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  1. I did find an organic vegetable broth that is low sodium with nothing but water, sea salt, and veggis in it. I think it was at Walmart - Pacific Natural Foods.
  2. LibLady

    Don't over think this.

    A great post Robin! I have had so many problems on previous low carb diets that I checked with my Doc before I started and got a carb amount from him that I needed. Made sure I had something (fruit, sweet potatoes, or pumkin) at each meal, but quit even trying to count after the first couple of days. After that, I just kept doing what I was doing and didn't suffer the usual consequences. So, to everyone who is worried about eating too much or not enough, just go with the flow. It will work out. Day 24 is at an end and energy has picked up despite my having fibro and CFS.
  3. I have been dx'd with fibro and CFS and have had a partial thyroidectomy. I lean more toward the CFS side and manage to work 40 hours a week, but that is about all I can do. I am on day 10 of my first whole30 and have seen some improvement. It will be nice to follow others with the same problems.