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Day 29 and no turning back...


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I can't believe it's been 29 days already. It went so fast. I'm feeling much better and I feel like I've lost some weight which is HUGE considering I'm hypothyroid and I've only been gaining weight no matter what measures I took up until the whole30. Prior to the whole30, I was steadily gaining 2 lbs per week, despite eating 1500 calories per day (40/40/20 macros), and weightlifting/cardio. I've kicked my debilitating peanut butter craving to the curb...I was such a gum chewer that some days I would chew a pack a day...and I'm rarely hungry. I'm loving the real food!

My joint pain is almost entirely gone...a trip to my naturopath has indicated that my adrenals are in the 80-100% range (buh bye adrenal fatigue)...and I've been sleeping through the night...I feel more like myself than I have in a while :) My house is back to being spotless and even though I work 7 days a week, I've found tons of energy to tackle some heavy duty projects around my house and yard.

For me, there is definitely no going back to grains (as I discovered right before the whole30 that I'm gluten sensitive), and because of all of my health problems, I plan on avoiding dairy and legumes (and of course sugar). I'm also deathly afraid of my scale now! I used to weigh myself daily and now I'm so scared to go near it...my mood and energy levels have improved so much that I'm afraid if I weigh myself now that I will instantly get depressed and start comparing myself to others who have had "dramatic" weight loss on their whole30.

My digestive system is still "messed up" and I'm guessing that will to take many, many more days than 30 to completely heal. I'm also still learning/adjusting the appropriate quantities of carbs and meal sizes. I haven't eaten fruit on my whole30 but some days I would eat too many handfuls of baby carrots after dinner and something I still need to work on.

I'm thinking that I will prepare a nice paleoified treat (like some macaroons) this weekend and then do another 30 days to see if I can finally heal my messed up digestive system once and for all.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and for all of the feedback/comments on this forum!

Keep eating real food!

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I love love love that you have not weighed yourself and have no desire to do so!!!! I am a scale addict and am so impressed with your focus on feeling healthy rather than focusing on a number. You are an inspiration! Congrats on your success!

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Way to go Bridget! I stashed my scale down in a box in the basement...it needs to just go in the trash but I don't even want to look at it right now.

I lost 90 lbs a couple years ago with the "conventional" dieting methods (or not so conventional)...ridiculous amounts of cardio, diet pills, you name it...I tried it...during that time I loved that scale...I felt like I was getting the feedback I needed, it made me feel in "control" and it made me feel good. Then about a year ago that scale became my nemesis. I couldn't understand what was happening. My weight just started going up and wouldn't stop. I knew how to "diet and exercise" and thought that it was like what everyone says...calories in vs calories out...I dropped the calories, increased the cardio, took more diet pills and completely ignored the messages my body was trying to tell me - because of that STUPID scale! My hair was falling out, couldn't get a workout done without some type of energy drink, felt tired all the time and was overall in a horrible mood - because of that scale!

I'm so grateful for the whole30 and especially the part about ditching the scale. I read this: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/new-health-scale/ and it changed my thinking entirely. Unfortunately it took my health taking a complete nosedive before I realized that our bodies are not math equations...it is NOT simply calories in vs. calories out. And it took weeks of weighing, measuring counting, strapping on that heart rate monitor only to realize my 7,000 calorie deficit for the week did NOT equal a 2 lb weight loss for the week but yet another 2 lb weight gain.

Ditching my daily weigh ins wasn't easy. I grew up with that scale. My mom started weighing us in middle school. Even now...bless her heart she asks me "How much have you lost? Did you weigh yourself?" Sorry, Mom...but weren't you listening? I don't know how much weight I've lost but I'm feeling amazing anyway :)

It's awesome to have a good day...not because some hot guy hit on you, or because you got a promotion at work or because that scale said a number that makes you happy. So, kaiser179, it's not easy but break up with that scale!

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