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Not sure where I'm going wrong


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I will try not to get too lengthy on the background and get straight to the point.

1) I have completed a full W30 about a year ago (my focus was on healthy eating, my psychology of food, etc and was hopeful for weight loss.)  I'd say I was successful on all ends (mostly inches lost, instead of pounds, which I am perfectly ok w/...stupid scale!)


2) While I eat paleo about 85-90% of the time, I think it is good to come back to W30 occasionally.  I decided after a cruise to do a W7.  Well, after 7, I thought I would just keep going.  It is now almost 2 weeks in and am going to continue until next week when we go to Ireland.

- I finally weighed myself and absolutely NOTHING.  No pounds, no BF%.  Before this, I was doing a mirror observation and even thought "It doesn't look like anything is happening"....which prompted me to the scale.


3) I lift 3 times a week.  Do HIIT 1/week.  Walk a lot in my job (in short periods but over the full day)


Meals: (the first few days, I did track just to see where I was at due to my weight lifting.  I am getting in about 2,000 calories/day.  Slightly more on lifting days)


Breakfasts are usually something like an egg casserole (just eggs and veggies w/ some homemade sausage or approved bacon).  Or, an egg/sweet potato/homemade breakfast sausage hash


Lunches:  Big. big salad (chicken breast, romaine, peppers/onions, olives) w/ either an olive oil based dressing or homemade mayo base


Dinners:  3-5 oz protein plus side of veggies (broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc)



- Occasionally fruit (often an apple w/ almond butter) or a banana

- Tea w/ a TBS coconut oil


Other notes:  I am getting 8 hours sleep, am not stressed out right now, drink plenty of water, clothes are not fitting differently (aka:inches)



- Am I eating too much?  Too little?

- Should I be timing meals to workouts?

- Anything else???


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Id say you're eating too little - it doesn't sound like you include much fat, and you're not eating pre/postWO meals! You also mention snacking - this isn't really encouraged during your whole 30, and if you're genuinely hungry its generally a sign you aren't eating enough at your meals. If you are eating out of habit, just stop! Try and listen to your body.

If you're working out you need the extra food to help you recover and refuel. PreWO should be fat and carbs, postWO should be lean protein and starchy vegies.

2 weeks isn't really a long time to stick at an eating plan, and getting on the scale really isn't encouraged as it usually ends in the reaction you've shown! A number isn't going to tell you an awful lot, and I wouldn't trust the BF monitors on those scales if you paid me!

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I am a HUGE believer in that the scale is a liar! Since doing my first W30, I have gone from an "everyday check" to a "once a month" check" :)  (Just one of the many things I took from my first W30 experience!)

- I also know that two weeks is not long in the scheme of things, but shouldn't I be seeing SOMETHING?  



1) I have fat in almost all the meals (ghee in eggs, olive oil in mayo, avacados, etc) but maybe I need more?

2) I feel like I have to stuff  myself just to get to the 2000 calories!  If that is not enough, suggestions on how to up that calories w/out force feeding myself?



1) I stayed about 85% W30 even after I was done (I guess you would call it closer to a Paleo lifestyle).  Even then, despite workouts, etc.  I mostly just maintained.   In the spring, I had hormones tested- all was fine.  However, we live in Germany.  Let's just say that I don't always turn down a good fest beer or schnitzle (I know, I Know...).  This summer, I somehow gained 10 pounds.  Yes, food was slightly off that month, but nothing that should warrant 10 pounds, and I would say I am pretty realistic about what I am eating. (Also, like I said, I only weigh myself 1/month, so when I saw that that had happened in ONE month), I knew something was off.  (this was even BEFORE the cruise).  I decided it was time for another reset since something is clearly not jiving. 


Woops, sorry for so much writing.  I appreciate the feedback and help for sure though!

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Here's my thought, just from the info you mentioned above:


Depending on how much of a good Beerfest you've been enjoying ;) And how much food fun you had on that cruise, you could be holding on to some water or even a little extra poundage because of the sugar (alcohol is essentially sugar to your body) and the inflammation from the wheat and barley and such.  Now, I won't say that's the sole cause - there's no way to know that. But if your 10-15% contained inflammatory foods or much sugar, it's possible that it's the reason for your stall out. Maybe when you get back from Ireland, try a kickstart W30 to nix any remnants of your enjoyment and reset the game. Then, go from there?

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