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  1. Alcohol Dependence

    I know that this topic is a little old, but I found that one of the most positive and unexpected side effects of my first Whole30 was that it made me take a good hard look at my relationship with alcohol. It also made me realize that so much of my social life depended on the addition of alcohol, and for the first week or two I mostly stayed home because I didn't know what to do with myself. My friends had stopped inviting me to things because they knew I wasn't drinking or eating out, which was tough to handle as well. I am on day 29, and I am so happy to have had these alcohol-free days to reassess my life. I've found enjoyment in hiking, going for walks, and cooking. I've been able to put myself into social situations without being drunk, and I'm still me. It's truly been one of the greatest parts of this experience for me. That being said, tomorrow is Day 30. I will no longer have the excuse of being Whole30 compliant to refuse drinks. I am going to drink, I know this, but I think I'm going to limit it to 1 night per week if possible.
  2. Started 8/16

    Hey guys! I am on day 3 of Whole30. I feel fine, I actually felt the worst on the first day, but I think that was related to just coming back from vacation. I was going to push back my start date because I was tired between vacation and going back to work, but I just took that as my first challenge to get over. The quote from the book about this not being hard (comparatively) stuck in my head. I initially started reading about Whole30 because I started making healthy lifestyle changes in June. I have brought my lunch and breakfast to work every day since 6/1/2017. So far I'm down about 18 lbs. I began looking up healthy meal prep ideas, and I stumbled across Whole30. The more I read about it, the more I couldn't wait to start. Little background on me: I've struggled with weight my entire life. My first "diet" was in the 3rd grade after I demanded my mom take me to a nutritionist. I ate the healthiest out of all my siblings and exercised just as much, but I kept gaining weight. I suffered with weight gain after a bout of depression in college and it's been difficult since then. Last year, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS which explains a lot of my difficulty with losing weight over the years. I've also dealt with severe anxiety. Learning that whole30 might help these issues, even a little bit, was one of the main reasons that I chose to try it out. Day 3 is almost over, and I've been managing really well. I'm getting some fresh local veggies this weekend from the farmer's market and I am planning on making the Thai Coconut soup from the book (coconut soup is my fave!) I've even gotten those around me at work to try it out, and it helps when they are eating healthy foods too. I'm going to start out my 30's at the end of September a much healthier and happier way than I started my 20s, and that's something to celebrate I wish everyone good luck and I'm so excited to be part of this community!