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  1. Hello all! I'm committed to starting Whole 30 on 9/2. Anyone else? I would love to have a group of people on the same journey to connect with, share ideas, recipes, plans, etc. I'm following a few people who have mentioned also starting in September. Feel free to follow and hit me up. More support = more success! Best wishes for a successful journey - Di
  2. Hey Sam! I'll be starting my Whole 30 on 9/2. This will be my 3rd (although my last one wasn't successful). I totally get the challenges of living with people who don't share your eating habits/plans. I have a roommate and we share groceries. I do all of the cooking, so it will be a Whole 30 month for him too. lol Wishing you a successful journey this time around.
  3. I'll be doing my 3rd Whole30 starting in Sept. My 1st one went great, but was allot of work, of course. My 2nd was just a struggle since I wasn't mentally and emotionally into it. This time I'm all in! I've been prepping and re-reading over the last week. I have recipes lined up and ingredients purchased. Excited for this round!
  4. I'm preparing for my 3rd Whole 30 (Sept 2, 2019) know, gathering the essentials and such. I've never used collagen peptides and was wondering if it's worth the added expense. I'm doing this Whole 30 in a more simple and budget-friendly manner this time. What are the benefits short and long term? I've done some research and reading have no "real life" experience with this item. If it's a part of your life, I would love to hear your input. Thanks! - Di
  5. I've done several Whole30's and have spent a ton of money on awesome products. This time around, I'm planning to do a reduced-budget Whole30 (September). The one product I'm having trouble finding is packaged deli meat. My goal is to go to my local Walmart, Kroger or Aldi to find budget-friendly products. If you can help, I would SO appreciate it! Thanks in advance - Di