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  1. Depends on what time of eat you workout in terms of carb timing. Morning workouts and you'd carb at night. Evening workouts are different in terms of how much performance one gets out of being glycogen depleted from the entire day of eating more fat, protein, and veggies without focusing on making sure their were adequate carbs during the day. Many struggle with good evening workout performance without being sure they are more carbed up before hand. I know I did. But regardless I hold to the notion that training the way the OP does on something like 70 grams of carbs a day will affect performance. The OP was feeling dizzy and feeling bad after workouts and wondering about if they should up carbs and my opinion is yes.
  2. Me? No. The original poster said they are getting 50-100 in an entire DAY. Fueling world title training on that low of carbs blows my mind. I couldn't fuel my normal workouts with good performance in the gym on that low of carbs. If you're training for performance you need to eat for it yes?
  3. Kim Christensen

    CrossFit, Running, and Whole30. Oh My!

    Yeah it certainly seems like overtraining. Your body will go through A LOT doing CF 5 times a week as it is. For many who just do CF five times a week can be a lot. Some of our most intensely fit Crossfitters often take more than two days a week for recovery, compete recovery days. Basically you are taking one rest day. Your performance in the gym will eventually suffer without proper recovery. Most of the runners in our box gave up most of their running and still have found their race times improve. Those who still focus on running often only do WODs two or three times a week. Your body can't maintain that level of intensity for long without giving up something whether its performance, injury, or general exhaustion.
  4. I see no problem with some fruit and coconut cream on the plate with dinner. If it's 10 at night and you're craving dessert and you make that then maybe. But for me, fruit with a bit of coconut cream is part of a good delicious dinner. Yum.
  5. I do Crossfit 5 times a week so it's not the same thing but I would literally fall over eating what your eating. 50-100 grams if carbs to fuel that training regiment? I eat more than that just to fuel my Crossfit workouts. If you're training for a world title you have to feed yourself with that goal in mind. I can't imagine your performance doesn't suffer eating that little and that low carb. Mine certainly would. A healthy body should be metabolically flexible an be able to burn fat for fuel when necessary and burn carbs for fuel when necessary. I wouldn't stress about whether yor body isn't only burning fat for fuel and feed yourself with performance in our workouts as your goal. I can't imagine running on 50-100 grams of carbs let alone going for a world title. Eat.
  6. Kim Christensen

    Why the need for Reintegration

    I never reintroduced anything. It's been six months and I feel too great to want to change. I've had a smattering of soy lecithin BLECH in dark chocolate but only a few times. Aside from that I feel amazing and have no desire to add back in anything.
  7. Kim Christensen

    Why does sugar make me bloated?

    There's a reason people use the term "gluten baby". It's a pretty common reaction to gluten. For me, I get it also with just too many carbs in general. I am pot W30 but stay 100% paleo. I get super bloated just with too much fruit, paleo cookies, etc.
  8. The Whole30 process is about learning how your body works, about your mental and emotional food issues, etc. In some ways the foods you are snacking on aren't "compliant" as we shouldn't be snacking on fruits, nuts, etc. during our W30. That's how I convinced myself to not snack like that when I W30. Fruit was only allowed when I was eating a meal except in cases of emergencies where I was out in town and missed a meal and grabbed from my cashew and coconut bag (my car was the ONLY place I kept nuts so I didn't snack on them) with maybe an apple. But aside from that FOR ME being on plan meant fruit was only eaten with my meals. No fruit for snacking, no treat, no dessert. So I didn't snack because it wasn't W30 FOR ME. Make sense? The meal template says NO Snacking if can help it so I took that to mean doing the W30 meant NO snacking unless an emergency. So that's how I talked myself out of non stop fruit and nut snacking. Maybe that will help.
  9. Kim Christensen

    What's wrong with popcorn?

    Have you read It Starts with Food? It's really the place to start when learning about the W30 program.
  10. Kim Christensen


    There are so many facets to the weight issue and I am SO thankful for my W30 I started the New Year off with as it has changed my life. I have gone from 245 when I started low carb right before my W30 until now at 183 with muscle so I'm no stranger to eating this way and needing to lose weight! I was in large amounts of pain, barely able to walk up my stairs without being winded, falling apart at the seams, when I started. My body was wrecked. So I know how weight can weigh the health of our body. Hippiechick's comment "I tend to think of my extra fat accumulation as a symptom of something larger going on" is one that people need to remember. Our weight is a health issue that our body needs to resolve. It needs nutrient dense food and a fair amount of it to heal that problem. At the same time though, WHEN in our nutrient dense food journey our body decides to choose that as it's major problem to heal is the body's choice. Sometimes we have hormone issues or joint issues or autoimmune issues that our body decides it wants to heal before our weight. And that's okay too! It doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong, eating off template, etc. It can mean we could be overstressing our body due to lack of sleep, stress management, overexercise, etc. but it's not a failure of the W30, or paleo diet in general. Our body has lots to work on in finding true health. We need to keep weight in perspective. Focus on HEALTH and go from there. Good well rounded nutrient dense diet, move your body functionally, hydrate, sleep, recover, de-stress, laugh, and let your body heal. It will. Stop caring so much about the scale as you do those other things. The scale will eventually move in the right direction when those things get in order so our body can repair the damage we've done to it.
  11. Kim Christensen

    Buddy Fruits

    I always have at least one yummy baby food pouch on hand as part of my paleo-on-the-go emergency stash. So right now I have a butternut squash one, a packet of sea snacks, a pouch of wild salmon, and almond butter packets in my purse. I usually have a Larabar in there as well. If I am ever in a pinch they make a great meal
  12. Kim Christensen


    There's the Paleo View by Stacey from Paleo Parents and Stephanie from Paleomom. Also the Everyday Paleo podcast is good too. They just had Kelly Starret on this week.
  13. Kim Christensen

    Coconut Milk separating in coffee

    I was always just "okay" with the coconut milk in my coffee. Now I do a smaller version of bulletproof coffee with some coconut cream in it and it's divine. 1 TBSP coconut oil, 1 hefty tsp ghee, 1+ TBSP coconut cream/milk and whip with stick blender or in blender. Oh my oh my.
  14. Kim Christensen

    Whole30 bloggers

    And I will be doing my second W30 soon (didn't follow through with my April W30 LOL) and will blog the days there.
  15. Kim Christensen

    Whole30 bloggers

    After retiring a popular scrapbooking blog, I recently started a paleo blog just to offload my crazy ramblings so my husband doesn't go crazy. It's paleo for sure and will be mostly W30 as I live that way 98% of the time, just licking batter when I make a paleo treat for the kids, etc.