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Improved Sleep Quality

John Carey

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Have you guys had this experience while on Whole30?

I lay down on my back, feeling the awesomeness that is bed. Adjusting my pillow, I create a little crook for my neck to rest in, keeping my head neutral. I straighten my legs and let my feet fall forward. Finally, I externally rotate my hands, palms up, by my side. A few deep breaths and it's off to la-la land.

8 hours later... Wake up in the exact same position.

Have the thought, "Holy shit, did I even move all night?" The clear answer is no. Just 8 hours of undisturbed, high quality sleep, thanks to W30!!

One of many of the improvements I've noticed -- but sleep quality is the thing I first report on when people ask. It's a night an day difference!


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This was the biggest difference for me too - waking up refreshed and awake just minutes before my alarm is set to go off.

In my experience, it's also the first thing that goes out the door after some off-roading - I'm a week into my second Whole30 and it's getting better and better, but I can't wait for the great night's sleep that I remember happening in week 2/3 and onwards.

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