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My name is Joanna, and I have seen the incredible impact Whole30 can make on one's life. I started my first Whole30 about a year ago, and it without a doubt, brought about powerful changes in my overall well being. I have since completed 2 more rounds, and my body and brain have responded quite well! I honestly think it leads me towards my happiest version of myself as cheesy as that sounds. 


Gluten's impact on my body causes embarrassing cystic acne, brain fog, bloat, slight depression and a whole slew of excuses that drag me down... I've been making excuses since the start of the school year that have lead me down the wrong path and further and further from the joy that felt during my Whole30s.


I remember those great daily emails that emphasize START NOW. So here I am, ready to do this. I will heal my gut and my confidence that I CAN do this again. I will make choices that empower me rather than cut myself down. 


I just cooked up an awesome batch of tortilla-less chicken soup.


I know that my first meal wasn't on the template, so I am planning out dinner as I type. 


Kale Salad with compliant mustard/apple cider vinegarette

Curry Cauliflower Puree with Shredded Chicken

Avocado on the side


When I am not doing Whole30s, I eat ice cream EVERY night. I eat very healthy throughout the day, but in some ways it is my self sabotage. I have even started regularly attending yoga barre classes which are phenomenal workouts.... yet I still grab the ice cream. So STARTING NOW: NO ICE CREAM for 30 days seems like my #1 goal. 


I bought frozen blueberries that I will eat with dinner. I will break my dessert fetish this Whole30....can't wait. hahah Any advice on this area would be appreciated. Jo







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Dinner ended up being pureed cauliflower, shredded chicken, coco milk, curry soup topped with kale. My husband had roasted sweet potatoes ready when I got home, so we enjoyed those, too. We split a bottle of kombucha. Now, I'm thinking of making some sort of hot tea with ginger to see if that keeps me satisfied for the remainder of the night. 


I currently have the "I NEED SUGAR" feeling really badly!!!!!! Hopefully this tea helps soothe that. 

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Happy Monday.... it was a bit of a weak start. Although it was compliant, my meals were not as closely lined to the template as I will shoot for for tomorrow. 


M1: 2 eggs

M2: tortilla-less chicken soup, 1/2 avocado, two handfuls of alfalfa with lemon

snack: I know... not good. Went to a meeting that has pizza every week... didn't eat the pizza but ate many grapes

M3: leftover chicken cauliflower and kale mash/soup, kale salad with alfalfa, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 roasted sweet potato, blueberries 


I reread an article from the blog about killing the brain's desire for dessert. I think I may need to read and reread that thing.Tom suggested more meat, veggies, etc. I realize that is what is going to break it. I hope it works tomorrow... 

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Happy Wednesday! I ran out of greens! I forgot how quickly that happens when I'm on Whole30. So, not perfect, but at least I'm gaining confidence that I do have what it takes to make this happen! Oh, and seeing slight improvements in digestion. 


M1: eggs and proscuitto.... missing greens  :ph34r:

M2: alfalfa (a lot) and lemon, tortilla less chicken soup, chia seeds with golden berries in water

M3: greens, meatballs and spaghetti squash with kombucha


I'm noticing my mood is fan0frickin0tastic. I have felt this in the past when I eat well, but whenever I read about mood and food, I think I tell myself yeah, yeah, yeah, you are just proud of yourself...., but no this seems real!!!! Regardless, I'm embracing it!!!

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  • 2 months later...

I desperately need to jump back on. I've had two botched Whole30 attempts in the past 2 months, and I feel like my mental strength is not where it needs to be. I have learned so much through the past year. I have so many delicious recipes that I should be excited to try. I feel in an overall life rut, and I want to take the reigns again. I am so dang good at making excuses. Excuses have led to cheeseburgers and processed foods that make me feel like garbage. My energy level is down and my BMs are less than stellar. My entire body feel swollen...due, in part, from the daily sugary hard ciders and nightly spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Those food choices taste good for minutes... I used to feel great for weeks! It seems so logical, yet it has just felt so hard. I need a good firm talking to and to get up and brush myself off...and actually make this one count. 



I will post at least once a day. If I go off the wagon, I will get back on within hours. 

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I will post at least once a day. If I go off the wagon, I will get back on within hours. 


Checking in on is it going?


Can you get the garbage out of the house so you have no choice but to eat compliant foods? 


It's just 30 days...none of those items are going to disappear from the planet in 30 days.


You can do this!

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