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  1. Amyrotella

    Anyone want to start 4/20??

    I'm looking for a few (or one??) person to join me in a whole30 but I don't really want to wait until next Monday to begin... anyone??
  2. Amyrotella

    Whole30 First Timer

    I think it's normal to be nervous/scared, because you are trying something new and with anything new there is the chance that you could fail, or learn something about yourself you don't like. I've made several attempts at a Whole30, and am back today to find an accountabilibuddy... I think it is very difficult to maintain without that. So in my attempts, I've made it 14, 19, and 5 days (just last week, had a really bad Friday and sabatoged my whole progress). I didn't think I had an emotional relationship with food, and theoretically I know how to eat, but I'm learning that I definitely do, and that's scary, but means that I need correction! Find a buddy (or 5), make a PLAN, prepare, and stay determined. you can do it
  3. Amyrotella

    First timer and Wow!

    Heather - it's been a week - did you stick with it??
  4. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I'm feeling frustrated, and so ready to throw in the towel. It's not even from cravings.... I don't have a bad relationship with food, never did. But I feel like this is MAKING me feel that way. Like I am so obsessed with every morsel that is going into my body, that it's all I am thinking about. Planning. Eating. Planning for the next meal. Eating. My bf is asking me where we can go to dinner where it'll be easy for me to eat but, that's not fair to the family, though I appreciate their support. Grrrrr
  5. Amyrotella

    Getting clear on the WHY

    Congratulations on finishing!! I will check them out thank you for the inspiration, good luck on your RI!
  6. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    really?! wow, tbh I didn't read the ingredients in my tuna since starting this... I will have to look tonite!
  7. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Omg team welcome to day5!! We made it through the work week!! I had a dream last night that I drank from a bottle of ranch dressing. Lmao!! I don't even like ranch. Last nights dinner was turkey burgers on eggplant "buns". My boyfriend is not doing the program with me but will partake in meals, what a good sport!! I even offered to get his own real roll but he declined. It came out really good!! And I made potato wedges and kale chips. This morning I made a cauliflower and black olive omelet. Little worried about tonite since I have to go right to my second job after work and won't be home until around 2am, with no place to store food, I will have to search for complaint items somewhere on the way. I am gonna stay strong tho!! Good luck today everyone! And keep focused through the long Memorial Day weekend!!!
  8. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I've been telling people it's more of a food experiment, to see if I have any food sensitivities, and people seem to be much more supportive than just someone dieting again (there are a lot of yo-yo'ers in this office).
  9. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Hi LacyJean! Not too late! Congrats on making it to Day4 without any support! This thread seems to be pretty awesome so far, I know we will all make it to the end I work in an office too an am an ex-smoker so I feel your pains. Stay strong! Just remember the cigarette withdraw cravings... food ones aren't nearly that bad! If you quit smoking this should be a breeze. And also way to go on your total health overhaul! Your body will certainly thank you!!
  10. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    great idea!! thanks! I am definitely doing this tonite!
  11. Amyrotella

    Getting clear on the WHY

    I love this! You expressed so many of the things I have thought but did not take time to explain to people or put into words. My father has pushed similar 'unhealthy' comments to me but, I merely let them know that I want to see what foods are affecting my sleep, skin, and moods, so I'm experimenting. When they think it's temporary they back off for a bit. But in my mind, I do not want this to be temporary. I want a better relationship with food. I feel physically better when I eat this way. I feel emotionally better when I eat this way and less guilty and stressed. I haven't hit Tiger's Blood yet, I'm only on Day 4 (and ironically, today, I want to KATT but am adding to the forum to keep myself calm), but am already feeling positive effects and keeping the WHY top of mind will certainly help!! Today you should be on Day 24? 25? How are you feeling?
  12. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Is this your Day4-5 Kill All the Things?? LOL... last night, I had such a bad craving, and since there are other people who use my cabinets, I almost binged on everything terrible in there, and envisioned oreos and pringles and fruit snacks sliding into my stomach... BUT, I just had a lara bar, and made a giant cup of peppermint tea, and it seemed to calm my craving. I woke up pretty angry, and when I originally read the Whole30 book I thought this day started like 6-10, but there it was, big bold letters, "Days 4 to 5: Kill all the things". The books suggestions are to make your meals a little bigger, or bring an approved snack to work, or eat sweet potatoes... I'm hoping the cravings will subside. I don't feel physically bad though. I did have a headache this morning but I drank some black coffee and it subsided. Hopefully you continue to push through!!
  13. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Great job catching yourself!!! that's the goal - change how we think about food - sounds like it's working!
  14. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Funny, I didn't use my inhaler during cardio today either!! High five! Craving pretty bad today tho... and not sweets. A beer. A soft pretzel. Ugh! It's gonna be a long night!
  15. Amyrotella

    May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Wonder if anyone has any good compost tips??