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  1. Hi! I am planning a September Whole30 as well--going to start tomorrow, September 1st.
  2. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. Checking in here to share what have become two of my favorite recipes this time through: Also, I weighed myself yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks since starting 9/1 and I've lost the 10 pounds I was hoping to lose this time around. I am committing here on this string and to myself to continue on with my Whole 30 regimen as I feel best when I do.
  3. Happy September 30th! Congrats to all who complete their Whole30 today, like me! @Maggieb123Thanks for sharing about the Walmart Whole30 bowls--I am gonna check those out. Like you, I think I am going to continue on with the Whole30 guidelines for a while longer and like you, I am going to hide my scale as I have noticed in the past that the number on the scale seems to equate somehow to license to eat for me--"oh, down 4 lbs, ok, well then I don't have to be that good today." I like how I feel on this regimen and it seems to really make sense for me. That said, I am also lo
  4. Hi all, Just claiming my seat--today is day 17 for me. @kirbz I love your mountain climbing pic--Yosemite is also beautiful in the background. A good friend of mine was getting in shape for her hiking trip to Machu Picchu this month so I happily joined her this summer climbing several peaks here in the northeast. It is such a great feeling of accomplishment (especially once the descent knee pain abates!) and a great way to enjoy nature. Thank you for sharing the link. It has been extremely helpful to my eating plan. I am so, so, happy to be back on
  5. Good Morning all you gorgeous September Whole30ers! Is there a perfect Whole30? ever? Mine sure isn't and this being my 2nd rodeo, I can tell you that my first time through, despite not being perfect, worked for me. I felt better, slept better, looked better, weighed better, better, better, better. I think the idea is to interrupt our path. Also, change typically takes a while to take hold. I think I recall reading once that making a change in habit takes 3 weeks to start sticking, so we can all just keep trying our best everyday. I made a pot roast in my crock pot and had it for dinner
  6. Hi all, Day 9 today. I had a great weekend--made the Chicken Chowder and Cold Thai Salad as planned. Both are fabulous dishes. Note on the Chicken Chowder: while the recipe states 45 minutes prep, it took me 2 hours. Need to speed up my chopping skills The Cold Thai Salad (which I have leftovers with me for my lunch today) could use a little more spiciness (there is a poblano chili in there so not sure why it is not hotter). And while I thought I was past the tired stage, I slept almost 10 hours last night which is the most sleep I have gotten in more than 10 years! Have a great da
  7. Looking forward to the weekend. Planning to make the cold thai salad recipe and add some chicken. Also going to try the chicken chowder recipe. Getting hungry just typing about them Happy Weekend All! Noreen
  8. "Cookies and stuff" Oh man, can I relate. I LOVE cookies and stuff. Anything with sugar and a quick hit to my blood sugar level--mmmm! Today is Day 5 for me as well, my headache has subsided and I feel good.
  9. Welcome Elizabeth33 and hello to everyone who is doing a September Whole30. Just claiming my seat on this string. Today is Day 3 for me as I liked the idea of starting on 9-1-19. I am feeling good except for a low grade headache the past 36 hours that I had the last Whole30 I did and which I just attribute to sugar detox. It should subside soon. Good luck all! Noreen
  10. Hi all! Put me on the list for a September Whole30. Nice to meet you all and welcome to the newbies! I am 57 yo and this will be my second Whole30. I did my first one over the summer of 2018 and was so pleased with the initial results--lost 9 lbs in 30 days and felt GREAT--that I stayed on it for a total of 3 months. Lost 15 lbs in total and really felt like "this is the way I want to live my life." Slept better, looked better, more energy, less of the constant hungries monster on my back. Then, I went on vacation Suddenly, all those things--sugar particularly--that I had gotten o