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  1. Compost it or throw it in the trash. Only poo, pee and soiled (not snotty) toilet paper should go into the sewer system, IMHO!
  2. Kabob

    Starting February 20

    Goodness, talk about putting the cart before the horse. I white knuckled it to the finish line yesterday. All that talk of success and completion must have sent a message to my craving center(s). I feel calmer today thank goodness. Not in a big hurry to throw all the NSV away: not bloated more and consistent energy I'm where I wanted to be weight wise, but after doing this for awhile I hardly ever weigh myself. I weigh myself on day 1 of a Whole30 and if I remember, on day 31, otherwise it how my clothes fit and I do not like my clothes to be too tight and I'm too tight to buy new ones smother emotions, not as quick to frustration/anger Good job everyone, we all deserve a pat on the back.
  3. Kabob

    Starting February 20

    Thanks y'all for being here during the last 25 or so days (I found this thread after being a part of a facebook support group where people "cheated" and continued their countdown, oh the horror, LOL). Being able to read your posts has inspired me to carry on. I'm super stoked that I finally completed another Whole30. I've attempted about twice as many as I've completed, so it's always a good feeling to get to the "finish" line. I mostly did it as a reset. I know what foods I shouldn't eat so I will resist eating them until I cannot anymore and then I'll do another Whole30. How I feel physically and how tight my jeans are are usually my motivators. Wish I could treat myself and then get back on the straight and narrow, but so far that hasn't been my m.o. I feel pretty good and want this feeling to continue. My hope is that you all get as much out of this as I have over the years. Thanks again.
  4. Kabob

    Starting February 20

    Thanks for posting that @MargaretAM, it always nice for me to know I'm on schedule. I'm wondering if anyone is having intestinal distress. Seems I remember something about that in the book saying that's also supposed to be happening right about now. I'm eating super clean, but I'm bloated as heck. @ShellyM - I love the Well Fed cookbooks.
  5. Kabob

    Starting February 20

    In the past when I've made compliant breakfast casseroles I used olive oil for my "milk". I don't keep almond milk around and I stress out when I use a partial can of anything, you know, that the rest is going to go to waste. I looked up what an alternative would be and got olive oil and it works really well. @MKFish good luck on your journey. @MargaretAM thanks
  6. Kabob

    Starting February 20

    Hey everybody, I haven't read the entire thread, but I'm jumpin' in. Was part of a facebook support group where some of the members were half a$$ing it so I had to bail. Just don't have the energy to police people that can't follow a simple program. This is not my first rodeo. Just a little about me: my go to veg is raw cabbage and my go to fats are homemade mayonnaise, olives and coconut oil. I'm looking forward to getting to know all y'all. Day 8 and I'm feeling okay, I was pretty angry most of the weekend, anybody else experience that?
  7. Kabob

    Double batch of mayo?

    I love mayonnaise soooooooooo much! It's almost embarrassing. I put 2 or 3 garlic cloves in every batch, swoon, to kick it up a notch, plus it can only help my immune system. That said: I've doubled twice now and even though the first batch did not get as thick as a single batch, it was thick enough for me. Also I never measure the oil anymore, which I may want to try when doubling, I think I may not have blended long enough to get the "proper" consistency. Can one blend too much. Is that when it breaks? This makes me hopeful. I've heard of fixing broken batches, but happy to read that someone had success and shared your technique.
  8. Hi MrsStick, I second ferment with any size bottles like this: https://www.amazon.com/Chefs-Star-Easy-Bottles-Amber/dp/B013H0257K Or I use 64 oz growlers like this: https://www.amazon.com/True-Fabrications-Gallon-Clear-Growler/dp/B00PR8232S/ref=sr_1_14?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1479315119&sr=1-14&keywords=growler although this particular example seems spendy. Sorry you had an explosion. If I'm not going to be able to burp my 2F daily I will put them in a cooler to contain any explosive situation. Knock on wood, I've never had an explosion. Good luck
  9. I picked up some oven dried apricots the other day and chopped up a few pieces and put them in 32 oz of KT to second ferment. I was so excited about the possibilities that I had to try it on day 2........so delicious. Day 2 tasted better than day 4, so I still have some tweaking to do to figure out how best to brew it. Has anyone else tried dried fruit? Day 20 today, plugging along.
  10. Kabob


    Too bad the carnitas tastes like saw dust!?!?
  11. Hi all, I mostly use dried fruit and flowers, but mostly flowers - it's easy peasy. 1F is a ratio of 3/4 black to 1/4 green tea (6 blk, 2 grn and 1 cup of sugar per gallon of sweet tea). 2F - currently I pour my perfectly fermented 1F buch into 1/2 gallon growlers and add one tablespoon of hibiscus or lavender to each, let them sit on counter (burping daily; being very careful when burping the hibiscus - it gets VERY fuzzy) for 2 to 4 days then once I need product to drink or the buch is crazy fizzy I decant through a mesh strainer into ez cap bottles, usually mixing the the lavender and the hibiscus 50/50. At this point I will leave these bottles on the counter as I drink them, but will usually put a bottle in the fridge if I'm not going to drink it right away. Last year a friend gave us a bag of dried raspberries, they made the most delicate delicious buch, so yummy. I'm not sure it's possible to duplicate the commercial buch flavors when you're doing small batches. I suppose if you had a lot of time on your hands and gallons and gallons of buch you might be able to get close. I just try something different every once in awhile. So pleased with the lavender experiment, it is very nice. That said, once you get adept at making your own you won't have to buy it anymore and the memories of those flavors will fade. Similarly as we get some distance between us and commercial soda pop the effervescent quality of the buch can satisfy our desire for bubbles. And if bubbles are what I'm after I drink la croix. For when we're not doing a Whole30 (which I am on day 10 of my 4th one) I found this organic ginger syrup (if memory serves it is ginger infused honey) that makes a really delicious drink.
  12. Wow, as I look at the picture again (so weird how that happens) I see the really whitish spots with the black flecks in them, um, they look mold. I had mold on my second batch when I first started brewing and it was black and hairy. I hope it's not mold.
  13. I'd give it some more time before I threw it out, I don't think it's mold. I believe it's the thickening of the scoby causing the less opaque coloring. If there's fuzz, I would definitely throw it out.
  14. I certainly would NOT use honey in my first ferment, but would definitely be willing to experiment with the second. " If you aren't adding much fruit but still want more carbonation you can add a bit of sugar or honey. The culture will feed off of the sugar in the sugar, honey, or fruit, and produce the gas necessary to create carbonation." http://www.nourishingdays.com/2013/03/making-fizzy-fruity-kombucha-the-second-fermentation/ In order to keep things simple I let my continuous brew "finish", decant the bulk of it and replace the same or similar amount with sweet tea. When I say the bulk of it, I make sure and leave about two cups of the fermented buch per gallon for what I call my starter fluid. I've read where brewers draw off their daily dose and replace the same amount with sweet tea, but the Healthy Home Economist is very emphatic about not letting the sweet tea sit around AT ALL. So to me that would be too much tea making and cooling, so I do it about once a week. So say you're decanting a gallon, but you only drink 3 quarts before it's time to decant again. I do believe kombucha keeps well in the refrigerator for drinking at a later date or to share with friends.
  15. MrsStick, you are in for the ride of your life. Okay, that may be an exaggeration . I was anxious when I first started last summer, but not anymore. 1/2 gallon mason jars should be fine and they take less room on the counter. There is tons of information on the interwebs about second fermenting. The easiest way I've found, with the most dramatic results is adding one tablespoon of hibiscus tea (I find it here in bulk at the coop, maybe your friend knows where you can get some) to 32 oz which is a quart, so I would add two tablespoons to 1/2 gallon which is 64 oz. It gives the buch a beautiful dark rosy red hue, lots of tiny bubbles (be careful to "burp" your bottles daily during the second ferment process) that will make a mess if you're not careful and a really nice flavor. Also, I would imagine that one reaps the benefits of the high vitamin C content of the hibiscus. I also flavor with fresh ginger, which I love, it's just not a fizzy as the hibiscus. I could probably add sugar for fizz, but haven't worked that out yet. I add about 1 or 2 tablespoons of minced ginger to 64 oz, it's going to blow your mind how delicious it is! Happy brewing!