Science-y sugars in my sausage and fruit - do I have to start over?

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I realized tonight that the turkey sausage I used in my chorizo quiche - and probably the pork sausage I just ate on its own - had dextrose and maltodextrin in them, and probably the prunes I've been eating (they have potassium sorbate) AND the brats we had last night had evaporated cane juice in them! ACK.

Could this explain why I'm still tired and sleepy on day 5?

Do I have to start my whole30 over?? Everything else I've been doing pretty well, though probably more fruit than I should.

Thanks in advance for your advice -

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I was tired and irratable on day 5. There is a timeline on this site- use the search Whole30 timeline- that lets you know what to expect. Sugar is in so many meats its crazy!! I am on day 24 and I still havent found a Whole30 compliant bacon!!! Everything either has sugar or preservatives that I can't pronounce!

I am not a guru - I cant tell you that the sugar blows you out of the water and you have to begin again, but I will bet that it does!!

It is a difficult to read the labels of absolutely everything that you put into your mouth, I know. Do it before, not after!

Success to you!!!

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Sugar in any form keeps the sugar dragons active, but the amount in your sausage does not create the kind of gut damage that a bite of bread might. So... I would not recommend starting over based upon the sugar, but you might want to consider doing a Whole35 to make sure you get the full effect of 30 perfectly clean days.

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