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I'm totally surprised by this one. Anyone else here had a reaction to legumes?


I had kidney beans with breakfast, kidney beans and peanuts with lunch, and tofu and peanuts with dinner.


Right after dinner I noticed a tightness in my chest. This is very strange. Has anyone else experienced a reaction like this?

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I didn't have that reaction when I did my legume reintro.


However, a few weeks later, I made a cranberry orange bread with Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Biscuit and Baking Mix.  Besides getting a stomach ache, I got chest tightness and bone pain (the latter had disappeared during my Whole30). This mix contains garbanzo bean flour, but also contains corn starch and white rice flour, so I could have been reacting to any/all of those.

Also, given that you had tofu, I wonder if your chest tightness was in response to the legumes or to soy?

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My wife had kidney beans in a taco salad for the first time since January last week and paid dearly, but more with up-all-night GI issues, not chest tightness, which is a strange symptom but not being a medical professional, I wouldn't guess as to how much to worry about it. I know that sometimes gas and bloating, which is a more typical reaction to legumes, can sometimes manifest itself in strange places—maybe it's as simple as that? 


That said, if I were you I'd first look to how sensitive I was to legumes before I did a W30? If so, it might explain why you had such a dramatic reaction when reintroducing them. Also, having such a major legume load in a relatively short period may have contributed, especially if you have any allergy tendencies. Allergy to legumes is on the rise and lots of folks are cross reactive. And then there's the whole estrogenic problem with legumes as well—all of which makes them tiny little orbs of pain and not worth the trouble, personally. Besides peanut butter has become raw organic almond butter, soy sauce has become coconut aminos, kidney beans...never a fan anyway. So basically legumes have been the easiest of all the W30 banned food categories to keep a distance from. I wish I could say the same for sugar.


Good luck with the rest of your reintro. 

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Thanks, everyone. Jpketz, before W30 I never noticed any issues besides gas, which is not painful, just annoying and embarassing :-) so I was very surprised by this reintro experience. Thought it would be a breeze (unlike the dairy reintro, which confirmed my suspicions that it was causing problems sometimes before W30). I agree that legumes will be the easiest of all banned foods to give up, unlike dairy:-(


The tightness in my chest disappeared after a few hours, thank goodness. The reaction is very similar to how I felt when I first got on birth control, so the soy could have been messing with my estrogen levels, as you also mentioned, jpketz. Also, I talked to my mom tonight, and I was surprised to hear she thinks she has a peanut allergy. Like me she has issues with dairy, but she had never mentioned peanuts.


Physibeth, I did not soak anything. I am going to try separate reintros of soy, peanuts, and then other legumes. I will then try soaking whatever causes problems to see if that helps.


GFChris - bone pain?! How awful. Glad W30 took care of that!


P.S. Totally off the topic, but I successfully made my first W30 batch of mayo today - yum!

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