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  1. Amyrotella

    Anyone want to start 4/20??

    I'm looking for a few (or one??) person to join me in a whole30 but I don't really want to wait until next Monday to begin... anyone??
  2. Amyrotella

    Whole30 First Timer

    I think it's normal to be nervous/scared, because you are trying something new and with anything new there is the chance that you could fail, or learn something about yourself you don't like. I've made several attempts at a Whole30, and am back today to find an accountabilibuddy... I think it is very difficult to maintain without that. So in my attempts, I've made it 14, 19, and 5 days (just last week, had a really bad Friday and sabatoged my whole progress). I didn't think I had an emotional relationship with food, and theoretically I know how to eat, but I'm learning that I definitely do, and that's scary, but means that I need correction! Find a buddy (or 5), make a PLAN, prepare, and stay determined. you can do it
  3. Amyrotella

    First timer and Wow!

    Heather - it's been a week - did you stick with it??