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Starting Tomorrow Nov 11th


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We're in the Westcountry :) There are an awful lot of bugs going around - in fact, this has been the biggest bonus by far, managing to fight off a plethora of illnesses, as have my young kids (who are unwittingly doing the Whole30 with me!) - so I'm hoping it might just be part of that

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WOO HOO!!  Day 30 has arrived!  I am so proud of us for sticking with this for 30 days....I have to be honest, I am scared to know that this journey is over!  I am going to do the full 10 day reintroduction phase, and then I'm going to keep it as close to compliant as possible.  I am not going to beat myself up though if there is something I am really craving.  I really haven't craved anything while completing my 30 days except CHEESE.  I am praying that it doesn't make me feel terrible.  It will be nice to know what foods make me feel miserable too. I have been 30 days with no migraine...I was having at least one a week before starting the challenge...That is a huge PRAISE!!!  Worth every bit of this challenge. 

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Day 30!!!!

I want to cheer out loud that these 30 days are done ... But another part of me feels slightly deflated as I don't feel as accomplished as I did the first time I did the whole30 back in October. 

I don't feel too differently from when I first started... Which is why I feel so disappointed.

PreWO - hard boiled egg
PostWO - chicken and sweet potato chips
M1 - breakfast casserole, spinach salad and coffee with almond milk
M2 - gammon, sweet potato mash, sautéed kale, banana

M3 - roast beef, sweet potato chips, roasted brussel sprouts and dried strawberries 


But maybe my measurements tomorrow will tell a different story... here are the results:

Weight - 134.0 (down 5.5 lbs)
Chest - 34.0 inch (down 1 in)
Waist - 28.5 inch (down 0.5in)
Abs - 34.0 inch (down 1.5in)

Hip/bum, thighs and biceps all stayed the same. So in total I lost 5.5 lbs AND am down 3 inches. And actually, I realised, looking back, that I have not had any headaches throughout the whole30 except for one where I was actually sick with the flu but it was gone within 24 hours. My daily headaches are gone, I feel I am sleeping better as I wake up with energy and can do a high-intensity 45 min workout at 5:30am... it's not just about the numbers!

I am going to relax a bit during the Christmas period but I will be back doing my third whole30 (this time with my husband and his first time!) on either 1st or 2nd January.


How has everyone else done? :)

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Day 31....I was scared for this day to come.  The thought of getting on the scales and taking my measurements terrified me because I didn't want to be disappointed in the results because I am feeling SO good right now.  I was over the moon with my results



Weight:  135.6 (down 8.6lbs)

Arm:         9 (down 1 in)

Bust:        31(down 3 in)

Waist        29(down 3 in)

Hips         33 (down 6in)

Thigh       19 ( down 3.5 in)


A total of 16 in off my body!  I am over the moon!!!  My first whole 30 was a HUGE success.  No headaches, more energy, sleeping better, better digestive system, and weight loss.  Thanks for all the support and advice given over the last 30 days.  It really helped to know that you all were here holding me accountable and offering support.  I may do another 30 days starting January 1 also.  I have a friend who wants to give it a try, so I figure why not do it with her.  Have a wonderful holiday

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I did a bit of a wonky reintro...

My meals one and two are compliant. But then I have had:

- marzipan chocolate (which was really not that good)

- gluten free white chocolate shortbread cookies which tasted amazing but I now have a bit of a foggy headache. Ick.

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Hi guys, Congrats to all of you for finishing!!  Sorry I haven't posted.  I have been through a medical ordeal.  I was being treated for a herniated disk/radiculopathy during the "30 day trial", but I did very well on the plan.  I had to take it easy on the exercise so I was walking using the elliptical and lifting light weights.  I have rheumatoid arthritis so I had a joint flare (or so I think it was) about 1/3 of the way through, but I kept with the program.  On my 30th day I had terrible abdominal pain (I had actually been experiencing it the day before, and it became worse through the night).  I went to my primary who sent me to the hospital for some testing.  Turns out I threw a blood clot to my kidney and experienced a renal infarct (that is like a stroke in your kidney).  I was just released from the hospital yesterday. All my arteries are clear, my blood tests, and cardiac testing all (-), so they don't know what caused it.  Very scary!  Now they think my RA is causing my blood to be thicker/stickier somehow, and I'm clotting.  Hate to go on, but now I'm on blood thinners, and BP meds. probably for the rest of my life .

I already take methotrexate (a chemo drug) and Enbrel for the RA.  So I'm on "heavy duty" meds.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  Feeling discouraged.

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Sorry to hear about this Debwa.  I hope that your experience will turn around soon!  Keep us posted on your progress.  I have reintroduced dairy and had no problem, but gluten yesterday has really made my stomach hate me.  I don't think I will eat gluten again, or at least not 3 servings a day.  I have been paying terribly for it. 

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