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  1. I like this quote a lot, and have been reminding myself of it regularly. I see you read that website way more thoroughly than I did! I hope you get good results from the CBD oil, keep me posted. I'll be curious about the results, including if it helps curb or calm the worry wart ways...wouldn't that be great. My friend who has a lot of anxiety and trouble sleeping is loving the CBD capsules and sending all her friends to buy it, also. I feel a little jealous that it doesn't help me with sleep. The valerian root works, though, so I should go back to that. Of course, my best sleep aid is was over 100 again today = ( I'm impressed with the beautiful simplicity of your skin care routine, and salute you for giving yourself permission to try such minimalism, to such great results. I keep in the spectrum of minimalism out of necessity, too, on account of rosacea, which first flared up over 20 years ago. It was really liberating to discover (it took me 7 years to discover!!!), how much control I have with lifestyle choices. Those were my first steps on the road that led me to W30. As for that lotion, I've never blended ginger with ylang ylang before, but they are both so tropical, I'll bet that is divine. In fact, I have ginger in my stash but haven't used it yet. Last night I blended lavender/rosemary/mandarin for an oil face wash, and this morning doctored up some unscented Alba lotion with fractionated coconut oil and lavender/clove/fir needle/lemongrass. I'm having to be extremely gentle with my face care these days because I have been treating a really stubborn staph infection after getting a lip wax. Argh. The tech globbed some of the wax into the nostril opening (that was embarrassing) and the next day I had a little sore that wouldn't heal. I thought I had skin cancer! Of course I'm very glad to not have cancer, but this shit is creepy. It has spread up one side of my nose, and it's just hanging on, and hanging on, and won't go completely away. Once I thought it was gone and let up on the Rx antibiotic ointment, and it came baaaccckk. So, I'm being very careful because I don't want to inadvertently spread it even more. I'm dying to give my whole face a good scrub with a hot wash cloth. Those stuffed peppers sound so good. I'll have to try that some time - the grab-and-go has a lot of appeal. Hey, you're going to be up to your peepers in poblano peppers I am thawing out the bison to make gyros tomorrow morning!! And I'll get yogurt tomorrow night after work so I can make tzatziki later, too...can't wait to try your recipe - thank you! How is Maybelle? Spooky is hanging in there, and we wonder to what extent the CBD is helping. Today she is chipper, and has a clear, strong voice, AND I only had to mop the floor once instead of twice, so it was a good day. Sigh.
  2. You have a bbq rotisserie! That's so awesome! Thanks for the encouragement on the bison - I'll keep you posted, because I forgot to get lamb. Oh, that is a good price on lamb you've got there. I might use Serious Eats' recipe for tzatziki made with mayo and yogurt as I don't seem to have any issues with the past I have just made a very lemony and garlicky mayo, and that was good too. The more I think about good Greek yogurt, though, I want to get some. I don't think I ever re-intro'd yogurt specifically, so maybe I'll just do that. What about you, since you can tolerate the cukes in tzatziki, what will your recipe be? Gyros for everyone!! Do you roast your peppers? The tomato paste has me very intrigued! It all sounds divine. I've been getting organic cherry tomatoes at the market and this is kind of new for me this year - historically I haven't had a taste for fresh tomatoes - probably had too many mealy unripe tomatoes put in front of me by an unnamed person in my childhood - but I am learning to like them, yay! Harvesting must keep you pretty busy - is that a fun process as I imagine? Or, is that what's scaring you: keeping up with it? I'll bet! Did I tell you about our fruit trees? Turns out one is a plum tree, the other pear. They are both very small, and not ripe yet even though others in this community are ripe by now. Should I be worried?. Interestingly, our California poppies bloomed late and stayed late, too. Maybe this is just a late blooming place, no wonder I love it here, I'm right at home Hubs and I both use CBD to help with good sleep. He gets better results than I do. As a bonus, he finds that it helps him stay calm and patient with customers etc the next day, too. When we traveled recently, he noticed he was calmer than usual in the airport, etc. He's not anxious in clinical terms, but kind of a worry wart. We tried both the capsules and the tincture since we are carrying it at the store. At first I used the capsules in case the tincture tasted weird, but now I'm using the capsules just out of habit. Hubs thinks the tincture works faster, which stands to reason. As for dosage, here is a link that he found and likes because of the dosage calculator (you have to scroll down): Hm, I wonder if you could use the capsules to make your own balm? Maybe small batches that wouldn't perish? Not sure if that would work or not, but it sounds tempting. I just made a new face cream/balm using a white shea butter I've never used before. I ad-libbed the ratio of shea butter to almond oil, and was a little heavier-handed than usual with the lavender, and it's my favorite one yet. I should ask my friend about her recipe for a pain-relief balm she makes for her husband. She mentioned helichrysum for its analgesic properties, and some other things I'm not familiar with...makes me realize how grateful I am not to live with pain. Knock on wood. Sweet day to you!
  3. I'm with you on adding beans back in - I think garbanzos or kidney beans are heavenly in salad! If it wasn't the beans that hurt you on the weekend, what caused the stomach uproar? Are you better now? Your Star Trek binge sounds cozy and fun. I need a day like that, too! I recently binged on Season One of Outlander. DId you ever watch that? I loved it, but there was so much sadomasochism at the end of the season, when I was so invested in the story and characters (otherwise I would have turned it OFF!), that I felt sick, and I have not gone back to watch more. Spooky is now channeling Maybelle, and turning her nose up at the cream - what's up with that? I hope your husband gets good results from the CBD cream. We like and the tincture is not offensive at all - I use the capsules, but hubs uses the tincture and I've tried the low dose tincture once (the one we're giving Spooky). It has a rosy tinge, and no flavor. I always think of your description of the stinky, swampy tincture you tried once! I hope you find one that you like. How are you doing with the morning movement and stretching? I have only had a couple of good movement days since we got back. I am feeling good about the food part of my routine right now, but have been having a tough time sleeping and hence getting up extra early to make it happen. Tomorrow's an early call, but by the end of the week I want to get at least one good morning in. I spent some time tonight with my favorite recipes, and one of the things I'll be shopping for tomorrow is ground lamb, for something that I haven't made in ages, maybe ever pre-W30: oven-gyros. I know you're a charcuterie wizard, so I wondered how you like this approach from serious eats, which is the recipe I've used before with great results: (Forgive me if I have shared this recipe before!) My husband doesn't like lamb on moral grounds, and in the past I have wickedly made it and fed it to him and not told him (sshhhh). Well, I can't in good conscience do that again, as he swears, with a fierce face, that he would rather eat broccoli. And he really does not care for vegetables. So as my niece asks, "guess what??" I'm going to make it for myself. I'll eat it for breakfast and lunch since those are meals we don't share during the week, anyway. Problem solved. I'm getting de ja vu - I think we've posted about this before, because now I'm wondering how it would work with bison, which is my red meat of choice as I'm sure you've noticed, and I think I've asked you that before (and then I never tried it, I don't think). With lamb, or beef/lamb this recipe has turned out for me exactly as described and photographed in the serious eats page - so yummy!!! Also next up I think I'll be making orange dijon chicken, and balsamic sheet pan chicken with loads of veggies (!) and probably hash too since I have kale on hand. How does your garden grow? Also, If you direct message me your mailing address I have seeds to send you!!
  4. Oh, about the earthquakes! I worked late on Friday night so I wouldn't have to stay so late on Saturday, and I was just pulling into our driveway for the end of that really big 7.1 and didn't feel it, but hubs did, and those were his first big earthquakes. Like you with hurricanes and floods, I have felt many big quakes, including the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco, which displaced me from my home. Maybe one day we can swap tales around a campfire. It's been quiet since then. The aftershocks made it hard to sleep - part of your brain knows you are perfectly safe, and the reptilian brain doesn't get the memo, and there is fear, speaking for myself, and you feel it out with every cell in your body wondering on high alert - how big is it, how long will it last, what should I do, where do I go? My husband is SO rational, he says it doesn't scare him at all, but it makes my hair stand up, and I always grab him in the night and wake him up, "earthquake!!!" LOL.
  5. Wow, I seriously sympathize with your plight when faced with that meat dep't person - their remark was so elitist and ignorant! I think your comeback was great, though! You certainly made your point. Does Maybelle continue to eat the kibble and keep it down? I realize that every day can be a nail-biter. It sounds like variety is the name of the game, and you keep pulling rabbits out of your hat. Good job! Spooky is holding steady. We decided that it is a safe bet that she is hurting (inflamed bladder can't be much fun, right?) so we've added CBD oil to her daily treat of fresh cream. We'll see. She's favoring a new spot on the front hall rug over the hiding spot. It's probably too hard to jump on the chair where her bed is, so we moved it to the floor, but a cat's got to do what a cat's got to do, and this new spot it is. I'm also watching her tail, which she's holding pretty low. Normally it's straight up like a shark fin. We call her Spooky shark when she circles the coffee table / our reading area at night: all you see is the tail. = ) My comfort food now is the chicken apple sausage patties, yams, green beans...but it's time to put my thinking cap on and get something else going soon. I worked like a fiend on Friday and Saturday (Friday was a record day!) and after cooking breakfast for us on Sunday, I spent the whole day on my back reading. Lovely! This morning I was a whirlwind with cleaning and cooking, and went in a little later, which I love - the day goes by so fast, and it's a balance of home and work. Was your weekend everything you needed? How did you lotion turn out? Any new EO blends or favorites?
  6. Wow. Poor Maybelle, sweet girl; we really are on a parallel path, aren't we? I'm interested in the fentanyl patches. Does she still have a semi-sheared patch, or was that your other cat? If not, will you have to cut back or shave her hair to use the fentanyl? Curious. Deep sigh! = ( I know you'll keep me posted. We are happy that Spooky has rallied, but like you, sort of still holding vigil, and savoring every moment with her. I hate to leave the house, and I know that coming home will be of great anticipation to see her and learn how she's doing...Hubs is indulging her love of dairy, and she's been enjoying moments of cheese, sour cream, a little butter. For sure, hospice time. I know food is the center of all the Maybelle woes, but does she have any favorite treats? Is she still drinking that rich broth? Congrats on the new ride! You know that expression, it's your movie. The windshield always reminds me of a movie screen in proportionality, and a new car always gives me a feeling of a new lease on life, a new way to engage in the world, a stab at new behaviors, new self image, a new chapter in the movie. The gas savings is exciting! And they are so quiet, those hybrids, what a pleasure. Did your SUV make a good trade-in? So much change. Tell more about your zucchini gloop. Is it pureed, or just scooped out? Sounds like a handy trick. The way you described making good choices paired with a side of bad choices sounds like my story. Yep! Thai food is so rich and delicious, I can totally see how it could tempt out the sugar dragon. Hey, did you ever hear that whenever an airplane goes down it's never because just one thing went wrong? There are always multiple things that would cause such a catastrophe. Was it like that? Stress, grief, not having cooked, and having the dragon tempted, all at once? I hope you are gentle and forgiving with yourself - you can start over, easy, and be feeling good again in no time. I got all the cooking done that I posted I would, and we'll be eating coleslaw for several days. Lots of soup, too, to go with whatever chicken I cook up, and plenty of green beans, and salads. I still have any eye on my one-exception allowance, such as the slaw having a bit of diced candied ginger for heat and an occasional change of texture, just a little. Hubs didn't even notice it. I'm also allowing a bit of cheese, occasional gum, but otherwise, on program. Today and tomorrow will be long days, so I'll be able to come home to a safe kitchen. The long day on alternate Saturdays, such as tomorrow, is often a danger time because I'm alone in the store, and that is when I have indulged in not-even-very-good-candy. Like a junkie getting a fix. So I'll keep myself well fed, and if I'm tempted, just coach myself to get through the day, "just for today", not such a tall order. Oh, enjoy your days off, your smoker, the rain, the cooking, the kitty love, the lotion lab, the new car, and all the sweet at-home time to ground and self-love, Yes, to Maybelle and Spooky.
  7. correction: 30 seconds!
  8. Now we're in the place of know thyself, right? That's big school, the best kind! I love the emphasis on taking action with conviction. Yes! I am amazed at how much better I feel after just a few days. Psychologically, and physically. I am exploring the intermittent fasting. I quickly realized that my morning meal needs to be a little more food, but not too much, so I'm playing with that. I am doing that two days in a row, but not every day, I think that would be too much. I'll switch it up depending on activity and life circumstances. But for the first time in a long time, I have the feeling of knowing where the gears and levers of control are, to guide myself to where I want to be, healthfully. Holy $&*t we just felt a big earthquake -- shook and rattled the whole house for a good 5-6 seconds - a 6.6 in the Mojave Desert, just over the mountains, and south of us by about 200+ miles by car, or 60 miles as the crow flies. Wow. I'm catching my breath. There are a jillion visitors in town, and with all the windows open, I can hear them hooting and hollering along the river. Funny how some quakes feel rolling, and this one was rapid and jagged, like a martini shaker. Oh mighty Mother! Spooky sure gave us a big scare yesterday. We thought she was in the beginning of active dying. Not eating, hiding out in a cave-like space under an end table, super fragile to pet her even gently. She would purr for us, but it really seemed like the end, I thought. Hubs said it was too soon, and she might recover, as she has done before, and he is right. She is back to the latest normal with the exception that she is still retreating to her cave-like place. It spurred us on to learn the euthanasia options, and the vet is willing to make a housecall for us when the time comes, if necessary, which is a great comfort. I will not break my promise about never going back to the vet. I am mopping the floor pretty much every day now, but I don't mind. Going to love the dickens out of her as long as she is with us! A friend gifted me a big bag of various zucchini, right on call! ... to make MJ's silken zucchini soup! Also Persian cukes, yum. So I'll be making soup, coleslaw, and bison burgers today. Also steaming up a 2 lb bag of haricot vert. The watermelon is chilling, too, and hubs' favorite beer, so we'll have a nice summer table for the 4th. Woo hoo!
  9. The weight of the cat, purring, on your chest, sounds like the most heavenly thing in the world. Ahh, kitty love. I have no doubt that she gets the strength and love you send her. I laughed out loud at her pushing the bowl to the wall. Sounds like she liked it! May she continue to like it, and keep it down! This morning I noted all the rough self talk, and over-thinking, and regret about how I got here, etc etc (did I mention if I'm not careful it's up a size I go?) I thought about the 12-step practice of one day at a time. Then I found this gem, and it gave me the reminder I needed about over-thinking: Imagine having a bag of seeds, but refusing to plant and water them. That's the trap of overthinking everything. Ongoing action gives you something that thinking alone cannot: the feedback of reality. That's where real learning comes from. Make a choice and act on it. Act a lot and you'll see your garden grow. ~ Guillaume Wolf I'm so grateful to have found this when I did. It helped me find my confidence and just focus on my morning workout, yoga and meditation, and work. A good day! I ad-libbed a breakfast of steamed broccoli and scrambled eggs with some coconut aminos and mayo, and for lunch a giant ass salad with pork loin, cukes, blueberries, and my favorite dressing right now: walnut oil and balsamic. I'll fast tonight. After I fixed hubs' dinner I whipped up a double batch of MJ's classic pork out of WF2. If you ever wanted to splurge on just one of her books, I like WF2 for all the meatball recipes. = ) So I am in total solidarity with you, practicing self love during your birthday month. I realized it's been about 2 years since my first W30, and I am now learning how to re-set without doing a program. So, July it is! Back on the bike, and better than ever!
  10. Heya Holly, I'm back! Thanks for the welcome. I will be taking a page out of your book, and recovering now from the travels, returning to sane, healthful ways. Thank you for showing the way - I'm happy for you that you are in a good place, getting all that early morning movement in! Bravo! I was actually in Ohio visiting my in-laws. We flew through clouds that had just dumped a lot of rain, and that was dreamy, as flying through clouds always is. But no bad weather while we were there. I hope all your connectivity issues are better now. That zucchini! OMG. I love that soup recipe, I might make some of that, too. I'm starting to wrap my brain around what I'll be cooking next - basics at first, chicken is thawing, and I'll pick up some green things today. I love zinnias and cosmos! I have to remember where i stashed the packet of seeds and get out there to harvest some more because they are still blooming in patches here and there - amazing. How is Maybelle doing with wet food? Spooky sure loves her Friskies seafood pate! So my fingers and toes are crossed that Maybelle will continue to like it and get some weight on her sweet little bones. Hubs was very preoccupied about Spooky when we left, separation anxiety/fears of her early demise since she is noticeably more fragile lately. She seems the same, but is glad we are home, I suspect! She loves her Composure treats, which are full of B vitamins, and as for the pheromones, we are taking it on faith...the frequency seems a little diminished, but there is still occasional blood. = ( We'll just keep on keeping on.. The trip was lovely and worthwhile! As for food and movement, it was in the spectrum of terrible, but could have been worse. The only exercise we got was hauling ass yesterday through the Denver airport to catch a connecting flight. Ha! We had planned to hike, but were up late almost every night, especially on debate nights, then watched all the late night round-ups, and since we don't watch tv at home, hotel tv watching is a big novelty for us. As for food, put it this way: When I ate turkey sandwiches back in our room, on sourdough with romaine hearts, those were good meals. It was a lot of takeout: KFC, pizza, etc. I kept the portions small (that's the could've been worse part, but I was hungry and anxious a lot, and not really "at home" to remedy it). The next visit will be my 4th, and I am feeling confident to initiate cooking, and then I can eat W30-ish versions of what I cook for the family. I'm still getting to know I am hopeful with that plan! I'm off to work - want to get the month put to bed before the onslaught of Monday begins. I'm liking your plan to take Friday off in order to have a long weekend. We will be too busy for me to do that, but I think I will go in at 12 or 1. Happy Birthday month of July to you!!! Solidarity!
  11. M/M Finch had just fledged a youngster when suddenly the Mrs. was sitting on the nest again. I couldn't imagine that so quickly, and so late in the season, she would have another clutch of eggs, so about 4 days ago, I aimed my smart phone where my eye couldn't see, and snapped this photo - then vowed to leave them alone and stay away as much as possible considering the nest is near both the front door and the mudroom. Having seen the nest on the ground, I now appreciate just how tiny those eggs are, pinky nail tiny, and also the cavern like quality where the eggs are. = (
  12. PS I realized the actual quotation is this, "Make the decision you can live with, enjoy yourself, and don't look back" That's better, isn't it? No self-judgment. On boundaries. This morning the handyman who was going to help me with the sprinklers left a vm apologizing that he forgot about me, and could we re-schedule. He did sound sorry, but I decided not to be so f'ing accommodating as is my habit. So I left him a vm, and not impolitely let him know I was disappointed. The honesty and self respect felt right. The above was a post I started a few days ago and never finished! Welcome back, Holly, good to see you, and to know you are recovering so well! And Happy Solstice to you, as well! Donner kebobs, ooh, that's a Freudian slip, and a good one! LOL. Yeah, I guess Doner refers to a city in Turkey. need, I quickly used that bison for burgers recently, but it's all good. I LOVE your plan for July. I am sticking with hill sprints, and wish to add a half hour or so of writing to my daily practice. Good news for Miss Sandy Paws. The diagnosis is FIC, or feline idiopathic cystitis. We are trying some mama-cat pheromones as a plug in that reaches 700 sq ft, and also a spray that I am using on her beds, around her food dish, and the cat box. And a calming cat treat called "Composure" that I have yet to investigate, but which she LOVES. Also, we added a second cat box. It's been almost 24 hours since this all went onboard. She's still going frequently, but so far no blood that I can see, and not as much peeing outside the box. It was the most traumatic visit to the vet yet, yesterday, and I promised her that I would never subject her to it again. She peed herself on the way there, and back. Poor Spooky! I should have followed my intuition and insisted on talking to the vet on the phone, because the visit was not necessary...ah well. Meanwhile, we are leaving for Ohio on Monday morning, and returning Saturday night, so she will be in the loving hands of our neighbor/pro pet sitter. I am joking that by the time we come home, she may be associating him with her mother. LOL. He will be looking for big pee clumps, and no small ones, and no blood. That is my hope for what we find on our return. Zucc-crazy, that's funny! Bounty of summer is upon you, and boundaries, and all the good life lessons. What a rich time! What do you make of Maybelle's current preferences? I always respect cats who follow their wild instincts hunting. Are you still giving her broth? It sounds like her mood and quality of life are great. Is her coat shiny? The shrimp patties were gone in one sitting. I'm going to keep them in the rotation as I now have it down with speed and ease, and we like them so much. I'm in that weird place now of the count down to travel, so I'm making some things for the freezer for my/our recovery next weekend, and otherwise kind of winging it, but not going out much, so that's good. Off now to get my hill sprint in, a little late because I was meeting with the pet sitter. I'm a little sad that during our hour meeting some critter, maybe a iizard?, knocked down the house finch nest in our patio eaves, and raided the four tiny wasn't that windy, so it had to be a critter. It's been a rough season for this mating pair. The second nest they've lost in the same spot. Counting my blessings for having such a sturdy shelter. = (
  13. Here's to a quiet house and a return to normal routine, for you and your tired Oura ring. When I am as tired as you feel right now, I always notice that even my hair seems tired. Does that happen to you? I read your post this morning before I jetted out to get my sprints and some gardening in before I had to leave the house. I was thinking about the meditation principle, that it's not how long can I hold my focus, but how readily can I re-establish it when it's interrupted. So my hope for you is that you can recover your rhythm and feel that inflammation go back down in just a few days. You've got this, and all that beautiful produce will usher the way. And lucious homegrown tomatoes any day, yum. I'm going to check out that podcast transcript on boundaries, too....I appreciate podcasts in theory, I just have never figured out how to make it work for me to listen to them, not liking to multi-task (or wear ear buds), and all that. Sometimes I try, while working in the kitchen, but again, the multi-tasking, ugh. So a transcript it will have to be! Will you enjoy the show tonight? I can imagine the wisdom of my older sister, saying, "If that is your decision, enjoy it, and don't regret it!" I like your choice to go to work tomorrow morning so you're not obligated to host and make/clean up breakfasts, etc. That is good boundaries, too! And a clean, quiet house to enjoy tomorrow evening. Aaaahhhh. I had a little melt down on Sunday, feeling frustrated and cranky about the pace, and my over commitments, and all of the things I want to do that are sitting on the back burner. Of course I had to realize that I set the pace and the schedule, and I have to look at boundaries, myself, squarely in the mirror. The new house gets really dusty, and the gorgeous wood walls make it hard to see the cobwebs, but see them clearly now, I do, and I've been putting it off ad infinitum. Plus, with Spooky's frequent urination, she is tracking litter ALL over the house, and I can't keep up with it. I'm calling her Sandy Paws. So basically, I'm back at Square One with time management, and learning to say no, so definitely a review of boundaries is in order for me, too....and then on the other side of the housework are even more important things, like writing and reading, and, and, and... Today's triumph was that because I didn't have to leave the house until 1030 I had time to increase the sprints AND garden. I made three laps, with the first one being a warm-up. I spent some quiet, slow time in the California poppies, and snipped some seed pods that look about ready, and picked up a few off the ground that had already shattered, but still had some seeds in them. This made me very happy, then weed pulling and tidying up. All good. I managed to whip up a double batch of shrimp patties last night, so that will be dinner for a couple of nights, and bison is thawing to make Doner kabobs out of WF2. The green bean experiment is going well - I just blanch them to re-heat, and they will soon be gone - no spoilage. Hopefully you are right about the stranger danger - that sounds right on...more will be revealed, right? Happy afternoon off, tomorrow!!
  14. I am so happy for you to have your home in such a good place - and with it that mental and emotional equanimity - and to have a less cumbersome to-do list, that is so awesome. It is so understandable that you are feeling a little "all over the place" - you have worked so hard, and been so busy, the ground traveling so fast under your fleet feet! I continue to be pleased with the momentum I created last week, coupling the busy schedule with learning to work in hill sprints AND housework! I went without any valerian or CBD for sleep last night b/c I felt sure that with all that activity, and being so tired at bed time that I would sleep like a log. Yet I struggled to get BACK to sleep in the wee hours, so I was too tired to get up early and accomplish the tasks I had in mind before work. Please tell me it's not the end of the world if the upstairs doesn't get cleaned and vacuumed, right? LOL. I had to settle for a slower pace, some desk work obligations, and letting it go for a few more days. The good news is that I have a giant kick ass salad packed for later, so I have prioritized my health, even if it is dusty upstairs, BFD. Sigh. I'm sure there's a market for such as rosemary extract chicken, but still, what a bummer! Good for you for spending more for your kitties - I'll bet it's still way less than the emu, right? Grilled fish sounds good - salmon too, I think I'll make salmon tonight. The last time I bought my treasured 2 lb bag of haricot vert, it spoiled quicked than usual, and half of it went into compost = ( so this week I am trying something new - I prepped it and steamed the whole lot. I've been eating it in salads, and am crossing my fingers that it won't spoil in the next 5 days. I'm liking the new salads I'm making, and slowly, slowly, feeling a little less puffy each week, maybe even a slightly flatter belly. So I think I'm on the right track, and liking the solidarity with the idea of devotion to self. Enjoy your beautiful weather and your company! Is the forever rain that is scheduled unseasonal? How will that impact your garden? Hubs tells me there are little baby grapes on our grape vines! I haven't made time to go down there and look yet - and alas now, I'm off to the races! I'm learning how and when to collect CA poppy seeds in my garden - do you want some?
  15. Oh my gosh, such a big job, just the indoors part. I'm so glad that you will enjoy that clean rug and all that beautiful cleaning both while your company is there, and also after they have left, including the good vibes that linger in the house after loved ones have been there - win! Such a great feeling. Your garden sounds lovely, too! Yeah, me too, the summer re-set has spurred me on to some great new habits and a spirit of trying out new stuff! You're so good at fermenting...that is something I still have a mental block about - maybe I'll give it a go. Will have to look into it. That emu guy is such a character! Thank God your kitties are doing well with the chicken - yay! Spooky continues to have frequent urination, peeing outside of the box, and occasional blood in the urine, so I'll have to make another vet appointment. I am thankful that she has control of her bladder, and thankful also for her quirky, sweet presence in the house, and her green eyes, though milky with probably cataracts, that slowly blink at me when our eyes meet. I had a great day today -- I did two loops of the hill sprinting, and I would have done a 3rd, but I opted for garden time instead. I got a lot done, in time for an afternoon meeting, and now I'm home to get some housework squeezed in. I'm making Nom Nom's orange dijon chicken tonight which has been marinating since last night - but I was out of oranges so I'm subbing honey. That will be a treat. Have a great time with your BIL and his girlfriend!!!!