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Sliced Roast Beef Ideas?

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-Shred it and throw it in a monster salad.

-Cook it into a sweet potato hash and then top that hash with an egg.

-Roll it up and then dip it in whole30 approved mustard.

-Fry it and eat it with an egg...a new twist on ham and eggs.

-Wrap it around some sliced avocado.

-Freeze it and thaw it as needed.

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I've been just eating it as is, just a nice yummy pile of cold high quality thin sliced deli roast beef, YUM!

It works really well for a quick protein to pack in my lunch -- I have been bringing a big green salad for lunch, and don't always have leftover protein from the night before, so I toss a generous palm-sized portion of RB into a small zip-lock, and just put it on the plate next to my salad at lunchtime.

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