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Day 11 and starving


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Today was my day 11, I was starving all day long and nothing tasted good. My water even tasted funny. Is this the sign before the energy burst. I ate so much today I thought for sure I would burst but I did not and yet I have been starving. Any suggestions on dealing with this would be great.

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Sorry, I was in a meeting and never saw these request.  My food log for yesterday:



3 scrambled eggs w/coconut oil

mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms

1 tomato and cucumber



2 slices of Roast beef

salad with peppers, onions, green onions, tomato (oil and vinegar dressing)

cup of cantelope



Grilled chicken breast with peppers and onions

salad with onions and tomatoes with oil and vinegar dressing

brocolli with ghee

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Hmm ... looks good. Some thoughts:


What are you drinking at or between meals? Wondering if you're sufficiently hydrated?


Do you workout a lot?  If so, it may make sense to add a pre and/or post workout snacks, per the meal template.


Maybe try having starchy vegetables at meal1?


Maybe add more vegetables at each meal until you figure out how much you need to be full?

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At and between meals I am only drinking water.  I allow myself to have one cup of coffee in the morning which I used coconut milk and I have a cup of peppermint herbal tea in the evening in place of my trusty glass of wine.  I work out about 3 times a week, so nothing out of the ordinary.  Today, I am not hungry at all and have had to force myself to eat.  So go figure, my body is doing what it wants to do, I just need to hold on for the ride.  Would love to go home and take a nap though. 

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You should add a little more fat to your meals to make them fit the template. The cooking fat doesn't count unless it all ends up on your plate. I would also suggest adding a serving of starchy vegetables to at least one of your meals. I definitely go through days where I want to eat more and days I want to eat less. Follow the template and listen to your body and you will be fine.

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