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Bet's 2nd Whole 30-∞


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Hi, I did my first W30 in July/ August. I've been off roading for a few weeks while we were on vacation. I wasn't too bad, but I did have uncompliant foods like ice cream for lunch (in my defense, it was REALLY good homemade ice cream).


But it's time to get serious again. My first W30 wasn't perfect. I didn't cheat, but I accidentally had some uncompliant foods. This time I want to eat cleaner, exercise more, and make it worth it. Last time I did the AIP, which was a bit tougher, but I found out that eggs are not for me (at least not every day). I still will not eat nightshades (I have a sensitivity to them) or many FODMAPS (I have IBS/Chrohn's). But I did discover that I can eat things like Bok Choy and Swiss Chard and other stuff when doing my first W30. I can also use more spices not following AIP and that should help.


This time hubby wants to join in. I have serious doubts that he'll do it completely, but if I can break him of his potato chip and hogie roll obsession, I will feel like it's a victory.  He also travels for work a lot, so it's difficult for him to stick to it. What I'm mostly hoping is that he sees how it can work and will incorporate W9 principles into his life.


I am also going to try to log in all my meals daily, so I can look back and see what works and what may not work. Here' is to another W30 and beyond....

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Breakfast:          2 eggs scrambled

                         2 slices bacon

                         baby bok choy sauteed in bacon fat

                         1 slice of fresh pineapple with a bit of salt on it, yum

                         Organic Java coffee with coconut milk


Lunch:  This was tough. We went to a BBQ. One of my goals for this W30 is to not lock myself away like a hermit because I don't want to explain what I'm eating. We brought compliant hot dogs (organic grass fed! Thank You Applegate Farms) and I made my own coleslaw with the compliant mayo. They had plenty of fruit there, but I really missed the margaritas. Oh well. Some people even tried my hot dogs and like them.



Zoodles! With Olive Oil

Mario Bataglia Marinara (no sugar)

Home made meatballs with grass fed beef (I added in some pork fat, a suggestion I learned here because GF beef can be dry).

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  • Breakfast
    • Sauteed Bok Choy
    • Pork/Apple/Sweet Potato fritter (left over from last week)
    • Coffee with coconut milk. And Surprise Surprise! Hubby likes the coconut milk vs half and half. Victory!
  • Lunch
    • We were out shopping and stopped at a Vietnamese place. I had heard good things about Pho, that it was made from bone broth. And you could basically add whatever you want (and leave out whatever you want).
    • Pho Broth with lots of sprouts and all kinds of meat (even tripe!).
    • Thai Tea (if you get this, make sure you ask for NO SUGAR).
  • Dinner
    • Simple grilled pork chop with a side of cauliflower (one of the few FODMAPS I can eat) with olive oil.
    • Strawberries

I also did my weekly cooking for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is pork/apple/sweet potato fritter and spinach (frozen). Lunch is WF rotisserie chicken with green beans and a small piece of sweet potato.

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I did good today:


  • Breakfast
    • Pork and Sweet Potato Fritter
    • Spinach
    • Melon
    • Coffee with coconut milk
  • Lunch
    • Rotisserie Chicken
    • Green Beans with olive oil
    • Sweet Potato
  • Dinner
    • Two Lamb Sausages
    • Zuchinni broiled with coconut oil
    • Califlower

I have to go to bed now before I get too hungry!

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Breakfast was the same as yesterday, but I did adjust and have two patties instead of one and I ditched the fruit. I found myself getting hungry long before lunchtime yesterday. The switch did the trick today.


Lunch - same as yesterday. Someone said my lunch smelled like Thanksgiving! I guess that's good.


We are having some grass fed T-Bones I got at the Farmers Market last week. And rutabagas, which I've never had. Can't wait.


After 3 days back on W30, my digestion seems to have recovered from my off-roading vacation.


Dinner was fantastic. The T-Bones were great. I think I finally convinced hubby that grass fed is the way to go. The rutabagas were also good. I had my 2nd fruit serving after dinner, melon.

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9/6 TGIF


Breakfast and lunch the same. I have to try to mix it up next week.


Dinner AMAZING grass fed strip steak, perfectly grilled by my husband. I could only eat half (it was huge) so the other half can be a lunch this weekend. Side was green beans. I'm  having some melon now.

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Well all good things must come to an end...had a major IBS flare last night. I think it was fennel seeds (which are a FODMAP, silly me) that was in my breakfast sausage meat. I was having the sausage all week, but I guess by Friday, it was too much for my system to handle. While it was awful (bad cramping, bloating, pain, diarrhea), it was over quickly and at least I now have the knowledge to stop it from happening again.


So this morning is a fresh start. And no fennel seeds in my breakfast any more!

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Thanks Amberino, yes I probably could, or try crushing them. I bought a sausage mix this time, instead of plain ground pork. It was a bit to sausagey for breakfast anyway. But I can try mixing it in myself and just adding a bit for flavor.


Today for breakfast I'm having 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs scrambled with a bit of coconut milk in them, coffee with coconut milk and a warmed up half of sweet potato. I'm going to go easy on the greens today.


Lunch was left over steak from last night's dinner and sweet potato with coconut oil. Keeping it simple


Dinner was pork roast, wonderfully roasted by hubby and cauliflower with olive oil.

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Breakfast, coffee with coconut milk, 2 scrambled eggs with a dash of coconut milk (going to see if eggs two days in a row will cause joint pain), slice of bacon and two baby sweet potatoes. They are so cute!


Lunch was grilled chicken wings and homemade sweet potato and beet chips. They came out good, the sweet potato (we used a Japanese sweet potato) came out much better and were nice and crunchy.


Dinner was a crockpot special, chuck roast with rutabagas and carrots. Very tender. And hubby has plenty of left overs for his lunches this weeks.

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9/9 - My birthday! I'm 56. Where did the time go....


Breakfast is the same, pork/apple/sweet potato fritters. This week, I used plain ground pork, not the premade sausage mix that gave me some trouble last week (and was too spicy for me for breakfast). I did add some crushed fennel seeds (from my garden, I planted fennel last summer and it was an abysmal failure except for the seeds....) I also used a cookie sheet to bake them instead of a baking dish and they came out much better. They are delish. Side is spinach.


Lunch was rotisserie chicken (I didn't get to make my own this weekend, next weekend!) green beans and some butter nut squash (from frozen bag) with olive oil and my real salt (I was able to get a small container to bring my real salt to work, yeah!). I also had some pineapple.


Since it was my birthday, my wonderful hubby made a favorite dish of mine. It's chicken thighs in a tomato sauce with bacon. It's supposed to be over a bed of rice, but we had green beans. It was fantastic, as usual. I told hubby that spaghetti squash would be perfect with this. It's nice to have your favorite recipes adapted to W30.


I was really tried, and went to bed at 9:30. I feel very energized today.

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