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A cold/sinus infections

Cathie W

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my go to remedy when I feel like i'm coming down with a cold is to dose up on heaps of fresh ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon and loads of fresh vegies (predominantly green). for me, this seems to blast the cold away overnight!


I've read many people on the forum suggest bone broth as well.


I rarely use medication/supplementation so haven't looked in to any whole 30 compliant options

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I actually just wrote a post on this topic. I was trying to get away without having to go to the doctor's and take medicine. I'm almost fully recovered from what I think was sinus infection. :) Here is the link for my 10 Tips When You Are Sick: http://eating4balance.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/10-tips-when-you-are-sick/


The gist is basically though:


1. Hydrate.

2. Take probiotics.

3. Drink tea.

4. Consider taking vitamins/minerals/herbs.

5. Soup really is your best friend.

6. Use saline spray.

7. Sleep.

8. Gurgle with salt water.

9. Reconsider taking that medication.

10. Don't load up on junk food.


I'm not a health professional or anything; those are just what work for me! I also go further in depth with my explanation of each one in my post (skip to the bottom half to side step my crazy dream recaps and miserable weekend when I was sick  ;)  Haha).


I hope you feel better and some of those tips help!

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Saline nosewash. No fancy neti pots here...1 cup warm (not hot!) filtered water (if it's not filtered you'll feel like you dunked in a pool...), 1/4 tsp salt. Put at least 1 tbsp through each side of your nose, 1 tsp at a time. It works wonders.

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I have a product that comes with a bottle and pre-measured packets of salt and baking soda mixture. The bottle has a nozzle that screws onto the top with a straw that goes to the bottom. You fill with warm water and add a packet and dissolve it, then lean over the sink and squirt the water up each nostril. It works really well and was about $10 for a bottle and 250 packets at walgreens.


On a related note, there's pretty much no need whatsoever to go to the doctor or take medication when you get a cold or similar related illnesses. If you are an average healthy person with no underlying medical condition that makes things like the flu and other infections more dangerous, your immune system will fight them off after a couple days of feeling crappy. All the doctor is going to do is tell you to go home, rest, drink plenty of fluids, and maybe prescribe some antibiotics (which don't work on viruses like colds and flus anyway) or some pain killers/fever reducers. So long as your fever is 102-103 or less, and doesn't last more than 24-48 hours, there's no need to take medication, and in fact taking NSAID's to lower a fever can prolong symptoms and slow healing. 


Fevers, within reason, are a healthy response to infection. The body raises it's temperature because most bacteria and viruses have a hard time surviving at these elevated temperatures, so it makes the body's job that much easier.


Now, of course, this only applies to common viral infections like colds and flu, and only if you are an otherwise healthy average person. If you think you have a bacterial infection, see a doctor immediately. I am not a doctor, I just play one on the internet :P


Also, I never go to the doctor for colds and sniffles, not even for flu-like symptoms. I even got the stomach flu a while back and just spent the day in bed throwing up about once every 2-3 hours and sleeping. 24 hours later, I was exhausted, but fine, and the day after that I was 100% better. If it had lasted longer, I'd have definately gone to the doctor though.


Last time I went to the doctor was for a chicken pox-like infection that gave me a 102 degree fever for 10 days and made my knees swell up to the point I couldn't walk. I'm still feeling fallout from that one 6 months later (namely side effects from the prednisone like anxiety and heart palpitations)

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Garlic, ginger, black pepper, chilli, horseradish/wasabi (if compliant).

Twinings make a great lemongrass & ginger tea that is compliant.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get a hot steam vaporiser, with many of the same ingredients as a cough drop, but you breathe it in rather than eat it (Eucalyptus, menthol, etc).

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It had something to do with the forums being down. it was the correct post right after I posted it, but then tthe forums went down and were having all kinds of issues. I noticed several other threads with miss-matched titles, or replies that had nothing to do with the OP. It's like the forums went down and got taken apart and weren't put back together in the right order....

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