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  1. smacd

    Timeline twister

    So proud of you Charli Farli!
  2. Hannah- sorry, I'd missed a few posts and was referring to the one on day 30. Ignore me!
  3. Hi Hannah- your story is really resonating with me just now. What did you decide?
  4. smacd

    Timeline twister

    Charli- yes, okay. That's a deal.
  5. smacd

    Timeline twister

    CharliMcFarli100 Keep us posted on the second half? And as far as those crazy dreams go, RDJ is starring in mine so not free to appear in yours. Sorry. Not sorry.
  6. smacd

    Didnt get the results i expected

    Marie00582- great question and even better answers! I've just finished my Whole30 but going straight back on to take the advice above- bigger meals, less snacking on nuts. Good luck!
  7. Steve- great story and very entertaining. I think you make a terrific point about keeping going and adopting Whole30 as the core of your WOE. Thanks Sheila
  8. smacd

    Rescue my mayo

    Another way to rescue it is to get a clean bowl, add a spoonful of mustard, and then just slowly hand whisk the curdled-broken-unruly mayo back in. It's so delicious (especially if you use a good whole grain mustard) that I was kinda hoping my last batch would break so I could do it again! I've been on a mayo experiment adventure and loving it. It's a Julia Child's rescue tip if you want to Google it.
  9. smacd

    Meal Timing & Work

    Hi Holly. I'm no expert, and I'm sure that the mods will be able to specifically address your questions. But for me, it's first and foremost about getting the right food into you to make you healthy. If you need to be creative about the timings to fit your schedule, then as long as you do that in the spirit of Whole30, then you'll be fine. Perhaps you could pack a decent sized lunch and spread it across the two breaks that you have at work if you need to, or if it's an easier day and an earlier lunch, then you eat it in one go. And something in the car for the trip home to keep you comfortable until dinner time. I've found that the longer I do this, the easier it is to have longer stretches between meals. It might just be that work days will be more flexible and you'll get the routine when you're not on shift. Good luck.
  10. smacd

    cake batter and frosting- HELP!

    Good luck- you can do it!
  11. smacd

    carb addicted kid - help

    Oooh, it's a tough one, and I'm sure one of the others who have younger kids will give you some excellent advice. My daughter is eighteen now and on the Whole30 journey quite happily now. However, we went through the first two years eating anything and the next seven only eating white food (bread, pasta, yogurt and ice cream) and chocolate. My mum, very gently, tried to warn me as she heard me ask my daughter (who was two or three at the time) what she wanted for dinner. Mum said, 'don't give her too much choice, just feed her'. I wish I had. It didn't take long for her to transition to just white foods, and another seven years for me to get her to eat green things. And she's only now eating meat. I wish I had know about Paleo then, but more importantly, I should have listened to my mum. At that age, she doesn't know what's good for her, so it's a case of tough love and few choices. Good luck!
  12. smacd

    Don't over think this.

    Well said. As many of us are at different stages in the journey, what we share on here is what is working for us, and you only learn that by following the rules and paying attention to how you respond. It's amazing how plain your body/mind make it for you if you stop to listen. But you need to start with the rules.... Good luck everyone!
  13. smacd

    My scale is missing!:(

    Mine sits and sulks in the corner of the bathroom. I went on for the start of this Whole100 and didn't like what it said. Then I remembered that I've lost inches, feel much better and don't really give a fig what it says anymore anyway....
  14. smacd

    Homemade Mayonnaise

    And, I've been dressing salads with a tablespoon of homemade mayo whisked with some vinegar and black pepper....