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The Whole30... Samoan style


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So this is my first attempt at this WHOLE 30 challenge. Here's a little about myself...

I'm a 29 year old Samoan woman. I am not sure if a lot of you know what my nationality entails but if you do, you are well aware of our physique, large and in charge! I have been fairly large my entire life. I come from a large military father and a slender hard working mother, along with 3 STOCKY brothers. From the day I was born at 9 lbs and 8oz until today where I am about 300lbs, standing at 5'8. I was an athlete from the age 5 and always maintained an overweight status. I knew it wasn't normal because I was bigger then majority of the boys in my class and definitely bigger then ALL the girls in my class. I mean a lot of the times I got teased, up until I stood up for myself or out ran the person who made fun of me. I built up the reputation of being kind but also tough enough to let you know I don't stand down from someone making fun of me because of my weight, or any of my friends.

I had an apptetite from the day I can remember. My dad also reminds me how great of an eater I was when I was a baby! "Oh we could just give you a bottle and you would drink it down and be content for hours", is what he always yaps about when we talk about which one of us kids was the easiest to take care of. You see I have been dealing with food being my "opt" out to anything since I was a baby... ok jokes.

No but really... I was an eater. I was bribed with food and it worked. i did whatever I needed to do if someone said "I'll buy you McDonalds" or "I bet you a #3 at JIB:you wouldn't do it" or my all time favorite "If you get on base I'll buy you a slice of cheesecake"... which is so true, because in college during my hitting slump I was bribed with cheesecake , my MOST FAVORITE DESSERT ON EARTH, to get a hit. Which I must admit worked!! Up until I was 28 I would eat ... ALOT...

Then i found a regime BBV... I'll just say that... which need less to say... worked for me. It kicked me into gear and I am thankful for it. I was a mess... noticing I was looking heavier and heavier with each picture I was in... My clothes were fitting me a lot tighter and I knew something had to change. So March 2012 I decided to kick it into gear. I was on a diet for 6 months... strong will power and did it up until the holidays hit. It consisted of fruit shakes, snacks in between, and 1 meal a day. I dropped 50 lbs, no working out, nothing out the ordinary. i was happy and the days I took off... I splurged on desserts or fast food because it was more convienent. I gained 20 lbs back and my goal I worked so hard on getting to was demolished.

So I decided to change... I decided to keep doing the shakes... but working out. I did a 30 day work out challenge with a girlfriend of mine and completed it and decided, just keep going. I started to feel better and look a little better as well. At the same time I did this, my sister in law, who was doing the shakes as well, decided to try the Paleo and the WHOLE 30 challenge. I thought she was crazy. I told her she was out her mind and wished her the best. She didn't work out and she just started eating better, cleaner, and healthier. She started eating WHOLE foods... and I was still eating healthier, but not 100% like I could be. So while we were doing our own challenege we both noticing differences in each other. She was looking slimmer and at a faster rate... I was getting jealous (ok not really)... but I was proud that she was keeping up with the challenge with all the obstacles that were thrown at her (ie: bday dinners, long road trips, long days out and about, etc) and I asked her "how much weight have you lost" and she said "I am not doing this to lose weight, I'm doing this to get healthy"... and thats when my wheels started turning, and my motivational goals were sort of changing. It wasn't of course until her second round of the whole 30 came around when I was being more convinced to do it. I was 45 days into my work out challenge and I decided that I need to try this challenge. Not to just lose weight, but to get healthier and live a cleaner eating lifestyle.

So on May 6th I decided that I was going to start my WHOLE 30... It is now May 14th... only 8 days in and I am happy with it. I have a little ways to go, but I already feel better about the choices I'm making. I am slowly being educated with ISWF... and of course my sister in law who is almost done with her WHOLE 100 this Friday. I am excited to bang this challenge out so I can have a success story as well. I don't want to be living dirty... as far as eating goes :). I want to do this for myself and for my future self. I have been given a lot of heat for it, but I will fight through it. There has been tempation all over the place with my meals, but I will just have to push through it.

I look forward to continuing this blog and just talk about my journey. I want to not only be fit and healthy, but I want to live it longer then just 30/60/100 days.

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Hello! I grew up in New Zealand and I absolutely know what the Samoan physique is all about! Apparently Captain Cook said Polynesians were the most impressive specimens of humanity he had ever seen! I have no problems believing that :) All this wholesome food is going to do amazing things for you ... Wishing you all the best on your Whole 30 journey :)

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Thanks everyone for stopping by and shooting your support!

I thought I was going to blog my food everyday, but my SNL mentioned to just go with the flow and don't really log everything. I will probably just blog sometimes about my meal choices, but I'm really here to just ramble on about my experience with this whole challenge.

So i'm on day 11... I am reading ISWF ... well I'm jump reading... here and thre I'll read a little but I have read quite a bit. Especially about FATS!! I absolutely LOVE that it mentions how our body will digest and break down the fats... and the good fats to eat... because I LOVE AVOCADOS and COCONUT OIL/MILK!! I will opt to use coconut oil to fry my egg rather then EVOO just because there is so much FLAVOR!!! Oh and before I read that we could eat 1/2 -- 1 whole avocado I was being skimpy... only eating 1/4 of it for breakfast and 1/4 of it in my salad for lunch.

I hate that I am so cheap! LOL I hate that everything that is GOOD for you is so expensive!! I am having a hard time wrapping my brain (and wallet) around all the foods I need (and want) to eat during this paleo W30 experience. Being Samoan we have a lot of NOT SO GOOD foods.. like canned corn beef, palusami (oh this is heaven in my mouth), chop suey, and pineapple moon pies... just to name my faves!! LOL... Growing up I was so accustomed to eating at fast foods sometimes I crave it, especially when its late and I'm just getting home. So far I have dropped a few hundred on just meat and veggies... the MEAT kills me... almost made me want to quit and be a vegetarian LOL too bad I LOVE MEAT too much!! But I think it will be ok, I will manage because I won't be eating out and I will need to learn to budget MORE! YAY!!

Anyways... Here goes my meals for yesterday...

Breakfast: Chicken sausage w/ sauteed onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms, spinach & 1/2 avocado (used 1 tbsp of coconut oil)

Lunch: GF Beef MeatLoaf w/ mashed cauliflower << YUM!!!

Post Work out meal: HB Egg & banana

Dinner: 2pc Chicken Breast in a bed of spring mix salad, red onions, cherry tomatoes & 1/2 avocado

Day 10 didn't look too bad... and Day 11 isn't looking bad either!! I find myself preparing my meals the night before and just loading the lunch bag and running out the door. I am so happy I have a kitchen here at work. Although I might not in a month if they transfer me to another site! I might have to make my breakfast at night and heat it up in the morning (BLAH)..

I know W30 seems so long, but I'm already 1/3 the way done and I'm thinking of extending it to W60 and having a friend of mine jump on in with us!! My energy levels are still mediocre. I have joined CROSSFIT and it has been about a week. I love my box and although the workouts KILL me... I get a boost of energy after I'm done!! I need to take some progress pictures. I haven't really done that since I started my work out challenge 58 days ago... so I think I'll need to start tonight!

I have to share my SPLIT JERK personal record... I just learned how to do a split jerk last week and although I don't think my form is all that great, I think I actually LOVE doing them. I split jerked 121 lbs yesterday!! AMAZING for my second time and if I had 10 more minutes of my round I would have pushed for another 5 or 10 lbs. I was very proud of myself and only hope to get better at this weight lifting!! Now I just have to work on my running!!!

Ok thats all for now... I'm going to pop in and out of people blogs for a little bit.

Happy Paleo folks!!!

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Day 19

Whew the days are flying by!!!

I am actually trying to think count the days down... I am trying to figure out what to eat each day. I must say I have been in some situations where the food I would eat before would be taunting me!! I have had to turn down a lot of food I would usually go for, but I feel better about it.

I have found a new love for TUNA!! LOL.. Especially TJ's tuna in olive oil!! I eat it with spinach atleast 2x a week. I might even eat it tonight for dinner. I had it for a post work out meal Wednesday, dinner on thursday, and it is calling my name!!! My love for balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil as become an obsession!!! Its funny because I wouldn't give two thoughts about tuna or making my own salad dressing, but here I am doing just that!!

I enjoy fruit too much to give it up, but I have modified my intake. I enjoy a good piece every now and then... oh and the fact I have been eating more GF Beef I have been endulging in CHERRIES because I'm am deathly afraid of GOUT, which I have had before in the past. Cherry season won't be around forever so I'm eating atleast 1/2 lb a day or more if I can! That fruit is NOT cheap! Neither is half the stuff I'm eating, but I'm ok with it because I am not eating any more.

I did eat at Luna Grill the other day and I asked a million and one questions and settled for salad w/ no dressing, no feta, and grilled mahi mahi and requested they grill it with EVOO and they agreed. Now I'm not sure if it was free range or fresh... but it was the best mahi mahi I had ever had!!! I am not a big fish fan so doing this whole30 I am experiementing with my taste buds and trying to enjoy fish for what it is, but that will take a little bit more time.

This 3 day weekend is coming up and I have a BUSY weekend ahead of me. I am looking forward to this challenge with all the DELICIOUS food that I will be making for MYSELF!!! Wishing everyone on their whole 30 a great Memorial day weekend... along with everyone on their whole# whatever number day you are on!!


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Day 23

Oh paleo how I love you! LOL

Well this whole30 is becoming a lot harder when I don't have anyone on it with me. Especially my friends! Although I did pretty good. Every month I get together with my girlfriends and we hang out and eat and talk! This time we went to my friends house and we had a bbq. Three out of four of us were eating different so we all brough our own stuff to eat/cook. I had FR Chicken breast/legs and a salad while the others had grilled chicken sandwhiches and PIE!! OMG I wanted to dig into that pie so bad, but I refrained! My friend and I who are both following guidelines and eating smarter were drooling! I didn't think I wouldn't make it through that evening, but I ate some fruit to keep my mind off wanting to eat the pie!

Sunday was the big test! I had a long day of work this day. I coach volleyball and from 7-7 I had a tournament and then 2 practices from 1-7! I packed my meals for the day and went on my way. I was invited last minute to hang out with one of my friends after at at the beach and she wanted me to have dinner with them. I knew better and she knew better, but she insisted. I went and the only compliant food they had there was watermelon! I ate the last piece too! It was ok, the burgers looked amazing, but I knew better not to eat it. My friends sure did rub it in, because the chicken was of course looking FANTASTIC and smelled amazing!!! I showed some real will power!! I was proud of myself!

I refrained from going out Memorial day with friends because I knew it would only bring more pain to my taste buds! LOL No just kidding. I enjoyed an early afternoon at the beach and then a relaxing evening at home watching Season 3 of True Bloods. Dinner was fantastic! Turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce with avocados! YUM!!! I do not feel like I'm losing weight much, but I do have a lot more energy then before.

One thing I need to work on is my sleep. I do not go to sleep at a decent hour. I always get to bed late and wake up early. I do know in ISWF it mentions to be well rested, and I try, but I always want to watch my favorite show or play my favorite game on my ipad before falling asleep! I am really working on the sleep part and hopefully will get better at it.

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Congrats! You mentioning being Samoan made me think of one of my fav Samoan dishes which Dad used to make when I was wee: http://www.food.com/recipe/marinated-raw-fish-in-coconut-cream-samoan-dish-34927

It's compliant too! Might have to make some up this weekend, I can eat that stuff all day.


Awesome mpunch! I don't really enjoy fish too much, especially raw fish. I barely ate it in sushi if I had to. I masked it with a lot of spicy mayo and eel sauce!!! But enjoy!! Its called OKA and you can add tomatoes and green onions and I'm sure it will taste even better!! Alot of Samoans LOVE them some OKA... I'm not a fan though!

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