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  1. Starting 5/14

    @pilatesfan soaking in lavender epson salts sounds divine!! Glad you were able to sleep well - I may have to give it a try!! Today was pretty standard, leftovers for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner I tried making a crust less quiche. It included eggs, coconut milk, onion, green pepper, spinach and prosciutto. I was worried about how it would taste - typically I like my quiche cheesy - but it actually turned out really good!! I served it with roasted sweet potatoes and raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, cucumber) on the side. Feeling less nervous about this weekend after making it through last. Hope everyone has a good, compliant weekend!
  2. Starting 5/14

    @pilatesfan your supper sounds so good!! I have always loved pesto, and the combination with spaghetti squash and shrimp would be tasty!! @Vguck good luck with the Memorial Day celebrations! Meals today included leftovers for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner I had a can of tuna mixed with pickles, green onion, and homemade mayo on top of a plateful of kale and brussel sprouts. It was a bit of an early dinner because my stepson had a soccer game. I was hungry afterwards so had a hard boiled egg with a few nuts - thought the tuna would be enough protein to get me through the evening, but in hindsight should have added more substance to the meal - maybe a starchy veggie like sweet potato. Hope everyone has a good evening and a great day tomorrow.
  3. Starting 5/14

    @KelliW I'm sorry to hear about your day yesterday. But, good for you, making the decision to start over and stick with it, I can imagine it would have been frustrating to come to those realizations, but it takes guts to admit it and start over.
  4. Starting 5/14

    Hey everyone, Not much to report today, had leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - doesn't bother me though, I don't mind to eat things over and over again (so long as it's something I enjoy). Work has been really busy and I find it helps to get through the day without thinking about food or needing to snack. @CaLorraine That's funny about the dreams! Nice to hear you woke up refreshed!! (NSV!!) @pilatesfan I've been trying to really make sure I get enough fats too - I agree with your earlier comment that it's amazing the difference it makes! Has anyone had difficulty falling asleep at night? Before W30, I would go to bed fairly early and fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. But now, seem to be having some difficulty falling asleep (very unusual for me). I'm only drinking a cup of coffee first thing and then water for the rest of the day, so shouldn't be the caffeine. Like CaLorraine, I've been better at waking up in the morning, and I haven't been feeling tired, so I'm not worried, but wondering if anyone is experiencing the same?
  5. Starting 5/14

    Congrats @Vguck on your victory!! @KelliW thanks for sharing your restaurant experience - I have family coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I know we will be eating out one of the nights, so I have been worrying about it as well - researching and reading the dining out forums. Staying away from the chips and salsa would definitely be a challenge!! Finished up day 10 today - a third of the way through! Had leftovers/pre-prepped food for breakfast and lunch, and for supper made skillet fajitas served on top of kale and brussel sprouts with a spicy dressing I made from the homemade mayo. I hope everyone has a good evening and a great day tomorrow.
  6. Day 9 Newbie

    Hi Hilary, welcome! I am also on my first whole 30 and 10 days in. Although I had no serious issues, I made the decision to start the W30 in hopes of finding more energy and getting back into the habit of cooking and eating regular meals. In the past, I have struggled with various "food issues" so, I am also hoping to overcome those throughout this process. I hope that your first nine days have been good and wish you the best of luck over the next three weeks!!
  7. Starting 5/14

    Hey everyone, Sorry to hear most of you had a rough day. It's great you were all able to stick with it - I hope you have a better day tomorrow. We had a long weekend here, so I didn't have to work today. Instead spent the day doing some final meal prep for the week and enjoying the sun. My stepson has soccer tomorrow so I made sure everything is cut up so all I have to do tomorrow is throw it in the pan. Food today - had some turkey meatloaf with an egg, veggies, and fruit; then leftover stir fry in a coconut curry sauce; and chicken soup for supper (from ISWF). Hoping everyone has a good day tomorrow. When you are struggling, remember that it will get better and before we know it the 30 days will be over and we will be so glad that we did it!!
  8. Starting 5/14

    @pilatesfan I couldn't find chicken broth without sugar either!! I was able to find beef and vegetable broths that are compliant, but really struggled to find chicken. I managed to find some chicken bone broth in the frozen section of our grocery store (Safeway) in their gluten free/health foods section. @ChristinaL congrats on your successes this weekend!!! @KelliW glad to hear everyone liked your contributions at the brunch. I will need to buy the whole 30 cookbook - so many tasty sounding recipes to try!!
  9. Starting 5/14

    @CaLorraine glad to hear you were able to make it without your protein. I know for me it definitely helps to really plan ahead. I have stacks of Tupperware in our fridge with my breakfast for the upcoming week and cut up fruit and veggies and a container of the homemade mayo; every night I also fill Tupperware with my lunch for the following day (usually leftovers) - I realize this may not be feasible for some, but it definitely works for me. @KelliW I think it's great that you have had the chance to try cooking new foods and experimenting in the kitchen - I think that aspect of the W30 is definitely fun, tiring at times, but fun nonetheless (especially when it's cold outside). Is the dump ranch recipe in the whole 30 book? (I've only read It starts with food) I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. It is sunny and warm where I am, so we have been able to spend some time outside yesterday and this morning. I'll admit though, it's been a bit challenging watching others in our area enjoying their back yards with bbqs and cold drinks. I just keep reminding myself how much better I'm going to feel by sticking with it and that there will be more sunny weekends after the 30 days are over! Hope everyone is having a nice day.
  10. Starting 5/14

    I know when I'm having cravings at night I try to go to bed a bit earlier. I have also found that having peppermint tea helps. I think you will find that it gets easier. You're nearly a week in and doing great. This is definitely the tough part, but we'll get through it and be so glad that we did!!
  11. Starting 5/14

    This Saturday has started off pretty well. My husband and I woke up quite early so I ate breakfast (sausage, sweet potato, salad, tomatoes, strawberries, and an egg with the coconut oil coffee again). We then took our dogs for a bike ride and after getting back I headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week. Since then we ran some errands, had lunch (salad with steak in an olive oil based dressing that I made), and got a work out in. I was hungry after the workout so I finished the sausage, from my breakfast that I couldn't eat, with some avocado and veggies. I knew that to stick with it today I would need to keep myself busy, so that's what I've been trying to do. Tonight, we are going to have a chicken stir fry for dinner
  12. Starting 5/14

    I was having cramps in my feet and calves as well and agree with @pilatesfan that I was able to get rid of them by drinking more water. I think high potassium foods are supposed to help too, but I could be wrong...
  13. Starting 5/14

    @KelliW nice work staying strong while your family had pizza, I do think it helps having meals prepped in the fridge. I hope your stomach feels better soon, I can imagine that would be very frustrating. @pilatesfan my plan for the weekend is to try and be proactive and have stuff ready to cook so if I do get hungry it will be less tempting to grab something unhealthy, I'm also going to try to keep busy with different errands and such to avoid wanting to eat out of boredom @CaLorraine that is nice that your cafeteria has healthy options - that would definitely be useful on days where you don't have time to prep all of the meals you need! @Lea Mint I think it's great you are sticking around! Congrats on finishing the 30 days. For dinner tonight, we had salmon topped with an avocado/lime/jalapeño dressing/mix on top with salad. After dinner we took our dogs for a quick bike ride - I really think having something to do after supper helps to manage/prevent the sweet cravings after dinner, which seem to be lessening a bit each day! Hope everyone has a nice evening.
  14. Starting 5/14

    Good morning, I hope everyone is having a good start to their Friday. I woke up with lots of energy this morning - I typically have always struggled to wake up in the mornings, constantly hitting the snooze button, but today, I managed to wake up right as my alarm started going off, which is a big win for me! For breakfast this morning, I had my typical egg bake, with a piece of canteloupe and, per the tips by @ArtFossil, to switch up my fat intake, I tried adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to my coffee along with a bit of coconut milk and it was DELICIOUS! I have always drank my coffee black, but this may be a game changer for me! I hope everyone else is feeling good. Wishing you all a great day!
  15. Starting 5/14

    @KelliW According to the book, if you go off plan you are supposed to start over. That being said, I am wondering if you really "went off plan". According to the rules "Nearly all forms of vinegar, including white, red wine, balsamic, apple cider, and rice, are allowed during your Whole30 program. (The only exception is malt vinegar, which generally contains gluten.)".