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Day 1 - October 21st


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HI Zeliya.  Welcome!


Not much time tonight gang so just sending you all regards to let you know I'm thinking of you all and wishing you and awesome evening/day tomorrow.


Came home and had a meltdown.  Wanted "something" but then realized I was just frustrated.  Reached for some protein and fat and avoided any sweet carbs i.e. apple so that I didn't feed the emotional response of "need sugar, must have".  It passed, fortunately. 


Other than this, another day of Whole 30.  Going to start menu planning for grocery shopping and ANOTHER day in the kitchen prepping this weekend. Ugh!


Keep being awesome!  So glad you're here!!!

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Ok. Day 12 people! SO close to halfway there...and dare I say I'm starting to feel that I could keep this going past the 30 day limit? Could just be my AM workout talking. ;)

Anyone get a workout in today or yesterday? I didn't workout yesterday morning, but did again today and I definitely notice a difference in my mood/energy level. I was fine yesterday...but Wednesday & today I'm far more amp'd. Planning on trying a new recipe today that my friend shared (she's doing the program with me) -- Lemon Rosemary crockpot chicken breast.

Btw - anyone own a pressure cooker? I'm thinking about buying one (or putting it on my Christmas wish list)...just wondering if it's worth it. Thanks!!

Have a great day!

A quote to leave you with...

"Only something that is not supportive of you would want you to take a break from something that takes care of you." -

from 'I Don't Want To, I Don't Feel Like It' by Cheri Huber & Ashwini Narayanan

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@robert. I laughed hysterically over your comment to your wife last night. Isn't it funny how quickly we can become "righteous". Awesome catch. I hope she laughed about it too.

@JK. I'm actually contemplating working out too...finally. I know what you mean by it feeding your mood.

I started to contemplate sticking with the whole 30 beyond the 30 days too. I've come to realize that making or breaking this program means variety. So last night after the sugar dragon episode I sat down to menu plan. Now wether it was the chronic hopping up and down to answer the door to costume clad children, or weather it was a general "tired at the end of the day", I don't know. But as I scanned menus (keep in mind I don't eat chicken, beef, pork etc) I realized that I don't know how I could sustain this indefinitely without more variety. I became very discouraged. I finally closed the menu search and decided to take it one day at a time for the Whole 30 rather than focus on indefinite. Today I'm feeling more optimistic about it. Soooo, yes, I'm making its 30 plans -or at least thinking about them too. Still hoping to get through day 12 first though. :).

Have a great day all!

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Day 12!!


A sincere thanks to all of you.  It means a lot knowing that the folks in our group are there to listen, understand, nudge, support, and celebrate.


Today I felt a tinge of melancholy realizing that we only have just 2 more short weeks (plus a few days) to go on our group journey.  Let's redouble our efforts together and finish this out day by day in good style.


Be strong today!

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Happy Day 12 all! Robert - loved the comment, as always. JK - sounds like you and I could be cooking buddies. Once and a while I'd get a wild hair and instead of pizza toast, I would make a pizza english muffin. BAM!


I am so impressed with the people who have already made decisions to go even longer! That's awesome! Here I am, wondering what kind of wine I'll drink on day 31. I am enjoying the food, that's not the problem at all. In fact I'll probably continue with this kind of diet, but add snacks, wine, and beer - and if my stomach can handle it - specialty cheeses. But I don't mind having cali rice instead of brown rice or spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti  - it just gives me more veggies! I do need to get better at food prep though - that's my struggle.

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Happy end of day 12 everyone and happy FRIDAY!!! 

JK...you inspired me.  I did go for a workout today.  Had a good one but wow...yes...the dreaded cold on top of the GI bug I had played havoc.  I was barely peddling my little feet on the elliptical (opted to avoid the a boot camp workout so that I could ease into things) and my heart rate was up there.  Yah, ok.  Not all in my head. 


Anyway, wishing you a great weekend.  Going to try and figure out a menu for next week and get some more cooking done.  Hopefully not as many hours as it took last week!

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Glad to see everyone plugging along and waved bye-bye to Halloween candies.  Yesterday was a crazy travel day...including dragging the sewer hose behind the RV...lol...super tired yesterday before we even started and didn't feel like eating much.  But slept like a rock last nt and drinking my Chai tea this morning.  


Morkkel...Winos United...haha...cheese, beer and Wine... are what I miss and the only things I want to add back in too.  I intend to continue eating this way pass the 30 days...with limited consumption of my tres amigos.   :P


I have kicked my coffee and sweet flavored creamers addiction to the curb...Yay.  What other victory' s out there?


Have a great wknd...journey on...

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Morning! Tomorrow and we're halfway there! Oh Tex - you and I would be great travel companions. Whole 30 complaint, plus wine, cheese and beer! haha! Nice Job on kicking your sweet coffee curb out!! I've always like black coffee, so that wasn't a tough one for me. Also, great job doing this while traveling, that has to get tough at times.  


This week my goal is to avoid dessert like temptations - even when they're whole 30 complaint. For example, after supper last night, I had 2 dates rolled in coconut. Compliant yes, but I think I'm using it as my dessert and my body can't tell - so I need to cut the crap. Also, I NEED to lift some weights this week. NEED to. So two goals - wish me luck.


As for Thanksgiving - we'll be done with this. However, I do plan on eating baked sweet potatoes and mashed cali instead of the real stuff. I also plan on making that carrot souffle and possibly some roasted Brussels sprouts. What will you all be doing?


What are your goals for the week?? 

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Hi morrkel and all!

You and Traveling are a pair. I found this awesome picture I wanted to upload for you but for some reason I can't. In short, it's a lady jogging with a head piece strapped on her that has a bottle of vino dangling in front of her. You know, carrot/horse type thing. Anyway, congrats on your success. Good for you for recognizing the sugar replacement issue too.

Ok, went grocery shopping here yesterday. We had a crazy windstorm and Costco lost power during the shopping. Registers were open so I managed to get things done. Then to other stores (again in the dark) to pick up the "not enough to feed the army" volume if food. Four stores later I arrived home. Took an hour to unload and separate things for freezer/fridge. Couldn't open any of the above as we didn't know when power would come back on. Couldn't cook but was able to prep veggies for cooking and then go rake leaves. Finally at 4p power again. Cooking commenced. Sweet potato/cauliflower dish. I love that one. Roasted cauliflower, roasted Brussels. Carmelized onion crust less quiche. More protein cooking today but I'm keeping it easy this week. Long work week ahead.

As far as what I'm noticing....return of energy. In fact, yesterday I wanted to turn it off. I'm wide awake at some hideous hour of the morning ready to go. And I just keep going all day. Maybe I'll be more motivated to get my workouts in!

As far as my goals this week, I'd like to get three workouts in. I'm working 6 days but still would like to find the time for this if I can. My second goal is to be prepared with meals. Not usually a problem but with loads of work, I have less time. My third goal is to get 8 hours sleep a night. It'll set me up for getting through the week.

Great to hear from you ladies. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weekend without too many challenges! Happy day 14!!!

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Happy Sunday! 


Greek to me - I do hope you got the rest your body needed this weekend to start feeling better!


Travelin Texan - Congrats on kicking the coffee! No easy feat. I am also very impressed you are doing this while traveling. I'm going out of town this coming weekend and i'm trying to mentally prepare myself and scheming a game plan for when I get to my destination. My victory for the week: I had my dance recital on friday and killed it! Now adjusting back to normalcy, instead of being at the studio any moment i'm not at work. 


Morkkel - Wishing you all the luck in the world, you can do this! Thanksgiving sounds delicious! 


My goal for the week: to get to my workouts in the morning. 


Is anyone doing the week by week introductory of food post whole30?

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Greek - that's a great idea! I think I'd finally be able to get my half marathon time down!! 


Sorry about the bad weather - that stinks! I also dislike spending two hours grocery shopping and going to 4 different stores...thinking eventually it'll get easier?? What is the carmelized onion quiche? Sounds delish!


YAY for energy!! That's awesome! I can't wait for that to kick in! 


Jes - what is the week by week introductory? Another forum? I'll check it out!


Goals so far:

Greek - 3 workouts per week; be prepared with meals; get 8 hours of sleep

Morkkel - Stop using compliant "sweets" as desserts (i.e. dates, etc.); get some weights in

JesMarie - workout in the morning!

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Hey everybody!!I bought some raw mixed nuts n I am just loving it! I enjoy every bite and savoring the hazelnuts(which I would only eat in icecream n they were chocolate covered,lol),raw cashews n others. So thankful for this new learning abt food!! This is just the beginning, n not the end! Happy Sunday!

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Morkkel, I haven't looked into another forum. There is a part in the book about it to figure out what foods you should be aware that may or may not cause your body issues. I'm trying to figure out what it is i'm allergic to, so after the 30 days i'll be taking the next 30 to figure that part out.

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Jesmarie...glad you nailed your recital and am sure you are glad it is over...stress gone.


Zeliya...I have to be careful on nuts cause before you know it I have eaten 2 handfuls...glad you can enjoy.


Greek...glad you found your way in the dark.


Morkkel...yes...im looking at recipes for Thanksgiving too...yours sound yummy.  My goal for the wk is to try 2 New recipes from the crock pot cookbook...and pass on to y'all if yummy...lol.  Try to eat more...haven't felt like it past couple days and have been having some mild headaches.  I do drink plenty water...usually only thing I drink besides wine :D ...always been my preference.  I do drink La Croix flavored water when I want something with fizz.  It is all natural and no calorie, sweetener or sodium...Peach-Pear is my new favorite.


Can't remember who asked about a pressure cooker...I don't have one but have thought about it...but I use my crock pots frequently...you know "fix it and forget it" in the morning works good for me.  What about immersion blender?  Yay or nay?  Recommended maker or model?


Robert...are you good to go for Disney...plan in place?


Journey on Ladies and Gent....

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Just checking in...looks like everyone is hanging in there, which is good to see. I survived Halloween with little trouble. Lucked out a bit bc the friend's house we went to had some roasted chicken available to nosh on, otherwise I would've been starving (straight from work to T-or-T).

Took the day off Friday...worked out at 6:30am, chilled at the bookstore for an hour & then spent a couple hours in the kitchen prepping some food. Hit the gym again Saturday morning & then spent the afternoon visiting with my FIL. Brought my own food...the boys ordered pizza & ate cheesecake & pumpkin pie. <sigh> Despite that, still had a decent day. Today? Just wasn't feel in' it. Didn't enjoy my lunch. Couldn't find any recipes that I really cared to try this week. Just feeling bored overall with my food options and lacking any appetite.

With that said, I still prepped a few things and stayed on program. Might not have eaten as much as I should have, but I ate. I have food packed up & ready to cover my whole day tomorrow...just in case I'm still in boredom mode & not in the mood to prep anything.

Starting tomorrow we're halfway through. I see myself continuing with the program about 80-90% compliant. I look fwd to being able to enjoy a special treat every once in awhile...they will probably be cleaner, paleo versions though. This program is definitely helping. I am about 4-5 days free of hives, my energy has been more stable, along with my mood. All in all, I feel less overwhelmed throughout the day.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great start to their week tomorrow.

- Jen

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Jesmarie - Congrats on your recital!  So glad you feel good about it and it went well.


Travelin - can't offer any info on immersion blender, crock pot or pressure cooker sorry. 

But, I can commiserate...I am loving the La Croix.  Someone on this forum site turned me onto them.  I can't say they replace soda...but that isn't what they are supposed to do.  I love the cran/raspberry. 


Zeliya -  I have the same issue as Travelin with nuts.  I LOVE them but can't stop eating them. More power to you if you have that under control!


JK - I'm so impressed with your energy and workouts.  I love going to the gym...but I hate thinking about going to the gym.  You've help motivate me to get there.  So glad to hear you've had success with your hives.  Do you know what the food trigger is or will that be part of your re-introduction?  And yes..I understand hitting the wall with the food.  That was me the other day when I was answering the door to the kids.  Looking through menus - NOTHING sounded good.  I was beyond bored with the options and convinced there was no way I could continue this beyond the 30 days.  That passed.  I finally am more optimistic and have found recipes that are a bit better. 


It sounds like everyone is already contemplating the "Post Whole 30" steps.  I've been contemplating it and am not feeling like I want to commit one way or another yet.  So, my goal is to get through this week - to day 21 and then make a plan for next steps. I love hearing what you're all thinking though.  It's helping me be creative in my own thoughts about moving forward.


Have a great Monday everyone.  Happy MID-WAY!!!

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Day 15!!  It's great to see everyone moving forward.  It gives me strength.  My goal for the week is to keep my head out of the cashew bag.  Been leaning on cashews a bit much to fill some gaps.  I was thinking back to a couple of weeks ago.  I remember dragging myself out of bed at about 7:30 having consumed who knows what over the prior weekend.  Today I sprung out of bed at 5:30 ready for the day.


Have a great day!  :)

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Lol. Greek. I'm going to share that one with my friend Stacy who is also following the program and really missing her wine. That's awesome.


"Happy" Day 16 everyone. Sadly, I slept kind of crappy last night (woke up once to go to the bathroom, then a couple hours later b/c my arm had gone numb from sleeping on it. I did NOT wake up easily, and I do not feel the effects of any "Tiger Blood". In fact, I haven't really followed the timeline much at all during this whole process. Not sure if I should feel cheated or not. While I'm not feeling any magic yet, I also haven't dealt with very intense lows either. I'm just kind of skating through on a very mellow level. Pretty confident I haven't lost any weight. While that's not the primary reason I started this program...it was a hope of mine to start shedding the 20lbs I had gained while I was injured last winter (and which has been stubbornly hanging on to my body for the last 9 months). Maybe my body just needs to finish healing the inflammation that was likely causing my hives, before it will start releasing any weight??? <crossing fingers>


Anyone feeling "Tiger Blood" this morning?? Maybe I can live vicariously through one of you. lol

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