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  1. Hi all. I hope everyone is hanging in there. I made one of @Pearlgirl2017 's suggestions last night: It was excellent. Delicious and so filling. Tonight is grilled steak with salad and potato--a good ol' standby when I don't feel much like chopping
  2. Hi all! I hope everyone on this thread is doing okay with their Whole30's. I am just checking in to say I am still in this! I did have to do a restart, however, so I am on day 3 today. A friend of mine lost her husband suddenly and I went to stay with her over the weekend, without bringing anything (food wise) along to help me. Needless to say, I succumbed to temptation. @Twig1124, thanks for sharing your recipe for the sweet treat with the coconut milk etc. Dates and bananas do have the ability to sate my sweet tooth. Like you said, eating on this protocol really is delicious and fair
  3. Thanks, @Twig1124. I am located outside of Boston, MA. I like how you shared that the reason(s) for doing this express differently for each of us. For me, sugar is my nemesis and one of the things I love about Whole30 is how I feel without sugar. Its a bit of a detox feeling the first few days/week but if I can stick it out that long, its so rewarding to gain dominion over a substance that I abuse and that is basically killing me. And shocking, too, to realize, once I get over the bumps in the beginning, that I don't really miss it. Thanks, @pearlgirl2017 for the water reminder! It helps
  4. Hi everyone. 59 yo here gearing up for a September Whole30--woohoo!! This will be my 3rd go round, my most recent one being last September. September feels like a good time to me to dive into it all as it often sets the tempo for the fall and, sometimes even, the winter. My first W30 was back in 2018 when I stuck to the guidelines for the whole 30 days, lost over 10 pounds and felt so good, I continued on it for a couple additional months. My last round, I wasn't as stringent about staying on topic and, well, I got out of it what I put into it Thanks, Pearlgirl2017, for sharing that reci