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Earlier Periods and Sugar Cravings


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I did my whole 30 month of June and I've pretty much not returned to my old way of eating (SAD) - the only things I reintroduced was occasional honey. Now ever since I did my whole 30, my period has been coming earlier and earlier. I should mention that I'm a nursing mom (3 yrs)- after I gave birth yo my daughter, My period didn't until she was about 11 months and since then, It's been very regular - coming on the 20th (give or take a day) every month, until June that is. It came just a few days earlier on the 17, then in July, it came on the 14 and now, it came on the 8th!!!! Is this normal? Usually when my cycle changes, a month i skipped it's done this before. Also, I never struggled with period cravings before this month, not even before my whole 30. The first day of my period this month, I went to the mall and got an order of cinnamon pretzel bites and today, my last day, I'm at Starbucks and I just had to get the red velvet cheesecake, chocolate chuck cookie AND a sugar shortbread cookie. There's no guilt haha i guess because I know I don't eat like this on the regular but I'm starting to feel like sh*t inside. My stomach is feeling really weird and I'm getting gas *oops* Am I just having a bag month or is this going to keep happening? I've never suffered from cravings, EVER on my period. I should probably also mention that it's been a stressful month for me, my daughter just started school and after almost 3 years with her, it's been hard on me. Does that explain all this? anyone else experience any of this? Please, any help- I really don't want to go through this again! THanks in advance.



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Totally normal.  Look around, you'll see lots of posts about early/late periods while eating this way.  Remember - your cycles were regular before, but that doesn't mean your hormones were ideal.  Sounds like your cycles were about 30-31 days, and now it sounds like they're about 27-28 days.  That's totally normal.  Don't sweat it.  


As for the cravings, that's your hormones talking.  Just prior to your period, your body NEEDS more carbs.  Think caveman days...  You ovulate mid-month, and for the next 2 weeks, your body has to assume it's pregnant.  It needs all the resources it can get to make sure baby sticks and the species survives.  In order for that to happen, your body needs an extreme amount of energy to make that happen.  Thus, the carb cravings.  Next month, recognize the need and instead of splurging on something sweet, up your compliant carb intake.  That'll do it.  It's not that you need willpower or anything, just recognize it's a need of the body based on instinct.  Recognize it, address it responsibly, and move on.  

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Actually her last cycle was 24 days. I would keep monitoring your cycle length if it continues to be 24 days or less or irregular,in general, I would recommend getting your hormones checked. Otherwise, I do agree with above add in more compliant carbs. I believe I did some hormonal damage with low carb and intermittent fasting (I know IF doesnt apply to your situation).

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