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  1. Starting January 2!

    @JohannaE I have seen that recipe before, while perusing Pinterest...I was always hesitant to try it because of the fenugreek leaves - were you able to find these? Or did you make without?
  2. Starting January 2!

    Day 13 - I have been questioning how much I’ve been eating at meals (both protein and fats) because it feels like much more than I’m used to eating. Easy to question this since I am not seeing any real physical changes. But, in my “Day by Day” book, I was reminded to trust the process, so I’m not going to change anything for now. My plan is just to make sure I’m following the meal template and be mindful when I’m eating to recognize when I’m full. I also need to remember it’s not just about the physical appearance - so will be reading and re-reading the NSV list! Hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday!
  3. Starting January 2!

    @JohannaE I have a FitBit too. Since starting W30, it is showing that my sleeps are more restless and I am barely getting any REM or “deep sleep”. I’m not necessarily feeling any more tired than usual, but also am not feeling much more energized/refreshed when waking up. Very strange to me!
  4. Starting January 2!

    @nicoledawn913 @racheleats Thank you for posting your experiences with preparing mayo! In my first round, I struggled to make really good mayo and was hesitant to try this time. But, after reading your success stories, decided to give it another go. And I DID IT! I used my food processor this time (I think my immersion blender maybe is a cheap model and maybe that’s why it wasn’t working?). I am so happy I gave it another try, so thanks again!
  5. Starting January 2!

    @Sissi Thank you for posting the link to the article on diets. I found it incredibly interesting. It seemed the biggest negatives of W30 were the fact that no scientific studies have been completed on W30 participants, even though the program is based on science (see “It Starts With Food”). The other big negative was the fact that it required effort and planning - seems to me, if you want to see changes then you can’t expect what you’re doing to be easy - easy would be doing what you’ve always done, which is not going to produce results/changes! It also criticized the fact that it was short term - which shows me the writers of the article didnt take the time to understand the point of the program - to create habits and knowledge that will extend beyond the 30 days (especially if done with proper reintroduction). I could go on forever about the other reviews/analysis of the other diets too...but I will save you from and endless rant!
  6. Starting January 2!

    Although you may be compliant with the W30, you may still need to look at what you are eating - perhaps something you have left in (or added to) your diet is causing issues - for me, my stomach is irritated when I eat raw onions, so I have stopped adding these to my meals. I would also recommend taking a second look at the meal template and making sure you are getting enough fats/protein/etc. Is it possible that the digestion and sleep could be a result of something else? Like other stress in your life? It's easy to look to W30 as a cause for everything going on, but there may be other external factors? I would also try looking through the NSV checklist - see if anything pops out that maybe you haven't thought about. I know this really helped me - there were so many items I hadn't really thought about because i was so focused on how my appearance was changing. For me, other NSVs have been - reduced cravings, better mood, my eczema has lessened, I'm listening to my body more, etc. I had a couple of really rough days this week and was feeling the same - wondering if it is worth it. But, I think we need to keep in mind that we aren't even half way through yet, so we haven't really given the program a real chance unless we push through the tough days. I wish you the best and hope you start to feel better! I am confident that you can get through it!!
  7. Starting January 2!

    Happy day 10 everyone! I haven't posted in a couple of days - hadn't been feeling great, was tired, and losing motivation, but I powered through - sticking to the plan, going to bed extra early, and trying to remind myself that with only a week or so in, it was unrealistic to expect that I would be seeing massive changes. I also followed along with everyone's posts and found it helped to hear how everyone was doing! Waking up today, felt much better! On Sunday, I had meal prepped, planning on doing homemade chicken sausage patties (Whole30 book) with spaghetti squash topped with a veggie mixture, but Monday the spaghetti squash and cooked veggies were very unappealing to me. So, instead I have been having the patties with a large salad of mixed greens topped with olive oil, vinegar and herbs and a hard-boiled egg on the mornings where I was extra hungry. This morning, I also added a half of an orange, a few blueberries and coconut flakes - DELICIOUS! I'm not too worried about adding the fruit, since I haven't been eating much of it during the past nine days. To avoid wasting the cooked veggies I mentioned above - I ended up throwing them with the spaghetti squash, adding leftover chicken, and topping with a curry sauce (based on this recipe: and had it for a dinner and lunch this week - my favorite meals so far this W30! I hope everyone has a great day 10!
  8. Starting January 2!

    Glad to hear it wasn't just me! My prep took me way longer than I expected yesterday and afterwards, I definitely wasn't wanting to make or eat supper...I did end up making a chicken stew (, which turned out pretty good. Onward to day 7!!!
  9. Starting tomorrow!! Jan 7

    Hello @dizilizi! I started on January 2, so am on day 5. Good luck on your W30, I hope that everything goes well for you and it will help you get out running again. Wishing you the best!!
  10. Starting January 2!

    I was able to find it at Bulk Barn (in Canada). It was labeled as coconut sauce, but same ingredients (coconut sap and salt). It’s really good and even my non-w30 husband has converted from soy sauce to this stuff!!
  11. Starting January 2!

    Day 3! I was finally able to make a breakfast that took me to lunch - after needing a snack on day one I tried upping my fats on day two and when that didn't work, I thought I would try adding a starchy vegetable (along with the extra fat) this morning. I ended up eating an egg scramble with sausage, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes and filled my plate with spaghetti squash topped with roasted tomatoes and olive oil; on the side I had about a fistful of berries topped with LOTS of coconut flakes. For lunch, I had spaghetti squash topped with ground chicken and veggies in a homemade tomato sauce. I also added a bit of avocado oil to the spaghetti squash and olives for some extra fat. Haven't quite decided on meal 3, but am thinking of doing chicken, salad and potatoes, with an oil based, red pepper dressing/sauce. Pre-workout will be a hardboiled egg and either coconut flakes or olives. I am having trouble fitting in a post wo meal because I am unable to work out until the evening...I know the plan says we are supposed to have an extra mini-meal of protein and starchy veg after working out, but I find it's too much to eat given that I eat dinner so soon thereafter - although, as I write this am thinking that perhaps this is why I have been so hungry in the mornings... Hope everyone is having a good day!
  12. Starting January 2!

    @cescaw Sorry to hear you had a bumpy day two, I hope your day three is going better! Did you like the stuffed peppers? I have been contemplating making that recipe, but am worried it won't turn out as good as the typical stuffed peppers with rice and cheese! @dianne m - I agree with you, and definitely recommend the new "day by day" book - there are pages to reflect on the day and how you have been feeling etc. and the motivational tidbits, FAQs, etc. are very helpful! I like to read a section in the morning and at night before I go to sleep; it's a nice way to start and end the day!
  13. Starting January 2!

    @Christiana Not chewing gum has been the hardest part for me! I'm so used to throwing in a piece after meals. Nice work catching yourself and spitting it out though!! Hope you have a wonderful day 2!
  14. Starting January 2!

    In the Whole30 cookbook, there is a recipe for crispy turkey over cauliflower rice. The turkey is seasoned to be somewhat spicy (paprika, cumin, etc) and the riced cauliflower is seasoned to have a lemony flavour. It was a surprisingly tasty combination and definitely masked the flavour of the cauliflower, which I don’t care for either.
  15. Starting January 2!

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my first attempt at W30 got messed up by “Pure lime juice” - after reading the label, not so pure! Now I know to read EVERY label. As for the flavoured coffee - I think I read that it could be infused with various alcohols, extracts, etc., which is why it wouldn’t be okay...not usually flavoured with natural ingredients? Good luck!!