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  1. HI Rachel97 and welcome to the Whole30. I can relate to your nervousness. I too am slave to my cravings. Mainly for sugar and sugary things, especially chocolate, and the quick energy it gives me. What I have found with the Whole30 is that it takes those cravings away. Yes, the first couple of days are probably the toughest as it relates to cravings but I suggest being as prepared as you possibly can be, especially in those first days, for cravings by having alternatives on hand--cut up fruits and vegetables, make a soup, have some sparking waters on hand. When a craving came up in the b
  2. Hi LAG315: I am writing regarding your skin rash. Have you considered getting a 5 day patch test? I did and learned that my skin rash was ACD - allergic contact dermatitis - and that I was allergic to a laundry list of items that occur in every day items. For instance, I am allergic to benzyl alcohol which is in all sorts of things, including certain make ups, shampoos and other hair care items, cleaners and perfume. Once I began eliminating those things that I was allergic to, my rash got better. As to your question on your Whole30, I will leave that to the experts on here, as I am not
  3. Hi, Just want to claim my seat in the March W30. I started 3/2 so am on Day 8. This is my 2nd go round--first was in 2018 when I followed it for almost 3 months and lost 19 pounds. Hello and happy trails to all who are on this March journey with me!
  4. Schrodingers Cat--if you are still lurking on this site, I just want to thank you for sharing some really great recipes and links!!
  5. Hi! I am planning a September Whole30 as well--going to start tomorrow, September 1st.