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  1. Ratatouille like mixes are easy to make and it if you like tomato sauce. Pan fry zucchini, peppers, onions and aubergine until very soft, add tomato sauce and cook for a while, good too a day after. I like raw carrots with coconut oil (and salt). For any other salad I use a salt, evoo and vinegar (sometimes red wine vinegar, sometimes balsamic...) or lemon. You can add other things to that, like mustard or tahini... For cauliflower oven baked and lot of spices (cumin, smoked paprika (hot or not), garlic powder, turmeric, powdered nutritional yeast, salt) make a great difference you c
  2. "lean pork belly"? I've never seen lean, always fat.
  3. I understand that template calls for palm size portions of cooked (not raw) meat, isn't it? Yes, the breakfast issue is hard one... So many years no eating eat makes very difficult to feel any wish to eat in the morning. I'm trying to find info/articles to read, like breakfast & hormones, to get me motivated to eat it.
  4. Many thanks for answering! So is it ok to eat less than palm of protein? I thought it was the very minimum. I have been eating low carb for years, so I use to eat veggies with my meals, and I have been eating keto too (clean) so no used to eat starchy veggies. I have tried to up my protein ratio before, but I am hungry little later, I need lot of fat to not being hungry, or starches (but afraid of them yet since I have being not eating them for long time). I'm trying to find a way to eat something in te morning, but it's very difficult since I have not eaten breakfast since.... I can't re
  5. I have made a chicken salad using boiled chicken breast, I just discovered that raw breast is much more big than boiled, half a chicken breast boiled is quite smaller than my palm, I have always thought that half a chicken breast was enough (and big) portion for a meal. I boiled 4 half (2 whole breast from 2 whole small chickens), weighting around 700 grams raw (around 500 boiled), so each half was around 175 grams, I have always thought that was a big portion. I feel a little messed.
  6. I can hold easily 4 (quite large), and not so easily 5. But more than 3 plain eggs, seems impossible for me, and if I eat any other protein, I just do 2 eggs plus meat/fish.
  7. I think I'm not able to eat 4-5 eggs in a meal... I'd hate eggs after that. I have never eaten more than 3 in a meal.
  8. Thank you Amura! Yeah, I suppose I have to make calculations! I usually by 3/4 kg anchoives for 3 people, so like you. And other fish depending on size, for instance, (I see you're in Spain so I suppose you'll understand the names) "gallitos de ración" at least 2 for each people (if they are very very small, 3), "chicharro" one big for each people, etc. No idea about how many palms they are. 150-200 per person sounds like what I usually do. Many thanks!
  9. Thanks Jihanna! Maybe I'm overthinking! Quite probably. Anyway, it would be easier for me if I go shopping knowing that I buy 500 kg raw ground meat being X portions of cooked food. I usually don't do meatballs etc. for convenience, it is easier for me to cook ground meat and adding whatever kind of sauce and veggies I need for that recipe. I suppose that I'd have to make some burgers or something to estimate palm size and then calculating how many grams of raw meat it was. Thank you!
  10. There has been some time since my last time eating sardines, so I have eaten them for lunch in a salad
  11. I had no idea about the existence of a burger topped with nut butter, banana and bacon! And that it was called Elvis! (Living in Europe may explain it). Many thanks for sharing it, it seems an "interesting" pairing.
  12. Thank you very much for sharing this all!! I love your reflections. I want to wish you the best for this round.
  13. Hello everybody, I'm new in the forum, I have read several post on food portions and also I have the meal template. But I have troubles to estimate palm size protein portions, for example: - Palm size portion is cooked? How much is the difference between a raw and a cooked portion? I'm used to ask my butcher for grams (oz) or kg (pounds) of meat -raw, of course :-)- and I usually follow recipes which call for raw meat weights, it will be good to know that following a recipe makes "X" palm sized portions. - I use to eat meat with bone in, like chicken legs, wings, short ribs... How ca