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  1. Happy seriously belated New Year, just checking in because I had a free minute and wanted to say "hi"'s been weird doing this round without any forum activity either here or in the official ongoing threads. It's been a decent round for me though, very smooth start with little or no side effects at all which really surprised me because I was coming off my longest time being off W30 since my first ever. I've done modestly well with breakfasts and eating all three meals, my usual problem areas, and I've kept up my daily workout activity. I passed Day 365 earlier this month which doesn't s
  2. I'm so excited for your move Nancy! My other friend who was in a similar co-hab situation just moved into a new place last month and it's been fun hearing about how nice it is to have her own space again. I'm crazy jealous about that heated parking. Can I come stay Gearing up for a January round, my plan is to stay on until at least April and then make a longer term plan from there. I'm not heading into it with the 365 mentality I had this year which totally didn't work out for me but that is in the back of my mind. This time around though I can start with
  3. Me! Sort the still around category. I was actually thinking about posting the very night you did @vozelle but didn't get around to it. It's been a tough week or so for a lot of reasons. My friend is dealing with something right now that would probably put me straight into a mental breakdown. I'm not even involved directly, but being close to it indirectly is enough to freak me out about every five minutes. I'm usually pretty chill, but I can tell that being off my game eating wise is making this feel more extreme than it would have. I also had to turn down a rather interest
  4. As promised, sporadic check-in! I think I'm always sort of inspired the day a W30 email comes (or the day I get to open and read it, which is not always the same day!) I'm in a slightly better place than last month, I have made meal plans for the work weeks now through the end of the year. They are not all W30, but I wanted to ease back in that direction by getting back on the "prep the meal, eat the meal" train. I decided to focus on the work week because packing is so much easier than scrambling for lunch no matter what I pack, and the freedom on the weekends is going to make the hol
  5. I think I speak for us all that Cynthia is now on the "must check in again list"! My sister is down there near you right now, though far enough inland that she hasn't been in any of it so far...not sure what traveling home will be like but I think she flies out of Dallas maybe. Is that near Fort Worth? I'm horrible at geography but I think "near" is somewhat relative in Texas anyway right?! She had to do a two week orientation for her CRNA program and that meant leaving the babies which is killing her. She hasn't been away from her girls overnight yet and jumping straight into two wee
  6. I'm happy to check in, and I do secretly hope we all still will on occasion...I refuse to say goodbye, so there. We have all taken some different forks in the road though so it's understandable that the group would be a bit disconnected on what we share. As for me, it's been a crazy is it that even being down to just one job, the drama has doubled? I won't go into a lot of detail because the details don't really matter and I do think one of the reasons it is hitting me harder is because in the past I always had a very clear second option when things started to get nasty. I
  7. Hey guys sorry for my long absence, we had a new employee start and I've been in training mode for weeks. What I do isn't super complicated, exactly, it just involves a trillion variables so trying to train someone completely from the outside sort of saps all my attention. In a nutshell? My workout plan is going rock solid, just passed Day 175 earlier this week. My food plan is in complete shambles. Sigh. I sort of know where things veered off, and while I still think my plan was solid it obviously needs more attention. I want to do a full reboot W30, but with the cupcake project t
  8. So I discovered a down side to doing yoga outside. Well, two down sides if you also count my mother surreptitiously taking photographs and sharing them with her friends as "cute!", which what am I two still?!? The other down side happened on Sunday. This is my ideal day for outdoor yoga because most of my neighbors are out for the day and I can be assured of a little more privacy than usual. I was in a position that had my head on roughly the same plane as my feet, not quite upside down but as near to it as I get at this point, when all of a sudden my Apple watch started doing it's li
  9. @NancyW Did you find anything on the no-cook meals? I ended up doing my version of that for lunches this week since it was a short week anyway. Basically tuna salad, a fruit salad, and (though I realize these are now illegal on a W30) some "compliant" potato chips. It's something I rotate in every now and then, I don't really like tuna salad...but I can and will eat it...and it's an easy way to swap to fish as a protein source on occasion. I'm also okay with having chips this way, given they are all compliant ingredients, because it has the built in portion control of being packed...I can
  10. @misslindy Yup, it's definitely time for our annual trade-off of summer. I looked at the forecast for the week this morning and thought "finally, that's more like it!" I wish we could both have nice weather all the time though. Happy to hear you found something that helped budge the scales. When I'm on the plan I do usually lose though each time it gets a bit slower as I get closer to my perfect weight and I'm trying to stay patient with that. Only about one month in to doing this for a solid year so I can keep my expectations low for awhile yet. But I know if I got to April of next year
  11. @vozelle I don't want to go as far as to say I envy you because that would just be sort of ridiculous given what all you've gone through to treat this but I can totally see the silver lining in having to spend so much time being conscious of what you eat. It's sort of what I'm hoping to accomplish by setting myself the year long challenge with what I hope are some reasonable modifications. Hoping it forces me even further out of my comfort zone to try and discover more real food options. I know the more recipes I have starred in my notes that I really want to make again...not just things I
  12. Now one of these trips Nancy, we are going to have to plan a meet-up you know. It kills me to think of you drifting so close and not being able to say "hi!" Maybe if I promise to bring the entertainment in the form of my two nieces? LOL! On the zoodles, what I did this time was sprinkle salt on each pile of them when I got to the end of a zucchini so I knew the whole container was well salted, then covered them with paper towel and waited probably half an hour. This timing wasn't intentional, I just had other things to prepare and it took me that long to get back to them. The towel w
  13. Anyone else seem to be missing the email alerts of a new post here again? Just curious. I want to give a shout out to Mel Joulwan's Pesto Meatballs, not sure what I did differently before but while I liked them the first time I made them...I'm swooning over them this time. Well, okay, let's me honest I do know a few things I did different this time. I used Paul Newman's Tomato Basil sauce, which is actually compliant even though I'm not 100% W30 right now myself. At first I was kind of worried because a jar of that didn't fill up my electric skillet the way the sauce ingredients in th
  14. @C_Cezeaux Oh, thanks for the reminder. I really need to do the pics and weigh in today too, maybe when I finally drag myself off the couch to go pack the lunch I made earlier. I am totally in sync with you right now. One of the things I wanted to talk about, but couldn't get the words, was that I have now passed the 100 day mark on doing some kind of workout every day. I started that back in January? February? I've sort of lost track I guess. I've gone through one (mostly) Whole30 and two months of complete abandon, but never lost the workout. The thing is, it really hammere
  15. Back from my time off, slipped past the milestone birthday, and it's time to really ink in the rules for my next challenge. I actually think I'm ready to go there, but I still want to finish Food Freedom before I make it official. Just in case that changes anything for me. It's pretty liberal, more so than I thought it would be when I first toyed with this idea but I'm working really hard on keeping W30 ideals but also thinking about what I want my long-term food choices to look like and in context with some other lifestyle changes. This is going to be a super short check-in