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Early PMS onset from dairy?

Cate B.

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So I finished a whole30 at the end of June, and started a new one on Monday. I added grassfed butter back in almost right away, and then got a little lax for a couple weeks and let cream and half/half and sugar back in. Almost immediately I started having tender breast/breast pain & lower back pain, so thought I was starting my cycle early. Two and a half weeks later, it's still going on and I'm assuming I'll be starting soon and on time.

I know there is a connection between dairy worsening PMS, esp the hormones found in milk from less than stellar cows (and all the dairy I drank was at coffee shops, so....) but I was wondering if anyone has had this experience of actually causing the symptoms to start early. It makes those cappuccinos I had not so attractive.

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Yes! One week I let my an affair with dairy go on too long (goat cheese, butter, and cream) and it was literally over week of breast tenderness and bloating. Dairy is an inflammatory so it makes since that my body felt "puffy".

Try to stay away from the sugar, half-n-half, and milk...I find these to cause the biggest problems.

Have you tried clarifying your butter?

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Ahhhh! Blasted! I do clarify butter/ghee and I'm just dandy with it. I just LOVE some real deal business. I didn't pay enough attention to when the hurt boobies began (scientific term) in relation to the butter, so perhaps after this Whole30 I'll try it once again, and continue to steer clear of the half-n-half, and see if I respond the same way again. I want full evidence before I discard my kerrygold goodness =)

Thanks for your response! I assumed someone else had stumbled upon this before.

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I'm suffering rom the same problem now- been going on for at least a week already. I also love real milk in my coffee but that led to yogurt which led to sore boobs, crankiness, and constant cravings for yogurt and sweets. Just went to my nutritional response therapist and turns out my sensitivity is specific to pasturized milk, so raw shoud be fine. Maybe you can try raw milk and see if your symptoms resolve? I'm doing a whole30 right now, but plan on introducing raw milk to see how my body reacts. Good luck!

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