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  1. CaseyP

    getting ready

    24 hours with no gluten or soda pop. Had a "fancy" alkaline water today with fresh squeezed tangerine juice ( with a compliant meal, so the juice wasn't unbalanced) in a margarita glass as a treat. Loved it so much more than "junk" drinks.
  2. CaseyP

    #JanuaryWhole30 Here We Come...

    Hi. I have many of the same issues. I'm starting again slowly. I want to ease into a "Food Freedom" lifestyle this year, rather than blow up 30 days just to go back to the same old addictions. Good luck.
  3. CaseyP

    New start - Laakii

    Hi Laakii/Tanja! You must be getting close to the end of your whole30 if you have stayed on it successfully. How are you doing? I have not started yet, but I want to get more into the lifestyle starting now, and being more dedicated in the new year. I hope you are finding support. :)
  4. CaseyP

    getting ready

    I see not too many are into starting a whole 30 just before Christmas! Me neither, but I at least need to commit to starting 3 Paleo meals a day and going cold turkey off of gluten and soda pop. Also committing to prepping my meals at least a day ahead. That helps a lot. That will get me ready for a whole 30 reset in January, probably after my birthday.
  5. CaseyP

    Day 31 - still in review mode

    @Lorna from Canada Wow! Thats amazing comparison with WW and W30. That'll be a great motivator for me this time around. Thanks for sharing.
  6. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    I had a long break today so was able to come home and cook a hot lunch.... cabbage and sw potato stir fry with lime, cilantro and macademias (a splurge).
  7. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    I did not know you could either until the other day! I looked up "can I freeze cooked spaghetti squash" on Google and found several sites. I just baked it as usual and threw the leftovers in freezer bags of individual size servings. I haven't done it before so I can't exactly tell you yet how it turns out but from the internet it looked Hopeful
  8. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    Finally! I wasn't really planning on starting until tomorrow but yesterday and today I mostly stayed home and wasn't feeling great so ended up just eating my whole 30 prep food - so I'm going with it! Two days down. Can I say I have fallen in love with Spaghetti Squash? And have found out it freezes well, so yesterday I froze several individual servings of Sp Squash and cauliflower rice and today made mini frittatas that will be easy breakfast or lunch and cooked up a ton of ground turkey.... as in I will be sick of it pronto, but it will freeze well.
  9. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    The weekend reunion didn't go so gluten/dairy free Nor did the first part of this week..... I'm going to have to just jump in next week ready or not. Still thinking that Planning and Water are my biggest assets I need to focus on.
  10. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    Whoa.... Today was a total failure. Fear of success????? For one thing, I didn't have my meals planned and went to town more or less hungry and without a plan. That is what I'm supposed to be working on this week so I guess that proves I need to. Right now I'm trying to remedy that for the rest of the week... making up some borscht for breakfast and hard boiled eggs and coleslaw for lunch tomorrow. Will try to extend my workup to include plans for Friday too. And will need to plan ahead for my weekend out of town too. Hope everyone else is having a good time getting ready for your start!
  11. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    I ate my last stack of (gluten-free) pancakes for a while. And put the bag of the quinoa/amaranth flour in the freezer. This week I've focused on getting more water, eaten veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner and mostly managed to go without Coke. I've been gluten-free and almost dairy-free. I've had considerably less pain in my neck, shoulders, and stomach and have a tiny bit more energy at the gym. I'm actually excited about going a little deeper next week. I already found some interesting compliant sauces, and made some mayo and did a ton of food prep this evening so I'm good to go for week two of my ease-in. This week is going to feel great, as I'm heading into really doing Whole 30 meals but not feeling like I've failed and have to start over if I slip. I know, I know... no slips, no cheats, no excuses.... I will get there and this is definitely the way for me to go.
  12. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    Awesome Elizabeth. Good luck. I feel I'm doing pretty good on this week's goals. I slipped once and ordered a Coke without thinking but didn't drink it all. Been making up for it with coffee and Nut Pod milk... I'd rather just get off caffeine in the afternoon. Today I thought of eating a candy bar as I passed my usual junk food stop but the thought actually turned my stomach, so I'm making progress!!
  13. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    Day 2 with no Coke. It really is a habit, but I distracted myself with a photo app. Had soup for both breakfast and lunch. Both had rice, which is okay for now. I need to make some compliant salad dressing. Biked (stationary bike) 4.5 miles.
  14. CaseyP

    Easing into February Whole 30

    After drinking my large glass of ACV water and half a caffiene pill, I headed to town realizing I would not be stopping for a Coke. I had a wave of panic and then a relief settled over me.... freedom from the time waste, expense, and sugar rush of addiction. One day down. I was not totally sugar free today, but all in all pretty good. I feel a tiny bit headachey and my muscles are antsy... not sure why.
  15. I've completed a few whole 30s over the past couple years and wasn't really into doing another one- just looking for food freedom, but after the holidays (including my 50th birthday party), I really need a reset. I believe in Whole 30. I get the dropping everything "cold turkey" strategy, but I've never been able to do it - I always fail for several weeks, and have given up more times than I can count.. So instead of setting myself up for another fail, I figure I'll string my Whole 30 out, setting smaller goals at first and eventually get to where I'm actually doing Whole 30. This week: Drink lots more water, eat lots more veggies, avoid convenience stores and snack aisles, and do whatever it takes to stay off soda pop (my biggest vice and nemesis) Next week: all the above plus get some compliant sauces and seasonings prepped and focus on 100% home-prepared gluten-free/dairy-free meals Third week: get through weekend reunion (Jan 26-27) with minimal sugar, gluten, corn or dairy. Make sure I'm 2-3 meals ahead on planning and prepping, working toward 100% Whole30 compliant. Feb 3 - Hopefully by this time diving in 100% will be sort of a no-brainer and I'll be off and running for 30 more days. At the end of that, I'll add back rice and lentils (which I know I tolerate) and take out nuts and see if I do better with that. I want to think of this as a varying journey that will last at least a year or until I feel truly healthy.