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meal template ??

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I'm sure this has been rehashed a million times here.  sorry!  theres so much info to sift through in these forums and im so short on time.


first of all... i cant for the life of me find things like the timeline or the meal template on the whole9 website.  Can someone tell me where exactly they are? its driving me crazy!!


Also, can someone explain fats to me again.


Thumb size fat IN ADDITION to 1/2 and avocado or whatever the other options are (cant remember and can't find the template)?


Does that thumb size refer to the oil you cook with?


For example if i fry a burger in oil and separately roast vegetables in oil, the combined amount should only equal a thumb?  


Is there anyone here who is really knowledgeable about all this, especially the weight loss aspect of it, that would be willing to give me their email address?  Like I get confused about how many starches i should or shouldn't be eating, for example, (i know its not supposed to be the focus and im trying not to obsess about it.  I just want to make sure I'm not going to gain weight how I'm eating)


I love this program.  I'm on day 10 and the magic is happening and I'm overall pretty happy but I overthink everything and I confuse myself really easily and I get lost in these forums.  I like the forums and I'll still use them.  I just want to be a nuisance posting my same questions over and over.  I think I comprehend better 1:1.  


I'm super tired.  I hope that didn't sound crazy.  (i am a little crazy) (in a lovable way)  (i hope)

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Here's the template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


And it's 1-2 servings of fat, with a serving being 1 thumb of a liquid oil, half an avocado, a heaped handful of coconut flakes, etc. Whether you have 1 or 2 servings depends on how hungry you are - if you're only having one and you're getting hungry quickly, add more.

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Hi, I see you've got the meal template - here's the timeline http://whole9life.com/2013/01/whole30-timeline/%C2'>


We've all been there when we started but, honestly don't obsess over fats starches etc. Make sure you're getting enough fat. Depending on what you're frying a lot of fat can stay either in the pan or on your plate - if it's not in your stomach it dosn't count :).


Trust the program. You say the magic is happening so rejoice and go with it. Follow the meal template and learn to trust your body about how much food you need. Let your appetite guide you. Seriously I could not believe how much food i was eating when I started W30. It seemed more than I'd ever eaten in my life and I still lost weight, but you're also right - don't make that your only focus.


Don't ever worry about asking questions. I'd rather someone asked 50 questions than remained unsure of anything. Good luck

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