every day so I don't worry so much about you, ok? Because I will worry. And I'm really interested in what you said about W30 being a boon to your immune system! I'm having a super hard time with my clunky Linux keyboard in my slightly intoxicated state, so I will try again when I'm not under the influence, so meanwhile, sleep with the angels, Holly, and I will write again soon. Love and light
  9. Holly! It sounds like you are in the midst of a mild case, and may it STAY
  10. With the feeling of accomplishment of getting the garage clean and sorted, and getting the closet just the way I want it, I found the self-love and motivation to get out of bed when I woke up early today at 540 instead of turning over and snoozing. I went highway walking up to the park entrance. This is the first walk I've taken in weeks, and it felt so good. Flowers, river, mountains, birds, cold fresh air. Aah. I did some yoga in the driveway before coming in b/c I didn't want supervisors distracting me. So today is a new lease on life. Why is is that cleaning and/or organizing-type activities seem to clear the way to get moving? Is this your experience, too? This seems to be the way it works for me once I've lost my momentum. I'm just glad to feel good in my body.
  11. Thank you for this. I finally gave it the time and attention it deserves just now -- a peaceful, rainy Sunday morning, just me and the cats while Hubby sleeps in. And it filled my cup. It conjured up a treasure trove of feelings and memories, and admiration for those amazing musicians, and their amazing instruments. much-needed. Riding the psychic resonance, I sent a link over the ethers to my brother, also a musician who loves the Allman Brothers Band, who I know will love it, too. Looking over my shoulder, the last month has gone so quickly. Now that the outgoing tech has passed the torch to the new one, and Monday will be her first day flying solo, it feels like another layer of "new era" and a good one in this case, if I may say so. Hubs reassures me that it will be safe to take a mid-week day off for house-urgencies like getting the sprinklers fine-tuned before the warm weather comes -- 77 is a high this week, and I fear today may very well be the last of the rain. This - knowing it will be safe to take a day off- gives me some peace. We lost one of the redwood trees (the smallest of them all, it stood apart from the rest at the base of our driveway, and was taken down on Fri), and I am determined not to ever ever ever let that happen again. It is heartbreaking, but is strangely dwarfed by all the other concerns....still, never again...never. You asked about the barn cats...I thought of you because I will need straw to line the 2 homemade cat beds I'm going to make out of plastic storage tubs - the kind with a snapping lid. We are going to order thermal pads to go on top of the straw...and I have to figure out where I can buy a little - or maybe make a deal with a local rancher type...I think if I ask around that won't be too hard, but I'm guessing to buy some retail will be a much larger quantity than I need. So I think that by the time the thermal pads arrive I will have everything else we need, and we'll see what more will be revealed when I call the, we're still in our process...for a while I was hearing mice in the walls, but not lately, strangely enough. Bit by bit I am getting home things done! Yesterday after work, we were lost without the Mexican place, and learned that the pizza place on the other side of us (which we have only patronized a handful of times in 7 yrs), has a decent sandwich menu for hubs, and for me, a cauli crust pizza. I ordered it with all the veg they had, marinara only, and chicken. It was pretty bland, but better than the alternatives. My off-roading with occasional bread is "party over" because my knees are very stiff. So it's back on the path for me. In parallel-reality closet-debacle news: After the left side bolted-in closet shelving collapsed a few months ago, we crammed everything into the other side, and the new stainless steel stand-alone unit, that matches the one we put in on the right a couple years ago, has been in its box leaning against a bedroom wall, leering at me for weeks. When we got home yesterday, I felt tired, angry at my husband, and the grief we are all feeling, and attacked the closet with all of that. I spackled the holes, assembled the new unit, and let the spackle dry over-night. As soon as I finish this post, I will sand the spackling, paint it, and let it dry for several hours while I go to clean the store. I am looking to finishing the day by vacuuming the upstairs, re-arranging our "new" closet, and then taking a bath before bed. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it! The pharmacy has been busy as ever, but since there are few visitors in town (some have come to shelter in vaca rentals and 2nd homes) I have comforted myself by sweeping and dust mopping a lot, and mopping for maintenance way more than I usually have time for, so it's tempting not to clean today, but at the very least it will be a good work out. Sending peace, love, and understanding to your end of our great continent - keep being awesome! And what are you cooking?
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! Waah. Here's to Fred. And his Butter Chicken. And sharing it with your mother. I wept in the car today on my way to town hearing a radio tribute to Terrance McNally, the playwright who just died, too, though I did not know him, just loved his work. So much loss. Please be careful...I'm so glad you are just going back and forth to work, not taking any chances. I read there's a lot of illness in NO, and that made me think of you, and people you might still know there. One day at a time, right? I don't know how to post anything beyond a photo on IG, but I will play with it and see if I can figure it out and be of any help on that front...some people post nothing but sayings and memes, so between the 2 of us, I am sure we can figure it out. Now you have me leaning in for your poem! I like your vision of the new normal. I don't want to jinx anything - not that I am particularly superstitious, but I am encouraged that we're not seeing super bad behavior such as looting and related offenses, so far. I'm glad you liked my photos = ) I haven't posted anything to IG in a very long time - not sure why - just busy I guess. I'm trying to think of a new username to "anonymously" join the silver sisters, which look like a super supportive community for women like me who are letting the gray flag fly as you cleverly said! Selfies are NOT a specialty of mine, HA but I think I'd like to have a record of the grow out. So far all my name ideas are taken. Still noodling on it. Probably Libbie something for consistency. Long, stressful days lately, and sleeping as if I'm on a sleep aid. I sometimes stay up after dinner to cook and when I'm done there's only 15 minutes before bed time which is a huge drag, but then pays off later. Like right now! Two nights ago I stayed up and made a double batch of my beloved chicken apple sliders with sunrise spice. Yum. Lately I'm feeling good by having coffee and a cliff bar for M1 (started doing that in desperation when running late but liked the way it felt after all), and then decent W30 meals for lunch and dinner. I've lightened up my eating a lot this week, and it feels good. I know it's not this black and white, but I keep thinking that I don't want to be that person who stress eats through this whole crisis, which might last a long time after all, rather, I'd rather be that person who loses weight during the stress - but not by starvation. I'm just thinking out loud here, and very brain-tired, but there it is. The good news is that our new employee is doing great and I think it is a good fit, and she will be great! Whew! I got some unsettling news from my bro about their youngest, age 6, and it's ironic b/c I called him for some emotional support when I had a melt down during my weekly shopping (it passed!), so we were very cheerful today! There might be a serious mental health diagnosis on the horizon. I hope at least that they can learn what it is in order to know how to get their arms around it moving forward. I think it's going to be a long road no matter what. Did you say your farmer's market is open? Our local organic farm stand is self serve, and I need to get out there and support them and get the good stuff. Meanwhile, I'm in danger of getting tired of that veg soup...what are your favorite soups? Happy Friday!
  13. Birds, blue sky, lactobacillus buddies, yes! I'm waiting for a friend to check in with a trial run of a ZOOM set-up for our support group. I am doubtful that our older caregiver gang will be up for such a high-tech solution, but who knows. Wanting and needing some social contact in addition to peer support might be a motivator that proves me wrong! Meanwhile, good to read your happy news and share some of mine. Get some good rest after all your labors! The way I see it, it's really healthy to hang on to some aspects of normalcy, weird W30 dreams included, yes! Glad you got a break from the news. I was scratching my head this morning wondering why hubs was paying such close attention to the president's press conference, and then it came, a big groan as two specific drugs were mentioned as being helpful, off label, for people with the virus. He spent the next hour frenziedly ordering these drugs, anticipating a run on them. I joked that zpack is the new tie dye - my shorthand for all the groovy gift merchandise that I will probably not buy for summer. We'll see about that but I'm not holding my breath for a normal high season. I did it! I got out there! It was hard to leave the house because my mate was in such a chipper mood and all, but after some shared chores I headed outside and attacked the sweeping/raking/weeding. It was a good work out for me after being not active for so long. I filled my garden trugs with leaves and went up and down some very steep stone stairs to our hillside where I scattered them under the oak trees. And weeded along the way. After a couple of hours it started to rain, and hubs came outside to alert me to a gorgeous double rainbow against our view shed. He took a nice photo that I sent you on Instagram! He's a good photographer. I think I have a great eye and sense of composition, but am sadly not a great photographer. Anyway, I also got a good start on clearing leaves, weeds, and debris out of the gutter that the previous owner engineered into the steep road that leads up to the house. I felt a little ashamed for letting it all go for so long, but have gotten over that, and am feeling good about the little progress I made and the momentum to KEEP GOING. Today I attacked the garage to make room for garage cats. We have nice storage cupboards in there, but since we moved in have just stacked boxes against the walls, and never really put things away. So I'm working on that...we were planning, as I may have mentioned before (can't remember!) we were planning on going to the county shelter to adopt a couple of cats who would otherwise not be adoptable, as is recommended by the shelter, for barn cats. The plan was to bring them home, get them set up in the garage with food, water, boxes, a cat tree or 2 in front of the nice windows with a view, comfy beds, and come in twice a day to feed them and take care of them. After a couple of weeks, then to let them outside. I want to continue feeding them morning and night, and keep them inside at night, so I don't have to fuss with a cat door of any kind, and keep them safe. We are soon ready for this! Since lockdown, the shelter says to make an appointment before coming in, so I will look into this, and if for some reason we can't adopt right now, there are local ranchers who love people to come and get barn cats from their prides. We'd both rather get a shelter cat/s...we'll see, but now that I'm finally getting the garage ready, I'm pretty excited about we really need mousers. Anyway, it feels so good to get to these important things that have sat on the back burner while we toil back and forth from work all the time! Aaahh. we go, more later...
  14. I mean birds. Hang out with the birds.
  15. That tee-shirt: that's funny! Yes, you are right, that is my husband! He keeps saying, "Social distancing, I was born for this moment, this is my moment!" LOL I would like to stay home and do some creative writing. But really, I should get outside, so mark my words, that is where I'm going right now. As soon as I finish this post. I swear. I'm glad to know you are safe and relatively isolated, and that your fellow who went to Mexico is so ON it with safety precautions. Nothing says love and respect like disinfecting wipes. That's awesome. You always do a great job of painting a portrait in your writing. I can kind of see your little lab and the big ole' monitors. As MJ says, keep being awesome! Also, I just emailed you that NYT article, and maybe it's good for the marriage to not be sequestered at home together! As for us, he is up now after a long restorative sleep, chuckling at his laptop as he finds and scores hard to find drugs. I'm glad he's happy, and I'm going to get happy with my rake and broom and hang out with the broom.