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  1. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    I love this idea, and I'll tell you what else has worked for me in the past.... that is giving myself, ah, what should I call them? ... treats or blessings or something UP FRONT. Things I get to do or have that I don't have to earn, because (for me, anyway) that's what food is about anyway.... I feel deprived or undeserving so I "treat" myself with a candy bar. Instead I am learning to love myself and treat myself with... an inexpensive hair band, 10 minutes on a game app, a weekly bouquet of flowers, giving myself a foot massage, an extra half hour sitting in the sun doing nothing. Rewards are very helpful and appropriate, but there's also something about getting something "just because I'm worth it" that takes the emotional edge off of food cravings. Good luck!
  2. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Happy Day 1. I am about to leave work and heading out to run some errands. I will be passing the corner market where I have a habit of stopping to get Coke and something sweet. I am prepared with my ACV water and carrot sticks but just posting on here to make sure I get home "safely". I'll post again later to let you know how it went.
  3. May 22nd Start Date- Who's In??

    Hi all! I just jumped on here hoping I'd find a group to join starting tomorrow, although I'm not quite ready. I'm laughing as I read many of the posts, as your stories sound like you could be writing mine.... completed one whole 30 last summer, several halfway successes since, and have been half heartedly claiming to try to start again since January! I feel so much better on than off, and generally eat compliant meals anyway, it's just that sugar dragon! I just pulled out my summer clothes and NONE of them fit me (I got rid of the baggy ones last fall, after my initial success with whole 30)! My keys are going to be water water water, and making sure I have good tasting lunches and snacks to take with me. Im hoping to go as raw as possible with the veggies this time around and try moving into the autoimmune protocol half way through. I am also learning to look at the emotional reasons that drive me to sugary snacks.
  4. Started today! 2/13/17

    How's everyone doing? I slept 11 hours last night and very foggy headed this morning. Feels like a "healing crisis" where the body can finally rest from having to process sugar and other junk. I remember I had several days of it last time I did a whole 30. Had cravings today for the first time, probably not helped by eating breakfast late and only a snack In afternoon.
  5. Started today! 2/13/17

    Way to go Chrisybell! I've been a little headachey too. Do give yourself a lot of room for extra rest for the first couple weeks. The energy should kick in soon after that. I have found drinking extra water to be a life saver.
  6. Started today! 2/13/17

    Two days down. It's not turning out as hard as I thought. I must have been ready for a change. How's everyone doing?
  7. Started today! 2/13/17

    Hi. I completed 3 months of whole 30 or nearly compliant last summer and fall but got back on sugar etc over the winter holidays. I tried to restart several times in Jan but failed miserably. Now I am miserable enough to try again. I felt wonderful when I was on whole 30 and don't know why I can't stay away from the things I know make feel bad. I know I need to evaluate emotional ties to food and learn to nourish my soul in other ways. I'll let you know how it goes
  8. 2nd whole 30 January 2

    This week I had some really great victories- I stopped drinking Coke and weaned myself off the holiday sugar I made 2 batches of bone stock, soup base, ghee, and mayo I froze a bunch of meat in portion sizes I celebrated my birthday without cake and ice cream, or even the scrumptious sounding "low sugar" creamcheese dessert my mom wanted to make me. (I talked her out of it) I walked several miles in (In 20 F weather) I made warming stations for our resident hummingbirds. I created a filing system for keeping track of upcoming projects as part of a new year's resolution to be more organized. But I was not 100% whole 30 compliant. So I will count this week as a warm up and start again soon. Congratulations to everyone who's still going . Keep up the good work.
  9. 2nd whole 30 January 2

    Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your frustration.... the best way to get carbs on whole30 is root vegetables and squash. Yea, I don't think broccoli would help much in a bad blood sugar low. So add sweet potatoes, yams, beets, cooked carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and other orange squash. Even fruit if eaten along with protein and fat. I've been adding a few strawberry to turkey salad, even orange sections to soup! Be careful to not go overboard in that direction tho and get too much. You'll probably have to do more experimenting and use more care than some of the rest of us but in the long run getting off grains and processed foods is likely to balance those sugar swings. Of course I'm not a doctor and I don't know you, so do whatever you need to take care of yourself, but hope that helped.
  10. First Timer

    Hi! How did it go today? Starting out can definitely be overwhelming but I promise you will get used to it and even start to LIKE all the shopping and prepping!!! It took me several false starts my first time, and actually it's taken a few do-overs this time around too, so don't get discouraged. I love Melissa Joulwan's take on food prep... (Nicely explained here: on Sustainable Dish) For me, it's her "Mini Cookup" near the bottom of the page that works best.... it looks like cutting up tons of veggies..... carrots, cabbage, kale, sweet potatoes, etc about once a week and putting them in fridge in containers so when I go to fix a meal, three-quarters of the work is already done. She actually recommends partially cooking the heartier varieties so they can basically be just warmed up. You don't have to strain over recipes... I just throw in a pan (or a salad, or soup base) whatever sounds good along with whatever spices hit my fancy at the moment. You can get a free sample of her cookbook, which also has all this explained, plus a few good recipes, here if you haven't already seen it:
  11. 2nd whole 30 January 2

    Thanks for the Round One victories, JenHZ... I also have been rehearsing my victories of last time to remind myself that I really do want to do this..... Less puffiness in my face Less Sinus congestion No tension in my neck and shoulders No stomach and intestinal issues! Better sleep/needing less sleep Feeling more in control of life in general I did a lot of chopping and prepping yesterday but more needs to be done. Chopping meat and veggies on Sundays to have in fridge was my saving grace last time and this time I've actually cooked some and put in freezer. All that said, I was freezing today and had coffee with cream and sugar. So tomorrow will be day one for me.
  12. Day one done!

    Way to go! Keep hanging in there -- even when it ISN'T easier -- you'll be glad you didn't talk yourself out of it
  13. First Timer

    Good luck mama bear! I'm about to start my third go around and I can tell you it is not easy but very worth it!
  14. 2nd whole 30 January 2

    Hi I'm Casey. This will be my second go around too... or third if I count a couple that didn't quite make it to 30 days..... I had wonderful results over the several months I was either on, or mostly compliant and really can't wait to get back to the vibrant feelings I was starting to have. My birthday is next Friday, so I'm a little worried but I want to jump in ahead of that because I'm so sick of the holiday junk food and can't seem to do anything in moderation. I actually really like whole 30 food so I'm sure I can find compliant ways to celebrate. My other goal is to do a better re-introduction this time ... and honestly just stay whole 30 + safe reintroduced foods for as long as possible.
  15. Mmmmmmm . Sounds good. I did a quart jar with about 1/2 cup sliced peaches which turned out great. I'll try the apples and cinnamon on my next batch