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  1. Start Date: December 1st

    Ooh, I just got my shingles vaccine (weird, I know, but I have had several outbreaks starting when I was 19!) and I don't know if it's related or not but I have body aches and a fever. My spirit wants to reply to your post, but my body is insisting on bed and sleep = ( more soon I hope!
  2. Start Date: December 1st

    Oh my gosh, how does the cat know that walkabout is a rite of passage that comes around the birthday? That is amazing. And so worrisome for you! Cat, come home! I sympathize with you = | Happy new W30 to you! I'm proud of you for taking it on, and doing all you are doing to be ready for Saturday's festivities – and that is a *lot* of doing. Makes my mouth water just reading about it. As usual I'm so impressed with your cooking, and in this case the sausage making. Have you ever thought of writing a blog? Mel J was saying recently it's like having a dragon that is always hungry, and while I wouldn't wish that on you, you have so much to offer. Can't wait to hear about all the new exercise, too, so life affirming! Speaking of life affirming, I have lots of good news! (warning, wordy trip report here) Our trip was wonderful, more than I expected. I feel more in love with backpacking than ever, and can't wait to get out there again. I was cautious with the knees (esp the left) on the first day and really getting the feel for the poles as the day hikes didn't really offer much rough, or rocky terrain. What I discovered was that my knees seem to be fine! They got a little fatigued by the end of the day, and I also experienced a little no-too-unpleasant muscle soreness which is to be expected. And as for weaning off the NSAIDS, I inadvertently did that, too, on our hike. On the 2nd day I forgot to take two at dinner, and in the morning I was just peachy, no problem. I almost can't believe it, but I am attributing it my knees having needed exercise and stretching, and a little more time. Maybe this is where the rubber hits the road with aging, too? All these months since last August I have grieved, as I may have mentioned, my inability to squat down comfortably and stand up without using my arm strength. Slowly and carefully on this trip I was able to squat down completely and stand up on my own again. I'm not entirely as strong as last summer, but I see more strength in my future if I keep doing what I'm doing! We always learn a lot on these trips, and this time it was largely about crossings. (Last summer we feel it was only by divine intervention that there was no misfortune with one particular crossing after a big wet winter and a very full river. As you may know, it's very hard to judge, even if the water is clear and you can see the rocks, how slippery are the rocks, how strong is the current, how deep is the water any distance away. Hubs had a stick, and I had nothing, just my two legs and some nerve. I am patient, though, so I took my time but it was downright terrifying, and looking back on it gives us a chill. People die doing what we did. The water was well over my knees, a classic no-no, I know that now. We knew a thing or two, but we know so much better now!) Anyway, we had 4 serious crossings, and multiple minor streams. My husband tends to be impatient and impulsive. He is learning to slow down. He took a dump on the first (shallow but wide) crossing but no serious injuries. With a serious crossing he now waits for me and we discuss all the options, rest up, and make a careful decision about how to proceed, if at all. The 2nd of the 4 was a little dicey. But I had my poles! That helped, but one of them broke in half in the middle of the crossing while rock hopping (fortunately I was able to recover the severed piece and pack it out). Then there was a big tree branch with lots of foliage blocking the way. I watched my long-legged mate climb over the bendy branches. I'm 5'5 with short legs, and limber, but not so sure about repeating his move. A bit encouraged with my new ability to squat down, I tried to squat down under it and lift the branches over my pack. I got stuck. I miscalculated the bulk of the pack, and noticed that it was going to be hard to stand up with all that weight. Hubs came back and lifted the branches, and I pushed myself up slowly with my hands and easily moved past him and along to the other side. Whew. A few miles later we came to the 3d of the 4 crossings and evaluated. We had three choices. We decided to put on our water shoes and butt-scoot across a dry log, and could then use the rocks to toe push as an assist as we scooted across, facing upstream, a roaring waterfall a few feet behind us. When we came ashore I jumped around shouting, "I feel safe! That was fun!!" absurdly, and that was a highlight of the trip for me. Ah, safety! Then to the 4th crossing - there was a big sturdy bridge! We set up camp for the night, and in the morning set out to the magic grove, only to discover way better camp sites just up the way. We were tired. We got about half way there, saw some beautiful glimpses of the snowy Great Western Divide, saw how the trail went around a ridge to the fabled trees, and decided to try again another time, and turn around, and use our energy and time to move our camp to the better, way more comfortable site. Once set up we gathered up the elements of a nice fire, and rested. I got to read my book. We slept deeply and made another fire in the morning and took our pokey time breaking down camp, with an uneventful return. That dicey crossing with the branches had me worried, but we got through just fine. He needs new hiking boots with better tread, I need new poles, we've already made our selections. It's a wonderland up there. Climbing up into new eco-zones, with views like something out of Lord of the Rings. We're so lucky to live here. When we got home, I would have been happy to eat leftovers, but the hubs wanted, uncharacteristically, to clean up and go to the fancy joint. I had rack of lamb (with a little weird but worth it mint jelly that always reminds my of Grandma), green beans, potato with the sour cream scraped off, and a salad with oil and vinegar on the side, passing on any alcohol. I feel such an amazing fitness boost and momentum now. A few people even remarked yesterday. I must be doing something right, so I'm going to keep it up!! I'm a little over a year from my first W30 and I can see how it has changed my life, and progress is slow and steady. Steady the course!
  3. Start Date: December 1st

    Oh wow, your gatherings do sound really tempting. Not just food and friends, but home brew and ritual of picking, too.It would be hard to start a program with those parties right at the beginning...and yet with your experience, if you chose to, you could do it, absolutely...the question is, do you want to? Sounds like you're weighing the pros and cons of when to start, and whether to start on the same day as your hubs' daughter. Pausing to consider before making the commitment is not stupid in my estimation. As my mother used to say, it's not becoming of great spirits to say such things about themselves. As a list maker, are you one to list out the pros and cons? These gatherings are a wilderness...tonight the non-profit I'm a part of was honored at a big event, and the party included full bar, barbecue, cake....I ate a late lunch before going so I wouldn't be hungry. I ate the roast pork and coleslaw and they were both *loaded* with sugar! My how my palate has changed. I planned to not drink alcohol but caved to a small glass of wine. That was *the* treat –––> NO cake. I told myself I needed the wine to get on stage and make some remarks to the assembled crowd. Could I have taken the mic without wine? Probably...suddenly the wine is one thing I want to let go of and more will be revealed there...If I had been doing a W30 that sweet slaw and marinade/sauce would have ruined it. I would have had to just not eat anything at all! It occurs to me that stressing about the wine is probably as damaging or moreso than the wine itself, yes? I let it go. As for doing a W30 with a special emphasis, oh gosh, that sounds really smart and reasonable. Yes! I will join you absolutely in the focus on exercise even though I'm not taking on an actual W30...I definitely feel a commitment to this momentum! Sigh! I finished my marathon week with today as the grand finale. Now it's time for a good sleep, and an early alarm. My backpack is loaded and ready to go! We'll leave the house about 6am, drive 30 minutes and then hike 3.5 mi to the first of three crossings. If it's not passable we'll just camp there and come home on Sat. morning. If all three crossings are passable we'll camp after the 3rd one (13 mi), sleep, and then day hike to that magical grove (just 1.5 mi from camp) on Saturday, spend our second night, and come home on Sunday. I'm about as ready as I can be, and it will give me a little fitness boost if we get to go all the way in. It will be our first time with our new gravity water system. I'll carry the squeeze bottle filter as a back up. Putting it down here it occurs to me that Saturday will be a leisure day and I should bring a journal or book. Okay, I'd better get to sleep.... "see you" next week!
  4. Start Date: December 1st

    We're down one at work this week (strep throat, agh!) so I'm doing double duty, but really rocking the hikes! Your good wishes received, thanks! Yesterday and today I was out the door at 630 - yesterday I hiked for 2.5 hours, then worked a long day, and I had a late lunch so went to bed early for a long fast...I know this is controversial, 2 meals instead of three (plus a couple of eggs for a pre work out snack, I wake up so hungry!), but it seems to be okay. Then this morning I was out at 630 again with a friend for a 90 minute hike. Fun! I'm liking the poles, eating humble pie all the way after so many years of dissing them. Ha. I have adapted chi walking and chi running for backpacking all these years, and now I'm adding that in with the poles, exploring energy efficiency, and just how this works, using the whole body, distributing weight differently, etc...then I've been coming home for my self PT exercises for the knee and yoga, and a little sitting. I'm amazed by how much progress I seem to be making, and it's really cheering me up. I think it's a green light for this weekend's 2-nighter. Now, what do you think, I'm taking ibuprofen, 2 at every meal...I wonder how long I should keep this up before weaning off to see how my knees to do with this rate of activity? Certainly after the trip...any ideas? I love what you said about your hiking boots - a badge of honor all that wonderful dirt! I'm enjoying seeing the way mine are getting broken in and I wade through streams on these day hikes as often as possible! I'm happy for you that your hubs has that attitude and helps you, and has that perspective. Very, very endearing! Ooh, the sauerruben sounds heavenly! Your garden is so productive! What will you grow this year? My friend from this morning's hiking is doing keto so we had some fun comparing notes on how awesome it feels no to be a slave to cravings. Her partner has paleo books, and she has dabbled in it. They're super motivated right now because his pre-diabetes has fully turned into diabetes. On keto he's quickly lost 30 lbs. I turned her on the the last of last week's mayo as I'm about to make a new batch, and loaned her ISWF - not trying to convert her to W30 but share the nutrition info and we'll see. Sadly pressed for time - this week will be a marathon, and breakfast calls -- thanks so much for the encouragement about my knee, it seems to be going well, and even though I'm pressed for time I let myself do a second set of seated spinal twists/forward bends and on the second set I observed a huge increase in flexibility. Sweet day! L.
  5. Start Date: December 1st

    Are you a fan of Jim Jarmusch? Reading the endearing stories of how we, you, our people deal with ashes got me thinking about Night on Earth, have you seen it? – taxi cab stories all over the world during the same evening. It occurs to me that relationships with ashes/remains could be a charming set of vignettes. I'm growing more comfortable with declining the sharing of wine - it will be a moment to get past. I could be disarming in a TMI way and say something about the unbearable hot flashes. That would be a truth if an exaggerated one that he could not argue with LOL! Wow, your husband validated you completely with the W30 way of life! That's a great story, and yes, a heck of a NSV!!! He must admire and respect you a lot. As he should! His daughter has a great ally and cheerleader in you. I imagine it will be fun to accompany her on the journey and have a new person in your own family to share recipes and ideas with. Awesome! Seems like she is at an advantage for having already done so many life-giving eliminations. Amazing how adaptable we can be. Meanwhile, I'll bet if you keep holding space the way you are, and his daughter in her process, too, he'll come around! Does she live nearby? I keep thinking, how could our husbands resist our W30 cooking, and not only that, but not fall all over themselves in gratitude for our willingness to do the cooking, etc, so that they could give it a shot, and see how they like the way they feel, etc etc etc? But I also realize that not only do we (they) have to be ready and willing, but we take for granted what is right under our noses. For example I lived in San Francisco with Alcatraz in plain sight and a friend who gave private V.I.P tours, and I never even wanted to go until I was moving away. So, could that be it? How did it go in Big Bend in terms of support for W30? Or did you keep everything close to your vest like we did in December? I wonder if you got funny comments, and is that why you were reading up on the silly things people say? Today's Sunday cook-up was all about vegetables. Apparently cruciferous vegetables are especially good and detoxifying for the brain. I made a big pot of cauli mash to go with the slow cooker chuck roast I made last night. I made gravy out of the juices and organized the dish. I roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. Nearly burning them, just the way I like it! Then I spiral sliced six big zucs....that doesn't look like much, but it wiped me out. We spent the rest of today getting our backpacking gear out and making lists, etc. My heart rushed as I remembered just how much I love. my. backpack. It's so awesome! And it's all packed and ready for me to go on a big 6 or 7 miler tomorrow morning with my backpack loaded AND my new trekking poles I bought at (beloved, beloved I say) REI yesterday. I'm very excited and hopeful. It's packed with every single item I will need if I do in fact go on our two-nighter next weekend, so the weight is on the money. I really hope to make it. If I join him it will be a 13-mile hike across three creeks (if they are safe to cross at that time). We'll set up camp, and spend the second day day hiking to Redwood Meadow, the most remote sequoia grove in Sequoia Nat'l Park, scarcely visited, and described as exuding a witchy and ancient wisdom when the sun sets. Sounds good, eh? Fingers crossed!! So far, just from getting one solid week of optimal exercise and stretching, I feel worlds better. So I am hopeful! Sleepy, going to bed early!
  6. Start Date: December 1st

    Howdy! Makes sense you would prefer the chicken sriracha bar, my Cuban/Cajun friend! That one is in my stash, so I will try it soon! The hiking sounds really awesome, and discovering your love of canyons, aahh. Glad you had a good partner to hike with. Ooh, sign of big cats! That's exciting. I admire your family ritual of placing your dad's ashes via the canoe trip, as a group. My family is non-intentionally aka by way of avoidance and denial maybe, taking on a strange tradition of holding on to ashes. Mom used to carry her dear daddy's ashes around in the back of the car (since 1991) and talk to him! Since her death, my stepdad has inherited Grandad's ashes, has Mom's ashes, and two family dogs. It doesn't bother me too much but I do notice a vicarious sigh of relief on your behalf! As for the bummer stuff that people say, no wonder we prefer to keep it to ourselves! You know what, we all have access to an awful lot of information, and we all get to be responsible for our choices. I am not tempted to evangelize at all, but I was disappointed last winter that my good friends were not more supportive or interested - I could see their set opinions even though they were, for the most part, politely keeping it to themselves. That taught me to keep mum and mind my own business, holding steady the course. But the more I learn and deepen my understanding of my own process, I want to slyly ease my hubs off the crap in a way he won't notice! Anyway, oh dear Holly, if it bums you out, cease and follow your joy, or at least something neutral that won't suck the joy out. That reminds me, I'm wanting to stop drinking wine, as of last night, I decided (more below). And there's that elderly gentleman who is my oral history friend? He likes to serve wine when I visit. I've shared a drink with him now on three visits, and I don't want to do that anymore. Wine is not good for me!!! What should I tell him? I'm thinking, "oh, no thank you, I'm taking a break from the good stuff for awhile..." and when he's disappointed just ask for water in a wine glass, and carry on? He won't like it, but tough beans, right?? Okay, I'm reading a book that is really stunning me, and it dovetails completely with W30, and is giving me so much hope (and clarity, from a new angle about many things, and the wine I mentioned. Yeah, no more wine)..... Have you heard of it? I'm in early chapters, but it's inspiring me and reinforcing all we have learned and are practicing here + + + more science and brain chemistry. Meanwhile, I should use this coffee high to get out and hike before it rains! Thanks for the encouragement. Yesterday's hike was wonderful, and I ran into friends on the trail so it was shorter, but the socializing is good, too. I saw a coyote dashing across the trail and up the hill, followed by a hiker's dog who promptly lost his scent. LOL. After the hike I spent an hour or more doing self-prescribed PT exercises and some yoga. I needed that. I feel so much better already, and ever hopeful. Happy Friday!!
  7. Start Date: December 1st

    Hi Holly!! Welcome back, so glad you had an awesome time! And the logistics all went well in spite of being cut off...that's great! Your hubbie must be happy you're home, too. Ah, to sleep per chance to dream. Sigh for a good night of sleep. I laughed out loud about leaking and college bestie and I called each other spill sistahs! It sounds like you faced challenges and temptations with firm resolve and self respect, and enjoyed yourself. How was the hiking? Did you turn in early, or stay up late and hang with the night owls? Did you learn to like the Epic bars, or find a favorite flavor? I had their turkey cranberry almond bar yesterday and it wasn't so bad...oh, and the beef jalapeño broth was good *and* salty as promised! This is week 3 for me - I'm not doing a true W30 but am keeping the bike on the path, if you know what I mean! I'm taking a page from your book, and really easing up on the starchy carbs (am I slow to understand this or what?) just every other day or two days. Once I went 4 or 5 days without any yams, and when I did roast some I was shocked how sweet they tasted! I had an allergy flare up 2 weeks ago (it is that time of year!) so I'm back on OTC meds as needed, but will try stopping them in a week or so as the W30 eating will likely shore up the immunity, so we'll see. I've been hiking again but taking it easy, and using 2 ibuprofens with morning and evening meal and that seems to be helping, and the plan is short term with those NSAIDS just to get me through my training....I'm working up to a steep six-miler and will evaluate if I need to see an ortho after that - if there is pain, discomfort, etc...and hubs understands that next weekend I will *not* be joining him on an overnight hike if my knee is squawking at all (he whined a bit in push back about my hesitation and conservative approach as he does not want to go without me)....I'm also adding glucosamine and using collagen peptides and/or bone broth twice a day -- thanks for pointing me in that direction! I *love* my homemade bone broth! Watch it jiggle.....So I feel like I'm doing everything in my power, and more will be revealed, right? I've been surprised to feel a noticeable increase in arthritic pain in my fingers in the last couple of weeks, so good that I'm on my game, and hope to see that abate, and trust that it will. So glad you're in a good groove, I'm feeling that, too...the biggest transgression in these three weeks was two nights ago, we knew the water was turned off in our water district, and it was our wedding anniversary so we went to the fancy place in town and had a nice meal. I had two glasses of wine, most of the sour cream on my baked potato, and shared a few bites of dessert...I suffered a little GI distress, but it was totally worth it, and I had no cravings the next day, and it was back to the bike...
  8. Start Date: December 1st

    Oh! I still haven't learned to look for our thread spilling over onto a new page...I'm sorry I missed this before you left. Well, I think you are en route right now, so wishing you and your new suit case a safe journey, and a memorable, wonderful time! Oh, it's mutual, the grounding and camaraderie, thank you as well! = ) I'll miss the ongoiing conversation, too, but just this morning I made a giant pot of adlibbed hash that I know will keep me safe and sound at least through the weekend, so there are no excuses for going off the rails! Happy trails!
  9. Start Date: December 1st

    I sympathize with that sleep-deprived anxiety...I recall you are a great list-maven, and I know that your lists will guide you through in an organized manner! You can do this, Holly! Wishing you deep rest and long sleep (as much as possible!!) between now and your Thursday departure = ) As for the late to the party corned beef, at least Monday dinner is covered! Will there be enough for leftovers? We devoured ours at one sitting. Your Saturday excursion sounds fun. FWIW you have my full support in your self-exoneration in the case of the accidental bites of hamburger bun. I'm impressed by your long record! I bought a case of six EPIC bone broth jars, and I already ate the plain chicken broth, now I will take a plunge into beef jalapeño sea salt, turkey cranberry sage, bison apple cider, etc...writing this to you, I realize how incredibly unadventurous I am to not have already eaten these, but instead hesitating, because, why? I dunno, but now it seems silly. I'm sure they're delicious. It's like I've been channeling my fussy older sister and my late mother, both of them forever six years old, and now I just woke up. I'll sip some tonight for a sleep aid and see what happens! If they're not tasty I'll tell myself it's medicine, so as not to waste 'em. Hopefully they will be better than the bars = ) I liked reading about the hash you made, yum! Kale makes so much sense especially as it just shrinks down so small. I find my largest fry pan isn't large enough for the batch cooking I want to do, so I've been eyeing an even bigger one (14"? 16" can't remember) and also a big wok. Taking your cue I did make a sesame chicken stir fry on Saturday with mushrooms, bok choy and orange peppers. A wok might be nice, yeah... Hey, if you're too busy to check in while preparing for the big trip, I'll look forward to a re-cap of the adventure when you get home! xo
  10. Start Date: December 1st

    Thanks for the great quotation - I like it. I've continued to be consistently close to W30 and it feels really good psychologically and physically. I woke up this morning to find the last of the girl scout cookie cellophane wrap in the trash and took a deep breath of relief, whew! I've been reading up more on collagen, and just ordered me some!! Yay! it's all very promising. How was your corned beef? My husband who is really pretty uninterested in food, apparently just loves the stuff, and I didn't know it until now. I've never used brisket before, so I'm looking into other brisket recipes. Also, because collagen is on my radar, want to use the crock pot more to get that good collagen, and also do more roasting of meats with bones still in so that I can keep them in the freezer until I have enough to make bone broth. I know you are all over this, a real pro....I've never felt motivated until now, so I'm open to your pro tips! I still have some funny flavored Epic bone broth in my pantry that I think I'll start sipping at night to see if it helps with sleep. I'm also really liking the hash, and planning some variations. This morning I pan sautéed a pile of zoodles, then pushed them to the side and steamed them with the leftover hash, and it feels so nourishing. Are you getting closer to ready? Will you take Wednesday off or power through?
  11. Start Date: December 1st

    Today I successfully dodged both the basket of chips at the Mexican place AND the girl scout cookies the hubs bought. He already ate one box at work, and I've asked him to hide the second one from me just to stay safe for the weekend. = )
  12. Start Date: December 1st

    Yeah, I think a little clove goes a long way! I can see why you skip it, and as usual I'm learning from you – add some allspice, good idea! Your stir fry sounds so good and sparked a motivation to do something like that soon. I love bok choy. I think I love to say bok choy almost as much as I love to slice it up on my cutting board, and watch it wilt in the pan, so pretty. I'm excited for you about the trip! I looked up your boots online - I had never seen barefoot hikers before....good that you found something so comfy it seems they don't need breaking in. Again, funny the resonance here - "up the hill behind our house" wonderful to have something like that nearby. I like the plan to have plenty to eat in the freezer so you don't have to cook right away, *and* having something for the airport or flight, not to feel disappointed in the meager offerings "out in the wilderness" of mainstream where things pass for edible and are over-priced, to boot. What did you decide on for your side dishes to share? That's a great tip about the soaked, coarsely ground cashews. Cashews are amazing. The first time I had really good, imaginatively made raw food was a piece of raw lasagna, and the "cheese" was soaked/blended cashews...raw food is not my thing, but I love the versatility, and the person who shared some with me was using raw food to treat RA, with great results. Now I'm wanting tabouli, too, and missing my Lebanese friend who used to make it for us! I have a small bottle of ginger EO that I haven't tried yet, but your blend sounds really good. I've never heard of helichrysum, I'll look that up. Yes, thank you, I think whatever becomes of my shea butter experiment will be lovely - the good stuff will run out, so I must enjoy it while it lasts, and enjoy the new ones, too! LOL. For the bug repellent I used everything I had in my EO "pantry" that I read was unpleasant for bugs: in 4 TBSP of fractionated coconut oil as a base, I added 12 drops each (I think I doubled this in the end, but didn't document it) of cinnamon, clove, lavender, sage, rosemary, lemongrass (I didn't have lemon), and peppermint. I did get some bites, especially when I squatted down on my haunches during rest breaks (my knees won't let me do that right now!), they bit up my knees. In the end, it was worth it to get a few bites, and I didn't mind the fragrance of the EOs at all, really. The hubs stayed with the intense poisonous stuff in cream form, and though he respected my choice, he worried that my oils might attract bears. I think they are only attracted to what they want to eat, and the smell of EOs probably tells them "humans are here, stay away". That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Happy Friday and preparation-weekend!
  13. Start Date: December 1st

    Today I made my hash...but I couldn't find the recipe I think I used a lot before, so I just improvised. After eating a big plate of it with lovely bitter greens to complement the sweet note from the apples, I sat down to find the recipe, darn it, and I did. It was IG where I found and saved it. Here it is...Kitcheneer nods to Well Fed, but I swear I can't find it on the WF website, or in any of my coveted three WF cookbooks, either. In the end it was good to trust myself and just improvise, anyway, which I don't do enough of. I took a lot of liberties with the recipe - no cranberries (too sweet) or nuts/seeds (they just get soft anyway, and I don't need them it this puffy point). The veg I diced up (carrot, celery, shallot, mushrooms) just meld into the texture of the meat, and the apples I chopped a little larger and left a little crunch in there for texture contrast – it's heavenly!
  14. Start Date: December 1st

    Thank you so much for pointing the way towards collagen peptides!! I spent some time with that post, and will read more and follow the yellow brick road ASAP. It's very humbling to feel so feeble, so I have a whole new process in front of me. Did you get good results from using the gelatin? I'm excited about all the possibilities for my knee health and so much more – thank you! Good job figuring out why you were hungry! So, it wasn't the alt bier, after all, eh? The curry sounds delicious. I'll have a little time this afternoon between appointments to do some cooking, so that is on my list, with the hash. I hope Mel's site is not in danger! I think other bloggers have copied the recipe – with our without her permission I do not know...but I did see it elsewhere at one time. Last night my husband looked at the gingerbread stew re-heating and said, "for all the work you did last night I thought there would be more." He's exactly right - next time, a bigger shoulder. Also, less clove, which I didn't notice last time. While I was in spice blending mode I also made a small jar of Lebanese 7-spice blend that I can't wait to try out next time I'm in the mood to make balls or sliders. Your cat and the valerian!! That's hilarious! It's so stinky I have to wash my hands after handling it cuz it lingers and lingers. Ooh, new hiking boots! Nothing like good hiking boots. Wow, you lost a half a ring size - yes, that's an NSV to celebrate! Would love to know more about the oils you use on your shoulder. I love to make blends for oils and lotions. Oh, and I made an awesome bug repellent last summer for my hike. Lately I've been using lavender and frankincense in fractionated coconut oil to wash my face. I am coveting the last of a gorgeous chamomile lavender shea butter a friend gave me and am gearing up to make my own. I bought some raw shea butter, and am looking forward to melting it down with olive oil and mixing carrot seed and fennel oils. I want to do it soon in case I am not happy with it I'll still have some of the gifted one that I love so much. It's from the UK and I can't get more unless I spend over $100, so I hope to like making it on my own or I'll just have to leave the country and never come back. It would be more practical to give it a go with my own lavender and chamomile oils, but I'm afraid it won't be the same. These are good problems to have, eh?
  15. Start Date: December 1st

    Chips! Ah, danger danger! LOL cajun Holly, those sound really good. Mm. I'm interested in looking more into Meadowlily's POV on things, too, since you quoted her on only doing it once. One thing that bums me out about an actual W30 is stopping my vitamins! That doesn't feel right. But, neither do too-tight knickers, and who am I kidding, my con-compliance is way beyond vitamins recently. Anyway, I like your plan, assessing after you get back from your trip! Ha, I'm enjoying our ongoing solidarity and timing. I spent tonight worshipping at the altar of my stovetop. LOL. Hubs was upstairs glued to the Pennsylvania special election returns while I made lots of noise, and lots of grease splatter making gingerbread pork stew, and roasting yams. I was a bit horrified when he came downstairs, and nonchalantly said that I got grease all over his cell phone, which was, I swear, five feet away from the stove. I had not one, but two splatter screens over my pan. Waah. I clean as I go, but sI realize my kitchen is long overdue for a serious scrub down, and I can no longer stay in denial about how far the grease goes. A good spring cleaning is on the horizon, including a serious soapy scrub brush to the floor-every-where. Ooh, collagen peptides, I'll look into that! At a quick glance online, I see there's a *lot* of stuff about them from people who have them to sell. So I'll have to spend some more time to get some real info I can wrap my brain around. I'll look into the familiar heroes to get their take – is there a place you recommend I look to get the low down on what they are and how it could help? Thanks! I'm interested. Remember that Mel J. apple chicken hash I used to write about all the time back in December? I'm craving that while I was winging it grocery shopping this afternoon, I dreamed up a big batch with 3 lbs of ground turkey, and to the apple sautée I will also add carrot/shallot/celery/sliced baby bok choy. That should last a while, even if I share with my hungry spouse. I also got chicken breasts for curried salad and romaine hearts to eat them in at work. There's brussels in the crisper, too. You inspired me with the brisket, so I picked one up today – it's non compliant but what the heck – and I'm going to make cabbage too, and soda bread for my dining companion. So the immediate outlook is mainly compliant, and I am more prepared for the rest of this week all the way through early next week than I've been in a while, so this is progress. It's late and last night I didn't sleep well at all, so I've taken a couple of valerian root caps, which recently I've found works brilliantly. Have you ever tried that? Supposedly they're short acting, but I swear I sleep all night, even getting back to sleep easily if I have to get up at 3. Glorious! They smell like a teenage boy's dirty gym socks, but it seems a small price to pay, and there's no hangover! I'd still rather be using vigorous cardio vascular exercise for my sleep aid, but that day will come, right? Good for you for not looking at the numbers – don't do it! BTW how's your shoulder and hand