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  1. Thanks for your encouragement, friends! Yesterday was really tough mentally. I got an hour less of sleep than normal and it's been raining here for like 5 days straight, so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I think. I kept obsessing about all the things I couldn't have. I was frustrated feeling like I should've been past all these cravings by now, that I'm supposed to be in the easy part, but instead I'm struggling. To be honest, I was really really thinking about quitting. But I didn't. I begrudgingly ate my compliant food. Thank god I did. I would've felt SO guilty if I had
  2. Thanks, @heb2014! So I'm thinking about not posting so much on here about food, since I find myself eating pretty much the same things. Instead, I'll focus on how I'm feeling, NSVs, and other thoughts. If I find a fun recipe or something, I'll still post about it, but I'm finding tracking every little thing is getting monotonous. As long as I stay compliant, that shouldn't matter, right? Anyway, yesterday (Day 16) was good! I spent most of the day feeling alert and in a good mood. I had several challenging meetings and I felt like I could keep up. I don't know if I would call it "t
  3. I commend you for restarting! Lots of people would either just ignore that blip and continue on or just drop off all together. It sounds like you made the best choices for yourself in the moment. Bravo!
  4. Thanks so much for your encouragement, @lizziehall and @BabyBear! I really appreciate it. Day 15: Monday, 1/15/20 Yesterday was a really hard day at work. Long story short, I had 7 meetings and IT trouble, meaning I was almost never at my desk. My brain was mush by the end of the day, I was frustrated, I didn't eat enough, and I just wanted a glass of wine. Here's what I did eat: M1: I prepped the same kale, potato, egg hash on Sunday because I really liked it, and added some chorizo to the mix. Yum! Unfortunately I only had time to eat half of the serving I brought.
  5. Thanks so much for the congrats, @BabyBear! And congrats to you too, @Brezymurph! I've been doing a bad job of tracking the last few days, mostly because I accidentally left my food journal at work, but I'm still here! I can't believe it's day 15. Half way! Really excited to hopefully see some Tiger Blood this week. I had quite a bit of a struggle this weekend. On Friday night, I learned that my childhood best friend had passed away. She was 33. I haven't spoken to her in a decade, but it still rocked me. On top of that, I had agreed to host a dinner party with some friends o
  6. Day 11 - Thursday 1/9/20 Not much to report today. Felt nice and full throughout the day, energy was pretty good. I felt like the day went by pretty quickly. M1: Last of my prepped egg, kale, potato hash with 1/2 avocado. Still good! That avocado really does make a big difference. I was nice and full through until lunch. M2: Chicken with shaved brussels M3: My husband made a great steak, mashed potatoes with ghee, and roasted brussels. I ate a bigger portion of the steak than I should have and I felt like I had a brick in my stomach for the rest of the night. Happy
  7. Day 10 - Wednesday, 1/8/20 I had to wake up earlier than normal because I had an early meeting, and I tried to eat breakfast before I left. This really didn't work, because I wasn't really awake enough to eat at that time, so I had like two bites of breakfast hash before I gave up and ran out the door. I started the day pretty grumpy (again, I'm NOT a morning person), but my mood lightened as the day went on. And then I fell asleep at 9pm! Despite some crazy (non-food) dreams, I feel rested today with lots more energy. M1: Banana and almond butter after my first meetings M2: Ha
  8. Hi @lizziehall! Have you had a chance to check out the Whole 30 timeline? It lays out a framework of symptoms you may feel and why you may feel them. Obviously everyone is different, but I find it comforting to know what to expect. Dreams and bloating are normal! I also feel you about being in a rut. Try to dedicate some more time to try new recipes and textures. I find texture is really important for me. I'm glad you're feeling better!
  9. Day 9 - Tuesday, 1/7/20 Yesterday was the hardest when it came to energy and cravings. I also had a headache and my stomach was still unhappy. I ate: M1: The kale potato egg hash again. I forgot an avocado, though, and I was missing it. I did 30 minutes on the rower at the gym at work before lunch. I was STARVING when I finished. M2: Chicken with shaved brussels sprouts, banana with almond butter M3: Two large lettuce wraps with turkey and prosciutto, tomatoes, and peppers I'm also not feeling great this morning. I'm ready for this bad digestive
  10. Hang in there, girl! I'm a couple days ahead of you so my "kill all the things" came on Saturday. My husband woke up and made us a great breakfast, and that somehow annoyed me? What?! Thankfully, like you, I know why I was feeling what I was feeling and I took a couple deep breaths and told myself knock it off. That being said, it sounds like you have a legitimate thing to be mad about! Look at some cute dog memes online or something and know that this will pass. And hey, if you're curt to someone who needs to pick up after themselves, maybe that's not the worst thing.
  11. The sticker shock at the grocery store can be alarming, but if you eat out even a little bit, the numbers probably at least even out. I'm spending probably 25% more at the grocery during Whole 30, but I used to buy lunch at work every day. EVERY DAY! I also used to buy at least a bottle or two of wine to bring home, and then we would eat out probably 3 times a week. I'm not doing any of that, so I feel like I'm probably gaining money doing this. I know I'm probably more indulgent than most, but I still think in the long run, eating healthier isn't as expensive as it may seem. Also - groce
  12. Day 8 - Monday, 1/6/20 Yesterday I felt good overall, no headaches. However in the afternoon my gut was definitely unhappy! I was a little worried that my turkey burger had gone bad or something, but then I remembered that day 8 is usually when our guts are unhappiest, so that made me feel a little less nervous. Thankfully I didn't have any afternoon meetings or that could've been ... a problem. I succeeded in a major challenge last night! A group of my girlfriends and I have a Monday night Bachelor watch party ... yes I know, feel free to judge away. (For those of you who don't kno
  13. Aw thank you for being open about your emotional journey! I know a lot of us can relate. Forgiving ourselves is a long process. And dang, if my husband asked me to get him fast food right now that would be a real test of our love! haha!