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Need help with this dish


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I watched this short video and made this dish tonight.


It is ground beef, sweet potato, onion, and asparagus. I pre-steamed my sweet potatoes for 3 minutes and my asparagus for 1 minute. That all went pretty well. The beef is lean, grass-fed/finished.

I am looking for wisdom from you more experienced Whole30 chefs.

I didn't add any seasoning to this and it had flavor, but I want to add more flavor without adding salt. I put a tiny pinch of nutmeg into my 2nd helping and that was ok. Any ideas as to how to kick it up a notch, besides pepper or garlic?

I also felt this was all too dry. We drizzled some EV olive oil on it and that helped a bit. Afraid to put too much on it. We talked about just adding water and making it more soup-like. Any thoughts on this?



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I second was Susan said.

I'd try salt and maybe allspice.

Feel free to add oil. Coconut is good or ghee if you use it.

A little beef broth could add liquid.

Other spices could include paprika, cayenne, turmeric, and/or some sort of chile/chile. Some people also like cinnamon in that kind of dish, but it doesn't work for me. Maybe a touch of lemon zest and crushed red pepper would highlight the asparagus. Of course, not all of these things at once.

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All great ideas! I have Himalayan Crystal Salt and can use that. I have a pepper grinder and use pepper a lot, but didn't in this dish. I just bought some ghee yesterday and have coconut oil. I just bought coconut milk and have never tried curry at home. I don't know how to make beef broth, so I will have to research that one - I don't know if I can trust the stuff at the store.

I'll try different things with each batch I make. Thanks!

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