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Day 1 - October 21st


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Yay...We made it...all of us...cause this whole journey was about discovery and learning...and we ALL have grown and learned things about ourselves.


I intend to go paleo with 1 or 2 "cheats" a week.  I am going to add strength training and consistent walking again and see how that impacts my numbers.  But I am happy with my 8.4 lb loss....that is why you didn't hear me Roar this morning....lol.  I thought wine would be my first indulgence...but I am gonna wait for this wknd and have a glass or two at the Wild Game Dinner Fundraiser with my friends.  That is one thing I learned...I don't have to drink everyday...I don't need too.   I will treat myself to a Mani and Pedi...haven't had one in months with all the traveling.  


In whatever is your next discovery about yourself...Journey On My Friends... with your heads held high and love in your heart...for yourself...so you can continue to spread it to others.

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So, my first *official* day free of the constraints of whole 30 and what have I eaten so far today?

1HB egg - preworkout

3 tuna cakes - postworkout

2 scrambled eggs w/ diced mushroom, onion, spinach and 2 slices of bacon - breakfast

Panera chicken cobb salad w/ avocado (mainly dry --just a *drizzle* of italian dressing), and 3 bites of the baguette. Threw the rest away b/c I really wasn't wanting it.

lol. No craving for *treats*...now that they're not strictly forbidden, I guess they're not quite so appealing.


Btw - WAY TO GO Mhill!!! That's awesome progress! :D


And, beautiful words Travelin' Texas...loved reading this...


In whatever is your next discovery about yourself...Journey On My Friends... with your heads held high and love in your heart...for yourself...so you can continue to spread it to others.

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JK -- WAY TO GO!  Hip hip hooray!!  






Going out for date night tonight with my wife.  Going to a nice restaurant where I expect I can eat fairly clean but looking forward to making a decision or two that takes me a bit off road.  :)

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For anyone who is interested, all of my lab screening numbers were within the healthy range as of my last test in April 2013.  So I have an excellent baseline.  Out of curiosity, I had full lab screening done yesterday.


The results are in:


Total Cholesterol –                     Down 10%


Triglycerides –                           unchanged (low)


HDL (“good†cholesterol) --          Up 25%


LDL (“bad†cholesterol) –             Down 25%


Chol/HDL ratio –                        Down 25%


LDL/HDL ratio –                         Down 41%


Glucose –                                 Down 13%


Liver function markers –              Down 11%


Again, these results are from numbers that were all "within range" six months ago.  I must have been doing something right the last 30 days.  :)

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Sorry all...long day and limited down time. But I'm so impressed on all your successes.

As I mentioned, I ate "off whole 30" breakfast but Paleo compliant. Almond meal/apple "mo oat oatmeal". I may never eat oatmeal again. Best ever! Rest of the day was whole 30 compliant.

I'm busy trying to recognize all the benefits and the fact is, I just feel better. And some of the recipes I've tried are AMAZING!

So happy to hear all your successes!

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Nice numbers Robert!!! 


Yes, so dairy... bloated for sure. But helped me FINALLY have a normal restroom break. Last night I had a GNO where I enjoyed hot sangria...today I am exhausted with a stomach ache and my pants feel tighter... soooo.... going to leave out dairy and maybe try some greek yogurt a few weeks from now. I really plan on limiting my alcohol intake and maybe just stick with wine.


Greek - can you pass along that oatmeal recipe again - I suppose I can just look back in the thread.... 


Gosh - this is tired... I guess feeling "nothing" during the whole 30 meant I was actually feeling better! 

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Thanks Robert!

So glad to hear Morrkel that you really did have some profits.

I improvised with the recipe so here's what I did:

Almond meal 1 cup

Almond milk. 1 cup

Gala apple 1 diced after peeling




It's really a "slow cooker" recipe which I don't have so I simply did it in the stove slowly so the apples were tender. I added the salt up front, but the spices toward the end. I had my doubts when I was stirring so was SHOCKED at how flavorful it was.

Beware though, almond meal is simply ground almonds. I split this in two and even though it wasn't large in volume, it kept me full all morning!

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Hey Dolls!


I hope you're enjoying your post whole30 off roading days! I have started looking into things to add in - which is requiring a LOT of research. Honestly, I wasn't planning on figuring out what exactly i'm allergic to paraben/preservative wise until I had a very wise woman tell me, "Honey, you'll be on this planet for at the very least 40 more years… You're not going to want to be dealing with this THAT long!" She really did put it into perspective for me, this not only makes me nervous and anxious but excited that I could have answers if i'm diligent (which also sounds exhausting, ha).  But now that i've sat with the idea, it sounds a heck of a lot more hopeful than never eating anything but what I cook for the rest of my life… I just need to keep my mind in the right space that this will be a journey or a marathon (any analogy that means a LONG freaking time) versus a quick fix, "magic" or a sprint. 


Anyways, that's where my head is these days. Enjoy your weekend!

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Hi Jes!!  So glad to hear from you.  I'm glad to hear how you're staging (and why) your re-intro.  I hope that it becomes obvious to you and doesn't become the Marathon that you think it might become.  Other than this  you sound like all is going well???


Quiet out here these days.  Everyone must be busy drinking their wine and eating their chocolate :)

I have been eating on program as I planned, except for one meal that was the almond meal/no oat oatmeal.  You know, I think I reacted worse to that than I have ever Oatmeal.  It was awesomely delicious.  Loved how it tasted and was happy to have found an alternative.  Until.....about 24 hours later I noticed my pants were WAY tighter.  My jacket wasn't zipping like it should.  Took another 24 hours that I spent in the restroom and all is well again.  Since Almond Meal is simply ground almonds, I'm guessing that too many nuts are something I have to start being aware of.  I think you found out you were allergic to these right?  Bummer on both counts.  I LOVE these as treats.
I read somewhere someone mentioned that for those with sensitivities they need to think of nuts as part of a meal, rather than a snack...i.e. green beans topped with a few pecans.  That way you can indulge, but restrict the amount.  I'm going to shift into that mode and see what happens. 

At any rate, other than this, I haven't introduced anything.  I've been tempted with soda, but then I've thought twice.  I've been tempted with coffee drinks but I don't want to step back to that yet. 


I started a new job last week.  When I was sitting in a room with a number of colleagues, I took mental inventory of who had what around them.  I know that sounds weird, but it follows the principal of "if you want to be a healthy person, mimic what other healthy people do".  So, I sat back and observed.  What I noticed was that the two most *outwardly* appearing unhealthy individuals in the room were both drinking soda and coffee treats.  Conversely the other *healthy appearing* individuals in the room all had their water bottles readily available.  One lady actually had a Starbucks plastic glass filled with ice water.   


So,....moving on for me is all about asking what do I want my life to look like.  Yes, I want to be able to have treats.  Absolutely.  But I want them to be treats.  Not daily staples.  So, one day at a time, one step at a time and for right now, I'm not ready to re-introduce much.  I will be adding in some dairy this up and coming week. 


So, great to hear from you!  Hope your exploration goes really well.  Keep posting!!! 

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Hey Friends...hope all is well with everyone.  We have had some freezing weather and the WiFi was down in the RV park for a couple of days.  My/our son  was here over the wknd too and we all went to the Wild Game Dinner last nt.  Oooooh my....that was fun...but the aftermath was not..lol.  Didn't eat lots...couple slices of boudain, small cup of seafood gumbo, 2 small pieces fried alligator tail, a little bit smoked chicken and prob 2 tablespoons of beans and potato salad.  I tried to stay away from all the fried things and there weren't any veggies to eat...so slim pickens.   I also had 2 small glasses of vodka and cranberry juice...they were strong so I kept adding in sprite.  Couple hours later...just as we got home....Oooooh my...sick to my stomach, the shakes and lots of potty runs.  I lost 1.4 lb over nt...Just now feel ok but still tired.     (Morkkel...I prob should have stuck with wine.)   ;)


I have pretty well stayed on plan...with a few small exceptions.  The above mentioned...uggg...and I had a banana and some saltines for breakfast today...couldn't stomach anything else.  A couple of days ago I also bought some artisan bread with Cranberries and pistachios in it.  I sliced it thin, toasted it, put on homemade mayo, spinach and Turkey.  OMGoodness...I do believe that is the best sandwich I have every had...lol.  I savored and mindfully enjoyed eating every single bite of that sandwich...since I hadn't had bread in 33 days.  And I ate it with some cut up veggies.   :)


Hope everyone else faired the wknd better than I did...  Journey on...


Oh and I have another crock pot recipe to share...has shrimp in it...Will post tomorrow...nitey nite.

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Shrimp Fra Diavolo


1 t  Olive Oil

1  med Onion, diced

3  cloves Garlic, minced

1 t  Red Pepper Flakes

15 oz can fire-roasted diced Tomatoes

1 T  minced Italian Parsley

1/2 t. Black Pepper

3/4 lb medium Shrimp, shelled


Heat oil in pan.  Saute the onion, red pepper flakes and garlic for 8-10 minutes, until the onion is soft and translucent.

Add the onion mixture, tomatoes, parsley and black pepper to a 3-4 quart slow cooker.  Stir, cook on low for 2-3 hrs.

Add shrimp and cook on high for 15 minutes , until shrimp is cooked.

Serves 4. Cal 116   Fat 3 g.  Pro 18 g. Sod 127 mg. Fiber 1 g. Carb 5 g  Sugar 1 g


Ok...you know me...here are my changes...lol.  I used 2 cans tomatoes...one didn't look like much.  I also used 1lb small shrimp ( not cocktail Sz) so they would be bite size and more of them.  For once... the spices were enough.  :)  **  My crock pot still cooks hot on low...so my shrimp cooked in 10-15 mins on low.


I served over spaghetti squash and with a big green salad.  Yummy.  Hope you enjoy.  

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Hello all! How are you?? I've been meaning to get on this for quite some time, but just keep putting it off. Maybe it's cause the girl with no positive outcomes from the whole 30 is now seeing what the whole 30 did! Since the whole 30 ended, I've reintroduced many new foods, especially over thanksgiving. Needless to say, stomach problems have been ridiculous, breaking out like a teenager, tired, congestion and head colds! Is it all food? Is it my petri dish of a niece? I don't know!! I am with Greek and Jes -what do I want the rest of my years to look like. I enjoy eating out, etc. But hate feeling this way. Anyway, other than that, everything is going really well! I am mostly paleo, more snacks, usually fruit based - but feel that I've put on some pounds. Wondering if I should start tracking my calories?? Take out the added fruit?? 


Hope this finds you all well!

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Hey Friends...


I did great over Thanksgiving...only had 1 piece pumpkin pie and 1 glass of wine.  Otherwise I have pretty much stayed Whole30 compliant with a very few exceptions like having a couple more sandwiches from that yummy cranberry pistachio bread.  I am feeling fine and have now lost over 11 lbs.  I have lost the weight I gained over the last year to year and half.  So now on to shedding 20-25 more.


I do feel I need to read up more on what is paleo acceptable food to eat before I move to that.  I am sorta afraid I will stop losing if I don't stay whole30.  I do want to open up more food choices for myself though.  :)


Hang Tough Ladies...keep working on figuring out the foods that are causing your issues.

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Hey Friends...

I did great over Thanksgiving...only had 1 piece pumpkin pie and 1 glass of wine. Otherwise I have pretty much stayed Whole30 compliant with a very few exceptions like having a couple more sandwiches from that yummy cranberry pistachio bread. I am feeling fine and have now lost over 11 lbs. I have lost the weight I gained over the last year to year and half. So now on to shedding 20-25 more.

I do feel I need to read up more on what is paleo acceptable food to eat before I move to that. I am sorta afraid I will stop losing if I don't stay whole30. I do want to open up more food choices for myself though. :)

Hang Tough Ladies...keep working on figuring out the foods that are causing your issues.

You can lose weight eating whatever food you want, but if you were to introduce other foods in to your diet you may lose some of the other from eating this way. I choose what I eat based, for the most part, on whether it's going to support good health in my body or not. There are moments and occasions when the food is worth the sacrifice though

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Hi gang!  Morrkel, Tex, Jes great to hear from you! 

Morrkel Amazing the differences you've noted off whole 30.  Honestly I don't know if I would leap to tracking calories yet.  Maybe you can look at your carbohydrate intake, especially if you've added in a significant amount of fruit or wine etc.  Mark S (Paleo) says that for weight loss we want to maintain 50-100 grams of carbohydrates.  100-150 is maintenance and 150+ is weight gain.  To put it into perspective, a Larabar has 28 grams of carbohydrates.  One medium sweet potato has 23 grams of carbs.  Oatmeal (1/2 cup) has 27 grams.  Doesn't take much to get to 50 grams.  Read more about this and see how it fits (or doesn't fit) for you. 



I've continued to eat for the most part 'compliant'.  But I have added yogurt and cottage cheese back in.  Frankly I feel better eating those two items mixed with a few walnuts and a dab of W30 compliant cranberries (homemade sauce without any sugar - tart but good) than I did eating three eggs every morning.  I think I was over doing the eggs and I just wasn't feeling as great like I do with this option.  So, for me, I'm whole 30 compliant with the exception of this addition.  I did take a bite of a CC cookie.  I'm finding that I am weighing pros and cons of options.  For example...the office received a big box of my favorite chocolates the other day.  I went through the day talking myself off the ledge.  By the time I got home I felt deprived.  So I took a bite of a CC cookie we had in the freezer.  Literally a bite.  Threw the rest away.  Didn't want the cookie, wanted the chocolate.  So what was my learning?  Deprivation will lead to indulgence.  It may have been better to indulge in the joy of the chocolate I do like, rather than just eating something because it's there and I felt like I "should have" been able to eat something I "wanted". 


I think the main thing I notice off whole 30 (even though I'm basically compliant except for info above) is that I am no longer as tuned in to hunger cues.  I'm also not looking for recipes.  Whole 30 forced me to look for food options and I found some of THE BEST recipes I've ever found.  That's the downside.  On the upside, I believe that I'm continuing healthy eating.  This once diet pepsi addict no longer drinks soda or use artificial sweeteners  I believe they triggered hunger and blocked satiety.  I'm still negotiating with myself when I want a "treat" to see if I can't identify a "treat" that is not related to food and not so expensive that it's counter productive.  i.e.  food treats are usually a quick cheap fix.  A massage isn't quick (preferably) or inexpensive so the two don't have parallel attributes.  So, I'm still trying to find that quick cheap fix that is a treat and not related to food in any way, including beverages.  I don't know if my weight has changed.  I finally weighed myself the other day and promised myself I won't weigh again for another month.  The purpose is to try and focus on how I feel, not what I weigh. 


My plans are to continue as I've been going for now through the holidays.  I will allow myself an indulgence rather than feel deprived and this is sustainable. If I find that by 'indulging' I derail, I'll jump right back on to another round of Whole 30.  Otherwise I plan to do a second whole 30 after the holidays mainly for the benefit of focusing on the aspects that I'm missing right now. 


Keep posting guys!  I love hearing how you're doing!!!

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Hey all! Happy belated Thanksgiving! It's been a little crazy these last couple weeks. Spent th 27th-1st in Iowa for the holiday. Travelin' Texas...you had it before, but you have even more of my respect. I don't know how you travelled and kept Whole30 compliant for 30 days. I was surrounded by non-compliant people & food the entire time. Tried to do my best. The drive out was good b/c I had prepped & packed some of my tuna cakes & a few egg fritatta muffins...so when it came time to stop at the dreaded turnpike rest stop crap food restaurant, I sat & watched as my family ate their Burger king (gag), and then proceeded to snack on my tuna cakes & water in the backseat as we continued on our merry way. Thanksgiving dinner with the inlaws was what I expected...mostly turkey. Everything else had something non-compliant in it (the broccoli salad had a sweet, creamy dressing, the sweet potatoes were loaded with dairy & marshmallows, the stuffing, the sugar laden raspberry jello salad, etc. etc.). On a positive, I started everyone off with a great, filling breakfast that morning...my brussels sprouts/eggs/turkey sausage hash. Ultimately, I stuck with eating all but one main meal as Whole30 compliant. Saturday was probably my biggest detour...a couple microbrews while watching the football games, and some BBW pork nachos at the bar...and then pizza for dinner. :/  Needless to say, I could feel my muscles aching & myself getting more & more tired as the holiday weekend continued. I HAVE learned that my body doesn't react to my poor eating w/ dietary distress so much as it does with muscle/body fatigue, achiness, lethargy, poor sleeping. I kept focusing (& waiting) on stomach/bowel issues and they never came so I thought I was doing okay...until I refocused on what other issues I might be having and then it hit me. Also, I've confirmed that my sugar dragon is not dead. One pie slice on Thanksgiving led to two pie slices the day after, led to pumpkin roll & my chocolate (albeit whole30 recipe) pie, and then frequent snacking on M&Ms at work this week. It didn't help that we came home to an empty fridge and no time this week to really grocery shop or prepare meals...so I'm just doing my best to skate through this week until the weekend when I can restock on all things Whole30. Should be back on track by Monday. I don't like feeling tired or achey.


Anyway...seems like everyone else has had their own dalliances and epiphanies...glad to hear everyone is doing well for the most part!


Getting through December without gaining any more weight (I gained 3 over the holiday vacation) is my goal. Eliminating the sweets should do the trick...might even lose the 3 I gained.


I'll try to check in a little more frequently...I was gone so long, I forgot my password! lol

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