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AG's Second Attempt


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Okay, here it goes. September 9 will be my second go at this. 


I spent a couple days looking at where I went wrong. I spent time daydreaming, cycling through memories. Memories that really pointed out how I have come to where I am now.


Though my wife is not doing this with me, we reached some common ground. She will be making her own lunches. If she wants something added to her dinners, she will do that cooking. She understands it is hard to cook when you can't sample to see if the food is ready. If my boys want rice or pasta added to dinner, I am fine with that. My oldest boy can make his own sandwiches if he wants one, and I am fine with that. My wife agreed that we will not have junk food for these 30 days, and that will be her 30 day thing. I can handle rice and white potatoes and pasta in the pantry; when combined with all the garbage in the pantry it became too much.


To help me get through this, I am going to use this thread to account for each, or at least most days. While I do not expect a response everyday, I think it will do me some good to at least track my progress in a public manner. If I stay too private, it would be far more easy to just keep putting it off.


Though I only made three days last week, they were the best three I have felt in a while. My morning congestion went down, my glucose readings went down, and let's just say that my bowels were behaving better. I know that cleaning up like this is good for my long time health and I am still young enough that I can avoid being one of those stories people hear about diabetics.


Tomorrow I plan on starting the day with some eggs and vegetables with a black coffee. Then I am going to a nearby trail to get a slow-paced hike in. Just me and the dog - the boys can go on a future outing. 


Thank you to everyone who gave support in my other threads. 

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So glad to hear you've made some plans with your wife - from the sounds of it, 30 days of no junk for her is a great compromise, and will benefit her massively as well as being a big support to you. Getting her to make her own lunches is good too - maybe she'll start to think about her choices and make better ones for herself?

Strength and good choices to you! (No luck, there's no luck involved!) enjoy your hike :)

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Day 1


The day is coming to a close. I woke up, naturally, at 4 a.m. Here in FL, the mornings and evenings are cooling down some, so breakfast was outside. Two eggs with mushrooms, bell pepper, and brussels sprouts on the side, roasted with olive oil. Black coffee to help the wake up process. I also had a peach, and I am trying to limit the fruits for glucose reasons. I can taste the coffee, and not the sugar creamers I used to use. Lunch was shredded pork with a salad. Iced tea that was unsweetened, and this will take getting used to for this Southerner.


The Mrs. is stepping up to make me a dinner of beef and vegetable stirfry. 


I went for a three mile hike with the dog, and we sat mid-way for a few minutes. I had a one-sided conversation with him. He is not showing the hyperness he does on a usual day, so this is healthy for both of us. I would like to do these hikes one to two times a week, with neighborhood jaunts on remaining days. I'll wait for this to become habit before I try too much more.


After the hike, I was energized, and now I'm getting drowsy with about three hours left in my day. I'll see how I sleep tonight, and look forward to seeing my fasting glucose reading in the morning.

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You mentioned being hungry on your last few days - if your meals were similar, eat more!!

It's hard to judge the meals other than breakfast, but 2 eggs isn't enough- a serve is as many as you can hold, that's likely 4! Also make sure you're adding fat...

Now you're working out, you also need pre/postWO meals - these will help you refuel and recover. Your body needs it!

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I will see about adding more to breakfast. I was normally a p.m. eater, and am making changes to that. Normally, I would be awake for 5-6 hours before I felt like eating. I would have one meal. Then, come 8 p.m. or so, I would have huge meals leading until I went to bed. 


Also, the fats are coming from the meats and EVOO so far. I am trying to find a source for coconut oil that won't break the wallet, or find a place that sells clarified butter. I am 1/2 way through the book (I am a slow reader because I pause to take notes, etc.) and read about being careful with nuts. I may add some, though, if my fats look too low. Not sure where to go from there.


Also, I will add the pre and post meals. Thank you!

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Also, the fats are coming from the meats and EVOO so far. I am trying to find a source for coconut oil that won't break the wallet, or find a place that sells clarified butter. 

Make your own clarified butter.  It's easy. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2010/03/how-to-clarify-butter-recipe/


I've tried a few different brands of butter: for the money, I like Organic Valley cultured unsalted butter the best. 


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Well, that clarified butter thing looks simple enough. I have always liked butter, so that will be just a small step to clarify it and keep it in my meal plan. I never liked margarine, don't personally use it, and wish I could get it out of my house soon.


I do not have a Costco nearby, but there is a Sam's Club. I will check in there to see about the coconut oil. I haven't used a Sam's in a while, but I may need to check out their produce again to help with costs. I know my produce is conventional, but right now I have to look at the budget and gradually go more organic. I'd also like to get my garden going again by next Spring to help with the costs/organics.


Day 3 is now coming to a close. Like last time, Day 3 got a bit difficult. I have consumed enough food, but I keep feeling like I just want to have a sandwich, and a cheeseburger, and crackers, and french fries, and on and on. At least there was no pie on the counter this time, so my temptations weren't actually in the house.


I am already used to unsweet tea, as I just use lemon to take away the tea's bitterness. I drink a lot of water, but sometimes water just gets boring so I reach for my tea.


I am walking more; yesterday was spent at a local lake that we walked around (1 mile) in between swimming. I have a very pronounced "beer belly" that is normally stiff after meals. It is softening up a bit. Glucose numbers are coming down, and it is easier to bolus when my carbs come only from fruits and vegetables.


I am about to head into my first Day 4. 

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Great job making it through Day 3! You are almost through the worst of it!


Another place to check for coconut oil is tropical traditions. They have good sales. If you vary your fats enough it should last a long time. On keeping produce costs down try and shop as seasonally and locally as you can. One tip I've heard on farmer's markets is to go near closing time. A lot of farmers will cut you a deal so they don't have to take their produce home. Check out the dirty dozen list...those are the most important things to get organic if you can. 

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Hooray for you!  When you hit that point in the evening where you just want to eat 'something' it is important to determine if this is habit or hunger.  Ask yourself:  Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?  If the answer is yes, you are hungry.  Have a mini-meal, not a snack with protein, fat and some carb.  If the answer is no, it is just your old habit of mindless eating trying to weasel its way back in.  But you are smarter than that!

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Day 4 just about in the bag. It is amusing that Maryann's suggestion, and my day 4 email mentioned "Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?" That was dinner. The broccoli had olive oil and cherry tomatoes added, but that turned out to be dinner after I used my bamboo steamer. It turned out to be lower fat than most meals.


I did have more fruits today, and my glucose paid for it. It was just a matter of being low on produce and not wanting the fruits to go bad. I know whole30 is not meant to be low-carb, but I am also addressing this from the standpoint of type 1 diabetes. If my glucose does not get under control, very little else matters. So, I am limiting fruit from now on if I have it at all. Starchy vegetables will only be used when I have planned workouts. 


Tomorrow I'll be shopping again and looking for different kinds of produce and possibly order from Fatworks.

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Sounds like you're really headed in the right direction!!


It's not often I am this thankful that I am single :D the dogs are only annoyed because there is less yummy junk food falling on the floor and they're not too keen on some of the veggies!

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Wow. Day 5.


When I was 13, I started smoking. I smoked off and on until about the age of 26. I tried off and on to stop, and kept going back. Finally, something clicked and I knew it was time. I haven't had a cigarette since.


This may be the time that my food choices click.


I had three solid meals. I cooked rice for the family. I did not want any. I wanted my vegetables. Even the cauliflower, and I used to detest that vegetable. I am reading labels beyond the carbohydrate line.


Finally, lawn work normally wears me out in the summer heat. I am usually done for the day. Today, I worked for a solid three hours, rested, showered, and moved on to other chores.


Today was not hard, and I now approach one week.

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Okay, I lost track of any daily posting here (though I still read others' posts). 


Day 10!!!


I will not say that every moment has been easy. There were moments when I really wanted to call up Papa John's, or get Chinese take out, or throw a Five Guy's burger down my throat. However, I made it through all the tempting moments. If it is a meal time, I just start prepping my meal, and my mind is no longer on that pizza.


I found that just one daily serving of fruit is enough for me and does not wreak havoc on my glucose. I am eating far more vegetables than I think I ever have, and 98% of my meals are now made at home. We have even had a few days at different lakes, and I know how to prep ahead now. 


My wife still eats her SAD, but since I do not eat out, she doesn't either (since she would have to go by herself). I think she sees that this is catching on with me and it is not like the other times I have tried with other methods. I mentioned I would like to try to make a few items and she surprised me today with an immersion blender. After gathering a couple recipes, I made my own mayo using it. I also made guacamole (I only like avocados if it is guac) to have with my omelets and salads, and I clarified my own butter.


My morning glucose readings are in the 80s, and post meals are 130-140. This is after averaging 200-300s pre-W30. At this rate, I will be working on a gradual insulin reduction soon.


Yes, I have energy. I am actually playing with my boys and going out more for walks and swims, and even took my eldest out to the gun range for his first time. These are things I have missed.


Now, the best part. I have been down about not wearing my wedding ring for about two years now. I knew my beer belly was going down, and I saw my ring sitting on the bathroom counter. Holy crap, it fits, and I was able to wear it when I went out for errands today. 


Twenty more days until I step on the scale, but right now just stabilizing my glucose levels saved my life whatever that scale says.

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I was SO glad to see your last post.  You are right, the glucose levels alone are worth the sacrifice.  And after a while, they aren't even sacrifices.  As your tastes change and your body responds to healthy eating, the bloating, cramping, and lethargy caused by what used to be your favorite foods seem no longer worth it.  Nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy feels.

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Day 11 is going well. 



3 egg omelet with mushrooms, bell peppers, onions

Leftover green beans with olive oil

1/2 large banana

Black coffee



Spinach salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, and chicken salad made with my new mayo


M3 (tonight):

Whole shrimp sauteed in clarified butter with minced garlic

Steamed broccoli 

Roasted beets


Morning glucose was 78. Post M2 was 103. Energy levels are helping me accomplish some much needed home chores that have been put off. 

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