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Too much?

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Today felt wayyyyy off meal plan, trying to figure out if im just simply eating too much. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

2 avos

1 zucchini

1/2 cucumber

1 beet

3 carrots

2 handfuls coconut

1 sweet potato

Cup sauerkraut

Can Sardines,

1 marrow & palmsized amount of meat,

Chicken thigh,

3;5 oz salmon,

2 chicken breasts

1 Egg,

5 anchovies

2 tbs ghee

Tbs coconut oil

2 tbs zucchini hummus

Tsp mayo

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Opps yeah that would be easier!

Here it is

Meal 1

Salmon,1/2 avo, zucchini, 1/4 cucumber

Meal 2

2 Chicken breast, 1/2 avo, egg, 5 anchovies, 1 carrot, salad, 1 beet, 1/4 cucumber with tsp mayo

Meal 3

3 carrots w/ 2 tbs hummus, 2 tbs ghee, 2 handful coconut flakes, chicken thigh, sweet potato

Then got bizarrely really hungry later resulting in-

Can sardines, 1 avo, cup sauerkraut, palm sized amount of meat, 1 small bone marrow

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To me, it looks like you kept to the meal template.  You had 4 meals instead of 3, which is ok.


Are you working out a lot? 


Are you keeping sufficiently hydrated, drinking water of at least half your body weight in ounces, daily?

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I thought Meal 2 was big. Two chicken breasts plus an egg and some anchovies is a meaningful amount of protein. I thought Meal 1 might be kind of small. I thought Meal 3 was way, way too small and your getting hungry later was no surprise. Across the day, you might have eaten enough, but it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of more for now.


And like Chris said, be sure to drink plenty of water. I am amazed how I can make uncomfortable feelings of hunger go away and stay gone for hours by drinking one or two big glasses of water. If I was truly hungry, two glasses of water might make me okay for 15 minutes, but not for two hours.

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Thank you thank you for the helpful replies!

I will try to big up meal one and hopefully that will help me blance out through out the day.

Exercise wise I do yoga 7 days a week (training to be an instructor) and bike and walk everywhere.

@GFchris- yup! The dips were all paleo and homemade :) .... After making them I dont think i could ever return to nonpaleo versions.

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