Can I have chicken or beef broth from the can?


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Only rules to follow - eat when you are hungry.  Don't eat when you are not.  If you need to have a snack make sure they replicate your whole 30 meal template in a mini version. example: boiled egg, handful of veggies, and maybe some olives.  Lara bars or jerky work in a pinch. But I wouldn't rely on them.


To address your subject line.  If you can find canned beef or chicken broth that have no off plan ingrients in it then they are good.  Personally I never been able to find any so I make my own.  Dump bones into a crockpot, throw some roughly chopped celery, carrots, onions, handful of whole garlic cloves, bay leaves, S&P and some apple cider vinegar.  Cover with water and then cook for 8+ hours.  behold bone broth.

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Many store-bought broths include sugar, soy, etc., but if you can find something with Whole30-compliant ingredients you can use it. I have found one or two at Whole Foods, but you can't trust an entire brand. For example, the Imagine brand has some compliant, but most not compliant varieties.


We recommend 3 meals spaced 4 to 5 hours apart. If you get hungry quicker than 4 or 5 hours, you should be eating bigger meals or more fat so that you stay satisfied longer. We also recommend eating breakfast within one hour of waking to maximize the impact on your hormonal rhythms.

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