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why is ghee acceptable?


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Ghee is acceptable during a Whole30 because Dallas and Melissa Hartwig says it is acceptable. It is an exception to the no dairy rule. If you try to apply logic to start including things that are not approved by the Hartwigs, you will have departed from Whole30-land.


I understand questioning. Read this article and you will see: http://www.whole9life.com/2011/10/better-butter-on-the-whole30-version-5-0/


If you don't read the article, here is a summary: There is a reason the Hartwigs accept ghee. Milk proteins are the problem with dairy. Ghee and clarified butter have been "cooked" and skimmed to remove milk proteins. There might be one or two milk proteins left in ghee or clarified butter, but 99 percent of people who have a negative response to milk proteins do not have a negative response to ghee or clarified butter. So, after studying all available research and interviewing a bunch of people who are very sensitive to milk proteins, ghee and clarified butter was added to the available menu during a Whole30.

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