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Whole 30 Take 2 - Day 4


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Hey everyone!


I started the whole 30 about 2 weeks ago, but caved into some Jack Daniels Honey & Ginger Ale on Day 7....followed by sushi (with rice & soy sauce) and popcorn.  Bad!!!

WANT to do this.  So I started over and am now on Day 4.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook - so that part has been easy for me...at least for dinners.  Breakfast & Lunch have been the harder ones.  I am not a fan of eggs - I tried them again on Whole30 Take 1 (LOL), and ended up basically just gagging on them.


Breakfasts (for me...and YES, I know this is not how I should be doing this*) have consisted of a smoothie: a HUGE handful or two of spinach, a banana, and some frozen strawberries/blueberries, all organic.  Then Whole30 compliant (no sugars added) almond milk and almond butter.  


*I do not have a sweet tooth or a "sugar demon".  I am the type of person who avoids desserts, smoothies, etc. on a normal basis for the sheer fact of not really enjoying them.  I know that this is not how I'm "supposed" to do the Whole30, but based on my lack of a sweet tooth, I justify it because I cannot find a breakfast I like (unless I happen to have leftovers).  


Anyway, here's my main issue I've been having: my mental block with ground meats and many veggies.  There are certain textures that are making me not quite enjoy this right now (mostly ground meats).  I had leftover chili for lunch (ground grass-fed beef) and it tasted good, but the beef was rough.  I normally love ground beef - tacos, burritos, pasta sauce) but for some reason, am having issues with it.  I don't know if it's because it seems to be more dry than usual (less fat in grass fed?) or what.  


Do you recommend just avoiding ground meats?  Steaks, chops, etc., I could eat all day long - just difficult to prepare for breakfasts/lunches on the go.  I'm trying to be better about it....but it's definitely difficult!  Any good, quick meals with grass-fed meat?



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Discouraging smoothies on a Whole30 is less about the sugar dragon and more about satiety.


The idea is to chew your food vs. drink it, as chewing is more satiating.


Also, it's too easy to overdo too much fruit in one sitting. You're allotted 2 fruit servings a day, with each serving being equal to the size of your fist.


Check your almond milk to be sure it doesn't contain carrageenan.

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Hi Jacquie


there are many ways to get protein without ground meat or eggs. You could cook roasts, chicken pieces, use cheaper cuts of meat to slow cook instead of ground meat etc - all prepared ahead of time to use for meals. At dinner time, you could cook two portions of protein and have one for breakfast the next day. every weekend I bake a few kgs of chicken breast, sprinkled with herbs and spices, to split up for lunch salads and preWO. I make curries and chilli with steaks of kangaroo and sometimes beef, diced up. I never buy ground meat, and rarely use it!


if you think it's a lack of fat (grass fed meat still has fat?) - add fat! buy fattier cuts, or add ghee/coconut oil, coconut milk etc.


Smoothies are discouraged for a number of reasons (more than just feeding a sugar dragon), and i'd suggest coming up with an alternative - make something specifically for breakfast so it's ready for the week, don't use the excuse that you didn't have leftovers.

your smoothie doesn't fit the template, it has no protein, it's lacking in vegies and likely has more than one serve of fruit. chewing your food is more satiating, and elicits a different response from your body than drinking your food.  

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