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Karyna's Post30 Day 1 (Wed 16 Oct)


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So I finished my first whole30 yesterday (and while on holiday in Palma de Mallorca, Spain). My eating habits are certainly better and I love not having to count calories or Points (as an avid Weight Watchers lifetime/gold member). My goals of the whole30 were to lose a few inches (tone up), get more out of my workouts, better energy levels throughout the day, and to rid myself of my sugar-binge-on-junk weekends.

I finished with having lost 7 inches overall, I feel like I get the full benefits of my workouts (drenched in sweat), and energy did get better. I am still waiting for the tiger blood but understand that it may take more time for the effects of 30yrs of eating to be detoxed.

My first reintro pick was grains/bread (I know it should have been dairy first ... Sorry!)

M1 - croissant, hard boiled egg, fried eggs , bacon and beet root salad and churros (as you do in Spain)

After m1, I felt a bit foggy and had a mild sinus headache. Now, since I had both grains, dairy (croissant loaded with butter) and sugar it could have been any of them. Plus I noticed how artificially sweet the croissant was. Slightly disappointing but good to know. The churros however were lovely.

M2 - tuna salad and a baguette and rose wine

This time, I had a baguette and some wine. The baguette was just as I remembered but the rose was disappointing so I didn't drink it all. I had no ill effects from the baguette except for one - I could eat an entire baguette without stopping. This was definitely a no-brakes food for me. I partly wished for some ill effects.

M3 - roast pork, salad with beet root, onion, cucumber and a baguette.

Again no ill effects with the baguette except for the no-brakes.

I decided not to reintroduce pasta as it's not something I will eat on a daily basis or even occasionally. But knowing bread does not illicit a bad physiological response... Only a psychological one, it will be one I will have on rare occasions as a very special treat and it will be the BEST baguette ever.

Tomorrow back to whole30 compliant (plus alcohol!). :)

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Congratulations on completing your Whole30!

You can reintroduce in whatever order you like. The order provided in ISWF is just an example.


Only reintroduce those items you're curious about and/or would like to incorporate eating at some point again.

But when you do reintroduce, reintro only one item at each reintro day.  The fact that you introduced dairy and grains on the same day makes it unclear what caused the reaction you had.

Also, have three different forms of the food product on its reintro day. For example, on dairy day, have butter at m1, yogurt at m2, and cheese at meal 3.

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M1: coconut flour banana bread, green tea with coconut oil

M2: crab cakes, tomato soup (great recipe from NomNom Paleo)

M3: tilapia with rice and fried eggs, veggies with dip, tomato soup, tiny piece of chocolate (which didn't taste good)


Yes, I did try some rice. I didn't feel foggy or have a headache but my stomach feels too full. That despite the fact I don't think I ate as much as I usually do. I didn't plan my meals well today - I have a hard time with Fridays because we're not supposed to eat meat on Friday (Catholic) but my family doesn't care a lot for seafood (and it's expensive!)


If all goes well with this pregnancy (God willing!), I'll probably be feeling very tired and very sick in a couple of weeks. So I have made a plan to double up a lot of my meals and freeze them. The first three months are when I eat very poorly, because of how badly I feel, but I want to do better this time around and I hope having meals already made will keep me on track. I already made and froze some paleo muffins yesterday when I baked the banana bread - this will be helpful for the kids to have something.


I've been surprised that my cravings haven't returned with a vengeance (still there but not so bad). And some foods I looked forward to don't taste all that great. 

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Congratulations on your pregnancy Karyn!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Had you been trying for a while?

Yesterday was our last day of holiday which was quite sad. I wasn't completely whole30 compliant...

M1 - fried eggs, ham, tomatoes and churros (I had four and then had stomach pains after...)

And then some alcohol before we left for the airport.

M2 - at the airport it was so difficult finding compliant food but had a pathetic looking chicken salad, and luckily I packed cashew nuts and a banana. On the flight I had some olives for the first time in my life as it was the only compliant thing on the snack menu... And I think I found a new food love!

M3 - as our flight was delayed an hour we didn't get home until 8pm, then I had to get Robyn fed and bathed and in bed... I didn't eat until almost 9:30 but it was well worth the wait for chicken drumsticks, sweet potato fries and burnt broccoli. Oh how I missed good vegetables!!

Saturday (today) I am thinking of reintroducing dairy. Maybe a Starbucks latte with breakfast, cheese at lunch, ice cream after dinner. Eek. I'll let you know how I get on!

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I also have a bunch of frozen bananas so made some banana ice cream last night (just blitzed frozen bananas in food processor - nothing else added) and may make some Paleo banana bread for my husband and daughter. :)

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Post #whole30 Day 4 - Reintroduction 2 - Dairy

I decided that my dairy reintroduction would include milk, cheese and ice cream.

M1 - hard boiled eggs, burnt broccoli and sweet potato hash with a Pumpkin Spice Latte - truthfully, the latte was disappointing and I had a slight sinus headache and a bit of an upset stomach, but nothing too debilitating that would keep me from indulging in an EggNog Latte this holiday season.

M2 - chicken drumsticks, sweet potato chips and sautéed kale with cheddar cheese

Seriously, cheese tastes different to what I remember. Not as strong flavour as I would have liked but at least no negative physiological reactions, but psychologically... I could have eaten the whole block. So, a no-brakes food. Hmm.

M3 - roast chicken and roast carrots, celery and sweet potato with ice cream.

No physiological reaction to the ice cream but it is a no-brakes food for me.

Part of me would have liked a more negative physiological reaction but it is good to know I can have these but I need to be careful when I do.

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Quick update... Instead of stopping at the portion of ice cream I had, I ate half the tub. :(

And now, I have a bit of a foggy head and a slight stomachache. Ugh.

At least I am not immune and I know there is such a thing as too much of a good thing...

Ugh. Back to compliant tomorrow. Which I am really excited about. I am finding that am more excited to be eating healthy clean foods than reintroducing all of these which are turning into a bit of disappointment.

This is a huge turnaround for me. I remember day 14, wanting to slap someone and quit for a piece of cake.

Now, I am looking forward to what healthy recipes that are whole30 compliant I can try, and knowing that I can have the non-compliant when the special occasion calls for it. This is a lifestyle I can stick to. :)

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Thanks, Karyna. No, we hadn't been trying for awhile as baby number five is only twenty months old - but I think Whole30 helped out with the whole fertility thing. I'm really hoping to stay on track for this pregnancy. I usually have high blood sugar that I have to control with low carb eating during the last months of each pregnancy; it would be so much better to just start off with the better way of eating. That, and I'm already starting off this pregnancy with extra weight, so I don't really need to gain more. 


I know what you mean about food not tasting quite as good and/or the same. Cheese has been good on things but not so great on its own. I had a little spoon of peanut butter, but it didn't taste good and I gave it to my husband. And chocolate has been giving me gutaches - yikes! I don't know if I should be happy because it'll make it easier to eat paleo food or if I should be sad because the "oldies" aren't any good. A psychological/emotional issue to work through, for sure. 


I can't have things like a tub of ice cream or, apparently, a bag of chocolate chips in the house. I just don't have that willpower to be moderate (at least not yet). 


M1: bacon and eggs scrambled, banana paleo pancakes with maple syrup, green tea with coconut oil

M2a: (at soccer game): tablespoon of soft cheese, three small crab cakes with mustard, one cup of carrots

M2b; (at home after game) - two hot dogs sprinkled with cheddar cheese (made my stomach hurt)

M3: large Caesar salad with grilled chicken and parmesan, 1/4 apple with peanut butter, small handful of chocolate, herbal tea - made my stomach hurt again, I guess from the chocolate


I do sort of miss the Whole30. I was tired of checking everything to make sure it was compliant but I find that food choices are kind of harder now because I have to think more about whether or not it is "healthy", which is a more vague term. And I can see how more and more noncompliant stuff is creeping in. 


Karyna - are you going to reintroduce grains and legumes?

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Hi Karyn,


Good for you for wanting to stay whole30 during pregnancy. My husband and I want to start trying again soon and I did stay healthy for my first pregnancy and only gained 30 lbs and was back to goal weight about 3 months after. I would want to stay whole30 compliant during pregnancy, not just for the weight, but to be healthy. :)


I will reintroduce popcorn (as I LOVE it), and rice. Otherwise, I can't think of anything else I would want to reintroduce as even before I did the whole30, I had cut out quinoa, rice, pasta, etc. The only foods I'm really interested in eating that are not compliant are:

- baked goods (even Paleo ones)

- dairy (in form of lattes, cheese, ice cream)

- rice (in the form of sushi, or rice protein found in my protein shakes)

- sugar (honey, stevia)

- popcorn

- alcohol

Apart from the above, I can't think of anything else I would really want.


Today, I made Paleo banana bread for my husband and I think the dairy and sugar from the ice cream last night has left me with a headache for most of today but also has left me with some sugar cravings as I was wanting a piece of the Paleo banana bread. I had a couple of bites, but saved the rest of the loaf for my husband.


Today was also my prep day so for two hours I was in the kitchen, cooking, and it was great. I made beef brisket for tonight's dinner, meatloaf, lunches for me and my husband for tomorrow and Tuesday, packed my daughter's lunches and dinners for the week while she is at my mum-in-law's during the day. Very productive day.


Today's meals:

M1 - two eggs, bacon, sauteed kale, sweet potato chips

M2 - avocado chicken salad (so good!), banana and cashew nuts

Snack - root vegetable crisps

M3 - beef brisket, sweet potato chips and spinach


This week I do want to reintroduce rice protein (found in my protein shakes and nutrition bar) just to see how I react to them. I also want to see how my body reacts to sugar again and whether I can practice moderation.


I had a friend ask me today, "Are you still doing the whole30?" And my answer, "I just like this eating so much because I know exactly what I can have, and it's now a lifestyle and I love how this makes me feel and the freedom it gives me to eat healthy."


How was your day?

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M1: two sausage links, fried egg, green tea with coconut oil

M2: pot roast with a little bit of leftover rice thrown in, paleo pumpkin muffin

M3: will be at a friend's house. She said she's making burritos with black beans, chicken, and the toppings. She has celiacs, so maybe her tortillas will be gluten-free. I'll try to just have everything without a tortilla. And she's making flan (ick). I'm taking my paleo muffins over as well, just to be a polite guest and so hopefully she can enjoy them, since they're gluten-free. 


I spent a few hours in the kitchen as well! I realized how poorly I've been doing with veggies during M1 and M2 and I think this is largely because I didn't have any already made. So I made up some marinated carrots, roasted sweet potatoes, and sauteed some cabbage - this should help me do better. I'm also trying to make double batches of everything so I can freeze some.


If you're thinking of conceiving soon, you might want to check out the Weston Price foundation's list of foods that every pregnant woman should have daily or weekly. They suggest you add these foods six months prior to conception to give the baby a great start. I'm not sure I agree with everything (their raw milk suggestion seems like sooo much to drink) but I think it's a good template. Is raw milk legal in England?


Here's to a good start to the upcoming week!

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HI Karyn,


I've just found a site that delivers raw milk, raw butter, raw ghee, etc. all over the UK. I truthfully don't drink milk that often (I was having almond milk almost daily with my protein shakes) and cook with ghee. 


Are you nervous about reintroducing anything? I keep going back and forth about this because I know myself and how I can go right back to planning my weekends as my 'binge on anything and everything' weekends. 


I LOVE the structure of the whole30 and want to enjoy a few treats every now and again. 


Also, I wanted to reintroduce my protein shakes and nutrition bars again (both have rice protein and sugar) for my PostWO and for snacks as a treat (as I bought a huge stock of them before starting the whole30 and I do not want to throw them out at all) or at least finish the stock I've got then not order them again. I've already asked in the Reintro Board and the two replies I got were people never went back to their protein shakes. I did love them and thought they helped me with my training and muscle toning immensely.


Any thoughts for someone who can't seem to decide?!

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I told my husband I sort of wanted to start another Whole30. I feel like I really messed up the reintro as I didn't reintro something, then go compliant, then reintro something else, go compliant. etc. I'm not so much worried about reintroducing anything because I don't want to reintroduce wheat and legumes (though I did yesterday because someone put them on my plate and I tried some black beans out). But I'm worried how already bits of sugar are creeping in and I don't want to keep sliding further. 


On the other hand, like you and your protein shakes, I have pounds and pounds of coconut flour I bought in bulk with a friend. I really don't want to waste it, especially since it's a quality food, but I don't know what you do with it aside from baked paleo goods (SWYPO). But I feel wobbly navigating the middle way between Whole30 and the slippery slope back to SAD (don't know what they call it in England!). I guess I'm not feeling ready to have my training wheels off, as they say. 


Perhaps you could alternate your regular protein shakes with some paleo versions (I think Mark's Daily Apple talks about primal ones) and then you could see which ones really benefit you. 


BTW, do you have a recipe for that avocado chicken salad? Sounds yummy. 


M1: two paleo muffins (I am happy that these are not proving too tempting; I eat enough and am satisfied), 1 scotch egg (thanks for introducing these to me, Karyna), sweet potatoes, green tea with coconut oil

M2: pot roast, almonds with about 25 chocolate chips (bad habit forming here), preggo tea

M3: will be chicken soup (cooking on the woodstove, yum) and probably a salad

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Ksweet, the slippery slope between paleo and SAD (or SUKD is kind of fitting for a uk version perhaps?) with paleo baked goods is kind of why I suggested getting rid of stuff you don't want/need.

Coconut flour in itself may not be too bad - whilst it's not unhealthy, I don't think it's going to make you healthier - but it enables other foods that aren't so good, even if made with ok ingredients! You shouldn't feel pressured to use it just because you've bought it - do to have any friends who would have use for it and might take it off your hands?

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Amberino, what is SAD? :(


Sorry I didn't update yesterday's meal plan.


Monday - first day back at work. All went well.

PreWo - hardboiled egg

PostWO - chicken and sweet potato chips

M1 - sweet potato, parsnip, pork, and egg casserole with spinach and a side of strawberries

M2 - grilled salmon, sweet potato mash, burnt broccoli, cashew nuts and a banana

M3 - grilled cod, sweet potato chips and sauteed kale


Today... truthfully, I am one for making lots of one thing and having it a couple of times a week.

PreWo - hardboiled egg

PostWO - chicken and sweet potato chips

M1 - sweet potato, parsnip, pork, and egg casserole with spinach and a side of strawberries

M2 - grilled salmon, sweet potato mash, burnt broccoli, cashew nuts and a banana

M3 - beef brisket, cauliflower mash, sauteed kale and cashew nuts


Tomorrow, I am going to reintroduce my protein shake for my PostWO just to see how my body reacts to it. If I feel great after having it, I'll keep it as my PostWO until it runs out then back to whole30. If I feel worse after, then no more.


Every person is different, and I used these protein shakes for quite a while before doing the whole30 and I absolutely loved them and felt I was getting a great benefit from them after working out. I did end up using them as a replacement for breakfast, so I did not get as much benefit as I could have and probably did not use them properly, but hope I will do now.


Also, I almost had a biscuit and chocolate today. I brought back some biscuits and chocolate from Spain for my team at work (as it's our tradition to do so) and I managed to stay away. Whoo!


How are you today Karyn?


Today -

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Thanks, Amberino, I totally see what you mean about the slippery slope. However, I have over 100.00 invested in coconut flour, lol! if this pregnancy is like the others, some baked goods might be the only things I'll be able to stomach and so I'll probably use it for now. While you're right, I do end up using things like honey and syrup in coconut flour things, I guess that's better than the noodles and bread I would normally be consuming. And so far I haven't been eating baked things like crazy. A decent amount has sufficed, which is a big deal for me!


Karyna, good job with the chocolate and biscuits - that would have been hard for me. Are you having an easier time eating well now that you're back to work?


M1: scotch egg, slice of coconut flour bread with butter, carrots, green tea with coconut oil

M2: chicken soup, small handful of chocolate chips (these are more of a problem right now - will be baking these into pumpkin bread that I freeze and then give out over the holidays)

M3: ham and cabbage soup (new recipe that I liked and will double up to freeze)


I am bummed out that I have gained two pounds. Obviously, I'm not going to lose weight over the next nine months but I'm sure this weight gain is due to chocolate chips!

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M1: cabbage and pork hash, 2 blueberry muffins, green tea with coconut milk

M2: cabbage and pork hash, carrots

S: two muffins

M3: will be beef roast with carrots, potatoes, mashed cauliflower, salad with some feta cheese


I'm still cooking up a storm and freezing lots of yummy foods. I have also planned a Halloween "feast" for the kids with mostly paleo treats (versus sugar treats). They're pretty good about eating paleo foods but I don't know if their guests will feel the same, lol! I also ordered some coconut cream with a gift certificate - not sure what to do with it but I'm trying to incorporate more coconut into my life. 

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Today was my reintro of my Arbonne protein shake which had rice protein and is made with Stevia. I had it as my PostWO and it was great. I was quite full after the shake and no negative effects. No major sugar cravings (I even managed to turn down cake and candy all day!) so I'm happy about that. I will do two compliant days then Saturday reintroduce rice, corn tortilla crisps and popcorn.

I am happy with today as no major sugar cravings which is what I was really scared about when reintroducing Stevia. I had some headaches today but I actually think I need my eyes checked and the prescription on my glasses changed. I have an eye appt on Friday.

PreWO - small sip of protein shake (realised my tummy did need something)

PostWO - Arbonne protein shake with almond milk, blueberries and a banana. I think in future I will make it with mashed sweet potato to stay away from the sugar in the fruit.

M1 - my usual sweet potato, parsnip, pork and egg casserole

M2 - lunch was at an external meeting and they were offering salmon in a quinoa salad so I asked for just the salmon and I had it with regular leafy green salad and beet root. Yum!

Snack - cashew nuts

M3 - meatloaf with cauliflower mash and sautéed kale

Hope good feeling lasts through next two days as if all is okay I will use the protein shakes for postWO as I found before whole30 they were great in helping me tone muscle (I have been doing similar workouts and noticed more muscle definition before and not as much now).

I know many whole9 purists are against the protein shakes but they are what works for me. All my other meals will be whole30 compliant.

Coconut cream - good in coffee or curries!

I am sure if you don't even mention that it's Paleo they won't know! :)

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And I just had a slice of Paleo banana bread after dinner. I normally have a few cashew nuts but I had none in the house so I had the banana bread. I really liked the taste of it and I know there is honey in it.

And I am putting the rest away...

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Oh dear... Today wasn't a great day.


PreWO - hard boiled egg

PostWO - chicken and sweet potato chips

M1 - primal breakfast casserole, spinach and strawberries

M2 - chicken avocado salad with a hard boiled egg and cashew nuts

Snack - cashew nuts

M3 - meatloaf, sweet potato chips and sauteed kale (will be tonight)


Ugh. I'll just confess. I ate an ENTIRE bag of cashew nuts today. All 200g of it. I refused the chocolate that was going around... but I had the nuts. It's just because I had the bag in my desk drawer. CRAP.


Tonight is also mum's knit group night so there will be cake on offer but I will say no.


Okay, future plan for cashew nuts. STOP buying the full bag and bringing to work. ONLY bring appropriate portion to go with the meal.


Karyn - sorry about your 2lb weight gain. Did you measure yourself as well?


I lost 4 lbs on the whole30 but after today's cashew nuts, who knows. 


Okay, enough guilt. I've done it. It's done. Move on.

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Can't say today was a great day for me, either. I have the hardest time when I go out. I had plans to avoid eating out but...


M1: scotch egg, 1 muffin, carrots, green tea with coconut oil (I'm having a hard time eating breakfast but then am getting hungry too early)

M2: pot roast, 1 muffin, chai with coconut milk

M3: Caesar salad with chicken (from McDonald's), one bite of a McDouble (this was the first bit of wheat I had), 2 pieces of chocolate


I guess I was at least successful in getting a salad instead of something else and I only ate 1/2 a small candy bar instead of the whole she-bang, like I used to. But, obviously, it still wasn't the greatest food to select. Tomorrow is another tricky day because I'm out most of the day and I can't eat meat (can have seafood).


I didn't measure myself (too embarrassing). I know that I gain a little weight before my period (progesterone) so I guess it's the same for pregnancy, even if it's early on. I'm trying to focus on eating well, since I'm obviously going to gain some weight but I was curious if the increase in carbs (some white potatoes and rice as well as the baked goods and chocolate) were going to make a difference. Obviously they did! I guess gaining two pounds out of the 15 lost is not so bad but it seems I'm not on track with my food choices either. 


Is Halloween a big deal in England?

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Ugh. Another bad day - I had a bag of banana chips done with sugar but at least fried in coconut oil. Epic fail. I wonder if the snacking of yesterday and today were due to the sugar in the Arbonne shakes I had on Wednesday. Quite possibly.

And I had an eye test today and part of my headaches are due to a change in my prescription! My short-sighted ness is still the same but my astigmatism has changed which has been part of the cause of my headaches.

M1 - hard boiled egg, grilled chicken, sweet potato chips and burnt broccoli and a banana

M2 - gammon, sweet potato mash, burnt broccoli and cashew nuts

Snack - banana chips

M3 (tonight) - grilled chicken and asparagus

On Monday, I will be starting my Arbonne shakes as my postWO until I finish it off. Once they are done, I will begin another whole30 - possibly after my mums weekend away on Nov 8-10 where a group of me and five other mums are going away for a whole weekend without kids! Then a whole30 or whole45 to take me up to Christmas, have a few treats at Christmas and New Year, then another whole30/45/whatever afterwards.

How are you feeling Karyn?

I just found out a friend of mine is pregnant - six weeks. I am so happy for her and I immediately think that Rob and I should start trying again. We did say we wanted to try in November. :)

Hope you had a good day!

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So you never have meat on a Friday? I only follow that during Lent.

Where do you normally go out to eat? Are you able to pack a lunch?

Yes do focus on healthy eating especially during pregnancy. When are you thinking of starting another 30?

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